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Best Wristlet Wallets For Women 2018

No need to say more, once you are finding for a wristlet wallet, chances you want something keep your stuff organized but still keep your hands free, don’t you? But here, in this collection, I will give you more than that. Read on and find out the best of the best wristlet wallets for women.

1. Humble Chic Vegan Leather Small Crossbody Bag or Wristlet Clutch Purse

Perfectly transforming from a dynamic casual day office girl to a luxurious feminine day party lady with this stylish, multiuse convertible mini cross body handbag. Its durable short and long straps will support for this spectacular transformation.

The wallet is approximately measured by 5″ x 8″, which is a great dimension to be either a compact wristlet wallet or a beautiful crossbody bag without feeling weird. Meanwhile, it has one full-length open compartment and one zippered that are spacious enough to fit up iPhone 6s, 6 Plus or 7 Plus without burden.

This is indeed an ideal iPhone wristlet wallet! Besides, there are places for storing your cards as well. And no matter it is the outer zipper or the inner one, they are all high-quality and well-operate, which surely serves you for years.

I will say a little bit about its material, which is my favorite – vegan leather. The most special things about this kind of material is its superb high quality, soft, lightweight, waterproof and anti-scratch.

Especially, its water resistance is no joke. And, this helps a lot in maintenance. When getting dirt, you just need to use a damp cloth, wipe it off and everything will look like new, again.

Also, don’t doubt at their product quality or something like that as the manufacturer has provided a 30-day free return. On the other hands, their customer service is very good!

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2. Fossil Emma Smartphone Wallet RFID Phone Wristlet

Honestly, I’m not a fan of those expensive wallets. But you know, there are some important events in our life (it might be unusual, though) in which you need to dress formal and show up your class to the publicity. Like wedding, engagement, prom, evening party, etc. And this Fossil Emma broke my rules by its incredible beauty, its functionality and it’s worth every penny, for sure.

Start with its material! Honestly, I don’t know the exact kind of leather it is, but I can assert this wallet is made entirely from high genuine leather as when touching, smelling and after a time period of using, the difference is actually clear.

The texture is distinctly soft, smooth while the wallet still holds up its form quite well. Even right after unboxing the package, there is a special intense smell of real leather. Particularly, the wallet gets better with time.

Even the gold-tone hardware makes its luxe leverage many times.

This Fossil wallet comes up with 4 inches high, 6.75 inches wide and 1 inch thick. There is a major zippered compartment that when opening, you will see how well-organized it is. Another zippered in the middle, 2 full-length open compartments and 3 credit card slots.

But what makes its more convenient than ever is its media zippered pocket on the outside where you can put up your regular stuff for both safe storage and quick access.

Another good thing is its RFID Shield to keep your valuable belongings against hi-tech thieves.

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3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Logo Wristlet

The world is crazy with monogramed items, so why don’t we together rock it with this one of a kind michael kors wristlet wallet? There are two color options: the brown and the vanilla, but I personally like the brown wallet because the combination of brown shade, the gold-tone hardware, the wristlet color and even the signature MK print coated twill is truly nice.

This MK wristlet arrives in a little bit bigger size than the Fossil above, 8.5″W X 5″L X 1″D. Also include one major zippered compartment and one additional but its interior is absolutely different from the Fossil.

It’s empty! No card slots, no gusseted pockets, so I think if you love storing all your stuff in just one place, give this wallet a try.

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4. Lovena Soft Leather Wristlet Smartphone Zipper Wallet

I don’t know about you, but for me, the silver tone of this Lovena totally blows my mind. It’s beautiful, really very beautiful!!!

The material is the rich and soft high-quality split leather with moderate shine, not too over to look cheap. Combine with the minimal design and beautiful sided tassel, they give a truly high-end outer performance.

A compliment for its wristlet strap length. Neither too long to cause bulky when carrying nor too short to loop into your hard difficultly.

Measured by 8.1″(W) x 4.3″(H) x 0.8″(D), plus three inner full-length compartments (two opened and one zippered), you can easily make use one of them for phone storage. This wallet can fit up Apple iPhone, Samsung Note 8, Note 5, Note 4, and so on.

Besides, it keeps your bills, currency, receipts and other documents straight and neatly. There are also one smaller zippered pocket and three card slots for extra organization and storage as well.

Don’t worry if you are not a fan of silver, there are still a ton of other colors to surely meet your taste.

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5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Continental Wallet

Another wristlet wallet from Michael Kors!

If you are not a fan of monogramed pattern, just consider this full-plain Saffiano leather wallet. Its outer performance is minimal as there’s nothing but just the brand name beaded in the front. Plus, the gold-tone hardware, it looks luxury and truly high-end.

If you are curious about its size, then here: 8.25″ X 4″ X 0.75″. Honestly, this wallet is a little bit bigger than usual so I think it will be perfect for those women you are carrying a large purse. But in turns, its well-organized interior will surely satisfy the most difficult requirements.

There are places for anything: one zip-around pocket, three open pockets and ten card holders. From that point, you can totally make advantage of this wallet for events, prom, or travel, very convenient.

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6. Vera Bradley Your Turn Smartphone Wristlet, Signature Cotton

If you are a fan of simple outfits but don’t want them to be too boring, let Vera Bradley lighten up your style. Its floral-patterned wallets won’t do the thing, I swear!

Their products are unique and one of a kind, if not saying very badass, I mean from its outer performance to the quality. Each version will come up with different floral concepts, very young, energetic and outstanding for easy notice from distance.

Not only its outlook, but also the interior is very colorful. By the way, it’s quite well-organized and well-stitched. The material is brand’s signature cotton, very soft, durable and firm to stand a heavy load without feeling bulk.

Inside this wonderful wallet, there is 4 full-length opened compartments, 1 zippered and 1 smaller pocket to keep your belongings streamlined and stay neatly. The whole wallet is secured by a snap with high-quality silver-tone twist strap in the front.

It’s very compact to handheld, only 6.5” x 5”, and you can turn the hand-free mode on by attaching the shoulder drop when in need. It’s 7 inches long, a moderate length to fit both your wrist or elbow. Convenient, right?

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7. Sakroots Artist Circle Large Smartphone Cross-Body Phone Wallet

Rarely there is a product like this Sakroots womens wristlet wallet that makes me love all of its designs and colors. This is truly my style – very outstanding and stylish. Even the strap is nicely carved, too.

Like the Vera Bradley, this Sakroots utilizes a metal twist lock to secure the inner stuff. But going inside, the interior is much simpler and more spacious with two large opened compartments, 1 zippered in the middle and tons of card slots.

A pity is that it doesn’t have lining, which causing a little bit thin. I don’t recommend you to load a burden or something heavy in this wallet. However, a smart phone, cash, cards and small make-up are still okay. It still plays the good game.

Measured by 7.25” x 4.5”, this wallet can fit up those big-sized smart phones like iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 easily and neatly.

Another good thing is its multiple straps. There is one wristlet and one long shoulder strap to keep your hands free in different ways.

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8. Lecxci Women’s Canvas Smartphone Wristlets Bag, Clutch Wallets Purses

Casual, but not too casual. This Lecxci Canvas Wristlet Wallet still delivers something stylish, expensive, and professional. Might it combine genuine leather? Or its simple yet elegant outer performance? I’m not sure about that. But, I am quite sure for its durability.

The material is very thick, high-quality and sturdy. If taking a closer look, you will see that its stitching is very firm, sturdy and beautiful. Even the zipper is smooth and well-operate, too.

Take a look more in depth of its construction, there is 1 outer rear zip pocket in which it can fit up many kinds of stuff like cash, 5+ credit cards, bills, lipsticks and checkbooks. Besides, 1 giant compartment, 4 inner card slots, 1 hidden zip pocket, etc.

Its measurements are 7.87 x 4.72 x 0.6 inches. Perfect! Not saying that the whole wallet is very lightweight, as well. In a word, this is an ideal daily companion for any women.

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Fans of Coach, raise your hands! I know a lot of women are addicted to this well-known brand, which is why here, I have already included this perfect Coach wristlet wallet for you.

Utilized the signature coated canvas with their unique monogramed pattern, there are two color options: the brown black and khaki saddle. The whole outer performance of this wallet is quite simple and minimal. There’s nothing but just the brand name and logo in the front.

But, it’s very luxury. The luxe is presented from its high-quality real leather to the smooth gold-tone zippers, even those small details like tags, the stitching and the wristlet are very well-made and durable.

When it comes to this wallet, its biggest advantage is the double-zipped compartments in which they provide spacious interior for storage. Not saying that its lining is very thick and durable to minimize the friction of your belongings to the leather as less as possible.

Measured by 6 1/2″ (L) x 3 3/4″ (H), it can fit up many stuff such as make-up, cards, cash, smart phone and keys safely and neatly.

In general, there’s nothing special about this wallet, but just its luxe and uniqueness, so that I think in some events or occasions which you need to show up some of your class and expensive look, invest on this amazing item.

Or, as you are a loyal fan of Coach, just pick it for no reason.

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10. 3 Layer Zipper Nylon Wallets for Women Wristlet Bag Purse Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch Handbag

Last but not least, the J-BgPink Wallet with 3-layer zippers, made from 100 percent high-quality nylon fabric delivering great water resistance, durability and eco-friendliness. Besides, it’s washable and lightweight as well.

It features a simple outlook with a nice brand logo in the front. But the biggest benefit of this J-BgPink Wallet is its three zippered compartments for ultimate organization. Measured by 7.09″ x 1.97″ x 3.93″, the product can accommodate up many kinds of smart phone, cards, coins, notebooks, keys, etc.

Its elegant outer performance is another advantage, which is a very multiuse wristlet purse. You can mix it with either your casual jeans to the dazzling dresses, from daily use to outdoor activities.

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Whichever you choose, remember that they are all from reliable brands with trustful warranty and high-quality products. Hence, once there is something mistakable about it, just let the manufacturer know and they will solve the problem right at once.

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