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Best Vertical Wallets for Men & Women in 2021 – You Should Take a Look

Wallets usually consist of two major kinds: the vertical wallet for men and the horizontal. Between them, the vertical wallet is preferred more. My guess is, it looks neater and easier to access your essentials.

Womens and men’s vertical wallets arrive in different types to fit particular needs, demands, and preferences, which is why in this article, I’m going to list out the best models of each type, based on my own experience, to help you find out the most suitable one. Read on!

Our suggestions for the Best Vertical Wallet for Men and Women: 

01. Lethnic Mens Vertical Bifold Wallet, Crocodile Embossed Cowhide Genuine Leather, Super Slim – Free Engraving

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Start off this collection is a fantastic vertical wallet for men from Lethnic made in the USA. Bought it without much expectation than a good RFID wallet to secure my private information against hi-tech thieves during my upcoming business trip to Europe.

But after receiving it, this Rambo vertical bifold wallet is the cooler, more luxurious look and sophisticated than the truth that it’s made from imported cowhide leather. The material is soft, smooth to the touch, and up to now, it’s been 9 months of use with lots of abuse, it holds up pretty well with minimal wear and tears.

Besides, capacity is something worth mentioning. Though its whole measurements are a bit smaller than other usual bifold wallets, it can fit up to 12 precious cards, 15-20 bills or receipts, and some charges comfortably and neatly, thanks to 6 card slots, 1 long top compartment, and 4 functional pockets.

Everything is easy to access as well as put in. Moreover, the wallet itself is very slim after folded to stay neatly in my back pocket, no matter it’s skinny jeans or trousers. If this is your first time trying Lethnic’s product, rest assured as there is a warranty for them. All in all, if you love a vertical bifold wallet with a traditional appearance and luxurious look, this Lethnic product cannot be ignored.

For more cool Lethnic wallets, take a look at this collection.

02. Vaultskin Chelsea Ultra-Slim Leather Card-Protecting RFID Wallet

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To me, Vaulskin is like a statue of luxe in the mid-tier line. Their British-made mens vertical wallets are always stylish and refined with a perfect combination of convenience, elegance, and comfort. To refresh my old minimal wallet, I picked a Chelsea Front Pocket Design from this brand and was quite surprised by how affordable it was.

Made out of high-grade top-grain genuine Italian leather, its price tag is less than $25. If you’re a leather addict, might you know how expensive and luxurious Italian leather is? The material is durable and soft, offering a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Not only that, this vertical leather wallet comes up with many other benefits. For example, the equipped RFID Blocking Technology for great protection, or the smart strap for easy access should be mentioned. That’s a great deal for either yourself or a present for others.

Though slim and small, its construction is superbly neat and spacious compared to minimalist wallets’. You can fit up to 10 cards and some bills inside this wallet. Plus, thanks to its various compartments and slots, you can feel at ease in mind that there’s always a particular space for each type of your card. Highly recommend this vertical bifold wallet to you!!!

03. Lethnic Small Leather Trifold Wallet – Free Engraving – NOBLE

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With the cost of about 35$, you may think it is a little more expensive than other designs of vertical wallets for men in the market. However, if you know that this Lethnic vertical wallet for men is made of high-quality Nappa leather, you will decide to make this purchase immediately because it is a big bargain in the long run.

This material is durable and long-lasting. The longer you use this product, the more beautiful it becomes. Furthermore, the leather also offers an exquisite shape and smooth touch that remain over time. But the more outstanding feature of this product is that it has two extra small slots for holding micro SD and sim cards. In this vertical wallet for women, these small items stay in place without falling out of the wallet.

Talking about the pros of Lethnic mens vertical wallet, we cannot forget to mention the RFID blocking function. Most of Lethnic’s wallets are equipped with special technology that shields your private information from electronic pickpocketing.

Another good point of this wallet is that it has slim and minimalist construction. And the brand is willing to give you free personal engraving. Just send them your initials, name, or a lovely quote, they will help make your wallet unique and meaningful.

04. MONHINTY Men’s Genuine Leather Multi-Card – Long Vertical Bifold Wallet

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Monhinty is my favorite choice of all the time as a checkbook wallet or a travel wallet because of its external durability over time. I’ve been sticking to this for more than two years but until now, there’s no wear and tear at all.

There are two major elements that make this mens vertical wallet reach such that amazing long-lasting:

  1. Precious Italian leather and tough hand-stitching by the best artisans of Monhinty. Plus, with some proper maintenance, it’s sure to be a timeless piece in your bag.
  2. Another reason why I highly recommend this model to you is its super generous and streamline capacity – something that’s super contrasted to its minimal outlook. You’ve got 11 card slots, 3 bill compartments, 1 zippered pocket and 1 ID window.

See? They are enough for an abroad trip with many essentials like passport, card visits, flight tickets, boarding passes, and even your smartphone. I particularly love the extra spacious zippered full-length pocket because in other long wallets, either they don’t include it or the zipper of this pocket is very poor that after a maximumly 1 month, it starts to break.

This vertical leather wallet is not only huge enough for my smartphone or passport but also high-quality and secure enough that I am just worry-free of my valuable stuff accidentally falling out due to heaviness. Other than that, is a 100% satisfaction warranty to make you buy it with more confidence.

You may concern:

05. Timberland Mens Vertical Leather Wallet – Trifold Wallet With ID Window

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Made of genuine Italian leather with nice quality, this Timberland mens vertical wallet has a very affordable price – less than 25$. The best thing about this material is that it offers a smooth and soft texture for a better aesthetic look and feel. It is great to touch with your hands.

But the outstanding feature of this one is its trifold closure design as it can provide more room and space for your cards, bills, and coins than a bifold. Furthermore, the Timberland vertical leather wallet measures 4.25 x 3.5 that fits in your pocket when folded twice.

In terms of capacity, this one has 2 slip pockets, 6 card slots, 2 cash pockets and an ID window that are enough for you to carry everything you need.

06. Lethnic Minimalist Vertical Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather – Free Engraving

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Thanks to the minimalist design and high-quality material, this Lethnic vertical leather wallet has 3 in 1 combination: comfort, convenience, and aesthetic. Let me explain more! The material of this product is high-quality waxy-based/oiled pure leather that offers great flexibility, durability, and soft grip. Furthermore, the impressive and sophisticated look will complete any outfit, helping you gain confidence with this wallet.

This vertical leather wallet boasts a small size – just 4.33 x 3.15 inches but it can keep up to 15 cards and lots of money without the bulk. No matter how much money you put in this wallet, it can still fit neatly and comfortably in your pocket and require less space in your bag.

Also, designed with a button strap, the wallet keeps everything safe in place. The RFID blocking function is added as well to provide more protection for your cards and personal information. Another good point of this wallet is that it has slim and minimalist construction. And the brand is willing to give you free personal engraving. Just send them your initials, name, or a lovely quote, they will help make your wallet unique and meaningful.

07. Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet – Free Engraving

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As you can see, Lethnic always provides great products with affordable prices and high quality. The Lethnic vertical leather wallet is the best slim product with a minimalist design for men. This one is an ideal choice for businessmen as it has a small slim size for convenient carrying and a large capacity for holding everything you need. Thanks to 2-3 money pockets, 1 ID window, and 4-5 card slots, your cards, money, and photo are kept in an organized manner.

However, unlike other business wallets with boring designs, the Lethnic owns a trendy and fashionable look with a luxury feel brought by high-quality leather. Therefore, it can satisfy even the picky customers. The leather is durable and resistant to tear and wear.

Because this vertical leather wallet comes in a nice package, it can be considered as a great gift you’re your family, friends, and your loved ones.

08. Ariat Men’s Triangle Top Rodeo – Vertical Wallet For Men

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To change the style for a vertical wallet for men, I replaced my previous one with Ariat. I love the style and design of this product, as on the front of the brown leather is a scalloped brown overlay with an ornate silver Concho. This appearance gives this one a unique beauty that will definitely win your heart.

Besides the beauty, Ariat also has a great capacity with multiple card slots, a removable picture holder, and a clear driver’s license. Although this one is designed with fold closure, everything is safe and secure in the wallet. The measurement of 6.5 x 3.5 inches is small enough for you to put this wallet in your bag. The best thing is that this men’s vertical wallet is hand washable.

The price of this Ariat triangle vertical leather wallet is 40-50$ which is quite more expensive than other products. However, considering the unique design and durability, this one is worth trying.

09. Herschel Unisex Raven RFID | Mens Vertical Wallet Card Holder

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While other wallets are feminine or masculine, this vertical bifold wallet with unisex design suits both men and women. There are three designs for you to choose from and each one has its own beauty.
In fact, when I bought this product, I expected nothing more than the adorable unisex style and RFID blocking layer for protection against information scanning. However, after using it for weeks and years, I was very satisfied with the purchase.

One of the pros is that it is made of 100% polyester. Although it isn’t leather, its durability isn’t a joke. The Herschel vertical wallet for men and women withstand the test of time. The more you use this product, the more pleased you are.

Furthermore, featuring multiple slots, this mens vertical wallet can hold everything you need daily including cards, money, and other small stuff. Because of the slim design, you can put it in your pocket for convenience. I hope the money clip would loosen a bit after use. But for a decent wallet for cards and money, Herschel is highly recommended.

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10. HOJ Co. DEER Long Bifold Wallet | Full Grain Leather

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My first impression on HOJCO. DEER long bifold vertical leather wallet is its delicate whitetail deer graphic embossed in full-grain leather. That gives this product an attractive vintage appearance.

One of the pros and outstanding features of this wallet brand is its uniqueness. Besides the embossed graphic art, each product of this brand is different and unique in grain variance and color shading of premium grade leather. The material ensures great durability during use.

In terms of capacity, there are 9 card slots, a clear ID Window, and 4 full cash pockets. You can carry anything with this wallet without feeling any bulk or discomfort. The price of this product is less than 50$. It isn’t too expensive when we consider the design and quality of this brand.

11. LETHNIC Handmade Leather Business Card Holder For Women – Free Engraving

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As you can see, 95% of Lethnic’s products are handcrafts that embrace an excellently distinctive look and unique design. So, if you want to find a special gift for your friends, your family or your loved one, Lethnic never goes wrong. Featuring the elegant and feminine design with beautiful logo embossing, this Handmade Business Card Holder suits women’s style, completing their beauty and adding luxury to their outfit.

This piece is made of premium genuine leather – the sturdiest material that not only ensures the great resistance to damage but also remains the wallet’s beauty. I love the soft and rough texture with a smooth feel, but the outstanding feature is contrasting and meticulous stitches in edges that offer solidness and durability.

Furthermore, despite the small measurement of 3.2 x 4.3 inches, 6 inner slots of this mens vertical wallet can hold your necessary IDs and regular cards without causing any damage to your cards.

12. Levi’s Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet

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This Levi’s vertical wallet for men is made of polyurethane and leather. Although it isn’t 100% leather like other products, I really think it is a great material combination with a perfect ratio to reduce the cost and ensure the quality.

The wallet is durable and long-lasting. Using this one for months, I haven’t seen any tear or wear. Furthermore, featuring durable tonal topstitching and an elegant signature logo, Levi offers a trendy and masculine look for men.

When it comes to the capacity, there are multiple pockets for your cash, cards, and small stuff. Also, the magnetic money clip is wide enough to hold money safely and securely. Overall, Levi is the best vertical wallet for men you should not ignore.

13. Toughergun Womens RFID Blocking Genuine Leather

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Another top-rated vertical leather wallet I would like to recommend here comes from the Toughergun brand.
In terms of material, there are two options for customers: crosshatch leather and grain leather. Although the grain leather looks softer and smoother than the crosshatch leather with a rough texture, both of them come with high quality, gorgeous look, and luxurious feel. They are durable and beautiful over time.

A big plus of this Toughergun vertical wallet for men is its large capacity. Besides 20 card slots and 1 large zippered slot for check, notes, and change, this product has an exceptionally large unzipped slot that fits up to iPhone Xs Max. Your personal information is safe thanks to the RFID blocking technology.

If you are interested in this brand, there are more than 45 colors for your choice. Therefore, I guarantee that you will find the most suitable ones.

14. FIDELO Minimalist Vertical Wallet for Men – Vertical Leather Wallet

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Fearing an exclusive 3-piece design, Fidelo Minimalist Vertical Wallet For Men has a removable leather case, 2 money clip bands and RFID protecting cardholder. The best thing is that the content in this hybrid kit can be used separately or together.

With this vertical wallet for men, you can hold cash, credit cards, ID and receipts. Furthermore, thanks to the small size of 4.3 x 2.6 inches, this product can fit neatly and comfortably in any shorts, pants, jacket, or shirt pockets.

The outstanding pros of Fidelo cannot exclude a premium RFID blocking function that saves your vital private information in the wallet. The thing I love most is the push of a button as we can use 1 finger to access the cards and cash. So, it is an excellent purchase I highly recommended.

15. FUNTOR Leather Vertical Wallet For Men/ Women

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FT Function vertical leather wallet is a great product for women with a minimalist design. Thanks to the measurement of 4.2 x 3.55 x 0.6 inches, this wallet can fit in any pocket perfectly and neatly. Despite the small size, 1 full-length compartment, 1 picture slot, 1 zippered coin pocket, and 6 card slots can help you hold lots of money, several cards, and even coins in an organized manner.

Furthermore, although this FT Function has a cheap price – less than 10$, the durability is still as good as other wallets at an expensive cost. The first reason is that this wallet is made of high-quality cowhide genuine leather. Secondly, the well-built construction with neat edge cutting and streamlined double stitching contributes to the longevity of this wallet.

Don’t forget to mention the RFID blocking layer that keeps your vital personal information shielded in the wallet. To meet the fashion taste of women, ladies, and young girls, this vertical bifold wallet comes with a variety of color options for your choice. So, feel free to pick the best one.

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16. Bullcaptain Large Capacity Genuine Leather Vertical Bifold Wallet/Credit Card Holder for Men

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Bullcaptain is a mid-price range specialized in streetwear that I think many people who are following this fashion style should try at least once. My choice is choosing one mens vertical wallet in full-brown as with less than only $30, I can get a genuine leather wallet made out of top layer of cowhide skin, which is quite a big deal to me.
Because of such high-quality material, it’s obviously soft and smooth to the touch. Besides, with no metal rivets or buckles to bulge up its silhouette, the wallet is a perfect choice for minimal individuals who love sophisticated luxe without many redundantly decorative details.

Its minimalism is also shown through the measurement – only 3.4 x 0.9 x 4.4 inches – to perfectly be one of your travel essentials or simply toss in your back pocket for daily use. However, its generous capacity with a well-organized interior is something that shocks me significantly because in fact, I can put in 10+ cards and many bills without sign of bulk or tightness. A small advanced feature than the Lethnic above is the extra ID window for my IDs, driver’s license or sometimes is my family photo.

With nice packaging, I think it’s a good ideal as well to gift this to your beloved people. So, if you still have no idea of which present to choose for that one, consider this.

If bifold wallets are what you’re all about, this collection might be your concern.

17. Alpine Swiss RFID Business Card Case Wallet

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Despite its freakily affordable price, this vertical bifold wallet from Alpine Swiss is like a representation of a modern, convenient lifestyle with much improvement to fit our bustling life. But what’s worth mentioning the most out of the bunch should be its partly opened bill compartment for easier access.

It fits my need like a glove because I usually end up keeping a lot of cards inside my poor wallet, which budges it up significantly so, anything flimsy and easy-to-tear like paper currency or bills are now even harder to put in. Thanks to this small advanced, it helps my daily life much easier to breathe.

Speaking of capacity, the wallet gives you lots of space to accommodate your stuff inside 6 card slots, and 1 outer slot with a thumb cut-out. But once you decide to carry around such that huge-volume stuff, it’s obvious to accept the truth that the wallet is going to be bulky when tossing into your back pockets.

But I’m glad that at least, it can vary my demand of storage, and besides, there’s an RFID Shield for better privacy protection. Even if you are seeking for one special gift, this vertical wallet for men comes in an elegant package. In general, I’m quite satisfied with this buddy.

18. MEKU RFID Blocking Wallet Slim Front Pocket Leather Card Holder

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The final vertical leather wallet in this collection is a super slim wallet from Meku. I bet you’ll be extremely amazed by its ultra-slim measurements – only 0,1 inches thickness, which is as slim as a coin. Also, the compact dimension in average size makes it easier to put inside pant pockets, small purses or even carry in the palm of your hands.

Take a closer look, there are 3 card slots on one side and an ID on another side. Even after cramped, this little bad boy is still enabled you to stay neatly in your back, front, or chest pocket without bulk. After breaking in, it will fit snugly to your essentials without fear of tearing the thread.

Though this vertical wallet for men is affordable, it also provides a secure RFID Shield to protect your private information against 21st-century thieves. This is a durable, affordable wallet that any minimalist people shouldn’t dismiss. That’s also the reason why it’s a great idea of a present for somebody you love.

19. Women’s Luxury RFID Vertical Bifold Wallet | Multi Card Case Purse with Zipper Pocket

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This wallet is super convenient for shopping because you don’t need to hold your smartphone on one hand and a wallet on the other. Instead, this compact vertical bifold wallet can keep all in one and even keep your hands free.

It provides 17 card slots for all of your bank cards and member cards. Besides, there are two-sided zippered pockets that are spacious enough for your checkbook and smartphone. Finally, to keep them closed when not in use, the dual snap-button strap will take this role.

But that’s not all about this wallet. To keep your hands free, there’s a sturdy wrist strap on top of the wallet. Particularly, you can remove it when not in need. What’s worthy the most is the secure RFID Blocking Technology – a must-have feature of any travel wallet.

Another thing that I really appreciate is the packaging – very luxurious and elegant that you can take advantage of as a nice present box. Still, the best thing is its 6-month money-back guarantee. Good to go!

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This collection is temporarily ended. However, I’ll keep upgrading more vertical wallets here to vary your choices more. Hope this article is helpful for you and thanks for reading!

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