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Best Bifold Wallet Under $20

Mostly, the psychology of buying goods from customers is usually to choose the best products with the cheapest price. Is it possible?

In reality, it’s a “yes” as you know. Demand and supply, this is an inevitable fact of life. For those who are finding such wallets, on the market, there actually are a sea of cheap yet quality ones.

In this article, I will select and pick out the top 10 beat bifold wallet under $20. Read on!

1. Dockers Men’s Extra Capacity Leather Bifold Wallet (Standard & RFID Blocking)

I don’t know about you but for me, the very first requirement when it comes to leather is its softness and flexibility. And this Dockers meets it. It is specifically soft and comfortable to touch while the material is high quality.

The wallet has plain design with two basic colors: black and brown. In the right corner, there is a subtle emboss logo, which makes it unique and more beautiful.

As customer needs are various, some might ask for high security to make sure their valuables safe at anytime in anywhere while the others find it is unnecessary. Thus, the manufacturer is very thoughtful to offer two options: with or without RFID Blocking technology.

But I myself will encourage you to opt for an RFID Wallet, as you will get extra secure with just a few more bucks.

The whole measurements of this Dockers wallet are really compact, just 3.25″ high and 4.2″ wide. When full, the maximum thickness is about 0.6 inch so you can feel comfortable to put it in any pockets. Sometimes, you might even forget that you bring it.

Going inside, there are nine cardholders, one bill pocket and one separate ID window to optimize your valuable stuff like cards, money, bills, ID card, driver’s license, etc.

They are durable with double stitching, using manmade material lining. All-in-all, if you want a wallet that is simple on the outside, full of life on the inside, go for it.

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2. SimpacX Ultimate Slim Mini Wallet Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet Bifold Genuine Leather RFID Blocking

This wallet utilizes 100 percent crazy horse leather with high quality, delivering very soft hand-feel. Besides, it is very durable to last a couple of years.

Its simply square yet masculine design attracts me a lot. The whole design is plain with just a small emboss logo in the right corner of the wallet, making it look minimalist yet particular.

Talking about the construction, this wallet has 1 large pocket for unfolding cash, 3 card slots, 2 functional compartments and 1 ID window, which means you can freely organize your stuff based on such high customization. If you mostly depend on cards for daily payment, just utilize these two functional slots for cards, each of which can hold up to 2-3 ones comfortably and vice versa.

The wallet is also added RFID Shield that has already been tested for 13.56 MHz Frequency so that you can ease in mind to bring them along to anywhere.

But here is where the real fun begins, though it can hold up to 8 cards and lots of money, the supreme thickness is just around 0.5 inch, which is appropriate an iPhone’s thickness. Hence, it is quite convenient to place in any pocket without discomfort.

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3. Travelambo Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets Mens Wallet Bifold

When it comes to a bifold wallet for men, the first and foremost requirement is masculine. Next are contemporary and durable. Besides, nowadays, those terribly thick wallets are out of fashion as well as not something to show up your class any more, but the compact and handy ones.

Thus, it must stay slim. This wallet is made from 100 percent top grained real leather with the total dimensions are 4.2 x 3.4 x 0.5 inches, which meets both major demands above. It can stay neatly in both front and back pocket, jeans or suits.

On the other hand, thanks to the high-quality material, the wallet is not only luxury looking, but also durable and sturdy to make sure your cards and other valuables stay safe ultimately.

The wallet is also lightweight so that might you forget it in your pocket, sometimes.

Talking about the protective level, this Travelambo billfold wallet is attached RFID Blocking material which is already tested at 13.56 MHz frequency for supreme security on bank cards, driver’s license and ID card. However, please take note that it is impossible for access cards, ID badge, and hotel room cards utilizing 125 MHz frequency.

In terms of interior space, this wallet is quite similar to the Dockers’s above with 9 card slots, 1 separate ID window and 1 full-length compartment in the center. The maximum capacity is 10 cards, 1 ID card and a lot of money. There might be some more receipts and bills based on personal demands. But in all, it has enormous space to hold all your essentials.

One more thing that I like about this wallet is its package, very elegant, masculine and luxury, which is ideal to give someone as a present.

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4. Handmade RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Bifold Zippered Wallets

For those who are fond of handmade items, this wallet deserves to give a try as their outlook is very attractive in spite of its simplicity. The concept of this design is simple and basic so that it has plain surface with just a logo embossed in the right corner.

However, the highlight is its soft and eco-friendly genuine leather, which levels up the luxury and masculine of the wallet more than ever.

In addition, there are two basic yet timeless color options: black and cognac. Particularly black, there are two different design that you should take notice of. One with only card pocket for those who have the habit of utilizing card for daily payment and one with both card and coin pocket featuring a snap design. Meanwhile, with the cognac, there is just one design, which is card and coin pocket.

On the rest part, there are nine card slots with one large compartment for unfolding cash.

Moreover, the wallet is added RFID Blocking technology to prevent all unauthorized scans, protecting your important cards and documents against 21st-century thieves.

In a word, this wallet is suitable for those who love something rustic and vintage with amazing capacity. Besides, the manufacturer offers a good warranty so just give it a try. I think you won’t regret!

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5. Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Wallets Money Clips Card Cases 6 Top Models To Choose

This wallet highlights enormous space with even 12 cardholders and 3 additional slip compartments. There’s more, it also has 1 flip out ID window as well. Thus, you can maximumly place about 12-17 cards and much money. This style is perfect for those who are owning diverse cards like member cards, banks cards, health cards, car insurance cards, etc.

Like most of wallets in this collection, it utilizes complete genuine leather that is very soft and comfortable to touch. The whole design is simple, with nicely logo emboss to make it look unique and personalize.

I only have a light complaint about the thickness of this wallet. Though due to the information given by the manufacturer, its total measurements are 4.25″ x 3.375″ x 0.5″. However, when the wallet is fulfilled, it’s a little bit bulky to place in front pocket or sit on.

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6. Lositto RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet for Men-Excellent as Travel Bifold

The feature making this wallet stands out of the crowd is its super flexibility. You can bend it down or even scroll it, the wallet turns back to its original shape quickly without wrinkles. This is also a sign of the material truly being high-quality genuine leather.

Another outstanding feature is its supreme protection. Instead of just adding RFID Blocking material with the ability to block 13.56 MHz, this one can give you even more. It can prevent authorized scans between 125 MHz up to 3000 MHz, which means 100 percent security.

Besides, the manufacture also asserts that their products are ironclad and lining tightly to make sure that can hold all your valuable things sturdily and safely.

In addition, there are totally 7 cardholders divided on two sides of the wallet, 1 ID slot and 1 full-length compartment for cash. The interior material is high quality as well to deliver a luxury look and easy sliding in or out.

Lastly, you will be amazed by its striking small dimensions: 4.3 x 3.5 x 0.3 inches, very, very slim to stay comfortably in any pockets, no matter it is jeans or suits.

Luxury, simplicity, large capacity, high security – there is no reason to deny trying such fantastic wallet, isn’t it?

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7. Wallet for Men-Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Stylish Wallet With 2 ID Window

Instead of embossing the logo on the front, this wallet delivers a full plain design with the logo emboss is on the inside. Its construction, in general, quite similar to the Alpine Swiss’s wallet above with a flip up ID window, 8 card slots, 2 additional pockets and 2 large compartments.

You can customize these two additional ones for cards, bills or even other documents due to your own preference and need. But all-in-all, the wallet gives a spacious capacity to hold 10+ cards, fits well with ID card, driver’s license and unfolding money or receipts.

However, when getting full, it will loft a little bit and I don’t highly recommend you to utilize the maximum capacity of this wallet as it will be difficult to operate like get the cards in and out.

One more plus is its beautiful gift box, it’s elegant, luxury and polite enough to give someone as present. Just make use of it!

However, a small disadvantage about this wallet is its cheap material though the manufacturer has advertised that they use 100 percent high-quality genuine leather. It just doesn’t look as beautiful as those wallets above, on the other hand, it’s still durable and sturdy.

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8. Woogwin Mens Slim Bifold Wallet RFID Thin Front Pocket Wallet Genuine Leather

This Woogwin wallet is one of my favorites from the modest ones. I am always attracted by those leather items that still keep the original marks as well as the imperfection of the animal skin. And this wallet is a very typical example.

The surface is full of animal scratches and scars, which creates its own characteristics and something unique. I think this style of wallet is perfect for those who would like to show up their personality.

Though it is tough, the wallet still gives a comfortable and specific softness when on hands. Besides, tight lining seams plus with high-quality material makes it sturdy and durable. I should last for years.

Going inside, there are three vertical cardholders on one side, an ID window on the other in addition to two horizontal slots. In the center, they are two large full-length compartments where you can store cash/receipts/bills without folding them.

Based on such construction, the wallet can hold up to 5-8 cards like credit cards, debit card, driver’s license and ID card. Each slot is designed to fit well with different sizes of card whereas holding them tightly. Besides, it can hold a lot of money due to the spacious centered compartments.

The cool thing is despite such great capacity, the wallet is just loft maximumly 0.7cm while the total dimensions are 9cm*11cm. Very slim and handy, right?

The only pity disadvantage is the lack of RFID Blocking feature, which means it can’t help to stay away from hi-tech thieves.

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9. Polare Men’s RFID Blocking Vintage Italian Genuine Leather Slim Bifold Wallet

Might this Polare wallet look quite similar to the Woogwin above, however, there are many differences. Firstly, it doesn’t have the brand logo attached in the right corner on the front side of the wallet. Secondly, the material is not 100 percent horse leather, it’s real Italian cowhide leather (both interior and exterior), giving more luxury and softer to touch.

Besides, this is one of the best slim wallets that overcomes the drawback of Woogwin’s which features RFID Blocking material for ultimate security. It has been tested and approved to save your bank cards and other important documents against illegal scanners.

In terms of capacity, the wallet includes two sizes to opt for different demands. The large size is 4.5(L)*3.7(H)inch which is perfect for Yen and Euros while the smaller is 4.13(L)*3.46(H)inch that fits nicely with US dollars.

There are 8 card slots splitting to both sides of the interior in addition to 2 full-length compartments for money. In comparison to the Woogwin’s, the design of this wallet is, on the contrary, has more cardholders but lack of ID window. Thus, it is perfect for those who own many cards.

Though the price tag is quite cheap, under $20, this wallet is really well-made with tough stitching and beautiful crafted.

Besides, just feel risk-free to try it as the manufacturer offers 1-year warranty. Hence, just give it a try!

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Above are my 9 best bifold wallet under $20 which takes a lot of my time on selecting, testing and analyzing. Hopefully, for those who are looking for budget wallets, this article is useful for you.

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