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Best Passport Holder Wallets For Women [Updated 2021]

During abroad trips, the passport is our inseparable thing. Hence, looking for a good place, a good holder for it is a must. A good passport holder wallet should include these two basic features: well-fitted with your passport and high protection. Along with that, you can consider its outer performance and some additional functions like compartments for cards, keys, smartphones, local currency, etc. based on your needs.

If you are going to have a vacation or an abroad trip, let’s have a look at our collection of the best passport holder wallet for women.

Benefits When Carrying Passport Holder When Traveling

Whether you look for a fall gateway or somewhere to escape the hot from this summer, the passport is one of the travel accessories considered a must. Having something that helps you to carry all these necessary documents is particularly important. It is a reason why we think of a passport holder.

The travel wallet passport not only gives you a classy gaze but also makes traveling easier and more hassle-free. Furthermore, there are more benefits of carrying a passport holder for traveling:

  • Protect your passport and documents from normal tear and wear: The passport holder keeps your stuff safe from wear and tear. Also, it protects your passports from water and liquids.
  • Identify your passport in the bag more easily: Passport’s cover is generally in dark blue. Therefore, when you put this passport directly in your bag, it is difficult to identify what it is. So, carrying a passport holder will save time
  • Give a luxurious and classy look: RFID Passport holder is often designed with a stunning and fashionable look. With this thing, our temperament also uplifts.
  • Keep your belongings organized: Not all passport holders are only for your passports. Some feature many pockets and slots for you to carry different things like your currency, cards, identity cards, etc.
  • Protect your digital information: Some passport holders are designed with an RFID blocking function that protects your personal information from unwanted scanning.

The best passport wallet for your traveling purposes:

01. Leather Passport Cover – Engraved Global Map – Depall – FRee Engraving

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If you are looking for a luxurious and functional passport holder that you can stick to it for years come, then invest on this product. Aside from the solid guarantee of durability, this wallet provides enough what you need for a safe and secure trip.

There are 5 card slots for your regular bank cards, IDs and driver license; 3 spacious bill compartments for different paper money or document or receipts; 1 small slot for SIM card or memory card and lastly 1 separate pocket fitting a standard-sized passport.

It’s well-made with lean silhouette, tight stitching, strong seams and particularly, the soft, smooth and durable genuine cowhide leather. Plus, there’s a built-in RFID Shield for this product to keep hi-tech thieves at bay. As made out of real leather, you might need a couple of weeks to have it broken in. Even after that, this little bad boy can give you some extra storage space.

And the best thing is its hand-drawn image on the outside that surely, there’s no other products have it yet. The world map picture is painted leanly, sharply and detailly by experienced artisans. It’s guaranteed to last for 5 years and besides, there’s a 1-year warranty for it as well. Just feel ease to give a try!

02. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet – RFID Passport Holder

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With this design, you can carry it around your neck and bring it along to anywhere conveniently. Besides, its water-resistant rip-stop nylon helps the wallet stand out from the herb because it is super lightweight and waterproof quite well.

From that point, you can store your valuables and essentials in this wallet with no fear of getting wet and being ruined as well as feel no pain even after a long day wearing this neck wallet.

Moreover, it helps us organized stuff very excellent thanks to various specific compartments. This neck wallets figures 5.5 inches wide and 8 inches long with two zippered pockets, one ID window and Velcro- closure patch in addition to loop fastener, hook and strap. It’s spacious enough to fit up smart phone, passport, flight ticket, boarding pass, currency, coins, ID card, bank cards, member cards, keys, etc. whereas compact enough to stay in front of your chest or hide underneath your clothes.

Have a closure look, you will see that it is double stitched and well made, which means the wallet delivers very good durability. Besides, never underestimate its ability of security. The wallet is built in RFID Blocking material to ensure your cards and personal information remain confidential and private.

03. WALNEW RFID Passport Holder Cover Traveling Passport Case

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This leather passport holder from Walnew has a unique design with stunning beautiful patterns and 3D embossing. Featuring an elastic strap, it looks like a small book with a fascinating look. The strap also secures your items and passport inside without falling out of the holder. The best thing is that this passport holder isn’t for the only passport, but it also holds your credit cards, business cards, and small items like SIM cards. There is a pen slot for your pen. These items are in separate slots; therefore, you can keep everything organized.

This travel wallet passport case is designed to be lightweight, compact, and portable. Carrying this holder, you feel no unwanted weight at all. You can put it into your large pockets or your bags and enjoy your business trip or traveling. Another thing that makes me want to add a bonus is the RFID blocking function. This feature protects your personal account information from scanning.

There are different patterns and styles in its collection; therefore, we will find our favorite. Even if you choose the bright colors, feel worry-free about the noticeable abrasions or dust. This is because the high-quality PU leather interior and exterior is durable and long-lasting.

04. Genuine Leather Passport Holder, Fintie Travel Wallet Passport

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This one from Fintie brand is designed to keep your passports, cards, and essential documents but it looks like a luxurious small bag. Despite the compact size, this passport holder features multiple slots: 3 large main compartments for notebook, cash, and passports; 2 ticket slots and 3 card slots for credit cards, ID cards, business cards or driver license.

The huge difference between Fintie leather passport holder and other products is that it is designed with a detachable hemp lanyard for traveling convenience. You can carry it as a bag and get access to your travel essentials with hand free.

Because of the compact and minimalist design with a measurement of 5.7 x 4.0 x 0.4 inches, you can also put it in your pocket, travel pack or handbag. In terms of quality, the material is 100% microfiber leather that is resistant to abrasions and dust. Therefore, you can use this women passport wallet for years without damage.

05. Travel Wallet Passport – RFID Blocking Document Organizer Bag

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Another travel wallet passport I would like to introduce in this article is from Defway brand. Made of high-quality nylon fabric, this piece is durable, waterproof, and lightweight. Therefore, feel worry-free from the spills, rain, and moisture from seeping into the bag.

This product looks smaller and more compact than I thought but it offers spacious storage for tickets, boarding card, credit cards, passports, keys, tickets, coins, money, and your essential documents. There is a pen slot on the middle and a large pocket for your cash. Don’t ignore the removable keychain.

It is just the interior storage. In terms of outside storage, there is a large pocket on the front for most used items or your cellphone. The slot is roomy enough to fit the iPhone 7 Plus.

Unlike other traditional passport holders, this one features a zipper closure for maximum protection for your stuff. I also love the removable wrist strap for a convenient and handy experience. Don’t forget the RFID blocking function as a bonus.

06. Passport Holder Wallet Cover, ACdream Travel Leather RFID Blocking

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What is the best women passport wallet with feminine and girly design? If you love the glitter and elegant look, consider ACdream. This brand has a passport holder with glitter design, floral patterns, and traditional prints with bright colors.
Designed to hold credit cards, passports, business cards, and boarding pass for handy and comfortable traveling experience, this one features a slim and light case. You will love the elastic band that closes the front cover as it not only keeps your stuff secure in place but also gives it a better look.
When it comes to the material, this best passport wallet is made of PU leather – a high-quality material with durability. The construction is very well-made, and it seems to last for a long time.

07. Vemingo Family Best Passport Wallet Holder RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet 

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Designed to be a multifunctional wallet, the Vemingo suits different purposes such as airports, buses, crowded markets, festivals, sporting events, and trains. What makes me impressive is its capacious storage as it features 8 credit card slots, 5 passports pockets, a large zippered cash pocket, a large compartment for flight tickets, a zippered mesh coin pocket, a wing pocket, a removable key chain, and a pen holder.

Buying a Vemingo passport holder wallet, you can keep the travel documents of the whole family’s members in one place. Furthermore, this one is designed with a detachable strap, which is the outstanding feature of Vemingo. You can easily loop the strap around your wrist and enjoy the hand-free experience for traveling.

Feel worry-free from being stolen because your personal account information stays safe and secure with excellent RFID blocking function.

08. Villini – Leather US Passport Holder Wallet Cover RFID Blocking ID Card Wallet

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The luxurious and masculine look of Villini with USA national symbols embossing is stunning even though the price is only about 15$ – too affordable for a product with high quality and durability. Measured by 5.5 x 4 x 0.35 inches and designed with one money pocket and 4 card pockets, this one is suitable for traveling and business trips. It keeps all the essential things for traveling in one place: money, credit cards, passport, and air tickets.

Furthermore, because of the snap button design, we don’t need to worry about our credit cards or passport falling out. Need another reason for this purchase? Consider the RFID blocking function that protects your personal information well.

Villini is the best passport wallet at the price of 15$ you can find in the market. Buying it once, you can use it for a long time. The best thing is that you receive a 3-year warranty for the purchase. It shows the great quality of this product.

Find more information about the RFID wallet for men on my blog.

09. Gallaway Leather Travel Wallet Two Passports Holder Cover D

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If you often have to travel and care about the protection when it comes to passport holders, this one from Gallaway Leather will meet your satisfaction. Let me explain more. The large storage allows you to keep the most important travel stuff as it can hold 9 cards, 2 passports, cash, foreign currency, tickets, and pen.

Furthermore, the brown faux leather that looks like the coffee’s color is fashionable and stylish. It uplifts your status because of the luxurious and classic look. Compared with other traditional holders, this one is designed with a neck lanyard. Therefore, instead of holding it in your hands, you can hang it around your neck and hide it under your clothes. Feel maximum safety with this leather passport holder.

Also, because of the double and dual organizing design, this piece is a great product for family or couple traveling.

10. Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/RFID Blocker

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Shacke passport wallet holder is designed in a unique construction that looks different from other traditional products. Made of nylon and zipper closure, this one is simply strapped to your belt loop and hidden under your pants.

Furthermore, there are 3 separate zippered pouches for passports and credit cards. It also provides great protection and security for your stuff. Another protection for this wallet is the RFID blocking function that prevents your personal account information for unnoticed scanning.

This best passport wallet is super lightweight; therefore, we don’t feel any bulk during the trip. This is a great product and I am glad to pay about 15$ for this purchase.

11. Family Travel Wallet & Travel Passport Holder w/RFID Blocking

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This travel wallet passport is designed in a smart and convenient construction with multiple pockets to hold more stuff and keep everything organized. The two-sided design prevents the bunching up. In terms of capacity, this one can hold up to 4-10 cards and travel documents, tickets, 6 passports and some money for your strip. You can use it for your whole family.

The size is small enough to fit in your backpack, pocket, carry-on luggage or purse. Furthermore, made of RFID blocking material, the wallet keeps your personal information safe. The nylon material is also water-resistant. Because of these outstanding features, it is ideal for not only airports, airplanes but also crowded places, trains, buses, events, and festivals.

The best thing is that Zero Grid purchase will give you many bonuses: $300 trip assurance, and 2 recovery tags from ReturnMe. So, you can enjoy your trip with safety and happiness.

12. RFID Blocking Wallet Leather Passport Holder Wallet Cover Case

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The list of the best RFID passport holder products cannot exclude this one. Made of top-grade synthetic leather, this piece not only gives a comfortable feeling, great resistance from abrasion and dust but also offers excellent RFID blocking function. It blocks the 13.56 MHz, keeping your vital information safe.

The design is convenient and ideal for traveling with no bulk. For example, measured by 5.9 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches, this passport holder can be put in your bag without wasting much space.

There are two sides. One side can hold 4 cards and some money while another one is for passport pocket.
Due to these outstanding features and good points, RFID Blocking Wallet leather passport holder is considered a must-try product. I was surprised at the affordable price of less than 10$.

13. BT21 Official Merchandise by Line Friends – TATA Character Enamel Women Passport Wallet  Holder

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Designed for youth and teenagers, this passport holder wallet has a cute and adorable style. Also, if you love the characters of millennials, this wallet is a great idea for your purchase. There are various designs with different characters for your choice.

The minimalist size of this best passport wallet eliminates the bulk, which is convenient and comfortable for your traveling. Despite the small size, there are multiple slots inside the wallet that allow you to keep your credit cards, passports and boarding pass organized. The flip function gives easy access to your document.

Furthermore, the material of this cute passport wallet is polyurethane. It is more durable, sturdy, and stronger than its look. Overall, the BT21 passport holder is a cute and ideal gift for any girls and boys.

14. GDTK RFID Blocking Leather Cover Case – Travel Wallet Passport Holder

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Don’t judge the product before you try it. This GDTK has a cheap price – much cheaper than other passport holders do. However, when it comes to the quality and values, it is the best passport wallet I would like to introduce to you.

This piece comes with a minimalist design and high-quality material. The premium synthetic leather offers a comfortable feeling and great resistance from abrasions and dust.
With a lightweight and slim design, you will feel no weight or bulk when carrying this holder for traveling.

Furthermore, there are several slots for you to keep your business cards, passport, boarding passes, credit cards organized. Don’t forget the RFID blocking function as a bonus.

15. Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet (Ver.4) Tri-fold Document

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Zoppen is a well-known brand for effortless and fashionable wallets and purses. If you are going to buy the best passport wallet, Zoppen shouldn’t be ignored. The best thing about this brand is its design and construction that turns you to become an organized person. There are multiple slots, compartments, and pockets for the storage: 1 passport pouch, 8 card slots, 1 ticket compartment, 1 SIM card slot, 1 zippered pocket for coins, 1 smartphone pocket, 1 pen holder and 1 keyring.

Furthermore, made of high-quality PU leather, this piece will meet your expectation about the durability and sturdiness. Because of this material, you can easily wipe and clean the dirt and stain on the wallet.

If you want something that protects your personal information from unwanted scanning, this one from Zoppen with RFID blocking function will do a great job.

16. Nacuwa Passport Holder Cover, Leather RFID Blocking Travel Wallet Case

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Nacuwa leather passport holder with marble prints looks like a beautiful book with an elastic band for the front cover. The design of this brand is unique and appealing. When you see it, you can’t keep your eyes out of.
Don’t worry about the fading or damage because high-quality synthetic leather is not only soft but also durable. The surface is water-resistant, and it also withstands heavy use. Therefore, you can use this wallet for a long time without replacement as its beauty remains over time.

In terms of capacity, it is large enough to hold your credit cards, passport, travel tickets, driver’s license, pen, cash, and your essential documents. Feel worry-free about the scanning because this passport wallet features excellent RFID blocking function.

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17. AULIV RFID Blocking Travel Wallet Card Case Women Passport Wallet

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This AULIV RFID passport holder wallet is an ideal choice for someone who needs to carry many credit, debit, and travel cards for traveling. This is because this wallet is designed with up to 17 card slots that meet your needs.

Besides the card slots, there are a currency pocket, 1 ID window and 2 pockets for the passport. The pockets for passport have the side stash design; therefore, you can easily slip your passport in. Furthermore, the high-quality saffiano leather and signature metal logo offers a luxurious look and good feeling. The stitching is neat and well-made. There is no need to worry about durability.

All-in-all, to pick the best passport cover wallet for women is not a difficult task, but just require you to invest some time. Don’t forget two major elements mentioned on the opening and hope that our collection is useful for you.

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