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Best Note 9 Wallet Cases 2019

There is a paradox that the smarter a phone, the less capable of protecting itself from mechanical effects. A typical example, it just takes about seconds to turn a beautiful fantastic Galaxy Note 9 to horror by a nasty drop.

From that point, a case, in this case, is nearly a must-have accessory. Nowadays designs of Note 9 cases don’t just stop of providing protection or adding beauty, but also giving you some extra functions, like a stand-view, a card holder, a wallet.

Some come up with spacious capacity and well-arranged organization whilst other models emphasize its slim silhouette with moderate storage for the essential stuff.

Within an avalanche of different products out there, I’ve spent hours to months to separate the good from the bad to come up with this round-up collection. Due to such hard of work, I believe there’s at least one in here will satisfy your needs and preference. Take a look!

1. HianDier Wallet Case for Galaxy Note 9, Slim Protective Case with Credit Card Slot Holder

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If you are into wallet cases for Galaxy Note 9 with slim profile without need of a front clasp, this HianDier is worth a try. Figure two convenient slots on the backside where you can toss in some small changes and your regular cards.

The slots are designed multifunctionally to fit any kinds of cards such as driver license, IDs, bank cards and member cards.

For extra protection and coverage, there are some magnetic buckles attached steadily on the backside to keep you worry free of things falling out. A compliment for their design and cutouts, they are very precise, detailed and slim to cause no bulk in your coat pocket or bag/handbag.

Normally, silhouette and function are something like a trade-off. I mean you want to carry more daily stuff inside a wallet case, it’s obvious to accept its bulkier silhouette. On the contrary, if slim profile of a wallet case overweighs the need of carrying the whole world alongside in your standpoint, go for a minimal design.

For the price, you will be amazed by how well-made of this phone wallet case. The stitching is tight, strong seam, powerful magnet and plus, its four corners can protect your smartphone against bumps or drops.

Speaking of HanDier, this is a well-known brand specialized in phone cases and wallet cases for iPhone and Samsung. Their products are vast, multiple and practical to serve very well some certain needs. Plus, they are asserted for high quality and great performance.

However, to make their customers try them with more confidence, HanDier provides a satisfaction guarantee. Besides, their customer service is great, they will fix any detects derived from manufacturing process within 24 hours, just let them know.

2. AMOVO Case for Galaxy Note 9 [2 in 1] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case [Detachable Folio] [Vegan Leather] [Wrist Strap] [Card Slot] [Kickstand] Note 9 Flip Case with Gift Box Package (Note 9, Black)

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If you are a purse kind of person, a multi-functional wallet case is the best pal. This is my recommendation for you!

It’s a great combination between a cell phone case and a true wallet, the capacity of which is as much and streamline as a slim wallet. Differ from the HianDier’s above, this one comes up with a wallet designed on the frontside which also takes the role of a screen protection flap.

You will get 3 well-organized card slots and 1 pouch for bills. Every single cutout is precise, including the camera, the speaker, the functional buttons. On top of that, you will also get a detachable wrist strap to carry it hands free when in need. Otherwise, just remove and keep it somewhere, saving for the next time.

I’d love this wallet case to the tiniest detail, even its magnetic strap to keep the wallet shut closely when not in use. Importantly, it’s made out of demagnetizing technology to cause no interfere to the S-pen.

I love the convenience when I can remove my smartphone from the wallet part of the case to take some photo or simply, to utilize the Wireless Charger Pad. Magnets work efficiently to worry free that it didn’t attached to the wallet.

Speaking of the material, it’s TPU and PC, but they seem high-quality and durable with amazing soft texture. Doesn’t get any cheap feeling at all! Contrast to many people’s thoughts, it’s kind of luxurious and able to drop absorb, particularly in their 4 corners.

About its price, though that’s a little bit pricier than other wallet cases for Galaxy Note 9, for its given benefits, I find it’s worthy and still, highly recommend it.

3. Petocase Compatible Wallet Case for Note 9, Multi-Function Zipper Purse

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For those who love the convenience of just grabbing your smartphone with a whole world alongside, like 10 cards and lots of money, you should give this Petocase a try!

It’s literally a 2-in-1 detachable wallet case, consisting of 3 bill compartments, 2 ID windows and 1 zippered pocket for smaller stuff like coins, keys, and guitar picks. Moreover, its clever design can be easily flipped up to allow you to quick access the inner holders.

As I mentioned above, I love my wallet shut whenever not in use, and with this design, its snap button strap plays that role perfectly. Aside from such major advantages, there are some other smaller benefits, such as the hand strap on the backside, the removable wrist strap and the O-ring on top.

Differ from the Amovo, you now get two different ways to carry this phone wallet case without the bulk.

If I was let to use just one word to describe the material texture of this wallet phone case, it would be excellent. Very soft, quality with nice shrinkage on the surface. Besides, the full black design matches nicely to its rich-brown stitching as well as rustic bronze hardware.

Lastly, its cutouts are precise and lean to cause no side effect to the camera or other functional buttons. Particularly, on the backside of the phone case, there is a big metal piece where you can stick it to your card mount for tracking GPS or video call or chat with friends easy peasy Japanesey.

4. Maxboost Galaxy Note 9 Case

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For more phone case combos, the MaxBoost Galaxy Note 9 Case is literally worth considering.

Its construction consists of 3 streamline slots for your regular cards and 1 side spacious pouch to keep your bills straight. Or, take advantage of this for receipts or as an extra storage for your cards is great, depending your preference.

To keep everything stay securely and neatly inside, it’s much thankful for the magnetic closure strap. Between snap button and magnetic strap, I personally prefer the second option because it doesn’t make noise whenever open or close your wallet case. Besides, you will not spend much afford to have it shut like the snap button.

But just one thing you should keep in mind – never put in too many cards because this might weaken the magnetic strap.

Another compliment for this wallet case is its functional kickstand so that you can keep your hands free when watching video clips, movies, video with somebody and reading online newspapers.

Like the previous counterparts, the material of MaxBoost Galaxy Note 9 Case is faux leather featuring great bump absorption, wear and tear resistance as well as anti-dirt and anti-scratch ability.

Thanks to its all-around protection, your smartphone’s screen is provided extra protection as well.

Last but not least, there’s a lifetime warranty set for every single product to assure you the maximum protection to your precious luxurious smartphone.

In the short story, if you are a on-the-go person, you shouldn’t dismiss this model!

5. Spigen Slim Armor CS Galaxy Note 9 Case with Slim Dual Layer Wallet Design and Card Slot Holder

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Spigen is another reputable company specialized in phone cases/phone wallet cases of various brands such as LG, iPhone and Samsung. You wonder why?

Well, there are two major reasons for such big love from their customers – extreme drop-protection and convenience. Unlike many ordinary phone cases with only single layer that can’t handle the phone against beats, bumps, and drops efficiently, which usually ends up with your smartphone broken down. This one has doubled these layers to excel its ability to suffer drops.

However, that doesn’t weigh up the whole wallet case, it’s still lightweight and comfortable to carry around without straining down your pockets. Plus, the silhouette of this wallet case is quite slim, even after you already stuff it. Thanks to that, men will find it’s much easier to keep the phone inside their pocket.

As I mentioned above, slim silhouette is mostly synonymous to less capacity. But it’s not that less! Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case still offers enough spacious storage space for you to put in 2-3 regular cards and some bills.

Plus, its cutouts are precious, including the S-pen to avoid disturbing you from using it.

6. ProCase Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

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If a pink wallet case for Note 9 is what you are all about, look no further than this, gals!

Compared to other all-around protecting phone wallet cases, there’s nothing new – still including 3 card slots and 1 bill compartment with a magnetic button, removable wrist strap and precise cutouts.

However, they are the essential features to create a perfect performance of a full-protection wallet case to serve most of your requirements. I also appreciate its streamline card slot organization with their edges stylizing uniquely for quick access and also a nice decoration.

On top of that, a small mirror attached on the free space left of the card slots column will make any woman love it like crazy.

Also, love the color combination as well with a perfect harmony between the leather color and the hardware’s. The light, elegant and beautiful pink tone plays a good part to nail up its feminine and cute look.

On top of that, there’s a kickstand to help you utilize your smartphone more efficiently with hands free.

7. Note 9 Case, Pasonomi Note 9 Wallet Case with Detachable SlimCase

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Phone and Wallet are your life that can’t be lacked whenever going out, you want a truly 2-in-1 wallet to carry your whole world alongside. Then here, this Pasonomi Note 9 Case will be the one.

There are up to 9 card slots with one 1 ID window and 1 money compartment. This might thicken the wallet’s silhouette but it strikes back with two bigger advantages. Firstly, more spacious storage space with well-organized arrangement.

And secondly, it keeps your daily stuff separated from the smartphone to avoid unwanted scratches on its screen. Another compliment is its closure straps. We usually see that there’s just one to keep the whole wallet shut securely. But with this one, aside from that general strap, you will get another snap button to keep your daily stuff closed in case you just want to use your phone.

To leverage that protection, its TPU leather is upended with 3 layers protection that can even prevent drop water splash. Besides, the texture is thick, durable and long-lasting that I can pretty sure it will serve you for years.

8. Galaxy Note 9 Case, Arae [Stand Feature] PU Leather Wallet case

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Like other counterparts in this list, the Area Galaxy Note 9 Case is crafted from high-grade premium Pu leather for the best performance in texture, durability, strength, grain and character.

Also, its cutouts are exact so that you can feel confident to use any of its functional buttons, such as speakers, S-pen, connector and so on.

In terms of construction, it’s quite well-organized with 4 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 bill compartment. But the difference is all edges of 4 card slots are slashed to take best roles in both decoration and function. Not only it makes your wallet case more unique, this feature also helps you to access your regular cards easily and quickly.

The best thing is this wallet case for Note 9 from Area provides up to 6-month money-back guarantee. So, why not?

9. Note 9 Wallet Case, ELV [PU Leather] Premium Detachable 2in1 Folio Purse Credit Card Flip Case

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The ELV Note 9 Wallet Case is a great combination between a phone case compatible for Note 9 only, a wallet, a stand-view and a card holder. No wonder it’s a multi-functional accessory for carry wise.

With a kickstand and a button flap attached to the wallet, its closure and functionality is leveraged to many times. Keep your wallet shut securely when not in use or have your hands free while facetiming with your friends and watching movies.

I appreciate its thick four corner protection the most because I’m a clumsy person who usually drops my phone unexpectedly. This feature prevents getting impact easily.

The best thing about it is you don’t need to remove your smartphone from the case but the protection ability is still the same. Like the Area’s, this purple Note 9 Wallet Case is quite user-friendly, cute, and fashionable.

In terms of material, this wallet case is made out of premium PU, but it’s hard to identify that fact because the leather surface ends up with natural shrinkage and smooth texture.

If this is your very first time knowing about ELV, its 1-year warranty will give you more confidence to give it a try. Plus, their customer service is quite quick, caring and effective so, I highly recommend this.

10. Note 9 Case, VRS Design [Brown] 3 Cards PU Leather Wallet [Layered Dandy] Phone Case Flip Folio Wallet Cover

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Last but not least is a luxurious looking multi-functional wallet case for Note 9 from V VRS DESIGN. I like its rich-brown colorway mixing with contrasting seams, plus, lean silhouette to give elegance, luxe of the whole wallet.

It’s hard to tell that it’s PU leather, right? And don’t fret, the material is very durable, quality and long-lasting during years of use. from time to time, it’s guaranteed to show no signs of stretching or wears like the real leather.

Its design is quite typical of an all-around wallet case with a magnetic strap for the best closure, 3 card slots and 1 bill compartment on the inside. Its cutouts are precise that you can easily use any functional buttons of the smartphone and other benefits such as fingerprint scanner or charging.

There’s just one thing you should keep in mind is never fold the magnetic clasp to the backside of the wallet case because this will seriously effect on the S-pen function.

It’s your turn!

I know it’s hard at the very first time buying a wallet case for your smartphone. Many people think that this task is as easy as choosing a normal case, but it’s inexact. Aside from considering quality and outlook of the product which are two initial elements in this article, you also need to think about its extra functions, whether they fit your needs or not.

Whatever it is, I’m confident that this list will meet your requirement, and even your preference.

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