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Best Passport Holder Wallet For Women 2018

During abroad trips, passport is our inseparable thing. Hence, looking for a good place, good holder for it is a must. A good passport holder wallet should include these two basic features: well-fitted with your passport and high protection. Along with that, you can consider its outer performance and some additional functions like compartments for cards, key, smart phone, local currency, etc. based on your needs.

If you are going to have a vacation or an abroad trip, let’s have a look at our collection of the best passport holder wallet for women.

01. Lethnic Passport Holder, 100% Handmade and Hand-Painted on Genuine Leather with Multiple Functions for Travel

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If you are looking for a luxurious and functional passport holder that you can stick to it for years come, then invest on this product. Aside from the solid guarantee of durability, this wallet provides enough what you need for a safe and secure trip.

There are 5 card slots for your regular bank cards, IDs and driver license; 3 spacious bill compartments for different paper money or document or receipts; 1 small slot for SIM card or memory card and lastly 1 separate pocket fitting a standard-sized passport.

It’s well-made with lean silhouette, tight stitching, strong seams and particularly, the soft, smooth and durable genuine cowhide leather.

Plus, there’s a built-in RFID Shield for this product to keep hi-tech thieves at bay. As made out of real leather, you might need a couple of weeks to have it broken in. Even after that, this little bad boy can give you some extra storage space.

And the best thing is its hand-drawn image on the outside that surely, there’s no other products have it yet. The world map picture is painted leanly, sharply and detailly by experienced artisans. It’s guaranteed to last for 5 years and besides, there’s a 1-year warranty for it as well.

Just feel ease to give a try!

02. Personalized Monogrammed Leather RFID Passport Cover Holder

Monogramed passport cover is trendy now and if it’s what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to grab this design. There is a metal foil stamp on the front that allows you to add up to 4 characters to make your own unique passport cover.

For those who are wondering about its material, it is genuine leather with equally beautiful skin rash. The manufacturer also asserts their products are made from high-quality leather to enable to last for years and get nicer with time.

There is a “Passport” embossed on the front, on-set lining, which makes the passport holder simple yet attractive on its own way. If your favorite color is not brown, don’t worry, there are various options to surely meet your taste.

The passport cover is measured roughly 5.75” long and 4” wide. There is not only a huge compartment for passport, but also a pocket on the backside to fit some important cards and cash as well, very suitable to carry and use in airport where you might make some small payment.

For ultimate protection, the manufacturer also equips RFID Blocking material to avoid unauthorized scan to hack your personal information, very thoughtful.

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03. Kate Spade Leather Passport Holder Case

For those who love Kate Spade brand, this one is for you. This is a wonderful passport holder that not only holds your passport in place, but also keeps your cards and local cash securely.

More details, apart from a huge compartment for passport, there are more 7 vertical slots that maximumly fit up 10 cards at the same time. Or you can make use of some of them for local currency or dollars based on personal demand.

In general, this is a great combination between a traditional passport holder and a slim wallet. In terms of the outer performance, this design figures a simple yet distinct outlook with full black color and a beautiful brand logo plaque in the front.

The material texture is quite unique with strange skin rash, which is also the main element making this passport holder more attractive.

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04. US Passport Holder Cover Travel Wallet Case – Genuine Leather ID Organizer – Card Slots – for Men Women

If you are a fan of cool blue color, then don’t miss out this passport cover as definitely your eyes will stick on its outer performance at the very first moment. The total design is very unique, distinct and attractive. It’s a great combination between its luxury genuine leather and the unique travel-inspired 3D embossing, which is easy to spot your passport cover out from the crowd.

Besides, it is very multi-functional with one particular compartment for standard US passport, a horizontal pocket fitting up your local currency/bills/flight ticket and 4 more card slots for international bank cards. Each compartment is all well-stitched with on-set lining, making the design more beautiful and attractive.

Apart from navy blue, there are still two more options for you: black and chocolate brown. Thus, with such distinct and catchy passport cover, it’s also ideal as a present for anyone like your family member, friends or lover as to well prepare for their upcoming trips.

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05. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet

With this design, you can carry it around your neck and bring it along to anywhere conveniently. Besides, its water-resistant rip-stop nylon helps the wallet stand out from the herb because it is super lightweight and waterproof quite well.

From that point, you can store your valuables and essentials in this wallet with no fear of getting wet and being ruined as well as feel no pain even after a long day wearing this neck wallet.

Moreover, it helps us organized stuff very excellent thanks to various specific compartments. This neck wallets figures 5.5 inches wide and 8 inches long with two zippered pockets, one ID window and Velcro- closure patch in addition to loop fastener, hook and strap. It’s spacious enough to fit up smart phone, passport, flight ticket, boarding pass, currency, coins, ID card, bank cards, member cards, keys, etc. whereas compact enough to stay in front of your chest or hide underneath your clothes.

Have a closure look, you will see that it is double stitched and well made, which means the wallet delivers very good durability.

Besides, never underestimate its ability of security. The wallet is built in RFID Blocking material to ensure your cards and personal information remain confidential and private.

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06. All-In-One Large Capacity RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Actually, passports come in various sizes due to particular countries and regions, which means the most common problem of a passport cover is that it just fits some specific dimensions. If you are usually frustrated of your passport unfitting the cover, then here is your solution – All-in-one travel wallet.

Its passport compartment can fit multiple sizes of passport so that if you do grab this design, it is ensured that yours will be stored neatly. Apart from this outstanding feature, the wallet also figures many other compartments to fit up your smart phone, cards, coins, memory cards, headphones, keys, tickets, etc.

Not saying that each compartment is equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Technology that enables to block 13.56 MHz Frequency from unknown scans, making sure that your identity and other private information safe all the time.

The wallet is also attached with a button strap to keep everything closure and stay neatly without worry of the wallet opening and things falling out or losing.

On the other hand, its stylish design with envelope silhouette and trendy colors will definitely satisfy your taste. It fits well with a purse or you can carry it as clutch, very beautiful and luxury.

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07. Cell Phone Holder Mini Crossbody Crossbody Purse Shoulder Bag

If cute and feminine is what you are interested, then this Mini Shoulder Bag will surely make your happy. The passport cover bag is made from heavy duty canvas with strong snap closure, 7.4 x 4.9 inches size including 1 zipper pocket and 2 large compartments. You can put up many different things into it like passport, pens, cards, coins, cash, keys, notebook and other small things.

Particularly, thanks to its detachable straps, there are various ways to wear this bag, like single shoulder bag, crossbody bag, clutch or wrist wallet.

The whole bag is well made with strong stitching to ensure the highest durability. It is advised for those occasions in which you needn’t carry a bulky purse along but just a slim and concise bag.

Based on its lovely and nice design, the bag is also perfect to be a present for any women or girls as well.

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08. Louis Vuitton passport cover

Last but not least in this collection, a high-end and well-known brand that perfectly shows up your class and luxury, Louis Vuitton Passport Cover. Getting famous with its expensive grained calf leather with the special pattern that already mold its brand name, this passport cover will catch your eyes at the very first glance to easily be identify from distance.

The whole design is well made with nicely stitching and treating, even every card slot is made carefully, not just a simple cutting as other holders. There is a monogram canvas stamp in the corner to help customize your wallet as well. More details, it can hold up to 3 characters.

In terms of the construction, apart from a particular compartment for standard US passport, there are three card slots, one larger pocket and a bottom vertical compartment for you to freely organize your stuff like flight ticket, boarding pass, cards, and local currency.

There is just one thing you should take notice is that the design might take a little time to break in because of its real leather material.

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All-in-all, to pick the best passport cover wallet for women is not a difficult task, but just require you to invest some time. Don’t forget two major elements mentioned on the opening and hope that our collection is useful for you.

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