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Best Money Clip Wallets For Women [Updated 2019]

I know that wallets for women come in thousands of styles, sizes and designs. However, a money clip wallet is truly a great way to keep your money in place while retaining its shape as a minimalist item. It is a perfect alternative for the traditional wallets in this 21st century.

Now, let’s go through the list of best money clip wallets for women and see, which is the right one for you.

01. Leather Slim Wallet With Money Clip – Lethnic Selfmark

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We believe everyone always wants one kind of accessory that will turn you from an ordinary person to an extraordinary one. And this Lethnic SELFMARK Money Clip Wallet is not an exception. Measure 4.33 x 3.35 inches, convenient to carry inside both the front and back pockets. If you are the type of person who often traveling, then this one should stay on top of the list. Also, the mens money clip wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system; which secures your privacy at the safest stage.

In term of material, this Lethnic Selfmark wallet utilizes the premium Napa leather. This material delivers durability and excellent experience whenever you use. Take a closer look, you will have 1 full-length compartment, 4 credit card slots, 1 ID window, 1 slot for receipts. There is one strong metal clip to keep your cash well-organized at all time. One precise element is the separated space for your personal engraving. It can be the wishes or your initials, your name engraved on the front corner and inner flip.

Thinking of one special gift for this upcoming holiday? This Lethnic Selfmark personalized wallet for men comes along with an elegant package gift box set. In case you are not happy with the product, Lethnic always willing to give a 30 days warranty covering any factory detects derived from the manufacturing process.

02. Money Clip, Spring Flowers, Genuine Carbon Fiber, Makes a Great Gift

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This floral-patterned wallet with money clip is truly unique to make itself stand out of the herb. While most of nowadays women’s wallets come in simple design, this one is the best option for those who are seeking for a feminine item. They are also very ideal to become a present for friends, girlfriend, wife or mom as well.

Actually, this is a money clip made of carbon fiber that offers a sturdy and firm hand-feel. Though this is a cash carrying solution that’s suitable for those women who mostly depend on money, they also add RFID Shield to it, which is a little bit weird in my opinion. However, if you do use this money clip for cards, it might help in security.

The total weight of this wallet is very light, which is less than an ounce so that it is convenient to bring on travel, going to work or hanging out.

Besides, the manufacturer offers even 5-year warranty so that you can ease in mind to try it.

03. Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Slim Minimalist Wallet RFID Blocking

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A difference which might be also an advantage of this Ssking wallet is its various color options. There are four totally, from the bright shades (like pink, light brown) to the dark (like black and coffee) to meet any taste.

It has a slim profile that fits perfectly in any pocket as well as not takes much area in your handbag. The whole measurements of the wallet are 3″ X 4.25″ X 0.12″ and when full, it isn’t loft much, just as thick as an iPhone, which doesn’t cause any inconvenience at all.

But talking about the capacity, it is great, really. There are totally 8 compartments splitting in both sides with moderate size to store either cash or cards. That’s not all! There are also three more slots in the center with high customization to accommodate folded bills, driver’s license, ID card and other kinds of cards.

The magnets are attached in outer side of the wallet to help you quickly access to your money when in need. It is firm and sturdy, but in turns, it’s weak.

The real fun about this product is its RFID Blocking material which not only protects your valuables against 13.56 Mhz Frequency like standard wallets, but it also enables to block 125 Mhz Frequency as well, giving 100% security.

04. Maxgear Stainless Steel RFID Credit Card Holder for Women

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A plot twist for those who don’t like to use leather wallet, this minimalist aluminum money clip will be the next best item in your wardrobe.

Thanks to the high-quality material, the Maxgear wallet is quite durable and strong enough to hold your cards and cash neatly and securely. Besides, its moderate shine plus with square design creates an attractive and luxury looking wallet.

In addition, there are RFID Blocking Shield to offer ultimate protection to your ID information, as well. This helps to block all waves from illegal scanners from hi-tech thieves.

In terms of dimensions, the wallet is measured with 3.45*2.13*0.46 inches, which is rather slim and handy to stay in the palm of your hand or in your handbag. It is lightweight, as well. Hence, you can make use it of traveling, daily wearing or any other occasions.

However, I don’t recommend to place it in your back pocket as it’s a little bit hard and inconvenient to sit on.

05. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder with ID Window

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The Lethnic leather money clip wallet holds as much stuff as the standard wallets with its 3 cardholders – 1 outer and 2 inner – each of which can accommodate up to 2-3 cards in every kind. Besides, there is also an inner ID window for your identity card.

They add a stainless-steel money clip in the center of the wallet so you can secure your cash and bills better. The special thing about this clip is that it’s firm enough to hold up to 20-25 bills, but still easy enough to get them in your out for payment.

However, when it comes to dimensions, the wallet is just about 4.13 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches, which is quite handy and slim to not take much area in your handbag, for sure.

The whole wallet is made of 100 percent genuine cowhide leather that is nicely embossed gator. They also cover a thin layer of oil to deliver a slight water resistance and moderate shine, making the wallet itself look more luxury and expensive.

The smooth material interior is stylish and makes it easy to slide in and out, as well. Not only that, they also add RFID Blocking material into the wallet to give it ultimate protection, saving your identity information against hi-tech thieves.

In a word, this bifold wallet with money clip is well-made and should last for years.

06. RFID Blocking Genuine Leather wallet Sheepskin Leather Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets with Money Clip for Women

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This wallet has a similar design to the Lethnic above including 1 outer slot with special strap for easily slide in and out, 1 stainless steel money clip in the center. Two differences are the material which is made of genuine sheepskin leather and 6 inner vertical cardholders splitting in both sides of the wallet. It doesn’t have ID window, which is a small drawback.

There are four color selections if you consider to buy this wallet: black, blue, pink and violet. Two pastels and two dark shades to readily afford any preference.

An outstanding feature when it comes to this LOVIT wallet is its characteristic softness, very comfortable to touch and store your valuable things.

For those who want a slim profile wallet, this is a go-to item as its dimensions are just 4.5 x 0.4 x 3.4 inches. Besides, it is quite lightweight to use in many occasions, for business, going out, or everyday carry.

What’s more? Reinforced stitching, not loose in sight, delivering a great durability to last for years. Besides, the manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty with good customer service, so you can try it with free risk.

07. Palm West Leather Minimalist Leather Money Clip Wallet with RFID Blocking Technology

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For those who don’t know, Palm West is a USA-based company that was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1991, specialized in genuine leather accessories such as wallets, bags, and belts. Their products are always famous for high-quality and longevity that you can use for decades. Thus, just feel ease in mind to drop your money on this brand as they are very reliable and trustful.

This minimalist money clip design is not an exception. Made out of premium genuine vegetable tanned leathers that only use natural plants to dye leather without any harsh chemical, their quality is entire eco-friendly to environment and humans’ health.

Besides, thanks to advanced tanning progress, the material is very durable, beautiful and built to last. What I appreciate about this wallet is its built-in RFID Shield to prevent your personal information against disclosure.

Besides, it’s designed cleverly to increase capacity whereas reduce bulk so that you can carry slim. Its construction is quite simple and minimal as well. There are only two outer card slots and one stainless steel clip. However, each slot can accommodate up to 6 cards without bulk and the clip, it can fit up 10-12 straight bills.

A compliment for this clip as it holds money quite sturdy and tight to not allow them to fall out easily, even you shake it hard.

08. Women’s Crazy Horse Leather Magnetic Money Clip Wallet Id Card Holder

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If you prefer something with old vintage look, look no further than this magnetic money clip.

Made out of high-quality crazy horse leather, its outlook is very rustic and classic. Besides, you can make some little magic on its special texture. When accidentally making some scratches on its surface, don’t fret, just use hands or something like that rub continuously on and they will be faded.

Another good thing about crazy horse leather is its superb durability and longevity to serve you for years. A compliment for its subtle and detailed outer performance with strong stitching, nicely contrast seams, sophisticated brand logo on the clip and on the backside. Every card slot is sewn carefully and well-made.

If taking a closer look, you will find that this wallet is designed to slim and compact silhouette to enable to fit up any pockets. But, in terms of capacity, it’s quite roomy and neat with 6 card slots and 1 money clip.

The slots come in slashed design for quick access. With the money clip, it can fit up 10-12 folded bills without bulk. The magnet is strong enough to keep your valuable stuff neat and firm as well.

09. Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking Strong Magnet thin Wallet

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To stand out from the crowd, this eco-friendly red wine cork fabric front pocket wallet with money clip is the best choice.

Its second-to-none outer performance delivers a classical yet fashionable look for both gentlemen and ladies to fit in various outfit. Based on the way to mix and match with your attire, either it will be an impressive accessory to bold your look, or this piece will blend sophisticatedly to emphasize your look.

Talking about the construction, this wallet comes in 6 card slots (including 1 ID window), 1 bill compartment and 1 money clip. Like the above Business Card Holders, it uses strong magnetic strap to hold bills in place. However, an outstanding feature is that it utilizes up to 4 magnets than just 2 like others. Thus, its power is level up a lot.

Another good thing is its advanced RFID Blocking Technology that can prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequency Signals to protect your information safety all the time.

Last but not least is the 1-year warranty. Once you find any detective mistakes from manufacturing process, just return them for a replacement or full refund. In other words, Kinzd is a reliable brand.

10. ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip – No.2

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ROCO is my next choice for the best money clip wallet for women. Why?

Firstly, compared to the previous brand, it offers wider band for sturdier and better storage. Secondly, it’s quite slim to use as a traditional back pocket or a modern front pocket wallet. But there’s just one thing I want to tell you is avoiding sit on it as this piece is made out of hard metal. This will cause harms a lot to your spine and many other consequences.

Its construction is very simple with just two pieces of aluminum measured by 4.6 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches, and one elastic band. With this design, you can put up to 20 cards without bulk or tightness. Not saying that, you can totally make advantage of the band as a convenient money clip. In fact, it can hold roughly 5-10 folded bills.

And don’t worry, this elastic band is made out of high-quality material to not easily get loosen within just a short time.

Besides, the wallet can prevent unauthorized RFID scans without your unnoticed thanks to its advanced RFID shield. That’s said, you can feel ease in mind to bring your valuable stuff inside it with no fears of hi-tech thieves stealing your private information.

11.Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Made with Powerful RARE EARTH Magnets

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The key characteristics of this wallet are firstly, its dual large bill compartments and second is its well-organized construction.

In detail, other than 1 magnetic clip, it included 3 card slots, 2 bill compartments, and 1 ID window with middle thumb strap for quick access. In terms of the money clip, it’s made out of Rare-Earth magnets developed in the 70s consisting of rare earth ingredients for strongest permanent power. In other word, it does a great job to keep your bills in place without falling out accidentally.

With the dual bill compartments, this will help you organize your currency better as you can put up US dollars in one place and other kinds in the other. On top of that, they also offer 1-year guarantee to protect customers’ right. Very trustful!

In summary, to choose the best money clip wallet for women, you need make clear your preference, requirements and budget. Either you have a habit of depending on cash or cards. Either you want a feminine or unisex design. Might these five money clip wallets not meet all tastes, but they do afford the most basic needs with many great benefits. Hope that this article is helpful for you.

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