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Best Galaxy S9 Wallet Case 2019

The born of Samsung Galaxy S9 has added a new downright sexy silhouette to smartphone worlds. From that point, in some ways, covering it up with a too-normal case feels like a shame.

But a wallet phone case, why not?

It gives you more functions than what you could bargain for, such as extra storage space for cards and cash, built-in kickstand, wrist strap and magnetic snap closure. With services like Samsung Pay or Goggle Pay, there are a lot of methods to pay with your smartphone. Thus, it’s going to keep your most essential cards and IDs with the smartphone so, ready to ditch your old dingy wallet?

In this article, I’m going to share you top 10 best Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases that surely, you will fall for. Read on!

1. Arae [Kickstand Feature] PU Leather Wallet for Galaxy S9 Case

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No.1 in this collection is a blue galaxy s9 wallet case from Area.

Find this model accidentally two months ago when I was looking for a present for Jack – who had just bought his very first Android smartphone after years of using iOS. He seemed to like my gift a lot because of its multi-function and minimal outlook.

If you have been searching for a convenient, and functional accessory that can integrate your slim wallet and a normal protective phone case in just one silhouette, here’s my recommendation.

Aside from a sturdy case with four-corner protection for your smartphone, you will get 4 card slots and 1 bill compartment. Taking a closer look, you will recognize its slots’ edges are slash. But don’t make it wrong, they are not only used for decorating, but also a functional detail to help you easily access your regular cards.

Aside from this major feature, there are two other functions: a detachable wrist strap and a magnetic snap closure to keep the wallet case shut utterly when not in use. Plus, there’s a stand-view to keep your hands free while watching movies, video calling with somebody or chatting.

Lastly, 6 colorways to choose from.

2. Maxboost Galaxy S9 Wallet Case mWallet Series

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Maxboost galaxy s9 wallet case for men peaks in elegance and classic look with full-plain color plus contrasting seams. Single stitching but straight and nicely sewn. Sound a bit boring, huh? But not quite! The emphasis of this wallet case lies on its leather texture.

Take a look at its surface, you will see many, many tiny natural shrinkages and veins. In the meantime, the texture is moderately thick for good protection, durable feeling and quality. It’s hard to believe that this product is made out of PU leather. It looks more luxurious and real-leather-like than its nature, right?

Also, thanks to this kind of material. You don’t need time to break in the leather. It’s easy to utilize right out of the box. Also, PU leather doesn’t ask for much maintenance as real one. It’s lightweight, and even comes up with light water resistance to withstand splash or water drops.

Like the Arae’s this one delivers 3 card slots and 1 bill compartment. There’s a small, elegant, well-embossed logo brand on the bottom. On the other side, it’s a sturdy, protective case compatible to Galaxy S9 only. Its highlight is four corners. They are designed particularly with extra protection to save your precious smartphone against bumps, drops and collisions.

To keep the whole wallet shut when not in use, there’s a magnetic strap with stylized design. it’s way easier to use as well as quieter than the snap buttons. If you worry about the strap getting weaker from time to time to be useless, it actually won’t (unless cram too many cards into this minimal wallet case).

Aside from such huge benefits, this wallet case still offers one more function – kickstand. Thanks to this feature, you’re now can chat with friends, video call with family, play games, and watch video clips with hands free.

3. LK Case for Galaxy S9 [Wrist Strap] Luxury PU Leather Wallet Flip Protective Case Cover

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There are three similarities between the LK Purple Galaxy S9 Wallet Case and the two above: high-quality, lightweight, lighter waterproof TPU leather material, inner construction and precise cutouts. They are key features for a durable, good performance wallet case.

However, there are some small difference. As you can see the texture of this LK’s is not the same as the Maxboost. There are many lighter color veins on its surface, which looks likely waxy oiled leather. They look so natural that hardly can anyone guess it’s TPU material, don’t you think?

In terms of construction, this wallet case comes up with 2 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 bill compartment that are arranged neatly for easy access. On the other side, the S9 case is attached sturdily and solidly to its flap with great cutouts at speakers, cameras, jack ports and other functional buttons.

Particularly, this TPU shell can absorb shock and withstand bumps or drops efficiently. Also, there is a magnetic button to keep its inner content in place securely as well as provide full protection to your smartphone.

Last but not least, there’s a kickstand to keep your hands free while watching movies, chatting, video calling or playing games. Another hands-free function is the detachable wrist strap that you can carry this detachable galaxy s9 wallet case around conveniently and easily.

4. Galaxy S9 Wallet Case, Galaxy S9 Case, ERAGLOW Premium PU Leather Wallet Flip Protective Case Cover

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I think this pinky galaxy s9 wallet case for women is something that any girly ladies fall for.

Thanks God its outer performance is minimal without glittering stuff or too-much details, that would be cheesy. Personally, this design is a great combination between feminine looking and snazzy style for you.

About its construction, find no difference from other all-around protection wallet cases: 3 card slots, 1 bill compartment, 1 TPU hard shell case compatible for Galaxy S9, 1 magnetic strap and 1 removeable wrist strap.

A distinctive feature is its material – there’s no veins or shrinkage on its surface but just comfortably sandy feeling and the vertical logo embossing. In terms of its cutouts, they are quite precise, from speakers, jack port, to camera lenses, even when you take photos with flash.

Take note that its material can be shock-absorbent, light waterproof and anti-dust/dirt. The short story is, if you love the fact that your smartphone’s screen is covered and secured when not in use and auto open when you flip out the clasp, this is the best bet to go to.

5. Galaxy S9 Case, Vofolen Galaxy S9 Case Wallet Card Slot Holder Sliding Cover

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If you’re not a purse kind of person neither like those bulky wallet case, this Vofolen might be what you’re looking for. The wallet function is not integrated into the sided flap like the all-around protection wallet cases, but now on the backside.

In the meantime, it’s designed minimally and slimly to keep the flattest silhouette so that you can toss it into your pocket without the burden. In turns, it delivers less capacity and organization than other bulkier designs. However, that doesn’t mean this wallet holds nothing at all.

It provides enough storage space for 2 cards and some small changes to travel light or those who love carrying less or minimalist persons. Its “door” is designed different from the all around. No magnetic strap anymore. It’s now replaced by a slide-able door to keep cards secure, in place and unseen.

This eases the mind of many people who worry about magnetic stuff causing side effects to the S-pen functions.

About its protection ability, I give this wallet case an A for its dual layer material. This significantly helps to absorb shock and avoid scratches.

Truth to say, this is also my very first time trying Vofolen’s products, however, their worry-free warranty gave me more confidence. Besides, there are a lot of colors to choose from.

6. Galaxy S9 Wallet Case, Vena [vCommute][Military Grade Drop Protection]

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If your old phone case struggles to get the phone stood properly, which is annoying, this upgraded model will satisfy your demand. Unlike the previous counterparts, the TPU material utilized in making the door of Vena’s wallet case can bend over as a magnetic kickstand to keep your smartphone seated stably for watching videos, chatting, playing games and video calling. Moreover, it offers different viewing angles from 15 degrees to 70 degrees.

Good news is it’s been passed the military grade drop protection with cornerguard TM technology. Due to what I have researched, the polycarbonate and TPU of this wallet case is doubled up that can survive 26 drops from 4-foot height.

Plus, its functionality isn’t forgotten. Every single cutout is precise perfectly to let you easily access to any function buttons like a piece of cake. When charging the phone or taking some photos with flash, this wallet case works quite well without any troubles.

But the best thing is there’s a built-in storage for ejector tool and SIM card that you can switch easily them when in need. All in all, this is the best option for travelling light.

7. Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case, ELV [PU Leather] Premium Detachable 2in1

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ELV is my recommendation if you have been searching for the most secure and spacious capacity wallet case for your Galaxy S9 Smartphone. Why?

Because of two core features: zippered pockets and well-organized interior.

Not one, but now, you get two separate zippered pouches for all stuff. One for your smartphone and some regular carries, such as cards and changes whilst the other pouch is designed huger with two small compartments for extra paper money, earphone, keys, cards, and so on.

But here’s where the real fun begins, the PC feat PU leather case integrates magnet on the backside. In the meantime, the huge flap on the outside also takes the role of a convenient built-in stand-view.

From that point, you can easily take your phone off out of the wallet to hand-free use it in vertically for chatting, watching videos, playing games or facetiming with friends and family.

Another plus is a detachable wrist strap to carry it around with hands free. Despite such huge benefits, this wallet case keeps an amazing flat silhouette to easily hold in hands or place in your handbag without taking much space.

Other than that, it’s backed by 1-year warranty to give you more confidence to hit the Buy button.

8. Samsung S9 Case,Galaxy S9 Wallet Case,Fingic Glitter Sparkle Cover 9 Card Holder PU Leather

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Next up is this sparkling wallet case for Samsung S9 Smartphone from Fingic.

It figures an all-around protection model with many typical features such as the wallet function is integrated on the frontside, a magnetic snap closure strap and a detachable wrist strap. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not 100% the same look as other counterparts.

The biggest difference and also the best function you will get from it is the double capacity. It means there are 9 card slots (one of which is an ID window) and 1 bill compartment which are kept closely by a separate snap button from your smartphone to minimize the risk of your daily stuff causing scratches to its screen.

This model is a great pal for those who love carrying the whole world along to avoid you from cramming the wallet case too much to close it utterly. It also decreases the risks of dulling the function of its magnetic strap because of carrying too much stuff.

Despite such that huge capacity, the whole silhouette of this wallet case isn’t fluffier significantly. Still acceptable to hold neatly in hands or place in your handbag without the burden.

A small talk about its magnetic strap, it’s two-sided magnetic hold so that while using its built-in kickstand for entertainment or working, this strap won’t bother you anymore like other wallet cases did.

There’s just one thing you should keep in mind is this wallet case is only compatible with Samsung S9, not with Galaxy S9 Plus as well as other versions.

9. Galaxy S9 Wallet Phone Detachable Case XRPow Samsung S9 Multi-Functional Folio Flip Vegan Leather Wallet

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With this removable galaxy s9 wallet case from XRPow, you will get even more spacious capacity than the Fingic’s above.

11 card slots, 3 bill compartments and 1 zippered pocket – it’s similar to a trifold wallet’s or a checkbook wallet’s capacity with same organization. In other words, this is a true WALLET case for smartphone where you can keep your whole world along.

It’s perfect for many occasions such as daily use, travel, or party.

A similarity as the Fingic’s above is its magnetic back cover case and the convenient built-in kickstand so that you can take off your phone out of the wallet to use it in vertically for working or entertaining like chatting, video calling and things like that.

If you are wondering about its material, they are all high-quality. The whole wallet is made out of premium PU leather plus, high-grade hardware whilst the case is hard TPU. They are assured by the manufacturer to be durable and long-lasting to serve you for years with full protection.

Another great bonus is its precise cutouts in camera lens, earphones ports, and smart connector. For the price, it bangs for your bucks.

10. TORU CX PRO Galaxy S9 Wallet Case with Hidden ID Slot Credit Card Holder Hard Cover, Mirror & USB Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S9 – Matte Black

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Last but not least is this Toru CX Pro Galaxy S9 Wallet Case with mirror.

Its wallet function is built on the backside that can accommodate up to 3 cards and some small changes. Bonus, you will get 1 ID window integrated on the door for neater organization. Another different feature is its door. It’s widened to cover the whole backside of the case, not just the cardholder to deliver an extreme flat silhouette for better aesthetics.

But the best thing about this model is its extra Micro USB adapter (Type C) so that you can utilize your old cables and chargers.

In terms of material, it’s soft, flexible rubber TPU and hard plastic cover with screen bezel lip with great protection against scratches, shock and drops. Note: The wallet is doubled layers but it’s not thicker significantly. You can still toss it in your back pocket without the burden.

Another bonus, is the mirror sticks in the rear compartment so that you can touch up your makeup when in need. but remember to take off the clear film for better performance. You don’t have to worry about this mirror being broken or vulnerable like the ordinary because it’s made out of plastic.

In a nutshell,

Have you picked out your favorite out of the bunch? Though to many people, it’s just a normal accessory with some extra functions, but I know, to you, it’s going to be your best pal in a long term.

So, don’t feeling wasteful when spending much time wandering around, it’s worthy investment. I hope this article is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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