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Best Zipper Wallets For Men Collection 2018

Nobody can deny how useful of the slim wallets: handy, compact and concise. What’s more? Convenient! Not only can you hold it easily in the palm of your hand, but also place it in any pocket.

However, in turn, the biggest drawback of slim wallets might be its limitation to accommodate coins or keys as they will be easily fall out. From that point, if you would like to get more protection and closure, let’s go for mens zipper wallets.

1. Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With ID Window, RFID Blocking

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I love it when this zippered wallet comes in small silhouette with only 4.53 x 3.55 inches, but its construction is pretty awesome because there is enough space to organize your EDCs (if you are a minimalist person). There are 5 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 zippered pocket and 1 bill compartment. 
If you carry less cards than 5, just take advantage of one of these slots for documents, bills or stuff like that. Its measurement is multifunctional enough to fit different kinds of belongings, which is another of my favorites.
Picking it, you don’t need to worry about the quality as well as its durability as this is a guaranteed feature by the manufacturer. They offer a 30-day warranty to cover any detects from manufacturing process.
You can also examine its material from the look to the touch by the lightly shiny and smooth cowhide leather. It’s soft but not too flimsy or weak to give up its shape. There’s still a reasonable sturdy feeling to protect your belongings while keep its form perfectly.
The same with its hardware, there’s a YKK zipper to hold your coins and keys securely. With other important cards such as bank cards, IDs, or driver license, its advanced RFID Blocking Technology will keep those hi-tech thieves at bay.
This material is embedded inside the wallet and covered all of its outer side to provide ultimate protection.

2. Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Zip Around Wallet ID Card Window Secure Zipper Bifold

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Alpine zippered wallets are famous for its great capacity. Going outside in, it might look similar to many common genuine leather wallets with plain design, small dimensions and a main zippered compartment in the center.

However, it’s full of life on the inside. There are 9 card slots with tight lining, precise cutting to be well-fitted any kinds of cards. If you don’t like to store cards, you can utilize one of them for folded bills and receipts. But the real fun is its particular compartment for ID card with easy operation.

And don’t worry that it would be tight as the wallet is designed with center flip card case to extend space.

In terms of dimensions, the whole measurements of the wallet are 4 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ x 3/4″, which is quite handy and slim. However, the only drawback is when full, it might be loft a little bit, which causes some inconvenient to place in the back pocket.

3. Admetus Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Zip-around Wallet with Elegant Gift

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The striking feature of these Admetus zip-around wallets is its material – Head layer cowhide Genuine leather, which is high quality and easy to clean. You just need to use your fingers or dry cloth to wipe away dirt or stain. Do similarly if there is any scratch appeared on the surface.

The total dimensions of the wallet are 12cmx9.5cmx2.5cm, which is a little bit thick and I don’t recommend to use it as a front pocket wallet. However, in turn, the space is really roomy to contain up to 12 cards, 1 ID card, lots of money and coins.

Characteristic leather mixing with shiny metal zipper releases a classic and luxury look, making the wallet itself stand out of the herb. Based on the feature of cowhide leather, it will get lighter and better with time.

With such benefits, this Admetus wallet is perfect for yourself or gift for your loved ones. The manufacturer also encloses an elegant gift box, as well, very convenient.

There’s just one thing you should take notice is maintenance. You should waterproof it regularly as well as prevent oil stains to keep the item last long.

4. Men’s Metal Zipper (Zip-around) Black Leather Wallet Kabana

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Unlike two zipped above, this is a tri-fold wallet, which means it has spacious space to enable to hold more of your valuables and documents. The design is very special with removable coin pocket, more than 10 card slots, 3 ID windows and many large compartments for cash and other documents like receipts, bills, etc.

You can store straight bills, or fold them and put in smaller pocket due to your own preference, but the space is really enormous to hold anything you want. Double stitching, high grade genuine leather and heavy-duty zipper makes the wallet very strong, closure and durable.

In terms of dimensions, the wallet is 3.9 x 4.9 inches. However, as this wallet has great capacity so that when full, it’s a little bit bulky.

5. Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With Front Pocket, RFID Blocking

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The on-point feature of Lethnic mens zip around wallet is the perfect combination between great capacity and handy measurements. The wallet makes use of the front side to integrate three outer slots, holding up to 5 cards. Going inside, apart from 1 large zippered compartment, there is one more special pocket with reasonable measurement to fit cards, folded bills, key or coin based on personal preference.

Thus, with this wallet, you are given a high customization with the maximum capacity is 10 cards, 15 bills, many coins or keys. One more impressive feature is the zipper, made of YKK with standard quality, delivering easy operation and high durability.

Talking about the material, the wallet is made of the finest genuine Indian cowhide leather to give a comfortable and soft hand-feel in addition to highly flexible and durable.

Besides, the manufacturer also attaches RFID Blocking material to prevent your personal information disclosure. And they enclose an elegant yet luxury gift box so you can utilize it as a perfect present for anyone.

There is just one drawback of this wallet is that it doesn’t have ID window for ID card.

6. RFID Blocking Wallet for Men, Large Capacity Black / Brown Leather with Zip Around Opening Trifold

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Move on with a mens zipper wallet from LackingOne featuring full-grain genuine leather and a stainless steel 3-sided zipper to not only deliver a superb durability, but also an ultimate closure. Other than keeping your belongings from dirt and dry, it also provides advanced RFID Shield with the ability to prevent modern thieves from using radio frequency identification scanners to steal your bank card data as well as other RFID important cards.

This piece is also designed perfectly to fit in either your back pocket or front pocket without bulk. Besides, it also doesn’t take much room when putting in your bag and backpack. Another good thing is its rounded-corner design to easily place in any space.

Only measured by 3.9″x4.8″x1″, but its interior is strikingly spacious, including 11 card slots (including 1 clear ID window) along with a snap pocket for keys, coins and other stuff like that. Other than that, there are 2 bill compartments and 1 inner zippered pocket for extra storage.

Last but not least, this feature will make you happy – 60-day trial-free guarantee that you can freely return this wallet without excuse if it doesn’t satisfy your demand and 2-year warranty for quality.

In other words, though LackingOne isn’t a very famous brand, they are very reliable to worth a try.

7. Buxton Men’s Expedition II Huntington Canvas RFID Blocking Zip-around Wallet

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If you don’t have such many things to carry, let’s opt for a slimmer and smaller wallet, like this Buxton for example. Differ from the LackingOne, it utilizes a combination of Polyurethane, Cotton and other fiber to cut off the weigh as well as deliver a decent look.

With this design, there are three colorways to opt for, including camouflage, olive and tan. But if you like a character, grungy and attractive design like me, try the camouflage which surely will make you stand out the crowd.

In terms of capacity, its interior consists of a snap-shut pocket, 3 card slots and 2 additional slips. I personally think such this construction is enough to fit up our everyday carry with basic essentials such as coins, cards, cash and maybe some more receipts in a neat and streamline way.

On top of that, it’s equipped with RFID Blocking Technology for the highest security.

8. Onstro RFID Blocking Zip Around Wallet for Men Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

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Onstro Wallet arrives in very a quality simple full-black packaging that you totally enable to make advantage of a perfect present box for someone special. Move on with the product, it is made out of 100% high-quality real cowhide leather with sophisticated and well-experienced craftmanship.

I personally think that it’s a should-have accessory for anyone who follows classy or vintage style. There’s just one colorway which is brown but combining with the smooth feeling touch and quality leather texture, it delivers a luxuriously vintage look to surely make you outstanding.

Though measured by 4.5″x 3.7″x1″, the construction of this wallet is very, very well-organized with 12 card slots (including 6 inner and 6 outer). There’s no bill compartment but you can make use of the major closure zippered pocket for this.

I want to talk a little bit about the 6 outer card slots which firstly help you to quickly access your regular card and secondly are very streamline to manage your cards in the best way. On the frontside, there is an additional button strap for both an elegant decorated detail and helping your cards to not fall out accidentally.

There’s one pity is its lack of RFID Shield so that for ultimate protection, you can buy extra RFID cards.

9. Bellroy Leather Card Pocket Wallet

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Bellroy is one of my favorite brands with their famous modern and future wallets to meet our nowadays demand, taste and need. There are two main things they always focus on which are function and slimness. If pay a bit attention, you will that their products usually come in very, very slim design with compact measurement to easily fit in any space, no matter it’s your front pocket, back pocket or backpack.

This mens zipper wallet is not an exception. It’s measured by 4 inches wide x 2.6 inches tall with simple design, curved-corner design, minimal construction and high-quality zipper. In terms of its leather texture, might I needn’t talk much if you already get familiar to Bellroy, very smooth, sturdy, durable and comfortable to touch.

Inside this piece, you can fit up 15 cards, some coins, folded bills and even a SIM card as other than card slots and the major zippered compartment, there is a special tiny pocket for SIM as well. Plus, its modern and elegant outlook, you can use it as a casual piece, travel wallet or a business accessory. It’s a versatile small zip wallet that bangs for your buck.

10. Men’s Wallet, Minimalist Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet With zipper pocket for men

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For those who are looking for a retro cowhide leather wallet, this piece is my high recommendation as its leather texture is very quality, soft and comfortable to touch. Besides, if this is your very first time trying Bthdhk’s products, just feel ease in mind as they provide 30-day money-back guarantee so that if you don’t satisfy with this wallet, just return it for no excuse.

Other than its beautiful outer performance, going inside, its interior is roomy and well-organized, consisting of 7 card slots, 2 ID windows, 3 additional slips, 1 full-length bill compartment, 2 tiny slots for SIM card or memory card and 1 removable zippered coin pocket. Thus, if you don’t depend on coins but just cards and cash, just detach this portion our of the wallet, which is convenient!

In terms of material, it is made out of genuine cowhide leather that still retains natural scratches from animal skin. Besides, as its high-quality leather, the material will get brighter and shinier from time to time.

11. Bifold Black Genuine Leather Scale Texture Zip-Around Wallet with a Chain

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This is one of my favorite biker wallets. The key characteristics is its removable chain with a belt loop so that you can hook this wallet to your belt or anywhere needed. Silver-tone metal chain combines with the finest genuine leather featuring natural wrinkles of animal skin to deliver a grungy, character and street vibe to mold up your biker outfit.

Take a look more in depth of its function, there are 4 card slots, 2 snap-shut coin pocket and 1 bill compartment. Such this streamline interior is enough to keep your belongings neat and secure, but the manufacturer also adds 1 more outer pocket for quick access your regular stuff.

in my opinion, it’s a perfect leather zip around wallet for any bikers or those who love street style.

As you can see from the article, there are many designs when it comes to mens zipper wallet that choosing the best one requires you to consider carefully. Apart from bearing on mind the material, the number of compartments or the quality of zipper, you need to have a look at its dimensions and price tag as well. Hope that this article will help you choose the best zip-around wallet for men.

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