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Best iPhone X Case Wallets

It’s going to be annoying sometimes if you carry both a wallet and a smartphone aside. Either it keeps your hands busy or it takes a lot of available space unnecessarily. Meanwhile, in fact, you can absolutely combine two in one multi-functional gear which not only protects your luxurious cellphone, but also keep your belongings neat and safe.

In this article, I’m going to give you 10 best iPhone X Case Wallets to go to. They are various in colors, sizes and designs to surely match with your preference and requirements. For example, the number of card slots, the position of extra storage space, with or without front coverage or keeping your bills straightly or half folded.

Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

FYY Case for iPhone X/iPhone 10, [RFID Blocking Wallet] [Makeup Mirror] Premium PU Leather Wallet Case with Cosmetic Mirror and Hand Strap

FYY is my very first choice for the best iPhone X Case Wallet because of its perfect blend of functionality and design. Though the whole wallet is made out of PU leather, its quality is premium to ensure the most concern – durability.

Besides, with this kind of material, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or caring. Moreover, there are 8 colorways to choose from.

Now, talking about its outer performance, I personally like its simplicity. Except from the plain background, there’s a contrasting vertical line on the frontside, a magnetic flap and a wristlet. I appreciate such added feature to not only make the wallet itself look for beautiful, but also way more functional.

Particularly the wristlet, you can go hand-free with it during a party, and the magnetic snap, it helps to keep the inner content closure and safe all the time. now, diving more deeply into this wallet, you will find 3 streamline card slots on one side and a separate compartment for your smartphone.

However, I bet this feature will make women go crazy – the mini mirror attached on the left side where you can touch up your makeup conveniently.

And there is a large bill compartment for your cash, too. Going to the backside, there is a kickstand which you can bend the wallet itself as a convenient phone stand for watching movies or MV.

Though it’s a phone wallet, I still love its built-in RFID Blocking Technology which helps to keep your identity information secure against hi-tech thieves. it’s claimed that this wallet can prevent RFID scanners within 10 feet. Awesome!

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NageBee Glitter Liquid Case Compatible Apple iPhone Xs/iPhone X w/[Tempered Glass Screen Protector] Quicksand Waterfall Flowing Sparkle Shiny Bling Diamond Clear Girly Cute Case

If you are looking for a good wallet case and by the way, a screen protector in a combo for your precious iPhone X, don’t hesitate to pick this Purple NageBee iPhone X case wallet.

Its freely flowing glitters on the backside are really attractive and stunning that I bet many women will fall for that. Don’t worry, these twinkle stuffs are tested for the ultimate safety to users. Besides, its silicone shell is very durable, high-quality and closure to prevent any unwanted leakages. By the way, this soft TPU material is very nice feeling touch, flexible and bendable so that it won’t be cracking. But, don’t quickly judge its ability to protect your smartphone!

The silicone phone case is quite long-lasting and its outer construction can prevent scratches and scrapes with easy grip. There’s no point that you accidentally slip your hands through it to fall off the ground. No!

The screen protector works pretty well. It’s reasonably thick yet sensitive to deliver the most comfort to swipe the screen. Prevent scratches and light erosion well.

Moreover, you are backed by a 7-day money back guarantee for this amazing combo. So, why not?

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OCASE iPhone X wallet Case, iPhone 10 Case [Upgraded Version With Screen Protector] Leather Flip Wallet Phone Cover

Now, Ocase iPhone X slim case wallet is way more convenient and functional than the previous one.

First off, there are more colorways to choose and that’s way more convenient for couple stuff. Secondly, if you’d love to have the phone case be more protective and secure, I’m quite sure you will love this design because of its frontside closure flap with a magnetic strap.

Moreover, going inside, you will have 3 card slots and 1 bill compartment aside from the separate slot for your smartphone. What I really appreciate of this design is its clever arrangement to keep the whole wallet still slim and flat. However, you should know that such extra storage space is just suitable for less carrying. I mean a couple of regular cards and some small change are fine. Don’t try to cramming it as your daily-used wallet, which is impossible!

In terms of material, this phone wallet case is made out of premium leather. Plus, its stitching, seams as well as the cutting is great to deliver the best durability, convenience and protection.

Compared to the previous model, this product clearly provides much more security though it’s not such that crystal and glitter. If you are a ham-handed person, I highly recommend this iPhone X case wallet for women because what you receive isn’t just two high-quality products, but also a 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty.

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Arae Apple iPhone X [Wrist Straps] Flip Folio [Kickstand Feature] PU leather wallet case with ID&Credit Card Pockets

Next up is an iPhone wallet from Arae.

It’s worth considering for a great compromise of design and function. I love its thick material on the separate slot for smartphone with concise cutting to its camera. Such that thickness helps to prevent the camera lens from contacting directly to other surface like table, or worse, rough or tough stuff. It means the risks of corrosions or beating or lens breaking or scratching will be eliminated to maximum.

And like the FYY iPhone X Wallet, there is a magnetic snap, a wristlet and a kickstand on the backside. They work as sufficiently as each other. But there’s a small change in this Arae design: there’s no mirror.

It’s altered by one more card slot. totally, there are four and 1 bill compartment. Another special thing is its slash-designed card slots for easy access. If you already read my article about top recommended Lethnic wallets, you might know clearly about this great innovation.

Besides, in terms of color options, this wallet doesn’t have as various choices as the FYY’s but their colorways are very easy to style with. Most of them are modern, neutral with simple outer performance to readily be your best companion in many occasions such as parties, works, hanging out, etc.

For those who are wondering about its material, this wallet is made out of 100% high-quality TPU leather.

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Case-Mate iPhone X Case – Karat – Real Mother of Pearl – Slim Protective Design – Apple iPhone 10 – Mother of Pearl

Case-Mate is another good brand where you can find for a truly good iPhone X Case Wallet that can protect your precious smartphone against drop or strong erosion. It’s certificated to pass all MIL-SRD-810G test standard, which makes it even more favorited and trusted.

For those who wonder about its material, this amazing phone case is made out of sterling silver elements and real mother of pearl with military strength security. It’s designed to just for iPhone X to work smoothly with wireless charging feature of this product line.

Each package includes two pieces, the rim wrapped around your smartphone and a piece for its backside which is dual designed and embedded with anti-scratch technology to product an ultimate protection.

Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty to ease your mind to give it try.

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ZVE Case for Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone X, 5.8 inch, Leather Wallet Case with Credit Card Holder Slot Wallet Zipper Wallet Pocket Purse Handbag Wrist Strap Case

Though ZVE is a Chinese brand and I think many of us don’t have good impression on Chinese-made stuff however, this company isn’t be that one.

They are a reliable brand with guaranteed high-quality products. Even, this model is backed by an 18-month money-back warranty. From that point, just rest assured to try it!

The very first compliment is its huge storage space with super secure zippered pocket on the backside. This zippered has passed through more than 1000 times pull strength test to ensure the smoothest operation. And its interior is spacious enough to accommodate 10+ cards and 15 bills without a burden.

Though its bulge-up design will give you up from the habit of tossing your smartphone in back or front pocket, the attached wristlet strikes back with great benefit to keep it secure and convenient one your hand. Besides, it’s designed to support Apple Pay.

The next compliment is its high-quality shock-absorbent rubbery rim to save the smartphone from strong beating or dropping. Besides, the bulge-up backside pocket plays a huge role to keep the camera lens from touching or hitting the ground when falling off.

And, when watching movie or working, it also takes the role of a sturdy and convenient phone stand. So, these great benefits really overweigh its weakness, which is why I still highly recommend this iPhone X leather case wallet to you.

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Zover iPhone Xs/X Case Detachable Genuine Leather Wallet Case Support Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Mount Holder Kickstand Feature Magnetic Closure Gift Box White

There’s a funny fact that because of their similar products’ look and same high quality, many people misunderstand that ZVE stands for Zover, which means they are just one company. However, they are two different Chinese-based brands.

With this iPhone X wallet case, you will have more color options to choose from. And when the product arrives, you will receive a really attractive package which can be taken advantage of an interesting present box to somebody.

Zover iPhone X detachable case wallet impresses me by its slim silhouette and really good shock absorption ability. At first, I thought it’s just a normal phone case because of its too flat profile, but amazingly, this is a wallet case, guys!

If you hate carrying a brick alongside and want to keep its original shape as much as possible, you are in the right address. However, this is a tradeoff feature – the flatter the wallet case, the less stuff it can accommodate.

In fact, it can fit nicely 1-2 cards and 2-5 folded bills without a burden. But don’t try to cramming it a lot because not only that ruins the whole line of this wallet case, there’s no magnetic strap on the other hand to keep a huge number of cards in place.

Instead, there is a magnetic car mount holder to keep your smartphone in the most convenient place to help you out when your hands are busy for driving, like searching for a place, using online map, calling somebody, etc.

Another great thing is while other phone cases only fit a certain product line like iPhone X only or iPhone XS only, this wallet allows you to fit various kinds by just a switch. Moreover, it’s designed to match with the support wireless charging feature on newest product lines of Apple Phone.

And, did I tell you about its environmentally certificated high-quality top-grain leather? It’s strikingly soft, nice feeling touch and luxurious. You will regret if you don’t try it!

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Evo Wallet

Tech is another popular address for experienced iPhone users to find for a cool wallet case.

This product line provides two colorways: black and pink – not a bad idea as couple stuff, right? It might look minimal and simple to the eyes at the very first glance, but that’s not exact. If taking a closer look, you will see that Evo wallet is made out of various contrasting colored durable materials that you can feel them clearly every time picking it up. So genius!

Besides, this iPhone X case wallet for men is designed with triple layers of advanced impact materials, and due to the manufacturer, this little bad boy can save your precious smartphone in 3m/10ft, drop after drop. This feature isn’t kind of epic or lack of facilities but has been tested through and give a certain amount of data.

Though slim and flat, the best thing here is you will have 1 slot (which can accommodate up to 3 cards without bulk) and 1 money compartment on the backside.

Opposite to such great benefits, its weigh is very light that won’t strain your back or pocket down. Besides, each single port and function button is designed precisely.

For extra protection, you can purchase separately the Tech21’s screen protector. It’s as high-quality and well performance as the wallet case.

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Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet-Case for iPhone X & Xs, Magnetic Detachable PC Slim-Case

If you don’t usually use the wireless charging featured in iPhone X then this wallet case might be your best companion because aside from its lifetime warranty to keep you rest assured and give it a try, the highlight is its versatile magnetic strap that can take a role of a wallet-folio perfectly.

I mean you can flip the phone case up due to its removable design and place in its outer shell as a phone stand (both vertically and horizontally) and this is a big plus as other wallet cases just allow you to horizontally stand up.

By this function, you can surf Facebook, read message, chat and watch movie or visit YouTube way more convenient. Besides, this magnetic strap is powerful enough to stick on anywhere available to keep your hand free.

Another great benefit is its RFID Blocking Technology which rarely I can find in other iPhone Wallet Cases. This helps a lot to protect your private information embedded in cards’ RFID chip. Rest assured because now, all hi-tech thieves are kept at bay.

Speaking of its capacity, due to its three card slots, you can put in up to 6 cards and 10 bills without a burden.

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Vena iPhone X Wallet Case, [vCommute][Military Grade Drop Protection] Flip Leather Cover Card Slot Holder with Kickstand

If you are an awkward person, this Vena iPhone X Wallet Case is truly a life saver. Why? This wallet is made out of high-quality polycarbonate and TPU material with dual layers. Moreover, it’s certificated military grade to pass the drop-test standard MIL-STD 810G-516.6 with CornerGuard Technology.

For those who don’t know this test and technology, to have their certification, the product needs to pass 26 drops from 4 feet high while the CornerGuard Technology ensures one important thing – protect four corner of iPhone X from drops and injuries.

You don’t need to worry that this wallet case might disturb the wireless charging function in iPhone X or XS. When in use, just open the card flap, remove all available metal cards and put flat on Qi charger, done!

About the storage space, it’s quite easy to use. You just need to flip aside the leather flap, take out the cards you want and when done, put it back in place. Its special design allows you to easily access your belongings within seconds. However, they won’t fall out or be messy inside.

Moreover, it is foldable to be a kickstand to allow you to watch videos or movies convenient and hand-free. Overall, its flat silhouette is the greatest bonus if you usually have the habit of tossing it in your pocket.

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Clayco [Argos Series] Premium Hybrid Protective Wallet Case for Apple iPhone X / iPhone 10 (Built-in Credit Card/ID Card Slot) (Black)

This iPhone X Case is worth a try for its impressive design. Instead of using flap that flips aside or flips up like the FYY or the SMONPOW, all hidden card slots at the bottom will be slide up when in need. To be honest, I pretty like the pop-up design over the slide-card one, however, this model strikes back with its ability to barely keep 2 of my regular credit cards and IDs.

Take notice that this wallet will be the best companion for those who are minimal person loving carrying less. This hidden storage space allows you to carry maximumly three cards in standard size and some small changes.

It’s perfect for shopping or going out for a meal if you don’t want to carry a whole bunch of stuff in a bulky wallet. Out of Clayco, on the market now, there are some other similar iPhone X Case Wallet such as the Titanium’s and the Spigen’s. In comparison, Clayco is the lightest that won’t strain your pocket down or feel heavy anyway. Besides, it’s the winner in outer performance with attractive and cool look.

Besides, compared to the price, it bangs for your buck.

If you are wondering about its material, this wallet case is made out of soft TPU and hard PC to bring full-spectrum protection while ensuring the slimmest and smoothest silhouette. Feel ease in mind that it won’t ruin your trouser line at all. Besides, such high-quality material can ensure you another thing – protection.

Kindly take note that it’s only suitable for iPhone X and iPhone XS, not for the iPhone XR or XS Max.

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Silk iPhone X Wallet Case – Q CARD CASE [Slim Protective Kickstand CM4 iPhone 10 Grip Cover] – Wallet Slayer Vol.2 – Black Onyx

You know what, the very first time seeing this wallet, I was like “Wow, how cool!”. Look at that! This is a best combination between the hardware material and the Saffiano leather with super nice feeling touch.

Besides, this rough material texture delivers a high grip ability to decrease toilet drops as fewest as possible.

With this kind of design, you don’t need to flip anything aside, up or down, but just slide the cards or cash through the thumb strap. As made out of leather, its ability of holding stuff is great. Maximumly, this iPhone X case wallet with screen protector can accommodate 3 cards and some small changes without a burden.

Importantly, it still allows you to utilize the wireless charging function – the latest and newest function of Apple Smartphone. And in fact, this ability is approved by Nikola Tesla, just get no doubt about it.

About the kickstand, it’s a little bit funny that the wallet itself doesn’t have a foldable part, but you, using your card and prop it up the wallet to create a kickstand on your own. (There’s a small groove near the edge of the card slot, just prop it up to that)

Moreover, two other best things about this iPhone X case wallet with strap are 3 free included screen protection film and customization. I mean you can entirely pick your favorite patterns as well as have your custom design on the back of this wallet case.

On top of that, out of fitting iPhone X, iPhone XS, it’s also perfect for iPhone XS Max as well.

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LUPA iPhone X Wallet Case, Durable and Slim, Lightweight with Classic Design & Ultra-Strong Magnetic Closure

For extra protection for the phone screen, especially when you are on a trip or travelling around, this is the best bet for you to go for. LUPA iPhone X magnetic detachable case wallet figures a flap on the frontside which is secured by a magnetic strap on its side. To optimize all space, all compartments and slots are moved to the front as well so that when opening the wallet, you can work on your smartphone on one hand and access your regular stuff on the other one.

Besides, LUPA Wallet is the best choice for a convenient travel wallet as well, especially if you are out for wandering around or eating, it can accommodate 3-4 regular cards and some bills. Compared to other wallet cases in this field, its capacity is much larger.

Speaking of the magnetic closure, it’s super strong and secure so that you can keep ease in mind of your belongings always staying in place without accidentally falling out or exposing out.

Now, in terms of protection ability, like other counterparts, this LUPA wallet comes in raised edges to keep your screen, phone camera and corners against drops and injuries.

Made out of lightweight PU leather, with rugged texture and eco friendliness, this is the biggest benefit amongst the bunch as this kind of material delivers fading and stretching resistance. In some cases, it’s even able to stand up to the rare drop or splash on the ground.

And, did I tell that this wallet was backed by a lifetime warranty?

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Good news for those who are a die-hard fan of Luis Vuitton that there’s a monogrammed phone case specialized for iPhone X. As expected, it’s every iconic with a perfect combination of elegance and innovation.

Instead of using a bulky case to hold the smartphone in place, this model utilizes a slim functional adhesive surface to keep its flat silhouette yet still offer the best protection against knocks and bumps unexpectedly in your daily life.

It’s not just a normal phone case to protect your precious iPhone X, but also a luxurious and high-end accessory to assert your class, luxe and fashion taste. If you live the life of a fashionista, this is a must-have item in your closet.

And surely, it’s the best companion of your expensive smartphone.

Now, it’s your turn!

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Above are 10 best iPhone X Case Wallets with different designs and colors to absolutely fit your daily belongings. To pick up the best one, first and foremost, you should understand what you are looking for and which features you are expecting for. For instance, do you love your bills being kept straightly or folded? How many cards you regularly carry alongside? Would you like a raised lip on its screen, corners and phone camera?

Besides, don’t forget about your budget! I hope that through this round-up list, you can find out the best model fitting your demands like a glove. If you want some more useful articles, don’t hesitate to take a look at our blog.

Thanks for reading!

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