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Best RFID Wallet Under $35

The change of consumption habits has been leading to the change of payment habit. In recent pass, many people gradually prefer to use debit cards and credit cards than paper money. Its first benefit is helping to slim down your wallet. Instead of carrying a duct tape in your pocket, now, it’s much concise and aesthetic. Secondly, you can avoid pickpockets from stealing your money.

However, one thing that we have been missing is that the change of society also draws to the change of criminals. Traditional pickpockets are alternated by data thieves who don’t stick their eyes on your cash, but your private information in your bank cards.

To that end, equip an RFID Wallet to protect your data is a must. Start with this article, here, I’ll give you my collection of the best RFID wallet under $35.

1. Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With ID Window, RFID Blocking

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This zip-around wallet has overcome the biggest drawback of the Travelambo above, which enables to protect even your hotel room cards and ID badges from unauthorized scan, not just the bank cards and other ID documents.

The second benefit is its better organization. There are 4-5 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 zippered compartment and 1 money pocket. Thus, you can freely have your stuff organized neatly in this wallet.

In addition, it also offers a spacious space to keep those things without bulk or tightness. Not saying that the lining is well stitched and the zipper is from YKK with international standard quality so, the wallet is asserted for great durability. No fear of being torn anymore!

For those who are wondering about the material, it is made from high grade real leather to deliver a totally soft and flexible surface. Meanwhile, it’s luxury and beautiful to be by your side in any occasions.

Come up with 30-day warranty to cover any detects from manufacturing process, it’s enough for you to give this wallet a try. In a word, it’s worth every penny.

2. Columbia Men’s 100% RFID Blocking Slimfold Wallet

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It’s amazing that many of us like choosing Columbia Wallet to store their everyday valuables. That’s why I also have this design included here. It meets three first and foremost requirements of a men’s RFID wallet: protection, quality and capacity.

By built in advanced RFID Blocking material, this wallet is ensured to prevent your personal information disclosure. Please bear on mind that this layer lies between the outer leather layer and the inner additional fabric, which means it’s unseen. But, you can check whether it works or not by let the wallet be scanned through an RFID scanner.

In terms of quality, because of being made from high-quality real leather, this Columbia wallet highlights its supreme nice outlook in addition to great flexibility to enable to fit well any cards arriving in different sizes.

In comparison with the other wallets in this collection, it has a spacious capacity with 9 card slots, 3 slips, 1 exterior and 1 ID slot with clear design and smart thumb strap for quick access.

However, because of the new material, the wallet might need a few days to break in.

3. RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Genuine Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men with Money Clip

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Shaped as a medium-range money clip wallet, however, Serman leaves a strong impression of its warranty – up to 12 months – to cover any detects derived from the producing process. It’s like a clear evidence of how high-quality of the product and on other hand, how much pride of Serman for their goods.

The whole wallet is made out of the finest full-grain real leather equipped RFID Blocking material which can prevent any 13.56 MHz or higher Frequency Signals.

Moreover, it keeps an amazingly slim silhouette which is only 0.4 inch thick. However, it’s not kind of too narrow to fit nothing. Measured by 4 inches long and 3 inches wide, which fits nicely any cards and flat bills while staying neatly in your back pocket without a budge.

Maximumly, this wallet can accommodate up to 7 cards with 15-20 bills. Don’t worry about its money clip, either because this hardware part is made out of high-quality stainless-steel metal to be rust resistance and sturdy construction to prevent your bills slipping out unwantedly.

Be aware that due to its genuine leather, it might take 1-2 weeks to break in prior to getting a perfect fit.

4. Lethnic Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet (World Map)

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Are you a traveler? Do you usually go abroad? Then here is your best bet – Lethic Passport Wallet. The most special feature about this model, which is also the thing making it stand out from other counterparts is its laser engraving on the surface.

While other genuine cowhide leather wallets choose embossing as a safe choice to make their product unique, laser engraving brings sharper and cleaner look to ensure it satisfies the finickiest individuals. But, take note that because the surface of this leather piece is burnt by laser technology, there’s a light unpleasant smell when putting it close to your nose. But don’t fret, it’s going to be faded out after a week of using.

Now is its functionality! Though measured by only 3.8 X 0.2 X 5.3 inches, its inner construction is streamline enough to keep your EDCs neat and easy to access. There are 6 card slots, 3 bill compartment, 1 separate pocket for a passport and 1 special tiny space for SIM card or memory card.

The stitching is tight and strong seams are two other good things to keep your specious belongings stay secure without fears of falling out unwantedly. Besides, just worry free of hi-tech thieves as well because of its 13.56 MHz Frequency Signal RFID Blocking Technology.

One last strength about this Lethnic passport wallet is its variety of colorways and designs: Four patterns with 4 colors to easily meet your taste. Along with that, 1-year warranty against detects. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

5. Itslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Card Holder Organizer Ladies Purse

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When it comes to Itslife, sure that you will never be afraid of not finding out your favorite colorway. There’s an avalanche of options to choose from, including the bright tones and dark tones to fit various tastes.

Moreover, it’s their prime grain genuine leather with wax finish to bring a light shiny outlook with smooth, soft yet sturdy feeling touch. If you intend to use it as a party wallet or an accessory to join in any luxurious important occasions, just go for it.

Particularly, due to its texture, this piece will serve you for years with better look after using for a long time. Trust me, this bangs for you bucks!

Featured as a snap closure wallet with firm button strap and durable hardware, its performance won’t be one of your troubles. It operates smoothly and securely, even if you cram this wallet a little bit.

However, I think that you can’t reach that “cramming level” because of its superbly large capacity. There’re 21 card slots, 3 full-length bill compartments, 1 zippered pocket and 1 snap cash pocket. Its wide is designed reasonably to easy access your stuff after fulfilling the wallet.

Measured by 7.56″L x 4.13″W x 1.57″H, feel ease to keep your small notebook, passport or smart phone in this wallet. Be aware that it can accommodate an iPhone 8 Plus or any cellphone with the same sizes.

And, don’t forget its RFID Shield, either. It can prevent any 13.56 MHz or higher frequency signals to keep all hi-tech thieves at bay. Last but not least, 1-year warranty, like the Lethnic’s.

6. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection by Vaultskin – Top Quality Italian Leather – Ultra Thin Card Holder Design For Up To 10 Cards

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If your favorite type of wallet is one and only slim card sleeve which can stay nicely in your front or breast pocket, here’s my recommendation for you – Chelsea Wallet.

It’s measured 4.1 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches that are also perfect as a minimalist accessory as well. If you love going slim and thin yet functional, hardly find anywhere this decent model. Normally, a slim or a minimalist wallet can just fit up 7 or 8 cards. However, this design, it accommodates up to 10 with strong seams, tight stitching and high-quality genuine leather to provide the best fit to your belongings.

The existence of this magic is due to its leather texture which can stretch up to a few millimeters after initial use. Alongside with 10 cards, there’s still some more space for 7-10 folded bills and trust me, it isn’t bulky or hard operation at all. This is partly thankful to its smart strap equipped in the card pocket.

When in need, just grab it, pull out and here you go, all cards are presented in front of your eyes one by one to quickly pick up the wanted one. It takes just a few seconds and you don’t need to remember the exact place you stored it before. Just pull and look!

7. Dante Women RFID Blocking Real Leather Trifold Wallet – Clutch Checkbook Wallet for Women – Shield Against Identity Theft

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Now is a trifold long wallet for those women who love carrying their whole world alongside. Actually, it’s more like a clutch checkbook wallet measured by 7.6*3.7*0.8 inch – perfect to fit any smartphone, passport, straight bills, cards and coins.

Not only its spacious storage space, but also the well-organized construction is what make your belongings always stay in place and secure. Maximumly, you can fit up 18 cards, IDs, driver license, photos, coins, keys, cellphone, and so on. Have to emphasize that it won’t cause bulk or budge at all compared to other trifold silhouettes. Thumb up for this.

Made out of top-grain leather, what you are holding on hand isn’t just a piece to keep your stuff neat, but also a luxurious accessory for some important occasions when you need a little bit show up.

In my personal opinion, if you are going to have your holiday in Europe, this is your best bet. From its expensive-looked with European style design, spacious capacity to its optimal protection to keep your personal data stay safe against hi-tech thieves.

Not saying that in Europe, the risk of RFID thieves is highest in the world. So, equip yourself a good RFID-Shield Wallet is a must. We don’t know what’s going to happen to us, so, it’s better to stay safe than sorry.

8. FIDELO Carbon FIber Minimalist Wallet – Mens Slim Wallet Credit Card Holder Money Clip with 4 Cash Bands – Front Pocket RFID Wallets for Men

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Speaking of well-known RFID Metal Wallet, it would be a big mistake if not mentioning to FIDELO. Though it’s not an ancient brand specialized in wallet (have just established in 2011), however, during such period of time, FIDELO has been gradually asserting their quality.

Now, might many people wonder how RFID Blocking Material works on these genuine carbon fiber pieces. Well, you just need to the RFID chips on your cards position under solid carbon fiber plate and there it is, feel ease in mind to walk around with your personal data always being kept safely now.

Another great thing about this wallet is its simple use. Differ from other metal wallets which are poorly made or complicated to utilize, this model features only high-quality material to be scratch resistance, powerful strength and superb durability.

Particularly, its expert crafting allows you to easily use and organize stuff your way.

Thanks to its well elastic band, this wallet can fit up 15 cards (including IDs, driver license or others) nicely. When in need, just push it up and squeeze plates to fan out cards. Easy peasy!

Last but not least, its 1-year warranty will surely keep you try this product with confidence.

9. Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Trifold Bifold Mens Leather Wallet, 18 Pocket Extra Capacity, High-End Build, Gift Box for Men (Previously Mt. Everest)

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Who can say no to this breath-taking leather wallet?

Moreover, its capacity can fit up to 18 card slots while keeping its slim silhouette to stay in your back pocket without bulk. Amazing, right?

Mt Eston is my discovery recently and I really regret not trying it earlier. Their product is a perfect compromise of function and design, particularly its genuine cowhide leather. Out of a myriad types of leather texture, I love how soft, smooth, shiny and luxurious look it brings.

Gentlemen, you can use it for any occasions, daily, work, go to an appointment, travel or a luxurious party, surely nobody can expect it’s just a medium-range wallet.

It’s more than perfect if you utilize this model as a travel wallet because aside from its spacious and streamline inner construction, the advanced RFID Blocking Technology is a big thumb-up.

Apart from keeping your personal data against 13.56 MHz Frequency Signals, you can feel ease in mind when your cards are now protected under 125 KHz Frequencies as well.

Those who are looking for a perfect present for your friends, loved ones or other people in their special occasions, here’s also my recommendation. A big thank you for its nice packaging, which you can definitely take advantage of as a nice gift box.

Along with that, there’s a lifetime warranty with 100% money back guarantee to keep your purchase as satisfied as possible.

10. EGNT Genuine Leather Mens RFID Carbon Black ID Wallet Slim Credit Card Holder Minimalist

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Last but not least is a model from EGNT.

I appreciate its unparalleled design coupling with a seamless outer performance to bring a powerful engraving look.

Besides, with a matter and unique finish on its outside, this delivers a luxurious and elegant feeling touch to satisfy even the finickiest people. No matter you’re going to style it with your daily outfit, dress suits or others, it’s sure this accessory will nail up your fashion.

Featured as a minimalist wallet with high-quality full-grained leather. It’s slim, thin and aesthetic. For those who don’t know, these carbon wallets are crafted by the best artisans in Melbourne, Australia. Thus, feel ease in mind that it’s not kind of a junk stuff to waste your money.

In other words, your purchase is guaranteed 100%. Pick it and what you’re going to receive isn’t just a beautiful wallet, but also a nice, luxurious packaging to entire take advantage as a perfect present box for your friends’ birthday or fathers’ day.

Last but not least, don’t forget its RFID Blocking Technology which is the key value for this price range and also the key feature keeps your belongings, especially your bank cards, IDs, and driver license safe against hi-tech thieves.

Now, just have your EDCs stored in this wallet and walk around without fears of your personal information being stolen at any time.

Now, that’s the end of this article. I hope that after having a quick glance at these 9 top-rated RFID wallets, you can figure out what is your Mr. Right to go to. If not, don’t worry, kindly take a look at these articles. Because I believe that for the most suitable wallet to fit your demands, it’s worth to invest time and effort. I, in this process, is just somebody who helps you ease out that complicated and exhausting task:

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