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Top 11 Cool Wallets for Men 2018

A wallet is our daily companion, which nobody can’t deny. While some guys just accept to blend into the crowd, holding on hands with those boring-to-die similar wallets, you are not the one. On the contrary, you desire to be different, one of a kind and show up your personality.

However, you should know that out there on the market, there are tons of wallets with different designs, colors and silhouette, which to find out the cool wallets for men satisfying your desire, it’s struggling!

Just like you, I’m the person who love standing out from the crowd with many year experience in hunting cool wallet. Here is my list where there are full of hottest wallet types in this modern time, like magic wallet, flip wallet, slim wallet, etc. Hence, I believe that it will help you save a lot of time. Why don’t you check it out now?

1. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

You know that memory you had when going out buying a coffee and realized that right in the moment of paying the bill, you got a chubby brick stuck in your pocket. And now, the real-life version of that trauma is admitted overwhelmed to decide a new better one amongst an avalanche.

The good news is that nightmare doesn’t need to repeat anymore. You have this Lethnic Minimalist Wallet right here.

It assures you two key goals: carrying slim and carrying enough. Though it arrives in only 4.4”x3”, that’s a reasonable dimension to fit perfectly your vital cards and cash with less excess space to cramp your pocket.

In fact, it stays conveniently without burden in any pockets, even the front ones that hardly you notice its heft.

And don’t quickly judge a book by its cover, the capacity of this wallet is no joke. Coming up with three compartments, it helps organize your belongings neatly and also provide enough space to contain up to 10 cards and 15 folded bills.

But what I highly appreciate this wallet is its metal button snap. Unlike many other minimalist models, it does help me carry slim and flatten my pocket, however, it’s the way too easy to let cards coming out. I means sometimes, I lost my money or even cards because there’s nothing keeping them in place inside such wallet.

This one, with its sturdy strap, I don’t need to bother that same-old matter anymore. Besides, thanks to the built-in RFID Shield, feel free of hi-tech thieves or illegal data scanning at all.

One last compliment for this design is its 30-day risk-free warranty for those are the first trier. And based on my experience, their customer service is pretty good. Within 24 hours, they are going to sincerely response to your request or even complaint. Thumbs up for this!

I’ve tried products from many well-known brands, but sometimes, their customer service disappoints me a lot. Glad to see that Lethnic isn’t that one. Highly recommend!

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2. Infinity Wallet- Men’s Minimalist Wallet

Infinity Wallet’ wallets are designed with the minimalist in mind, which your pockets will be thankful a lot. Made from just one piece of durable nylon-elastic, measured by 3.8 x 0.2 x 2 inches and can fit up at least 10 cards as well as some cash neatly.

The material is high quality and comes in great elasticity to ensure holding your valuables firmly without getting loose or falling out, even if you flip it down.

As the manufacturer has cut down all unnecessary details to focus on its basic and main function, the wallet is incredibly thin and compact to put in your either front or back pocket without being notice and without bulk.

It is also made here in the USA.

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3. Lethnic RFID Thin Wallet For Men, Women – Unique Color-Mixed Genuine Leather

Can’t find anywhere a slim wallet with an impressive L-shaped flap on the frontside like this Lethnic’s. It’s also the brand-identity design with the outstanding and distinctive stylized L design. But the best thing is Lethnic takes advantage of this detail as an extra compartment where you can store some more folded bills or receipts.

Aside from this different compartment, its front card slots are another highlight due to its contrasting color combination between brown and blue.

Besides, the genuine cowhide leather is a great choice to make the wallets itself become more luxurious and characteristic than ever. Plus, its strong seams and tight stitching are two key points to partly help this wallet last for years.

Talking about Lethnic’wallets, can’t ignore their well-known feature – RFID Shield. In this modern time, choosing the best RFID wallet is a must due to the increasing rate of identity thieves in developed countries, especially Europe. You should know that within only 3 meters, they can easily and quickly hack your identity information such as bank registration info. And the result? I bet you can understand it yourself.

This wallet is equipped and tested RFID Shield for 13.56 MHz Frequency. So, you can worry free about this issue when getting a Lethnic’s wallet by your side.

Speaking of functionality, up to now, I still have no remorse. There are four card slots, one ID window and one bill compartments. In generally, it can fit maximumly 9 cards and 13 folded bills without bulk. So, if you want to go flat and slim, don’t hesitate to give this wallet a try.

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4. Wallets for Men – Mens Wallet – Slim Wallets – Minimalist Small Thin Smart Card Holder Wallet by HUSKK

Again, another elastic cool wallet for men. However, with this design from HUSKK, there have been some more advances. First of all, the material, the wallet isn’t made purely from elastic anymore, but now combines with some pieces of genuine leather with double stitching.

If you are wondering about its elastic quality, I assert it is very great. The manufacturer utilized the medical-grade kind for this wallet, crafted by the finest artisans with the aim to deliver the highest durability, eco-friendliness and timelessness.

In terms of capacity, like the Infinity Wallet, this HUSKK can accommodate up to 10+ cards and some paper money. But, there is where the real fun begins, the construction. This wallet has leveraged its compartment up to 2 sleeves: one for cards and one for cash for better organization. Not saying that, on the card sleeve, there is a smart pull tab for quick access.

Clearly, this wallet comes up with more complicated design for better streamlining your stuff, but don’t fret about its dimensions. It’s still slim and cool, only 3.4 x 0.2 x 2.2 inches.

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5. Ebax Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men Women – Elastic Front Pocket Credit Card Holder Wallet

Talking about this Ebax, I personally like its colorway, look very young, modern and dynamic. Generally, this Ebax is made from nylon elastic and Leather. But please take notice that the leather material will be different a little bit within color options. Some will come up with suede leather, while the rest are made from Italian Eco Leather.

To that end, each combination will give you different taste. For example, the black red, reblue, sky blue, dark black, ivory and sepia are made from suede leather. They create a dynamic and young look to fit your casual outfit whereas the chocolate and pure black arrive in more luxurious outer performance thanks to their Italian eco leather, which is perfect to utilize for those formal events.

Moving onto its functionality. The wallet can fit up 6-8 card and cash. As its measurements are roughly 3.5*0.2*2.2 Inches, you can absolutely transform it into a secret wallet to hide in your neck strap and belt.

This modern wallet is slim and lightweight enough to stay in any pocket without ruining the line. Might you even not notice you are carrying it at all.

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6. Crabby Wallet – The Ultimate Minimalist Men’s Wallet

One last elastic nice men’s wallet in this collection – Crabby. Honestly, its outer performance doesn’t impress me as much as its functionality. What makes it on point is the superb elastic band that enables to hold not only 10 cards and some cash, but also your phone and keys. Don’t worry about its quality, even you use it for storing your smart phone for a while, it’s hardy loosen. Still fit up cards very well.

To keep everything in place with risk-free falling out, there is an additional band, which is my favorite feature. Another good thing is its lobster claw keychain. Thanks to this small detail, you can hook this wallet anywhere needed, or use it as a keychain.

The wallet is sleek and compact enough to carry alongside without bulk, putting comfortably either in your front or back pocket.

If you are looking for a lightweight and multifunctional wallet, don’t hesitate to grab this design.

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7. Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet With ID Window – Genuine Leather

One of nice wallets from Lethnic – my current favorite brand – is this Slim. This is truly a typical minimalist wallet! Full-plain genuine leather, nicely embossed logo in the front, four vertical pockets, one horizontal slot and one ID window. It can fit up to 7-8 cards and some folded bills. But here, I would like to emphasize its convenient ID window.

It is designed with clear vision to easily show out your basic information in the identity card when you in need without taking time to take it out. Or, even you have to take it out, there is a clever thumb strap in the middle for easily sliding the card out and in. I do appreciate this small yet practical detail.

The whole wallet is stitched strongly, well-finished and great lining plus the high grade durable genuine leather. Hands on this slim, you will immediately feel its durability, beauty and compactness.

Even after being fulfilled, this product still keeps its slim silhouette to fit neatly either your back or front pocket. But, what makes Lethnic wallet stands out from the crowd is its advanced RFID Blocking Technology that enables to keep your personal information and bank details against hi-tech thieves.

On top of that, it is backed by a lifetime warranty and enclosed with a nice gift box. I mean you can make use of this box as an elegant present for anyone. Very convenient, right?

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8. Wallets for Men – Mens Wallets – Slim Front Pocket Card Holder Sleeve – RFID Blocking

London-based HUSKK Team is famous for its natural, eco-friendly leather as well as the durable and timeless fabric. Even, this wallet is an amazing compromise of a high-quality product and an affordable price tag.

Clocking it at just under $15, there you have a 3.7 x 0.2 x 2.8-inch wallet made from 100 percent genuine leather staying neatly in the palm of your hand. A full- black wallet with natural wrinkles of real leather on the surface in addition the to nicely embossed brand name and logo.

You will be surprised by its striking slimness on the very first time holding it, however, don’t let this fool you. The product can put up 10 cards and some folded cash without bulk or tightness. Cards are taken in and out easily.

There are only three major compartments, two slash-designed in both sides of the wallet and one on the top with clever pulling tab for quick access your regular cards. Each compartment is designed to fit cards and folded cash.

Unlike the previous cool wallet from HUSKK, this one is equipped with RFID Blocking Material to increase its protection ability so you can just feel ease in mind to bring your valuables alongside without fears of any thieves.

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9. Lethnic Mini Keychain Wallet – Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Genuine Leather Card Holder with ID Window and RFID Blocking Technology

Two things that make this wallet outstanding and cool are their stylized card slots and the D-shaped ring. I think it’s only when you experience this wallet on your own, you will understand entirely what I’m trying to talk about.

The curved slots, they are not just for decoration purpose, but also a convenient detail to help you put in and take out your cards more easily and rapidly. Particularly, the clear ID window has a middle thumb strap to serve you better. I personally appreciate how thoughtful Lethnic is when it comes to designing their products.

And my next compliment is its D ring keychain which you can attach to your keys, belt, bag and backpack. I even try it as my employee ID card holder as well and truth to say, it’s much more convenient than the traditional ID holder because aside from your employee card, this special model can keep some more cards and a couple change to convenient pay you a drink or some foods during your break.

But, there’s just one thing you should be aware of – the ID window, as it’s exposed which is synonymous to less protection than other cards (I mean the RFID Shield). From that point, I highly advise you to use this slot for less important cards like member cards and employee ID card.

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10. Trayvax Original Wallet

I am always hooked into those metal slim wallets, maybe because of their impressive masculine, strength and sturdiness. Based in the USA, Trayvax creates wallets that were designed with the tactical in mind. Besides, they are well-known for high-quality materials and the perfect compromise of practicality and beauty. A typical example is this Original wallet.

Made from high grade aluminum and stainless-steel plates, built-in RFID Shield, equipped with an elastic strap enclosure and MIL-spec paracord, bottle opener on the frontside and is backed by lifetime warranty. This is truly an ultimate practical wallet.

Its capacity is no joke, can fit up 14 cards and 5 bills easily. But the coolest thing is its hard structure providing better protection against bending or breaking. Importantly, it’s slim enough to stay in your front pocket or chest pocket.

In a brief talk, I don’t find any reason to say “no” to this product.

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11. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder

Another stainless-steel wallet to vary your selections. This product from BRYK gives you two options: black and white with different interesting taste. In general, they all look masculine and strong. Importantly, its squared design and sturdy structure delivers a great mechanics protection.

We all know that our cards are mostly made from hard polyester with poor elastic and easily get torn or bent under hard forces. That’s why I highly recommend you to consider those RFID metal wallets for your important cards to ensure keeping them not only safety against thieves, but also outer impacts.

In terms of this wallet’s RFID Blocking Technology, it can prevent any RFID signals in 13.56 MHz Frequency. Hence, please understand that it is impossible for hotel passing cards or RFID badges.

Now, let’s take a look more in depth of its function, going outside in, there are 5-6 slots, each of which can fit up 1-2 cards. Or, you can utilize some of them for cash storage, but take notice of only folded bills as its measurements are only 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches.

It’s small, though. In turns, the wallet can fit your jacket pockets and front pocket neatly. As it is made from stainless steel material, you should avoid carrying it in your back pocket and sit on it. This will cause a lot of harms not only to your wallet, but also your health.

Another compliment is for its luxurious and well-made packaging, which you can utilize as a perfect present box for somebody. Lastly, it is backed by a lifetime warranty!

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12. Kattee Men’s Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

If you are seeking the ultimate classic wallet, look no further than Kattee. Constructed right here in the USA from 100 percent genuine crazy horse leather with distinct softness and comfortable feeling touch. With this kind of material, it will some little “magic” during your experience. Each wallet comes outfitted with a full-plain nicely vintage brown outer performance that surely blows your mind.

Apart from this vintage solid style, there is another choice for you which is the crocodile embossed style with more stylish appearance to fit outstanding taste.

The embossed brand name is in the interior, nicely and uniquely. There are 10+ card slots, 1 ID window with smart finger strap, and 3 full-length compartments for straight bills, documents, and currency.

Measured by 7.6 x 3.7 x 0.7 inches, actually, this is a checkbook wallet for men that will hold up your essential stuff for a go, travel, or daily use and keep them well-organized.

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13. Flipside Wallets New RFID Blocking Flipside 4 Wallet

One of the hottest wallet type these days, Flipside. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this wallet is more unique than other card holder wallets as it features a special shape and is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and high strength polycarbonate.

Plus, this Flipside is equipped with RFID Blocking Technology to avoid your cards from being crushed or cracked by hi-tech thieves. For those who are curious about its capacity, the wallet can fit up 10 bills and 8 cards. A compliment for its card slots, very smart and streamlined for easy access.

Measured by 4.2 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches, it can fit your folded money very well. But the on-point feature might lie on its automatic locks. The wallet will lock itself if you close it and just when you push down the button, it will open.

This feature helps the modern mens wallet to be more closure and protective so that you can feel worry-free about your belongings falling accidentally without notice out of your wallet.

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14. YCM0201 Mens Magic Wallet Credit 5 Id Case Holder 10 Color Available By Y&G

There is no confusion here, I’m talking about magic wallet – a magical accessory that you can easily get in this real life. Actually, it’s construction is quite simple and a little bit minimal. There are two separated slides inside a magic wallet with 4 plastic pieces. The roles of these pieces are sticking the slides together meanwhile allow the wallet itself to open from both sides.

In reality, magic wallets aren’t a new item. There are tons of them on the market, but the reason I pick up this Y&G Magic Wallet is its quality. We all know that poor plastic pieces will waste our money on a wallet, not saying that it’s annoying as you have to buy another new one.

But with this wallet, just no doubt of its quality or it getting loose quickly. 4 plastic pieces are very sturdy, firm and well-made. They give great elasticity and can turn back to the original shape right immediately.

Besides, they also utilize Nappa Genuine Leather for this wallet. The texture is soft, comfortable and smooth with lightly distinct smell. Its durability is also shown through its strong stitching and sturdy form so that just feel ease in mind to put up your cards and cash.

Apart from this “magical” feature, the wallet also has 1 ID window and 4 card slots on the outside for extra storage. Another good thing about this Y&G Wallet is the enclosed free gift box.

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And yes, that’s the end of my collection, have you found your cool wallets for men yet? Don’t forget to share us your selection and hopefully, that selection is from this article. Good luck, bro!

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