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Best Google Pixel 3 Wallet Cases 2019

If you have already laid out nearly 1000 bucks on a new Google Pixel 3, I bet you will prefer to protect it the best ways as you can, don’t you? A must-have accessory, also a protector for your precious smartphone is a case.

Yeah, this might hide the sleek and beautiful lines of your cellphone but thinking twice, it’s kind of worthless if unluckily, you drop it down the ground or crack your screen.

When it comes to this article, what you’re going to get isn’t just some protective cases for the Google Pixel 3, but also a multipurpose thing that can accommodate your cash and cards to lessen your daily essentials. Yes, what I’m talking about is the best pixel 3 wallet cases that I’ve searched hours, based on my experience and expert advice to confidently introduce to you.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

01. Maxboost [Folio Style] Wallet Case for Google Pixel 3 [Stand Feature] (Black) Protective PU Leather Flip Cover

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Available in multiple colors, Maxboost delivers a classic wallet case design crafted from 100% high-quality PU leather with extra protection on four corners as well as the frontward and backward.

The inside flap features three card slots and a full-length bill compartment for additional cards and cash or receipts. To keep them secure and closure, there’s a magnetic lock attached on the side. It’s made out of the highest quality magnet to serve for years whilst causing no effect to your Google smartphone wireless functions at all.

Moreover, the whole thing can fold up into an adjustable kickstand that provides more joyful moments while streaming or entertainment. And their lifetime warranty provided is like a statement of high-quality products that can stick with you for years without extra fee in worse cases.

In terms of its cutouts, as a must on any Google Pixel 3 wallet cases, are exact on camera, speakers and other functional ports to help you more easily access to every functions and ports. The best thing is, you don’t have to remove the case while using them.

02. ProCase Wallet Case for Google Pixel 3, Flip Kickstand Case with Card Slots Mirror Wristlet

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A perfectly thoughtful wallet case for ladies because out of the spacious bill compartment, three card slots and foldable kickstand functionality, there’s a small mirror allowing you to check out your makeup without the need of going to a bathroom, turning your selfie camera, borrowing from your friends or diving in your handbag.

Made utterly out of premium composition leather to assure you the highest durability to bear your daily use with lots of abusing. On top of that, there’s an extra removable wrist strap to keep your hands free when carrying around.

This ProCase wallet case is made out of high-quality PU leather to keep the price down yet ensure a nice looking to it with tight stitching and a stylish, durable and closure magnetic strap.

Choose from five color options: black, gray, pink, blue and mint green.

03. ProCase Genuine Leather Case for Pixel 3, Vintage Wallet Folding Flip Case

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I personally fall for the full-black, so minimal yet sophisticated, masculine outlook of this genuine leather wallet case for Pixel 3 from ProCase.

Another great bonus, at least in my standard, is that not too heavy logo. There’s just one small with elegant and sharp embossing on the inside. Other than that, if taking a closer look, you will see its stitching is super straight, nice and even without excess seams or faulted stitches.

Amazing thing is its exquisite craftmanship that’s 100% handmade by the best artisans. The combination with high-quality material helps to leverage its softness feeling touch, elegant vibe yet a classic and luxurious looking.

Its smaller number of card slots which is only two is a perfect pick for minimal person but you still have one bill compartment for cash or receipts.

Like other two wallet cases above, there is a magnetic lock on the side. Also, the cutouts are pretty precise on all functional buttons. But to talk about the highlight, it must be its folding kickstand that you can adjust it either horizontally or vertically to help you the most in both working and entertaining moments.

04. Google Pixel 3 Wallet Case, Foluu Flip Folio Wallet Cover Slim Premium PU Leather Case ID Credit Card Slots

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Are you the type of tech doofus who used to stay up late until 4 AM to preorder a new Google Pixel 3? If it’s a yes from you, this is surely the best bet.

The premium PU leather material is a wise choice, highlighting its ultra-slim and ultra-thin silhouette whilst nailing up its softer texture and better performance in water resistance and anti-scratch protection. Whether you are chunking it at a wall or it’s directly facing a drop, you roughly $1000 precious smartphone is a lot more likely to stay intact when you have this pal wrapped around it.

This Foluu Flip Folio Wallet Case will satisfy you with its cool, masculine yet ever-so-slightly conservative fabric-y looking that says: Ey man, full protection for smartphone is POSSIBLE to be sexy!

Speaking of interior, I am really impressed by its innovation in the way arranging its card slot. Along with that, one bill compartment which is a perfect choice for minimalist person. And the phone case, its cutouts are precise and clear to show off all beautiful lines of the phone, as I wish.

05. RUIHUI Leather Wallet Folding Flip Slim Protective Case Shell Cover Card Slots for Google Pixel 3 Case

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This Pixel 3 Wallet Case from RUIHUI merges function and design in the most innovative and durable way possible. Though made out of PU leather, its soft feeling touch and wear-resistant performance will make you smitten.

I appreciate its straight stitching and strong seam with the contrasting color to also be an interesting highlight on its whole minimal outlook. Open the magnetic strap on the side, you can see its neat and simple interior featuring one card slot and one full-length bill compartment.

The advance feature here is its smart thumb strap for quick access. Besides, like the Foluu above, this one offers multiple angles that you can view from different sides when working or entertaining on this smartphone.

As its minimal wallet design, even after fulfilled, the whole wallet case isn’t budged up like other models figuring larger capacity.

Speaking of its major function of protecting your precious smartphone, this Google Pixel 3 case from RUIHUI plays an excellent role with extra security on its four corners as well as on the backward.

I particularly like its TPU bracket as well because I can rest assured that in bad cases, my phone, at least won’t pop out. Besides, thanks to this full protection, I don’t need the help of screen protector film as well.

06. Arae [Stand Feature] PU Leather Wallet case with Wrist Strap and [4-Slots] ID&Credit Cards Pocket for Google Pixel 3

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If you’re on a demand of carrying more cards alongside, this wallet case from Arae might be a better deal for you with four card slots provided aside from a full-length bill compartment.

These slots are designed wisely to match many kinds of cards from the bank cards, ID card, to the driver license and member cards. Plus, there’s a strong magnetic strap to hold your belongings against disturbing.

Despite such bigger capacity, this wallet case still keeps it slim and flat silhouette with no bulge or bulk in your back pocket or taking much space in your bag. Its cross-pocket design utterly pops the interior design out whilst helping you access the cards more easily.

Besides, it offers a folding kickstand so that when you want to watch movies, chatting with friends or play games with hands-free, it takes the best role.

But here’s where the real fun begins – it allows you to answer the phone without opening the flap. Plus, an extra wrist strap in case your hands are busy.

On top of that, there’s a 6-month free return policy for any defaults from manufacturing process.

07. Newseego Compatible with Google Pixel 3 Leather Case

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A perfect combination between a minimalist wallet and a full-protective case for your expensive Google Pixel 3. There are some similar features between this Newseego and other counterparts in this collection. They are the powerful magnetic strap, the high-quality material and precise cutouts so that you can use all functions of the phone such as speakers, charger, volume up and down or simply receive a call very easily without need of removing the case.

But what interests me the most is the magnet attached on the backside that I can quickly and easily stick my smartphone to the car mount when I need to use the online GPS, answer a phone call or listen to music.

Going inside, there are three card slots and one full-length bill compartment. And as usual, there’s a folding kickstand to add more convenience and joyfulness to your entertaining or working time with the phone.

Last up is the various color options that both men and women can opt for.

08. Teelevo Slim Pixel 3 Wallet Case

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If you are too familiar to such full-protection wallet case above, here’s an interesting plot twist for you – The Teelevo featuring a minimal construction. It cuts out the flap as well as move the mini wallet design from frontward to the back to decrease the whole thickness of the case, making it slip smoother to your pocket.

Now, you’ve got only one slot for whatever you like to put in – cash or cards. It’s spacious enough to keep 2 cards at the same time whilst keeping its flat and stylish outlook.

But here’s where the real fun begins, the lid covering this slot can be twisted to be a temporary kickstand so that you can watch movies and chat with friends with less effort.

Speaking of its ability of protection to your smartphone, there’s a dual-layered with shock absorbing TPU and durable PC to protect extreme protection even it’s a direct drop to the ground.

In such that unlucky case, you don’t need to worry about the camera lens either. This detachable pixel 3 wallet case will take the best role of that.

09. Google Pixel 3 Wallet Case, PU Leather Slim Flip Wallet Smart Card Slots Cover Kickstand Feature TPU Bumper Full Body Protection Pixel 3

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With five color options to choose from and affordable price, this LJMLLC wallet case is the best choice for both men and women.

On top of their advance in material to lessen its thickness down significantly and leave a thin, flat, slim yet protective flap, its folding kickstand is really worth mentioning because unlike other models that you’ve seen, either they allow you to adjust vertically or horizontally, this one can give you multiple angles to fit many viewers, from children to adults, from the short to the tall without feeling inconvenience.

With this wallet case, you’ve got only one card slot but for minimal users, I think this will be your favorite choice.

Though small, I appreciate the cut at four corners because of its big effort it does bring. By that feature, it can make the removal and application easier. There’s just one thing you should keep in mind is removing the case from the bottom end so that the phone can be processed more smoothly.

10. Yogurt (5.4 Inch) Genuine Pixel 3 Leather Wallet Case Cover Handmade Oil Leather

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Hardly can I find a wallet case that is made out of genuine full-grain cowhide leather and particularly, 100% handmade by skillful artisans. That’s why I don’t mind spending $10 more for this Yogurt Product.

They are for sure a unique item to nail up my character style and vibe without much showoff. As made out of real leather, its feeling touch as well as durability are something can’t be comparable.

I also love its white stitching contrast to the dark brown color of the leather material to deliver a classic, vintage and character look. Unlike other flap full-coverage wallet case, this one is closed by a snap button. And when opening it, you will find three card slots and one bill compartment inside.

Along with that, there’s a metal ring on the outside where you can loop a wrist strap to hand-free carrying this interesting wallet around.

In conclusion

Whichever phone wallet case that you choose from this list, there are two things that I can assure: Quality and protection. From TPU fabric to leather material, there’s also extra fabric added to the backside and particularly, four corners to upend its protection ability that can keep the smartphone intact despite a direct drop to the ground.

Finally, I hope this article is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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