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Best Metal Wallets For Women [Updated 2021]

Normally, women tend to avoid rigid wallets when seeking for a new companion because of their too masculine outer performance. However, in fact, there are many best metal wallets for women with feminine and luxurious looks. Its shiny, squared design, on the other hand, will make you stand out from the crowd, especially in some events.

On top of that, these babies strikingly stay in good shape, and offer better protection for your cards. They are compact, small and concise that with a woman depends most on cards, you should try at least once.

In this article, I will round up to 12 best metal wallets for women based on my personal experience and research. Make sure you can get more chances to pick the right card wallet as well as decide for yourself.

Our list for the best metal wallet for women in 2021:

01. VULKIT Credit Card Holder RFID – Metal Wallet Case


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Are you looking for the best metal wallet case with a slim profile that makes you feel no weight when putting it in your pocket? If you don’t have many cards to carry with you daily, this slim metal wallet will satisfy your needs.

The construction of the Vulkit product is super slim and lightweight with pocket size. I can carry it anywhere I go and still feel great comfort and convenience. Besides the small measurement, this metal card wallet offers great protection for your cards against wireless communication, thanks to the advanced aluminum RFID & NFC blocking technology.

Moreover, the durable double silicone strip plays an important role in keeping your cards from falling out of the wallet. That is an awesome bonus when we have to consider this purchase. The only drawback is that it can hold only 5 cards because of its slim and small size. However, thinking of its pros and outstanding features like the easiness of operation and solid construction, this one is still the best wallet you can find and purchase. Of course, we cannot expect more with the product that costs only more than 10$.

02. Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector


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Leverage your outfit with this stylish Shell-D Aluminum Wallet. For those who don’t know, the world outside is getting crazy for this small piece. Look at it! A whole minimal shiny squared design, perfect to hook the surrounding eyes.

There is a lot of color choices for you. And it just comes up with 4.3 x 3 inches (long x wide), very compact and small. You can hand it neatly in the palm of your hand, or keep it in your jacket pocket, or in your handbag, wherever it stays, this wallet will surely not take much area.

If you have heard about hi-tech thieves, you should also know that they are more and more now. And I sincerely advise you to pick those RFID Wallets to prevent your personal information against those bad guys. Luckily, this Shell-D is one of the best metal wallets for women is attached with the advanced RFID Blocking Technology. Thanks to this feature, you can peace in mind to go wherever you like, from traveling to daily using, from the public transportation to any crowded places.

It’s functional! I do love its curved corners as this won’t cause any damage to my clothes. Besides, when opening it, it fans out the cards and is very easy to take the wanted one.

03. Flipside Wallets New RFID Blocking Flipside 4 Wallet

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This USA-based Flipside Carbon Fiber Wallet is hot like hell recently. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and powerful high-quality polycarbonate, figure curved-corner shape, nicely embossed brand logo in the front and its rough texture creates a catchy, fashionable and modern outlook.

Besides, its dimensions are as appropriate as the Shell-D, 4.2 x 2.8 inches to easily handheld or stay in a handbag without feeling bulky. But in terms of capacity, this Flipside is more spacious. It can fit up to 10 cards and a couple of cash inside two major compartments. Another good is thing is its closure and ultimate protection.

Traditional bifold wallets are usually widely opened in our handbag, which is annoying and risky for the inner stuff to fall out accidentally. But this Flipside metal card wallet doesn’t. It only opens when you push down the lock otherwise, the wallet is automatically closed securely.

04. RFID Blocking Wallet Case for Women or Men, Theft Proof Credit Card Holder with Extra Layers of Security

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Ready to play with colors? This eye-catching wallet can either make you stand out from the crowd or be a good topic to begin a good conversation. There are 24 sleek designs to meet different tastes. It is a must-try wallet. And even if you don’t like it after trying, just return to the manufacturer as they provide q 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Its premium ABS plastic material helps a lot to keep the shine last longer, cut off the weight yet sturdy than ever. The interior is designed as a card organizer to haul out the cards clearly for quick access. There are totally 7 slots, but it can accommodate up to 8-9 cards. Or, you can utilize one of them for bills.

Its lock is the same as the Flipside, durable, closure, and longevity thanks to the high-quality material. Based on the information provided by Shell-D, it is measured by 4.3 x 2.9 x 0.8 inches. This is a perfect dimension to both fit your cards and handbag without any burden.

05. Fintie Premium Vegan Leather Coated Stainless Steel Professional Slim Name Card Case

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Do you wonder whether any metal wallet for women with a slim profile holds more cards? That is the Fintie metal wallet for women you should definitely try it and make the purchase. Despite the small pocket size and slim profile, this slim metal card can hold up to 13 credit cards, standard business cards, ID cards in an organized and orderly manner. Therefore, you can carry all your essential cards with you. Thanks to the minimalist, slim measurement, you can easily slide it into your handbag or pocket.

The best thing is that Fintie comes with a nice color combination looking like beautiful art. That elegant and impressive design makes it ideal and perfect for various business occasions. It is appealing not only to women but also to men who love the fun and bright colors. There are four different styles, including z-emerald illusions, z-love tree, z-Moroccan love, and z-shades of blue; therefore, you can find the most suitable one for your personalized taste.

What makes this Fintie metal wallet case different from other metal wallets is the material of polished stainless steel, coated premium vegan leather and microfiber interior lining. It gives a comfortable and soft touch feeling and offers durable resistance to abrasion.

So, if you are looking for the best gift for your family and friend, don’t ignore Fintie metal wallet for women. Give it a try and share with us!

Vegan wallets are preferred by customers as they are both ultra-durable and functional. Read on to this collection to know more: Best Vegan Wallets in 2021

06. Elfish RFID Blocking Credit Cards Holder – Best Metal Wallet

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If you love to own one metal card wallet with beautiful, impressive artwork of Van Gough on the surface, don’t ignore this one from the Elfish brand. There are different designs and styles for your choice such as cat painting, sunflower, moon, fish, or a beautiful landscape. The painting isn’t faded over time for sure.

Besides the unique painting, I also love the well-made construction of this product as it is not only equipped with reliable RFID blocking protection but also designed with secure latches for extra protection. Therefore, cards stay safely in this wallet, preventing falling out of or information stealing.

Furthermore, the high-quality aluminum material is a great bonus of this brand as it offers affordable hardness and convenience. The clasp closure is made of environmentally friendly plastic for easy operating and durability. There is no surprise when this metal wallet for men has got many compliments on the beautiful designs and quality. If Van Gough’s painting is your favorite, don’t hesitate to make this purchase.

07. Credit Card Holder Money Clip – Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet, Metal Wallet for Women and Men

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Yes, this is a little bit pricier metal wallet compared to the others. But I tell you, this is worth a try. Measured by 4 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches, the wallet includes 6 slots equivalent to 6 cards. Its special construction keeps each card stay separate as well as helps to minimize the risks of damages, static, scratches, and warps caused by the cards rubbing against each other.

But here’s where the real fun begins, it has 6 logo icons on the frontside matching your cards in each track. It’s more convenient and interesting than the pull tabs due to its specialization. Instead of hauling out all your cards, now, with this smart design, you can quickly access the one you need.

There’s no compartment for cash, but it does have a metal money clip on the backside where you can fit up some more regular cards and bills. Finally, have I mentioned that this wallet is backed by a 100% money back yet? Try now!

08. MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder


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I will not end this collection without the one bestseller on Amazon – this MaxGear Slim Metal Wallet. It has various designs to fit both men and women, some are made purely from aluminum with a powerful and modern look whereas a few combines leather and stainless metal to deliver a bit classic and luxurious outer performance.

But what I love about this wallet is its superb capacity. Though measured by 3.7 x 0.4 x 2.4 inches, it’s spacious enough to fit up 15-20 business cards or 8 bank cards/ID cards. With such perfect compromise of style and functionality, I think you can also use it as a present for someone, especially businesswoman.

It fits any pockets, even your front pocket. Moreover, every corner is rounded to minimize the risk of causing injuries to your body or damages to your clothes. Importantly, it’s backed by the manufacturer.

09. Stainless Steel Metal Wallet For Women/ Men with Magnet Shuts

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The difference between this cardholder case from AHGXG and other metal wallet cases is that it is made of PU leather grain and stainless steel. It offers a luxurious look and suits businessmen. Despite the small size, this metal wallet for women can hold up to 9 credit cards or 24 business cards with great protection thanks to the magnet closure. This closure not only keeps cards stay tightly in the wallet but also is easy to open.

Because the material is hard and sleek stainless steel, the wallet is designed with round angles to avoid hurting your skin or hands. The best thing about this slim metal wallet is that it has a 12-month guarantee. So, if you have any problem, you just need to contact the manufacturer.

10. LUNGEAR RFID Credit Card Holder

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In terms of durability, if Lungear metal wallet for women ranks second, nothing can rank the first. Made of high-quality aluminum material, this metal wallet for women and men is soft to touch and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is designed with a strong metal body for long service life and card protection.

Besides the strong and well-made construction, the design of this brand is delicate in detail. For example, the inner edges are arched and soft to avoid cards from falling out and prevent the wallet from hurting your skin or your hands.

Furthermore, the bottom of the wallet is designed with a push-button for easy access and opening. But talking about the pros of this Lungear slim metal wallet, we cannot forget to mention the small size and RFID blocking technology.

11. I-CLIP – Slim Wallet – Minimalist, Thin Design & Money Clip

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If you are looking for a slim metal wallet with a money clip, consider Germany-made I-CLIP. This one costs about 45$ that is a little more expensive than other products, but you will get what you pay for. The well-made construction and valuable quality are the reasons why I made this purchase.

To make durable frames with high strength that keeps cards in place, the manufacturer used a high-quality plastic composite – Robutense. This material is lightweight – just over 18 grams; therefore, you can easily carry this metal card wallet comfortably in your pocket.

Moreover, the coated high-quality leather is resistant to damage and scratch, ensuring long-lasting service. It also gives this metal card wallet a sleek and luxurious look for various occasions. In terms of capacity, it can hold up to 12 cards. And don’t forget the awesome money clip for our receipts and bills.

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12. Duramont Aluminum Slim Metal Wallet – Credit Card Holder With RFID Blocking

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Duramont metal wallet for women is a simple but practical product. Designed with a one-touch button, it is easy to open and close. But the closure and high-grade aluminum construction are still secure enough to keep your cards stay in place without falling out of the wallet.

When it comes to capacity, this one can hold up to 12 cash bills and 10 cards that would be enough for your daily needs. Because of the double-sided design, you can easily arrange and distinguish your bills and cards. Finally, do I mention the RFID blocking function that prevents personal information stealing and card cracking?

Here are 12 best metal wallets for women from what I have researched and experienced personally. Though they come up with different types, colors, and shapes. In general, they are all high-quality, longevity, and backed by the manufacturer. I also keep using some of them up to now and they all hold up very well. Thus, I hope that this article also gives you more chances to find out the right companion.

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