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Best Luxury Mens Wallets Every Guy All Wish to Have

Should I invest on a luxury wallet?

Well, my personal answer is yes! Because when owning a piece from high-end brands, especially from a collection, like a designer wallet, you will not only pay for its higher quality, but also their craziness, genius and creation to experience a masterpiece and show up your class, luxe and character. Like the striped snake or embroidered bird on Gucci wallets, or the signature checkerboard or monogramed patterns of Louis Vuitton.

Besides, another feature that I truly like about luxury wallets is their sophistication and subtleness, even the smallest detail is all made carefully and uniquely, for example the snap button, the zipper, the brand name and logo, etc. For sure, you will soon be feeling they are truly bang for the buck as well as proud of the new piece in your pocket.

However, I understand that not all of us can put our budget on the table to invest on a pricy wallet, so that this purchase is very important. My advice for this is that you should go for a timeless piece so that you can rock it for years but meanwhile, don’t forget to think about your style. I mean which wallet will be suitable for your taste and aesthetics.

In this article, I will show you the best of the best luxury mens wallets with timeless feature and very multiuse to ease your selection. Let’s get straight into it!

1. Gucci Micro GG Supreme Bi-fold Wallet

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You may have heard of Alessandro Michele.

He who was appointed creative director of Gucci just roughly one and half of year ago is seen praise for his dedication in work. Even, he was the winner of Fashion Award’s International Accessories Designer award for 2016, as well.

I just talk about him to let you know that owning his signature design and print aesthetics on the latest wallet collection is the best way to assert your class and luxe.

It’s very unique from the combination between canvas and genuine leather. Instead of showing the luxurious leather on the outside, canvas inside, this Gucci is absolutely on the contrary.

See, in the outside, it is a beige canvas. However, it’s not ordinary canvas but the supreme material for the purpose of low environmental impact. Meanwhile, its interior is made out of genuine leather, also very premium, soft and durable.

I like the way they show their brand name on the frontside through a piece of blue leather, which is pretty nice-looking, subtle and creative.

If you’d prefer those wallet with medium size like me, I mean not too small or not too big, loo no further than this guy. Measured by 4.3″W x 3″H x .4″D, featured one full-length bill compartment and 4 card slots, its capacity is moderate enough to fit our daily carry as well as essentials.

2. Gucci Textured Leather Bi-fold Wallet with Coin Pocket

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Like the previous Gucci, this Textured Leather Wallet is also made in Italy by the best artisans. From that point, these expensive wallets deliver a supreme sophisticated and unique look to the smallest detail. From the packaging, you can feel its luxe through the heavy weight, the nicely embossed brand name and logo as well as the Italian words “Firenze 1921”.

To the product, its uniqueness and subtleness is shown clearly through the way they embossed brand name on the frontside, instead of just poorly printed it like others. Or, even the way they engrave their brand name on the snap button.

I usually don’t talk much about the functionality of a luxurious wallet, but just focus on how expensive and value it is. However, here, I must give compliment for Gucci. This wallet is truly a perfect compromise of aesthetic and practical sides. It’s compact (only 4.25″ W x 3.75″ H), but very multifunctional with 3 card slots, 1-coin pocket, double paper money compartment and three functional pockets.

I mean you can totally use it as a daily wallet, (if your budget is on the table) or at least won’t find it’s just luxury without any functionality like others.

3. Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sarah Wallet Retiro

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Of course, a list of the best luxurious wallets for men won’t be complete if there not includes Louis Vuitton. In leather goods, this brand has been arguably as a leader for decades, whether it be bags, luggage or wallets. They also the brand that has risen up the trend of monogrammed patterns as well.

That means, though LV provides diverse options in wallet category, they will never ever compromise their signature style.

This Louis Vuitton is made in France and figured as a multi-functional piece that you can either use it as a clutch or long wallet in any evening parties. Like Gucci, every detail is all paid attention to, even the small button.

What I truly love about this wallet is its larger capacity that you can fit up 16 cards, a lot of coins, banknotes, and currencies. Its interior is very well-organized and streamlined to store your essentials neatly.

Other than luxe, this is a practical item that you should try.

4. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Emilie Wallet N63546

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Checkerboard pattern isn’t out of fashion at the present yet, so, if let completes your checkerboard outfit with this Damier Azur Canvas Wallet from Louis Vuitton. If paying a little bit attention, you will see that all LV products are all made out of genuine soft leather, though, they still hold up quite well and come up with nicely squared silhouette.

Another feature that I really like is the way they show their brand name, including on the frontside and inside. Every detail is made sophisticatedly and subtly to create one of a kind look.

Using beige color, this is an ideal choice for an elegant yet luxurious look to attend any parties or special occasions in which you need to show a little bit of your luxe and class to the public.

5. Montblanc Meisterstck Business Card Holder with Gusset

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In terms of Montblanc, people might think firstly about their awesome sleek timepieces and writing instruments. But talking about fashion and accessories, Montblanc is also well-known for their outstanding quality and exceptional luxury.

Their products are a perfect compromise of classic and sharp design with premium real leather to release the subtlest items that without using signature monogrammed patterns or military images, people still recognize it from distance.

Its sophistication is shown through the Montblanc deep shine, Montblanc emblem with palladium-coated ring or the jacquard lining with Montblanc brand name. Not saying that, its gift box is also one of a kind.

Actually, I think this wallet is perfect for business or a meaningful present for businessmen as its simplicity and functionality. Other than luxe outlook to show your class, it can put up business cards, bank cards and some cash without bulk.

6. Montblanc Meisterstck Pocket 4cc with Id Card Holder- 2665

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This Montblanc is perfect for those minimalist people because of its simple and functional design. But first, have a look at its material. Gee, how beautiful it is!

The whole wallet is made out of 100 percent European full-grain cowhide leather with chrome tanned, deep shine and dyed through. Besides, another indispensable feature that brings all Montblanc soul – the palladium-plated ring that is emblemed on the frontside.

It is futuristic and modern wallet with slim silhouette to fit up any pockets without ruining the line. Also, the wallet is still spacious enough to keep your essentials neat and fit, including 4 card slots and 3 functional pockets.

7. Tom Ford Brown Leather Photo ID Card Case

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Tom Ford is the man who I admire a lot for his aesthetic taste presented through all of his wallets and other leather products. Their wallet lines mainly focus on bi-fold and cardholders. But other than that, each of them is a statement in manly, sleek minimalism.

The best example is this Brown Leather Wallet, measured by 2.75 X 4.25 Inches. See, it’s very compact and concise, fitting neatly in either your front or back pocket without bulk. In terms of capacity, just never mind. It is designed cleverly to accommodate up to 4-6 cards, suitable for those who love carrying less in this modern time.

As a leather piece, if you like me to compare its material to the others’, then I would say the genuine leather of Tom Ford is very unique, it won’t as soft as the Gucci or Montblanc, but very solid and sturdy to hold up quite well.

In a word, Tom Ford is one of the most popular leather brands now, but to pick out the piece that everyone should try, I highly recommend this design. It’s modern, minimalist and practical. You won’t regret it!

8. Paul Smith Men’s Interior Multi Stripe Wallet

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Paul Smith is synonym with eclectic aesthetic stems!

Their products represent for a great combination of mischief, humor, classics and tradition. Such interesting mixture has created a lot of timeless pieces that contain full of lively and fun.

The very first thing I want to talk about Paul Smith is their breath-taking packaging. The whole box is made out of heavy carton, very solid and rough with Saffiano look-alike outer performance. Besides, its full-black and simple design is very masculine, luxurious and deserved to be a perfect present box for anyone.

In terms of wallet, instead of using premium cowhide genuine leather, Paul Smith utilizes calfskin for softer and more comfortable hand-feel, so that your first impression about their product will be stronger and better.

I particularly like the striped pattern interior to show up your character as well as make you outstanding when opening it for any payment. The wallet is well-made and very streamlined with 8 card slots, 2 slips and 1 bill compartment, enough for daily carry, right?

9. Dolce&Gabbana men’s genuine leather wallet credit card bifold green

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Jump into Dolce and Gabbana’s world, chances you will experience the perfect combination of culture, sensations, a Mediterranean nature and traditions. Their products mostly deliver a lively and vibrant vibe to match perfectly with both casual and formal occasions.

So, if you want to add some grunge and character to your military outfit, never go wrong with this Dolce&Gabbana.

You know the best thing I like in those luxury wallets is its careful investments in every single detail to give a sophisticated, elegant and luxury look to users. Have a look at its brand logo on the front side, you might understand what I’m saying.

It’s a small squared metal piece with nicely embossed logo of Dolce&Gabbana accompanied with four rivets at corners, very grunge and character, right? By the way, look at its camo print, really high-quality that I think it definitely serves you for years.

The sophistication of Dolce&Gabbana is not only showed in just the outer performance of the wallet, but also the interior, through its seams and threads, or the packaging which is very simple, subtle yet luxury to become a perfect present gifted to someone.

As always, Dolce&Gabbana’s wallets are made out of 100 percent premium leather, creating a luxe, durability and longevity. Besides, genuine leather is the best material to add character as well as show off the soul from time to time.

Thus, in terms of luxe and high-quality, Dolce&Gabbana is the best choice for those who are interested in Mediterranean nature and traditions.


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The last luxury mens wallets in this collection – Christian Louboutin Paros. This is another grunge and one of a kind wallet to accompany with those who want to show up some character and badass.

In terms of its outer performance, its frontside is simple with just an embossed brand name of Christian Louboutin. But, what makes it stand out from the crowd is its backside that is full of rivets. Other than that, its interior is lined with red smooth premium leather, which is even more character and unique.

The same way as other brands, Christian Louboutin also customizes their products to the smallest details, like the snap button with its nicely embossed brand name. Again, you can’t blame anything on how sophisticated of a high-end wallet. It’s perfect!

However, there’s just one thing you should take notice is that because of the rivets glued on the outsides, these italian leather wallets are ideal to be a handheld wallet.

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Dolce and Gabbana and Christian Louboutin, all the brands I have just mentioned, I have already experienced their products and I surely vouch for them. You will not regret owning wallets from these brands. Yeah, we’ve just gone through my collection of the best luxury mens wallet, have you picked up your favorite yet?

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