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Best Womens Credit Card Wallets [Updated 2021]

Womens credit card wallets are our necessary items in the modern world and each person has several cards in their wallets or purses. How to arrange these cards in an orderly manner to easily find them when needed? How to keep these cards safely and securely without missing or stealing information? It is the reason why different credit card wallets and holders are created to meet people’s needs.

If you are a woman and going shopping is one of your demands, a high-quality womens credit card wallet is what you have to look for. However, there are many brands, styles, and designs when it comes to this kind of women’s wallet.

In this blog, we will go through 23 top-rated best-selling business credit card holders that come with great security, eye-catching colors, and attractive features. They will be the best suggestions you should take them a shot.

Where To Buy Business Credit Card Holder:

Womens credit card wallet is stocked in thousands of retailers globally. So, if you would like to find and purchase a stylish credit card holder, you just need to go to your nearest retailer and pick the most suitable ones. Alternatively, if you don’t have time, you can order them on the internet. There are tons of shops online through links, apps, or their online customer care services.

However, no matter whether you buy them in the nearest retailers or order online, it is important to distinguish the real and fake ones. Keep in mind to pick the best slim credit card wallets from trustworthy stores that have a well-known reputation for providing high-quality products.

Now let’s find out some of the best-selling womens credit card wallets that never make you disappointed.

Some of the best credit card holder wallets for women in 2021:

01. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Credit Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small – Free Engraving

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Who says a camo minimalist wallet can’t be a woman’s best friend?

If you are a grunge girl, don’t miss out on this credit card holder wallet to compliment your cool and naughty outfits. I’m quite sure that hardly can you find such a perfect military wallet that stays not only slim and compact but also secure and roomy within this affordable price range.

Cost under $30, this 4.4x 3 inches wallet can accommodate up to 15 folded bills plus 10 cards that are freely organized in three roomy compartments and secured by a sturdy metal button snap. Even after being fulfilled, this model takes under 1” thick in your pocket to unnoticedly be aware of their existence.

Speaking of security, other than the strap, this wallet is also equipped with advanced RFID Shield to prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequency Signals. Other than that, Lethnic also provides a reliable 30-day risk-free trial to guarantee all problems derived from the manufacturing process. Too good to be true!

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02. Lethnic Slim Credit Card Wallet RFID – Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet With ID Window – Free Engraving

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This is one of the slimmest wallets I have ever tried. Its biggest advantage is its striking slim and handy design. The whole measurements of it is only 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches.

Simple from the outside, full of life on the inside. There are 2-3 money pockets, 4-5 card slots, and even 1 ID window, all of which are covered by an advanced RFID Shield to prevent your information disclosure. Its maximum capacity is 7-8 cards and lots of money. Another highlight feature is that the wallet doesn’t need time to break-in, you can easily store all your essentials for the very first time.

Besides, it is made from good genuine leather so that you can feel free to use it for years, just need to take care of it properly to help remain the beauty as well as its durability. Another good point of this wallet is that it has slim and minimalist construction. And the brand is willing to give you free personal engraving. Just send them your initials, name, or a lovely quote, they will help make your wallet unique and meaningful.

03. Latest Aluminum RFID – Credit Card Holder Wallet for Women

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Start off this collection with an aluminum womens credit card holder from BoHong.

This is a reasonable choice for those who are looking for a feminine design but not too girly to use as your daily accessory. I personally like the colorway that blends together perfectly to deliver a complete, bright, and art image. This piece will not only be an ordinary wallet to keep your stuff stay neat and secure but also an interesting detail to emphasize your outfit and style.

Along with the design, this womens credit card wallet comes in moderate space for storage, including 7 separate slots, each of which can accommodate up to 1-2 cards easily. If you also have the habit of using paper money, just take advantage of some of these slots for folded cash.

Made out of high-quality aluminum, the wallet comes in a sturdy, solid structure with great closure to surely protect your belongings in the best way. Besides, this streamlined interior construction also helps us quickly pick up the needed card, as when opening, all cards will be presented one-by-one for a clear view.

I personally this is a good credit card case that’s worth a try!

04. Boshiho Leather Bifold Credit Card Holder Wallet – Slim Credit Card Case Wallet

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For those who’d prefer a simple style, consider this boshiho wallet. In contrast to the Bohong above, its outer performance is clearly simple with nicely matching double stitching, a small embossed logo on the front side and a button strap. When first time handing on this womens credit card wallet, there are two things coming to my mind right away: it’s slim and pretty soft.

Made out of the finest leather, no doubt at its texture – very durable, flexible, and soft. Besides, the surface is treated with a light shiny layer that doesn’t cause something too polished, but an elegant and luxurious look. I like this subtle feature!

Besides, what impresses me the most is its strikingly neat construction. You won’t believe that inside a small wallet with 7.5 x  3.6 x1 inch (L – W – H) size includes even 24 card slots, 2 ID windows, and 6 extra compartments. Wow!

I think it can accommodate stuff of 4 people, not just you. There are places for everything, from bills, receipts and cards, even you can organize different kinds of currencies. For example, US Dollars in one compartment while Pounds, Euros, and Yen on other separate space. Another good thing is its built-in RFID Blocking technology to prevent your personal information disclosure.

05. LETHNIC Handmade Leather Business Card Holder For Women – Free Engraving

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Lethnic is a famous and reliable brand for a collection of high-quality and top-rated products. This is a reason why their items are always my top choice. If you want to look for a slim credit card wallet that is designed with RFID blocking technology to prevent your personal information from hi-tech hackers stealing. This feature helps you feel assured when keeping debit/ credit and business cards in the wallet.

Another good point of this business credit card holder is that the small measurement of 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches is handy to carry around without a burden. Your cards will lay flat inside the wallet and you can put them in your front or back pocket for convenience.

When it comes to the capacity, 4-5 card slots, 2-3 money pockets, and 1ID window can hold cards and cash you need on a daily basis. It is a reason why this leather credit card wallet is a perfect choice for traveling lovers and businessmen.

Thanks to the trendy and fashionable look, women will feel more confident to carry this wallet around. Besides the womens credit card wallet, Lethnic has products designed for men. There are different colors and styles to choose from.

06. Women RFID Blocking Leather Credit Card Holder Minimalist Accordion Wallet Hand-painted color

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Simple yet stylish, that’s what you will feel when hands on this unique leather credit card wallet for the very first time!

Other than high-quality genuine leather, the key characteristics of this wallet are its hand-painted colors which deliver an extremely delicate look. Measured by 5 x 4 x 1 inch, though it’s a little pricier than others, that price tag is for two things – a wallet to keep your valuable stuff safe and neat as well as a piece to mold your vintage taste.

Though it’s small and compact, the construction of this wallet is no joke. It consists of 12 card slots and 2 larger compartments for folded bills, all of which are secured by a sturdy and smooth zipper to make sure your belongings won’t fall out easily.

The only pity that I wish this womens credit card wallet could have is RFID Blocking Technology. If it was added such a feature, the wallet would be perfect!

07. Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blocking Bifold Multi Card Case Wallet with Zipper Pocket

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If you want a more spacious wallet to fit all of your valuable stuff such as smartphones, coins, keys, along with cards and cash, this credit card organizer is the best choice. It’s streamline and well-organized for sure! There are 18 card slots (including 1 clear ID window) and two closure zippered pockets that not only can fit up many coins and keys, but also your smartphone and straight bills.

On the other hand, because it’s featured as a long bifold wallet, to keep the wallet shut when not in need, Travelambo added a button strap in its interior, plus, a snap button on the outside. From that point, if you don’t like your wallet always open in your bag like me, don’t hesitate to pick up this incredible design.

Besides, it’s very versatile and multiuse thanks to the high-quality genuine leather and elegant, luxurious outlook. In fact, you can utilize it as a party wallet, travel wallet, or just a casual business credit card holder wallet for daily use.

08. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet – Slim Credit Card Wallet – Free Engraving


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As you can see, Lethnic has created many purses and wallets with bi-fold designs that are both practical and fashionable. However, this one from the Lethnic brand not only comes with bifold closure but also features a money clip.

With a large front pocket, an ID window, two inner card slots and a clip in this wallet, you can keep up to 10 cards, dollars, 10-15 bills and receipts. Furthermore, because the front pocket is designed with a smart pull-strap for easy and quick access, you should put cards you often use daily in this pocket.

Lethnic slim money clip wallet not only has spacious storage but also features a small ultra-lightweight design. Its dimensions of 4.13 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches are handy and small enough to put on your front pocket.

An amazing bonus of this product is that the crocodile-embossed leathers give this one a luxurious look and unique style. Even the imperfections and scars on this item show the personality and character of natural leather.

Because of those outstanding features, Lethnic womens credit card wallet is a luxurious and elegant present for our friends, family and loved ones on many special occasions. I also bought it for myself because of the great security from well-built RFID Blocking Technology.

If this is the first time you heard about RFID Blocking Technology, you may want to read more about this protective system here.

09. Huztencor Womens Leather Credit Card Holder Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet Women Card Case Purse


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If you like to carry your whole world along, there’s still have the best credit card wallet for you. Here, this genuine leather Huztencor womens credit card wallet!

It arrives in 25 card slots, 1 clear ID window, and 1 large zippered pocket that enables to fit up iPhone 7 Plus, large-sized currencies and a checkbook. In terms of design, I personally like its outer performance with a full-plain surface. Actually, I don’t like those products that are too heavy a logo. Such a simple outlook with no brand logo, no details, it’s elegant and luxurious!

Another very good thing about this womens credit card wallet is the built-in RFID Blocking Technology, but the special thing is that it’s already been tested and approved by Military Grade Technology for ultimate security and protection. Besides, when it comes to Huztencor, you will get a variety of colors to opt for, including black, orange, rose and red.

10. Lethnic Leather Bifold Wallets For Men Thin Slim Wallet – Free Engraving – Mini Bloss

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If you are interested in the slim credit card wallet for women, Lethnic is one of the famous brands for your choice.
Made of genuine cowhide leather, it offers a nicely rough and soft feeling. This high-quality material ensures great durability that withstands the testing of time and allows you to use this wallet as long as you can.

The design of this credit card holder wallet is minimalist but functional. It comprises several compartments for item arrangement. For example, the top full-length money compartment can be used for bills and receipts, others can be separated into 1 photo compartment, 5 card slots.

Furthermore, the 4.3 x 3.3 inches measurement and flat design reduce unnecessary bulk to make it ideal for daily adventures and traveling. Carrying this womens credit card wallet, you can totally believe that your financial and personal information is safe. This is because the designed RFID Shield provides highly valuable identity thief protection; so, no one can steal your wallet.

Compared with most wallets designed to keep a few things and leave a bulk, this product offers a slim profile and generous capacity at the same time. Another good point of this wallet is that it has slim and minimalist construction. And the brand is willing to give you free personal engraving. Just send them your initials, name, or a lovely quote, they will help make your wallet unique and meaningful.

11. Latest Aluminum RFID – Womens Credit Card Wallet From Bohong

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Not only leather but also aluminum credit card holder wallet should be considered as a highly recommended wallet to hold important items like credit and debit cards. One of the best-selling aluminum credit card wallets is one from Bohong.

Because the aluminum material is made of high quality, this wallet seems durable and long-lasting. Even though only time can test the durability, I have used this product for years without needed replacement. The best thing about this holder is that it comes with eye-catching colorful graphics. There are different styles and arts for men and women. You should feel free to choose the ones that work for you. In terms of size and capacity, this wallet is as lightweight as a baseball and smaller than your palm with a measurement of 4.3 x 3 x 0.8 inches.

Furthermore, this wallet is designed with a push-button lock and close clasp for easy opening/closing and great security for cards. Plus, the awesome protection of data chips can protect our cards from RFID scanners and electromagnetic radiation.

Overall, this great credit card holder wallet makes you satisfied and pleased. If you are tired of the product made with plain solid colors, this one with a cute design and colorful graphics should be considered.

12. MaxGear Business Card Organizer Business Card Holder

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While most of the womens credit card wallet looks feminine or cute, this one with unisex style suits both women and men. Another outstanding feature of this product is its unique style and design. MaxGear created a professional business card holder that looks like a book with pages. Each page has 3 separate slots for you to place your credit or business card and keep them double-sized visible. Because there are b, this item can hold up to 120 credit cards or 240 business cards.

In terms of capacity, it can keep many note cards, personal and business cards, credit cards and more. Furthermore, with the lightweight and slim design, it isn’t difficult to carry this business credit card holder around. You can easily put it in your bag and keep your cards neat and organized all the time.

Plus, water-proof PU/Vegan leather, fine texture, and sealed edges ensure that the card holder lasts for years. With 18-months after-sales service, the quality of this product is guaranteed.

13. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet From Lethnic – Free Engraving

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While most womens credit card wallet boast a simple and classic design that may be boring for some people, this one can combine simplicity and fashion at the same place. It is suitable for a business setting. I can tell you why now.

Made of 100% waxed genuine leather, this Lethnic leather credit card wallet can satisfy even the pickiest customers. It is great to feel the luxury style and trendy look in this product. Carrying this one in your pocket can complete your fashionable outfit.

Despite the small measurement of 4.33 x 2.95  inches, this slim wallet can hold everything you want in 1 photo slot, 7 slots for cards, and folded money. This size is small enough to be kept in your front pocket without feeling any extra bulk.

Furthermore, the RFID works perfectly, and you won’t have any problems with the RFID interfering with credit card strips. Therefore, if you are looking for something that has an aesthetically smooth and sleek style, roomy capacity, and proper fit in your front pocket, we highly recommend you take a closer look at this best small wallet.

14. Business Card Holder From Padike – Womens Credit Card Wallet

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Is there any business credit card holder at only 5$ but it comes with high quality? Yes, it is. The business card holder costs more than 5$ but it is made of high-quality stainless steel and PU leather – a nice blend of materials for durability and great quality.

This product lasts for years also because of its sturdy construction and fine texture. The construction of this card holder is strong enough to keep everything in place without missing or falling off. Furthermore, because its size is 3.9 x 2.8 inches, you can find it easy and convenient to carry this wallet around by putting it in your pocket.

If you cannot afford an expensive business credit card holder with a luxurious design, the Padike with elegant and fashionable style will be your best choice. There are different colors in its collection; therefore, you can easily find the most suitable one for you.

15. Partstock Multipurpose PU Leather Business Name – Credit Card Holder Wallet

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If you said there was no business card holder with a minimalist and light design, you may not try Partstock multipurpose holder wallet. Despite the size of only 4 x 2.6 inches, this one can hold more than 25 business cards, IDs, and credit cards.

The pocket-size case is large enough to keep our credit and business cards undamaged. Cards stay in an orderly and organized manner on the go. Because the closing is strong and secure, you don’t need to worry about the missing or card falling off.

Furthermore, made of premium PU leather with fine texture, this product not only gives a luxurious look but also offers great durability. You can use this slim credit card wallet as long as you can without needed replacement. There are a lot of colors and styles for you to choose from. Depending on which one you pick up, it can be super cute or fashionable. Highly recommended.

16. Lethnic Leather Long Wallet – Meron L – Free Engraving

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Again, Lethnic’s new product is included in my favorite list of the best slim credit card wallet for ladies and women. Made in the USA, this one from the Lethnic brand is more than 30$ – a little more expensive than normal wallets but you will get what you pay for.

This Lethnic wallet with a multifunctional design is an ideal choice for someone who needs to carry a lot of cards with them as it features 16 card slots to meet those needs. Besides the card slots, there is 1 big compartment with a zipper closure and 4 long compartments for paper, checkbook, passport, bills, receipts, and coins.

The measurement of 3.9 x 7.4 inches can eliminate the bulk, but it still offers the perfect fit for all your cards and important papers. If you are seeking for one meaningful gift, the brand is willing to support you with free engraving for some words, names, or a lovely quote to your loved one. So lovely, isn’t it?

Furthermore, this business credit card holder is designed with RFID blocking material; therefore, your private information is secure and safe. The Saffiano genuine cowhide leather material comes with high quality and a luxurious look.

17. TOPDesign Leather Credit Card Wallet – Slim Credit Card Wallet

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If you want to find a womens credit card wallet with a luxurious look at an affordable price, TOPDesign is a perfect choice. Although it is made of PU artificial leather, the realistic texture, and pattern that imitates the crocodile skin give a high-end luxury look. Also because of the high-grade material and 1inch 8-pin dense stitch, this product is durable and long-lasting.

With its size measures rough to 4.25 x 3.25 x 1 inch, you can put it in any pocket or simply hold it in your hand. This product not only has a small design but also features a large storage capacity. There are 9 card slots and 2 cash slots for credit cards, discount cards, ID cards, notes, bills, keys, coins, and small items.

Furthermore, talking about the pros of TOPDesign, we cannot forget RFID blocking technology. This technology can stop any thief from stealing your personal information.

18. APHISON RFID Credit Card Holder Wallet

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If you love womens credit card wallet with colorful digital 3D graphics and unique design, APHISON can be your top choice. There are different styles and designs; so you can easily find your favorite ones. The wallet pattern is made with inkjet technology that is water-resistant and won’t fade over time.

This wallet with a bi-fold design costs more than 10$ that is affordable for anyone. Despite the cheap price, its quality really exceeds my expectations. For example, made of advanced leather and sturdy construction, it is long-lasting if you use this product properly and carefully.

Thanks to the lightweight construction, you can put many cards, money, or small items in this wallet without feeling extra bulk. There are 1 zippered pocket, 2 cash slots and 10 credit card slots for daily essential cards. The card slots are deep; therefore, I don’t need to worry about accidentally card falling.

And of course, the nice quality womens credit card wallet cannot miss the RFID blocking technology that protects the credit card and your personal information.

19. Itslife Small Wallet for Women

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Since Itslife womens credit card wallet is a handmade product, it has a delicate design and unique style. If you give your mom, sister, and your loved ones this beautiful handmade wallet, you are showing them your care and love.

Although it is a handcrafted item, its quality is as great as mass-produced products. For example, advanced waxed leather ensures durability and a soft feel. Thanks to the small size and roomy capacity of 1 cash slot, 6 card slots, 1 ID window, and 1 zipper coin pocket, you can carry all the necessary items in this wallet while traveling and working. Thanks to the snap closure, it keeps cards from falling and provides easy access to your money and cards.

Overall, Itslife small wallet is a great handmade product you shouldn’t miss the chance to try.

Interested in the small wallet designs? See my recommendations are all listed in this small wallet collection for men and women here.

20. Leather Business Credit Card Holder for Men Women From Ubaymax

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As you know, Ubaymax always produces and creates high-quality products with a stylish and attractive design. This one at a cheap price of less than 10$ isn’t exceptional. Despite this low price, its quality and values never make you feel disappointed.

Made of PU leather, this womens credit card wallet gives a luxurious look and feel. Furthermore, the solid construction, fine texture, and smooth edges keep any damage at bay. Also, the strong well-built magnet makes this slim credit card wallet look durable and long-lasting.

Besides the material and construction, the capacity and measurements are the bonuses of Ubaymax. Depending on the thickness of your cards, they can hold up to 15-20 business cards or 4-8 credit cards in an organized manner. Thanks to the small size, you can put it in your handbag, briefcase, or small pocket without feeling the extra burden. All in all, Ubaymax is a highly recommended womens credit card wallet you should give it a shot.

21. MEKU Slim Leather Wallet Credit Card Case Sleeve Card Holder With ID Window

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Actually, this Meku wallet comes in a variety of designs and colorways, but I particularly like this version as it features a unique handmade weaved style to make the wallet itself stand out from the crowd but still remains feminine and gorgeous look.

Designed as a slim credit card wallet, this piece is perfect for those who are looking for a “more from less” design or love carrying less. In case you like to carry your whole world alongside, I don’t recommend it as the wallet only includes 3 card slots, each of which can fit smoothly up to 2 cards without bulk.

It’s perfect to accommodate your vital stuff such as a couple of regular cards and some loose change. But what makes me decide to add it to this business credit card holder collection is its reliable warranty to cover all detective faults from manufacturing progress. It’s worth a try, ladies!

22. Fanct Women Girls Glitter PVC Folding ID Card Holder

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This Fanct is a womens credit card wallet with glittering effect and bright colors like pink, purple and silver. Fanct wallet has won the heart of thousands of women thanks to its fashionable and stylish design. Its style suits not only women but also teenagers and young girls.

Another reason why you should buy this lovely gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom, and sister is its spacious capacity design. Its storage is large and roomy enough to hold lots of things like ID cards, coin, money, and phone.

Although Fanct womens credit card wallet isn’t as small as other holders I have used, its size isn’t bulky. You can easily put it in the bag. Furthermore, because this wallet is designed with a removable strap, you can hold it on hand to carry around.

Plus, the price is really great as it costs only less than 10$. Despite a cheap price, this product exceeds my expectations in terms of quality and durability. This wallet really lasts long and withstands the test of time. Wallets are just exclusively for men or women. On wallet nation, we also have a wide selection of girls’ wallets in case you are seeking one for your sister, daughter!

We have just gone through 23 of the best womens credit card wallets that can be used for both daily use and special occasions. Each is designed uniquely but still remains the ultimate capacity and protection. So, which is your pick of the bunch?

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