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Best Small Wallets for Women in 2019

I. Introduction

For any women, wallets are very important to serve a huge number of purposes. Sometimes, we can put money in our wallet or even take the best uses of it to hold some personal items, such as: cards, ring, necklace, coins, and so on. In this day and time, wallets are no more just an item for holding belongings, but an accessory for women. To meet all the demands for a wallet, a large number of small wallets for women have been launched every year.

II. My recommendations

It is undeniable that there are a thousand choices for women’s wallets; however, it just makes us confused when choosing. To help you have more selections, in this article, I will provide you a list of the best small wallets for women.

Best small wallets for women – My top choices

Comparison chart:

Product Name Dimensions Brand RFID Blocking Technology Number of compartments
Lethnic Slim Wallet 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches Lethnic Effective contactless

High – tech hacker

4 – 5 card slots, 2 – 3 money pockets, and 1 ID window.
Lethnic Zip Around Wallet. 4.53 x 3.55 inches Lethnic Safety for bank cards, driver license, and ID cards 4 – 5 card slots, 1 zippered pocket, 1 ID window, and 1 cash compartment.
Lethnic mini keychain wallet 4.33 x 2.95 inches Lethnic Safety for credit cards, ID cards, debit cards, and driver license. 3 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 big middle compartment and 2 functional pockets.
UTO Wallet 4.45 x 1.06 x 3.86 inches UTO No 2 versions:

Large version: 10 card slot

Small versions: 6 card slots.

Cyanb slim leather card case holder front pocket wallet 4.25 x 3.42 inches Cyanb No 6 card slots and 1 zipper pocket.
Ladies wallet 5.31 x 3.74 x 1.18 inches Ladies Protecting all EMV chips and magnetic stripes from tear and wear 16 credit card slots.
Kipling new money wallet 3.53 x 5 inches Kipling No Multiple card slots
Women’s RFID mini soft leather bifold wallet with ID window card sleeve coin purse 4.84 x 3.74 x 0.78 inches Zoress RFID blocking scanners and readers 5 card slots, 1 bill section, 1 zippered coin pocket, 1 ID window, 1 card sleeve with 3 card slots.
ETIAL women’s vintage floral zip mini wallet short design coin purse 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches Etial No 1 bil compartment, 1 zipper pocket, 1 photo window, and 5 card holders.
Women cute cat mini wallets design coin purse leather tassel wallet 4.7 x 1.3 x 4.0 inches Vodiu No 3 card slots, 2 hidden compartment1 bill pocket, separated zipper pocket and 1 photo slot.
RFID blocking leather wallet for women 4.1 x 3.1 x 1.4 inches Leopardd RFID blocking scanning and readers 1 ID window, 2 zippered compartments, 1 coin pocket, 10 card slots, 2 money pocket
Itslife women’s RFID blocking small compact bifold leather pocket wallet 4.2 x 3.6 x 0.8 inches Itslife RFID blocking from the readers and scanners 1 cash slot, 1 ID window, 6 card slots, and 1 zipper coin pocket.
Ainimoer women’s RFID blocking leather small compact biold zipper pocket wallet card case purse with ID window 4.72 x 3.93 x 0.48 inches Ainmoer RFID blocking from scanning 9 card slots, 1 money pocket, 1 reomvable card sleeve with 3 card slots, and 9 credit card slots.
Small leather wallet for women 3.85 x 4.13 x 0.59 inches Borgasets RFID blocking from scanning 8 card holders, and 1 bill holder.

1. Lethnic Small Wallet Card Holder for Women

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My first choice is of course a small wallet from the Lethnic. I picked the minimalist version of this brand because it looks so cute. This version was launched with many color choices, but I opted for the pink color. Although it is a bright color, it has a fashionable look and suitable for me. I chose this wallet because of many reasons:

  • Affordable price
  • Eye catching outlook
  • Big enough for holding belongings.

After a long time using, I realized so many good points of this wallet. At first, it has a stylish and sturdy design. Therefore, it is no doubt that this wallet can be an ideal gift for any girls. This wallet is made from 100 percent of genuine leather to provide us a luxury feeling. Furthermore, it is handy, so we can carry it to anywhere we want. With the latest design, it has gained the popularity for women. Although, this wallet is awesome, I wish that it could have a zippered compartment for the coin storage.

2. Zippered Small Wallet with Key Ring

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If you are a fan of zippered pocket, you should not ignore this Lethnic zippered small wallet with key ring. The most impressive thing that I love about this wallet is the key ring. Although this is a very small point, I believe that it can make your wallet look more outstanding and easier to hold. This zippered wallet just has only two basic colors, including brown and navy blue. These colors are trendy and fit any women.

Its material is cowhide leather, which is not only smooth, but also soft. You will always feel comfortable when touching it all the time. Besides, the zipper is made from good quality materials to make it long lasting and smooth to use. The size of this small wallet is ideal for different purposes, such as traveling, daily using or dating. I often use it to keep money, cards and key when going out. It works perfectly!

There are a lot of different compartments for holding whatever you want. The zippered compartment is added to save our money and coins better. Although this wallet is super convenient, I hope that it can be bigger a little bit to keep other things, such as lipstick, or sunblock. Overall, I still highly recommend this!

3. Small Wallet with ID Window for Women

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Multifunction and fashion are always the most important criteria for choosing the best small wallets for women. And, this Lethnic wallet enables to meet all these requirements. I bought this wallet last year and I was totally satisfied with it. At first, this wallet impressed me by the sturdy design, and smooth look of the leather material.

Its color is elegant, the stitching is neat, and the polyester lining is sturdy. There are two other color options, but I prefer black to avoid being out of date from time to time. Similar to other women’s wallets, this wallet consists of many spaces for storage. Besides, there are two functional pockets to give spaces for small things. The design of this wallet is very simple, but it is not bulky at all. To make it handier, there is a key chain. You can hold it in your hand or hang it on a car or anywhere. This wallet is good, but I think to protect our cards better, we should put it in a small bag instead. After several times using, the compartments can be loose and the cards can be felt out, if no cover.

4. UTO Small Wallet for Small Purse

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For those who love girly style, the UTO small wallet is right for you. It can be said that this UTO wallet is designed for the muliebrity. This wallet impressed me by its style. I opted for the large version and it was perfect. I can bring a lot of things and it can be a nice accessory for me when attending the party.

The brown color is one of the best choices because it is easy to mix with our different outfits. Besides, it comes with a snap closure for easy opening and closing. In addition, this UTO wallet is made from synthetic leather, which is very soft and safe for using. When touching, you will feel extremely smooth and comfortable.

This wallet is an awesome idea for a stylish woman. Besides, you also can pick it as a meaningful gift for everyone. It has enough space for storage and is suitable for all ranges of ages. You just need to change the color to fit the needs of each person.

5. Cyanb Small Leather Card Case Holder Front Pocket for Women Girls with Keychain

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When looking at the Cyanb wallet, I was so surprised because it has so many different color choices that made me extremely confused. Finally, I decided to get the pearized brown. A little bit related to my personal interest, the pearized brown color is a good choice. I saw this color is very outstanding and beautiful. It enables make the girls become more fashionable and luxurious.

Besides, this wallet brought me a satisfied feeling due to its style and quality. In terms of material, the purse is made from high quality PU leather for the outer, and polyester for the inner. These materials are very durable for a long-lasting use. Additionally, the Cyanb wallet consists of the good zipper for easy opening and closing. I can put many coins and keys inside the zippered pocket without falling off.

Regard to the design, the Cyanb wallet is quite small and slim. It looks good on anybody. Although it is small, its capacity of storage is wonderful with the number of cards slot up to 10 and some cash notes. It has got both key ring and key chain for hanging.

6. Kipling Funny Small Wallet with Coin Holder for Ladies

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My next choice is surely Kipling wallet. Actually, this is a clutch rather than a normal wallet. Therefore, it looks more fashionable than any other wallets. If you like something colorful, the Kipling wallet is definitely designed for you. This clutch is decorated with many colorful patterns to make you look more outstanding in the crowd. I like flowers, so I chose a funny field color. My wallet looks really fun. It is similar to a real field with full of beautiful flowers.

First, I bought it because of its color. But then I love it due to its fashionable style. This clutch is made from 100 percent of polyamide with a polyester lining. This accessory allows us to keep anything inside, such as waist pack, Kipling wallet or lunch bag. From the design to the color, this Kipling wallet is a perfect choice for a travelling trip and a new school year. Besides, it is lightweight and durable for longer use. Everything of this wallet, such as a furry monkey keychain, crinkled nylon material, and fun colors makes the users feel more comfortable to get ready for any journey. It also turns you to a trendy lady.

7. Zoress Women’s RFID Mini Soft Leather Bifold Wallet with ID Window Card & Coin Pocket

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This is not my first bifold wallet, I was still so amazed at this one. This Zoress wallet just consists of only six colors, but enough for choosing. I picked a wine-red color. This color does not look old at all, but luxurious. In terms of material, surely, you will be very satisfied. It is made from 100 percent of genuine leather, which provides us an elegant look. Besides, the heart charm is beautiful.

This Zoress purse has enough functions I need, such as RFID blocking scanner, and storage. There is a cute keychain for hanging. Although it came with a snap closure, my money and cards never fall out. Furthermore, this closure is very convenient for urgent situations when I need to take out something quick. It also has a zippered pocket for the safe storage. Looking at this from the outside to inside, it is perfect for our investing. The outside looks beautiful and the inside is smooth and durable for a comfortable touch feeling. Besides, with a such large number of spaces, the Zoress’s can meet the requirements of all girls. Aside with the wine red, you can pick up some others as rose red, pink, gray, blue or black.

8. ETIAL Vintage Floral Zip Mini Cute Small Wallet for Women

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If you love flowers, you should pick one for yourself. As I mentioned, this wallet is outstanding with the flower patterns outside. It is not big and colorful flowers, but small and harmonious. The red and pink flowers are mixed with the green color for leaves floating on the light blue background to create a more eye-catching look. The concise and beautiful floral print will give you a fresh feeling when holding and you will never feel tired of looking at this wallet.

Although this is not a bifold wallet, it also has a straight fit compartment for holding the bills. Therefore, you do not need to worry about being wrinkle. This Etial has a snap closure outside and zip closure inside to protect our belongings better. It does not have a RFID blocking as the other wallets, but its cute design is still worthy of purchasing. The small logo of the etial collection is added on the snap closure as a highlighted point. Stitching around the snap closure is very skillful and sophisticated. The inside is very tidy and pretty with the quality material and good stitching. It is an excellent gift for both teens and ladies.

9. VODIU Cute Cat Mini Wallets for Girls Design Coin Purse Leather Tassel Wallet

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The pink color and cute design are the most attractive things for me. And fortunately, these cute small wallets meet all my requirements. I love its 2pink color and cute cat design of the closure. First, I will give some comments about the outside of this wallet. It is made from 100 percent of leather, so of course, it is luxurious. The texture is very clear and comfortable for touching. The metal buckle, which is like a cat is used for decoration. Although it looks simply, but beautiful and trendy. It came with a small size and easy to carry. In addition, this purse has a large capacity to meet the daily needs.

Inside the wallet, it is made from polyester. This wallet has a lot of compartments for keeping money, cards, or even key. There are many reasons why we should opt for this wallet. Firstly, this wallet is updated to follow the latest trend of the teenager, which is cat ears. Secondly, it is convenient with the zipper pocket for coins, and keys. Finally, the colors are various with the total of 7 different color choices to help you pick up the best gift.

10. Leopard RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women, Excellent Women’s Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

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I’m not into any womens small wallets, which has an ID window for inserting the ID card because I’m afraid of being scanned private information. However, this wallet stops my worry with the RFID blocking system. It was applied the latest RFID technology to protect our information from the thief. It is impossible to scan or even read from our wallet.

The Leopard has many different colors to meet the preference of each person. For me, I chose the milled cowhide color. This Leopard’s wallet is made from 100 percent of genuine leather, which is durable, soft and smooth. It followed America and European style to provide us a trendy look.

The ID window of this wallet is outside, so you can show it easily, if necessary, without opening and taking it out. This purse comes with a chain to help you hang it easily or put it in your coat’s pocket or handbag.

11. Itslife Women’s Rfid Blocking Small Compact Bifold Leather Pocket Wallet Ladies Mini Purse with id Window

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To be honest, Itslife is not a familiar brand name for me. I tried to buy one and the result is totally out of my thinking. From the outside, these small wallets for small purses are very smooth to create the comfort for touching. The lining is sewn carefully to avoid tearing.

This wallet has applied the advanced RFID secure technology to keep your information safe from electronic stealing. All of this wallet is made from leather material, which is super soft and handmade. Although this wallet is very small in size, it is roomy to carry your important things.

In addition, it includes many rooms for storage necessary items when you go out. Its size is small enough for easy carrying. You can put it into your pocket or bag. If you want, you can design your own chain to hang it. This brand launched 27 colors, so it is easy for you to pick your favorite color.

12. AINIMOER Women’s RFID Blocking Leather Small Compact Bi-fold Zipper Pocket Wallet Card Case Purse with id Window

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The Ainimoer wallet is one of my favorite brand names due to their variety. This brand always provided various choices for their customers. This wallet can be a great example for that. This version comes with more than 20 different colors, from light to dark colors.

This kind of wallet can keep your item well organized. Furthermore, its material is the natural leather, which soft for touching. In addition, all the pores on the surface of this wallet is visible to create beautiful patterns. Specially, there are 3 types of materials to choose, including: natural leather, oil waxed leather and lichee pebble leather. Mine is natural leather.

Besides, the RFID technology protects our private information from scans. And you do not need to worry about being stolen. This is a classic functional design with a lot of space. It enables to keep up to about 40 bills for the bill compartment. The design of this wallet is suitable for our busy life because we can keep all things in one wallet.

13. Ladies Wallet RFID Blocking Women Leather Wristlet Clutch Card Coin Purse Bifold

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I always prefer functional design that is the reason why I chose a version of Ladies wallet. This purse is not my first one from this brand; however, it is the most impressive purse among all I owned. At first, the most outstanding point of this purse is the number of card slots. It has more card slots than the other, which includes about 16 card slots to provide the users enough compartments for everything.

The Ladies wallet is a good idea for travelling wallet. Besides, its size is not too big to keep in your backpack or anywhere. Moreover, it also has a wrist strap, which is easy to carry.

Its material is PU leather, which is not only soft, but also durable. I used this purse for several years and there is no problem until now. I often bring it whenever I’m away from my house. This wallet is unique and elegant for all occasions, such as shopping, restaurant, travelling, party or so on.

14. Small Leather Wallet for Women, RFID Blocking Women’s Credit Card Holder Mini Bifold Pocket Purse

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The last recommendation on this list is a product from Borgasets brand. To me, this is a high-quality purse and good choice for women. It is quite compact and looks as a small notebook. This wallet has a modern design to fit your coat or pants pockets. Furthermore, its dimensions are ideal, which has lots of space as well as compact size.

In terms of color, it is no doubt that you can have a huge number of selections for your own wallet, based on your preference. This mini size wallet consists of the RFID technology to prevent your information from unauthorized actions. Your vital private information will be always safe. After using it for a long time, I discovered that this wallet is always looks flat, even when you put many stuffs inside.

The Borgasets wallet is made from real genuine leather, which gives the durability and gorgeous style for the users. This purse is a good choice for all women, who do not want to bring a big wallet when going out. Furthermore, its bifold design and clear layout contributes to satisfy the users for easy accessing to cards and cash.

III. How to choose the best small wallets for women

When choosing wallet for women, there are a huge number of things that you have to take into the consideration before to make sure that the selected wallet can fit all your needs. In my opinion, these below 5 things are the most important.

1. Material

The first thing that you can’t ignore when you intend to buy a new wallet is surely the material. Many kinds of materials are used to make wallets for women. However, I think the leather material is the best one. Although in terms of price, it may be more expensive than other materials, it is durable, fashionable and luxurious. Besides this material, you can choose others, depending on your purposes.

2. Dimensions

The next thing is of course the dimensions. It is very important for us to consider the size of the wallet. Many people want a big size, while the other prefer the small size. Therefore, before buying, it is better for you to determine the dimensions you need for a wallet. Both small and big sizes have its own function and style to meet different purposes.

3. Construction

Regarding to the construction of the wallet, you need to know clearly about your purposes when you purchase a wallet. Actually, this is not very important thing, but it affects to the time of using that wallet. You should check the spaces for storage before buying to make sure that it has enough for the items you want to carry.

4. Colors and Design

There is an array of different style for the women wallets. You need to take a look at each style to choose the best fit one, such as bi – fold, coin, tri – fold, card case, money clip, clutch, slim, and so on.

Each color has its own beauty and suitable for different people. You can choose light, dark colors, or even neutral, it depends.

5. Brand

The last thing you should take into account is the brand. Nowadays, women wallet brands are mushrooming every year. Many people opt for the famous brand names because they think that their products are reputable. However, in my personal thought, I do not care much about the fame, but the quality.


1. What are the benefits of small wallet rather than a big one?

We can get many benefits when choosing a small wallet. Firstly, the small wallets can help you avoid pickpocketing. Secondly, it fits our pants or coat pocket perfectly, so we do not need to remove it when we stand up or sit down. Thirdly, it provides an elegant look. And finally, it can stay neatly in our pockets without falling out.

2. What are the cutest small wallets for women?

The cutest small wallets for women are Borgasets small leather wallet, Etial women’s vintage floral zip mini wallet, Vodiu Women cute cat mini wallets, and Kipling new money wallet.

3. What are the best small wallets for women?

The best small wallets for women are UTO wallet, Zoress women’s RFID mini soft leather bifold wallet, Leopardd wallet, itslife wallet, Ainimoer, and Yotoo wallet.

4. What are the cheapest small wallets for women?

The cheapest wallets for women are the Cyanb slim leather card case holder front pocket wallet, women cute cat mini wallet, Etal women’s vintage floral zip mini wallet, Lethnic zip around wallet, and Lethnic mini keychain wallet.

V. Conclusion

This list consists of all best small wallets for women that I like. Before choosing any wallet, I often spend much time on learning about it. I believe that small wallets are the best things because they are functional, beautiful and super convenient. Hope that this list can reduce your stress when selecting wallet for yourself or gift for your friends.

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