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Best Hand Wallets For Women 2018

When it comes to choosing the right handbag for women, there are more decisive elements than just meeting the eyes – it’s not only based on a famous brand or beautiful color.

A perfect handbag needs to be three priority things: functional, well-organized and high-quality as mostly this piece will be your side in many special occasions like parties, proms and events in which it’s necessary to show up a little your sense in styles and class.

2018 is upcoming and it’s time to kiss your old hand wallet goodbye to welcome a new one. To that end, here is our list for you – best hand wallets for women.

MICHAEL Kors Jet Set Travel Logo Continental Wallet

Michael Kors is not a new name to us any longer if not saying it is a well-known brand for trendy, stylish designs with striking quality. Besides, the special, unique stylized pattern with repeated MK letters has been made the brand. This hand wallet is not an exceptional.

8.25 inches long, 4 inches wide. Simple in the outside, full of life in the inside. There are 10 card slots (including a clear ID window), 6 horizontal pockets, 2 full-length compartments and 1 zippered pocket. When getting full, the wallet reaches its maximum thickness roughly 1 inch. For a hand wallet, this is moderately thick to stay firmly in the palm of your hand as well as slim enough to cause any inconvenience.

Apart from that, the wallet also receives many compliments on its material which is made entirely from premium leather to get the highest durability and luxury. Plus, the zipper is well-made to operate and smoothly draw as well. No worry about it breaking down or being stuck anymore. The product is totally deserved for its price tag.

One more good thing is its detachable wrist band to help your hand free. When not in need, just remove it, very convenient!

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Borgasets RFID Blocking Women’s Genuine Leather Wallet Credit Card Holder Zipper Purse

This Borgasets hand wallet is like a huge bifold with many advances. Firstly, it leverages the number of compartments. More details, there are 18 card slots in the interior integrating with two spacious full-length compartments secured by zippers.

Particularly with these zip-around compartments, its size is large enough to fit even a smart phone like iPhone 6 6 plus, iPhone7, 7 plus, iPhone 8, 8 plus / Samsung Galaxy S6, and many other valuable things such as checks, bills, cards, keys, coins, etc.

But impressively, the wallet still keeps its silhouette striking slim with maximum thickness is 0.91 inch. Besides, it comes up with 7.4 inches long and 3.6 inches wide, big enough to hold in hand whereas small enough to look unfitted with you.

Secondly, Borgasets Hand Wallet highlights its supreme closure with not only zippers, but also magnet strap and button snap to keep everything in place.

We all know that data thieves are increasing nowadays which means RFID Blocking Technology plays a more important role in protecting your cards and identity information. Hence, there is one more reason to pick this wallet as it is equipped with advanced RFID Shield to readily say “No Way” to any unauthorized scans.

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Itslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet

The very first impression on this wallet is its superb luxury and expensive feeling that is partly derived from its Prime Grained leather with wax finish. This is a precious kind of leather that offers beautiful skin rash, soft hand-feel and amazing durability. In combination to strict treatment, the whole surface also delivers a moderate shine, making itself more expensive than ever.

Now, let’s look more in depth at the inner space here, there are 21 card slots, 3 full-length bill compartments, 1 snap cash pocket and 1 zipper phone case. If thinking clearly, you will see that each compartment is clever measured and arranged to opt for specific purpose. For example, smart phone is always the heaviest object within your valuables so that to keep it safely without falling out suddenly, zippered pocket is the best combination.

Or button snap horizonal pocket for cash for ultimate closure. The cleverness is also presented through the way they design the card slots. Finally, it is the major snap of the wallet to keep your essentials stay neat all the time.

This Itslife Hand Wallet arrives in diverse color options to surely satisfy any taste. But keep bearing on mind that not all colors will have RFID Blocking Material so that apart from selecting color, don’t forget to consider RFID Shield function as well.

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Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blocking Bifold Multi Card Case Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Do you find this Travelambo wallet look acquainted? Yes, it’s 90 percent quite the same as the Borgasets above. Also squared design with simple outer performance, 18 inner card slots, 1 ID window, two zippered compartments and one snap closure.

However, the biggest advantage and also the reason we add it into this collection is its super affordable price. You can say that this is a “dupe” of Borgasets as well. But the bolded feature here is that in spite of the cheap price, its quality is still kept good.

The key here is its alternation of premium synthetic leather to decrease the cost. But don’t let this fool you, it is very durable and coming up with great waterproof, which means the wallet is easy maintenance. From that point, if you don’t like such real leather wallet with high requirement in taking care as well as want to save money, this is the best option.

Not saying that, the manufacturer also offers 1-year warranty covering any detects from manufacturing process. It’s a big deal so go and grab it now.

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LOVESHE Women’s New Design Bohemian Style Purse Clutch Bag Card Holder New Fashion

If you are a fan of boho style and also looking for a badass and unique hand wallet, this new design from LOVESHE is highly recommended. Made from imported canvas, the fabric is asserted for high quality with comfortable touch and durability.

Don’t think that its special pattern might cause you some struggle to mix and match with your outfit. On the contrary, this wallet is perfectly fitted with various apparel, for many different occasions. On the other hand, right because its striking outlook, you will easily stand out from the crowd.

Also, don’t worry about its capacity. There are 11 card slots, 5 interlayers for ticket/bills, 1 ID window and 1 zippered compartment. It’s spacious enough for smart cellphone, cash, cards, keys, coins, tickets, checks and something like that whereas the ultimate thickness is roughly 1.25 inches.

Attractive outlook, spacious interior, affordable price, this wallet is also ideal to be a present for your friends, wife or girlfriend as well.

Last but not least is the removable wrist band. There are two different ways to carry this wallet: either bringing as a handbag or using as a wrist wallet.

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Bohemian Purse Wallet Canvas Elephant Pattern Handbag with Coin Pocket and Strap

Do you know what is the biggest thing that Bohemian style can bring up to you? It still maintains the inherent femininity, but makes you look more attractive, more impressive than ever, just like a plot twist in your sense of style and fashion.

Also figure Bohemian style but this wallet is entirely different from the one above. Its silhouette has tendency of coin wallet with two major zip-around pockets to streamline your coins, keys, and something like that neatly. Its dimensions are 7.8 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches, which is large enough to fit a 6 inches cellphone.

Not saying that inside one zippered pocket, there are 8 card slots, 2 note pockets and 1 smaller zipper compartment. Besides, the wallet also has a detachable wrist band to keep your hand free while carrying it around.

Another difference from the LOVESHE Wallet is that instead of providing many different patterns, this LATH.PIN offers two colors: black and white.

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Actually, to pick the best hand wallet, first thing first, you need to make clear your demand, preference and requirement on it. For example, which style you are fond of: plain design or bohemian? Which kind of material? Your budget? Which occasions you intend to use it? etc. Once you have the answers for such questions, it’s much easier to know which hand wallet is the Mr. Right for you.

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