Best Wallets For Girls in 2021

Unlike women, girls always love something cute, adorable, or cool when matching with their outfits and style. Even when you have a small girl who wants to feel independent and has financial freedom, she can start making her own choice and go for little purchases. Sometimes, it is difficult for you to give your girls a special gift without wondering whether she will like it or not.

When it comes to choosing a wallet, I personally realize that our preferences and demand will change time after time. For example, with adults, we tend to look for those subtle, elegant, and minimalist designs whereas teenagers like to opt for vibrant, cute or fashionable wallets. Besides, as they also prefer to carry the whole world alongside, a wallet with spacious capacity is also a must.

In this blog, I would like to share a list of the best wallets for girls. They not only are beautiful and stylish but also come in high quality and for multiple purposes. Choosing one of these following products, no matter how old girls are, they will fall in love with it. So, let’s find out the best wallets for girls. If you are finding a brand-new character wallet, you’re at the right place, girls! In this article, I will round up the best of the best wallets for girls that are not only roomy, beautiful but also high quality and bang for your buck.

Our list for the best wallets for girls with cuteness: 

01. UTO Wallet for PU Leather Card Holder Organizer Women

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UTO wallet at the price of 15$ is highly recommended as one of the best wallets for girls because of the cute, lovely appearance and style. Teens and girls will fall in love with the tassel zipper and small cat hanging below the bowknot; so, it has a nice look that matches with their different outfits.

Designed with bi-fold and measurement of 3.54 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches, the product looks compact and small enough to put in the pant or coat’s jacket. It also saves space in your handbag. Thanks to 1 zippered coin pocket, 1 bill section, 1 photo slot, and multiple card slots, this piece can hold your bills, coins, ID cards, and credit cards for daily use.

Furthermore, despite the affordable price, this wallet for teenage girl shows great durability as the solid streamlined stitching and synthetic leather make the wallet last for years. The material is also highly resistant to water and fading.

02. Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID – Minimalist Best Wallets for Girls

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If you prefer the teen girl wallet with a luxurious style rather than the lovely one, I suggest you should try Lethnic slim wallet. This piece offers a timeless and stylish design as it is measured by 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches and comes in different colors available to meet your fashion taste.

With the trendy, fashionable, and even luxurious look, this Lethnic item is perfect not only for girls but also for businessmen. You can carry this wallet in the professional setting as it features many pockets and slots to hold a lot of money, photos and 7 – 10 cards. Furthermore, the 100% genuine leather that comes with high quality gives a soft feeling and great durability.

Also, the nicely embossed logo with a tight line makes them become the best wallets for girls with convenience and aesthetics. What is more? Yes, it is. The RFID blocking technology works amazingly to fight against the hi-tech hacker.

Find more information about the best slim wallet on my blog.

03. Neck Pouch, CHARMINER Card Holder Cute Wristlet Wallet

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The lovely neck pouch with the cute mouse shape is what I think when I first saw this product. The girls who fancy Disney’s character will find no reason to ignore this such lovely Micky Mouse piece. Imagine when you take this wallet, everyone will look at it and give you countless compliments.

There are three colors for your choice including pink, red, and black. All of these teen girl wallets look fashionable and suitable for different outfits. Despite the small size and versatile design, this wallet features 2 card slots, 1 coin zipper pocket, and 1 document pocket for holding items you need for shopping, traveling, dating, hiding, trekking, camping, so on. That proved its functional and convenient feature.

Also, it comes in a beautiful box, you can give this cute wristlet wallet to your friends or family member as a special gift. Furthermore, the PU leather has premium quality – not the best but not bad at all. Of course, we cannot expect too much for something that costs only less than 10$. Anyway, it is still a lovely and cute wallet for the teenage girl without a doubt.

04. Timlee Cute Fashion Cartoon Rainbow Unicorn Long Wallets

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You love the unicorn, right? It will be great to add this lovely rainbow unicorn teen girl wallet to your unicorn collection. The style looks really gorgeous. I love the tassel on the zipper as it makes this one more outstanding and attractive. There are different designs with a variety of patterns and colorways for you to choose from.

As you can see the Timlee is a new reputational and reliable brand; therefore, we never need to worry about the product’s quality. It is true. The product is made of high-quality materials. For example, the heavy-duty nylon zipper works smoothly and beautiful, and offers striking durability.

The measurement is 7.8 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches, but the long profile doesn’t mean it is large or bulky. In fact, this piece is compact enough to be held neatly in your hands. In terms of capacity, this piece features 3 full-length compartments and 8 card slots for your cash and cards.

05. CHALA Zip Around Wallet, Cute Wristlet Wallet

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With a stunning collection of beautiful characters and decorations like dragonfly, bluebird, bulldog, butterfly, etc, this CHALA zip around cute wristlet wallet is perfect and lovely for many girls and women. The decoration and color make this piece look stylish and elegant. It really adds style to your outfit. In terms of capacity, this product features 2 cash compartment, 1 ID slot, 8 card slots, and 1 back zippered slot for coins. There is enough space for holding your cash, cards, coins, bills, and receipts.

The best thing is that this one is designed with a wrist strap – a harmony of convenience and aesthetic.
The CHALA zip-around wallet is compact and small with a measurement of 4.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches that will fit perfectly in your pocket. However, its price is much more expensive than other small wallets. The reason is that this elegant and attractive wallet is built to last long thanks to durable material and well-made construction.

The zipper not only adds beauty to the wallet but also enables you to close and open the wallet smoothly. So, you love a cute wristlet wallet for girls. This one from the CHALA brand never lets you down.

06. Slim Mini Leather Card Holder – Mini Victory

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Once again, Lethnic’s product is included in the list of the best wallets for girls as it features an elegant and beautiful style. The Saffiano full-grain leather offers an exquisite appearance.

Measured by 2.99 x 4 inches, the slim and small silhouette fits in your pocket perfectly. Despite the small size, the coverage includes 1 middle pocket and 6 card slots with enough space for holding your receipts, cash, and cards.

One of the good features of Lethnic products is their durability. This one isn’t exceptional as genuine leather and strong, thick stitching remains good quality for years without needed replacement. Furthermore, the RFID blocking function fights against 13.56MHz frequency signals to keep your private information safe.

07. Kukoo Glitter Wallet for Teenage Girl Shiny Long Phone Clutch

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The Kukoo glitter wallet with a long profile is highly recommended if you have many things to carry around and want to put your smartphone in the wallet.

This product is measured by 7.41 x 3.9 x 0.78 inches and with enough space, it can hold your cash, cards, checkbook, coins, ID, passport, tickets, documents, and smartphones. The wallet can fit the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 7 or 8 Plus and other phones of smaller sizes.

The best thing about this product is that this has glitter and shiny pieces for a better aesthetic. Without a doubt, women and girls will love this product at first sight. Made of high-quality PU vegan leather, these best wallets for girls offer luxury beauty and great durability. It is built to last long and remain the excellent quality for years.

08. LOVESHE Women wallet Purse Credit Card Clutch

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What I love about the LOVESHE women’s wallet is the appealing feminine design with beautiful and delicate patterns that can suit any individual’s taste. This is the best cute wristlet wallet for women and girls. Unlike other wallets, this one is made of 100% imported canvas. So you can feel the softness when sliding and touching the surface.

Despite the long profile, this teen girl wallet has a compact size of 4.3 x 8 x 1 inch for comfort and convenience. There are 1 window pocket, 1 zipper case, 4 interlayers for tickets and cash, and 13 card slots. This wallet can hold everything for daily needs. It also has room for your iPhone.

Furthermore, the zipper works smoothly and won’t break easily even you use it for years. There are a variety of floral patterns and colors for your choice.

If you prefer the wristlet wallet design, check out this collection: Best Wristlet Wallets For Women 

09. Stephen Joseph Best Wallets For Girls

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A darling teen girl wallet comes from Stephen Joseph I would like to highly recommend it here. There is a wide collection of designs and characters such as the rainbow with a smiling face, colorful space or airplane, bear, bee, and so on. They look attractive and appealing to children and young girls.

The screen printing and glitter details add aesthetic to this product, making it more outstanding than other wallets. There are multiple pockets designed with a hook and loop closure that enables your child to stash their cash. It also has a coin purse with a zipper closure inside for extra changes. With the measurement of 10.5 x 4.5 inches when unfolded, you can put this wallet in your bag, purse, or backpack.

Designed for children and young girl’s fashion tastes, this one has a very affordable price – more than 10$. However, the cheap cost doesn’t mean the quality is a joke. In fact, the construction with nylon and polyester is not only durable but also functional. Because of this material combination, the wallet is easy to keep clean.

10. Kipling Women’s New Money Snap – Teen Girl Wallet

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Made of nylon and featuring high quality, this Kipling product is one of the best wallets for girls. They will love the elegant and fashionable style with different floral patterns and designs. That adds femininity to the product’s beauty and aesthetic.

This piece has a lot of space and room for holding your cash, cards, receipts, and many other items.
Furthermore, the press button closure allows you to take your items out of the wallet easily. The classic and simple design suits different outfits and goes well with various occasions including traveling and back to school.

I can say that the Kipling wallet is exactly what I want. Extremely functional and pretty.

11. Women Cute Cat Mini Wallets Design Coin Purse

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This woman’s cute wallet from vodiu is the top choice for someone who loves the elegant and beautiful purse with minimalist size. The cat-like buckle on the front and tassel zipper add beauty and cuteness to this wallet. Furthermore, the price of this product is very affordable, but it doesn’t mean it has poor quality. In fact, the materials exceed my expectation. For example, PU leather is quite durable and long-lasting while polyester protects our belongings inside the wallet.

Measured by 4.7 x 1.3 x 4.0 inches, it can easily slide into your pocket. If you don’t have too many things to carry around, this wallet will be perfect for you. Featuring 1 zipper pocket, 3 card slots, 2 hidden compartments, 1 bill pocket, and 1 photo slot, this one can hold everything for your daily needs.

Overall, because of the aesthetic and practicality, I highly vote for this teen girl wallet for your purchase.

12. Small Coin Purse, Selizo 10 Pcs Small Canvas Purse Zipper

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Talking about the small canvas women’s wallet, we should not forget to consider the Selizo coin purse. The canvas fabric is durable and comfortable to use.

You can keep coins, changes, cellphone changer cords, essential oils, jewelry, vitamins, and other little things in this product. Therefore, it suits the traveling purpose. Because of the small and compact measurement of 3 7/8 x 4 3/4 inches, you can put it in your bag without wasting a lot of space.

Furthermore, as the zipper comes in high quality, it secures the belongings inside the wallet and works smoothly.
Also, there are different colors and designs for your choice; so you can pick the best one for your taste.

If you are interested in canvas wallet women, don’t hesitate to take a look here.

13. Unisex Portable Washable Travel All Smartphone Wristlets

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Although HAPPYLIVE SHOPPING isn’t a well-known brand in the wallet market, this portable cute wristlet wallet is still a great choice that is worth a try. Despite the cheap cost, this wallet is functional and durable. For example, the soft neoprene material with high quality is comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. The best thing is that it enables you to wash the wallet in a machine and dry it easily without fading. So the cleaning and maintenance are not a burden.

In terms of capacity, measured by 18 cm x 10 cm x 2.5 cm, the product has a lot of space for your cash, coins, tickets, credit cards, and all sizes of mobile phones. Furthermore, it is designed with a wristlet for convenience and comfort when you want to carry this wallet around.

14. FOXER Women Leather Wallet Small Bifold Wallet

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My first impression about this wallet for teenage girl is its adorable and cute style. The brand signature pattern and fox-shaped button with shiny rhinestones make this piece look more noble, stylish, and classy. Also thanks to the snap button and zipper closure, everything stays in place without falling out of the wallet.

In terms of capacity, there are 16 card slots, 1 cash compartment, 1 ID window and 1 zipper coin pocket for holding your cash, receipts, coins, keys, banknotes, credit cards, id cards, photos, etc. Another good point of this wallet is the material. The high-quality PVC faux leather offers comfort and softness while the polyester lining prevents your personal belongings from scratching. The measurement is compact; so the wallet sits perfectly in your hand.

Packaging in the gift box, this FOXER women’s wallet could be the perfect gift for your friends and family members on different occasions.

15. BUUFAN Chic Cute Travel PU Leather Student ID Card Holder Lanyard Neck Pouch

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I know that a lot of girls a Disney die-hard fan so that this list can’t lack of at least a wallet figuring a Disney’s character. And here it is, lovely pinky little girl wallets with Micky Mouse silhouette that surely will make you stand out from the crowd and receive countless compliments.

Along with its fashionable outlook, the teen girl wallet also comes in convenient and functional features with soft Pu leather, comfortable texture to wear, spacious capacity, lightweight, durable and reliable warranty. There are 2 card slots, 1 bill compartment, and 1 zippered pocket to fit up an everyday carry of any girls. Other than a neck bag to store your essentials, it’s also an interesting and impressive item to bold your attire and show up your characteristics.

Choose from three color options, including black, red and pink, you can easily pick up the right one for yourself or a present for your friend who is also a Micky Mouse lover.

Have spent hours rounding up this collection, I’m quite confident that you will be satisfied to pick out the best wallets for yourself. If you have some better, cuter, and more beautiful wallets for girls, don’t hesitate to share with us so that we can together fulfill this list.

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