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Best Travel Wallets for Men in this 2021

I never used to be a fan of travel wallets as I thought they were just a waste of money and fussed. Just a normal bifold wallet was enough, why I had to get it. But sooner, I gradually got my answer after a few times taking international flights, my passport began to be battered, get some wrinkles and its corners were nearly fallen apart.

Another inconvenient thing is that with international flights, you aren’t allowed to use a mobile boarding pass, which means you have to carry a bunch of documents and notes. Importantly, they are not ordinary documents, they are essential enough to cancel your flight if you accidentally lost them.

Not saying that, when I traveled with my partners, it was shameful to take out an old passport full of wrinkles in front of my friends. That’s why I started to look into some passport holders and travel wallets. At first, I thought they were just something out of fashion for passport covering and my essentials’ storage. But I was seriously wrong. There are tons of designs, colors, shapes with an eye-catching outlook plus great functionality.

And with all my sincerity, I advise you to also get at least one to keep your passport and other important documents streamlined. If you have no idea about which are good to drop your money on, have a look at my collection of the best travel wallets for men.

Our list for the best travel wallet for both women and men:

01. Lethnic Passport Holder, 100% Handmade and Hand-Painted on Genuine Leather 

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What have you prepared for your travel trip?

Clothes, shoes, essential stuff, camera… And how about a cool passport cover? If you focus on fashion significantly, don’t just look for a basic cover. Instead, why not change it into one of your unique accessories? A masculine passport cover wallet will nail up your airport fashion taste, make you confident, and on the other hand, give you more wonderful pictures to memorize your trip.

With this Lethnic, there’s an amazing compromise of design, protection, and function. Take a look at it, the hand-painted world map image is superbly delicate and one of a kind. It’s created from eco-friendly paints with extra crystal glue on the outside for better longevity. Plus, the premium genuine cowhide leather brings a nice feeling touch and its light shine matches perfectly with the image to deliver a distinctive luxe.

Going inside, it’s super well-organized with 1 passport pouch, 5 card slots, 3 bill compartment,s and 1 SIM card slot. On the other hand, it’s covered by the RFID Blocking Technology to save you from hi-tech thieves, especially when traveling to European countries.

Two colorways to choose from: silver and gold that are both easy to style with. On top of that, there’s a 1-year warranty provided if you buy the product.

02. Lethnic Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet (World Map)

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If you are a regular reader of BestWalletReview, chances do you realize how often I remind this brand on my collections. They are a new brand, though, they make my favorite wallets. I do appreciate how hard working they have been to provide such fantastic products with the perfect compromise of designs and functionality. A typical example is this leather passport wallet.

Actually, it’s not only an ordinary passport holder, but also a slim wallet that integrates many compartments with different sizes to opt for various stuff, such as boarding passes, tickets, local currency, dollars, cards, and even SIM card or memory card.

Though I have to fold my bills to fit this wallet, a compliment is it having up to three compartments for currency so I can streamline and organize my local currency, dollars, and other documents very well. It also helps me find what I need more quickly, especially when I’m in a hurry.

Not only come up with strong stitching and nice linings, but the travel wallet passport also hooks my eyes for its outer performance. There are 4 designs, but let me talk to you about mine, which is the World Map passport holder. Based on the information from Lethnic, the World Map image on the outside was made by advanced laser cutting technology. That’s why the cutting line is very clean, even, and beautiful.

Besides, its material – cowhide genuine leather – is a plus point, very soft and comfortable touch. Particularly, there are RFID Blocking Technology added to this travel wallet organizer, which I think is a must-have feature for those travel wallets as it helps to protect your personal information against disclosure.

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03. Fashion Running Belt – Travel Money Belt with Zipper Pockets

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Do you know that the Eazymate brand has produced many products with the latest trends and fashionable designs? So, seeing this mens travel wallet belt, I want to buy it immediately. Because of the innovative design of a wallet and belt in an excellent combination, this item meets your sense of style no matter where you go – the gym, the beach, scaling a mountain, riding in a bike, shopping, or enjoying outdoor activities.

In terms of capacity, you can put your money, car keys, cards, passport, or your separate wallet in two large pockets. The best thing is that because of the multi-size, zipper pockets of this belt can fit many kinds of smartphones. There are S/M/X/XL sizes; therefore, you can pick the best travel wallet for your choice.

Feel worry-free about the security because the pockets of this fashion running belt are designed with zipper closure that keeps everything in place. Furthermore, the Spandex Lycra material comes with high quality. The material is soft as silk and fits your waist perfectly without feeling bulky.

Overall, it is the best travel wallet for hiking, sports, traveling, or cycling. Wearing this wallet, you can enjoy a hands-free traveling experience.

04. Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Neck Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Wallet

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This is a great functional organizer for those who like a low-profile with ultra-slim design to stay under their clothes plus protect their valuable belongings from potential thieves. As it is designed as a hidden item to travelers, its outer look is so-so. The manufacturer focused more on its functionality and this is also its biggest advantage.

The whole wallet is made from the brand’s special TravelDry fabric with self-repairing zippers and strong rip-stop nylon. Might you already know about the rip-stop nylon and self-repairing zippers for their superb durability, convenience and water resistance? Hence, I will talk more about the special TravelDry fabric, which is a one-of-a-kind material to enable to wick moisture away as well as resist mildew, odors, and shrinking.

I like this feature the most as it helps me feel comfortable all day, even when I wore it on hot days and sweated a lot. Although slim, this neck wallet comes up with a spacious capacity to accommodate many coins, cards, bills, documents, electronics, and stuff like that. Like Lethnic Passport Holder, this Lewis N. Clark is added RFID Blocking Material.

05. Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet with RFID Blocker

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This travel wallet passport from Shacke works very well although the price is only about 15$. This product features not only a decent quality but also a large capacity for the travel experience. It can hold up to 12 credit cards, plenty of paper money, and two passports.

The best thing about this Shacke product has an excellent design to be hidden between your underwear and your pants by strapping it to your belt loop. So, when you are on a go with this best travel wallet, no one can see that you are wearing it.

To enhance the security and protection for your wallet’s belongings from scanning, the RFID blocking function cannot be missed as a bonus. The Shacke travel belt wallet is made of nylon, but its durability is as good as leather. However, time will tell how long-lasting it lasts.

06. Cloudz : RFID Protection Travel Wrist Wallet – Black

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The Cloudz travel wrist wallet has a unisex style; therefore, it can fit both women and men. This product provides easy access to cards or cash even when you are riding. The design is a little rigid; therefore, you can easily get cards or money in or out of the wallet with only one hand.

The convenient storage is another good point of this brand because it is large enough to store your currency, credit cards, keys, ID, and other belongings you need for your traveling. The Cloudz travel wallet organizer ensures great security because of RFID blocking technology and secure zipper closure. Your belongings are secure and safe inside the wallet.

You can keep this mens travel wallet hidden under your sleeve and feel worry-free about its safety. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for the winter because wearing it makes my wrist warm.

07. Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet Passport & Documents Organizer Zipper Case

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Although it doesn’t have an innovative or unique design like other products, this one is still the best travel wallet passport for your traveling purpose.

The large coverage is the best thing about this Zoppen travel wallet organizer. Featuring 1 mesh bag, 6 card slot, 2 zipper bags, 1 pen holder, 1 boarding pass pocket, 2 passport pouches, and 1 key chain, it has plenty of space and room for your travel essentials such as a boarding pass, passport, pen, invoice, tickets, coins, checkbook, money, keys, and documents.

Especially, the key chain is removable for convenience. In addition, the removal wristlet allows you to carry this wallet around your wrist to everywhere you go without losing your stuff. Because this wallet is used to hold your cards, its good points and outstanding features include the RFID blocking technology that protects your private and personal information from scanning.

Furthermore, the nylon fabric material is super durable with great water-proofing, puncture proofing, and stain resistance. Therefore, with this mens travel wallet, your traveling is worry-free.

08. Elfish RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector Aluminum ID Case

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Looking at its luxurious outer performance, might you think this card protector is very expensive, but no, it comes off very affordable price. In this modern life, we all know that identity thieves are more and more, which means the risks of losing personal information or bank details get higher and higher.

Just imagine if you were unluckily a victim of ID stolen, there would be tons of inconvenience like waiting for hours of canceling your bank cards or always anxiety over identity thieves. Not saying that, if you travel abroad, there must be even worse.

That’s why I always remind you to opt for those RFID travel purses. This security wallet from Elfish is my high recommendation. Firstly, for its perfect RFID Blocking ability. This card protector can block any RFID signals in both 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz Frequency. To that end, whether it is your bank cards, ID cards or your hotel passing cards and badges, they will all be safe against hi-tech thieves.

Next is its sturdy construction. As made from high-quality material, this wallet is not only strong and hard but also very durable to keep your cards safe against breaking or bending. It features 7 card slots, but you can accommodate up to 9 cards or utilizes some of them as money storage.

You will love their playful colorway, as well if you are a person who loves to show up your characteristic personality or stand out from the crowd.

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09. Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket – Cashsafe Anti-Theft Wallet – Non-Metal Buckle by RoomierLife

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I remember the first time I saw this “wallet”, it totally blew my mind. It’s fun and interesting! Like you are going to play hide and seek with thieves. Haha. But honestly, I appreciate its ability to secure our valuables thanks to its invisible pockets.

This belt wallet, it’s really a multi-functional item. You can wear it as a genuine belt to hold your jeans or trousers as well as keep some small valuable stuff inside like cash and regular cards. When in need, just put your hands to the pocket as the belt is made from high-quality elastic material.

That said, this belt can fit any hip sizes no matter you’re chubby or thin. In terms of the secret zippered pocket, it is long and roomy enough to fit up your ID card, bank cards and some cash. Talking about the hardware, they are all made from YKK for the highest durability and longevity.

All in all, I really like this idea. It’s compact, protective and those thieves, don’t even dream that your valuables are stored there.

10. Leather Long Best Travel Wallet With Snap Button

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Talking about wallet products, Lethnic should be mentioned as a well-known reputational brand. Lethnic has produced many kinds of wallets with different designs and features that serve various customer’s needs and requirements.

When it comes to mens travel wallet, the Lethnic long wallet made of leather is an ideal choice. First of all, I was impressed at how luxurious it is with the Saffiano cowhide leather material and black color. The material not only brings elegant beauty but also offers great durability and nice resistance of water, scratches, and stains.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best travel wallet that holds many cards, this one is also highly recommended. This wallet has 1 full-length compartment, 5 long compartments and 17 card slots that can store your traveling essentials such as receipts, cards, coins, checkbooks, bills, and even smartphone.

Although it features a large coverage, the measurement is only 7.7 x 4 inches. So, you can comfortably hold it in your hands or simply put it in your bag. Thanks to the snap button design, everything is secure inside the wallet without falling or missing.

Because it holds your cards, the RFID blocking function is added to protect your private information from scanning.

11. Leather Passport Holder for Men & Women – Genuine Wallet Case

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Do you wonder whether there is any affordable travel wallet with high quality and great durability? Go for Genuine Travel Wallet Passport. Made of 100% natural full grain genuine leather and manufactured in Europe, this wallet lasts for years.

This item comes with the highest quality that is much better than other products at the same price. It not only satisfies your fashion sense but also meets your traveling purposes. When it comes to capacity, it can store 1 or 2 passports. Furthermore, it can also hold your driver’s license, ID card, some credit and business cards.

A strap is designed to keep everything in place and provide easy access to your important documents and stuff within seconds. Thanks to excellent durability, spacious storage, and fashionable design, no one can resist the love for this product. As this travel neck wallet is designed based on the unisex style, it is a great choice for both men and women. Never mind it doesn’t feature RFID blocking.

12. RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Credit Card Case Holder Security Best Travel Wallet

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If you want the travel wallet organizer with RFID blocking technology, opt for Hide & Co. leather product. The RFID blocking shielding function protects your private and valuable information from scanning.

Also, because of the genuine leather material, this product not only has an elegant style but also offers great durability and resistance. Due to the tough stitching made by skillful artisans, this crated wallet’s beauty withstands the test of age.

Thanks to the zipper closure, your belongings, and stuff are secure and safe in the wallet without falling. Because there are multiple separate slots and compartments, you can keep your cards organized. It is a great purchase if you have to bring many cards with you. It is also a great gift as it comes with a beautiful package.

Nothing to complain about this product. The price of this travel wallet organizer is stunningly affordable.

13. Men’s Functional RFID Leather Travel Wallet Passport Holder – Bifold Wallet

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The POLARE ORIGINAL mens travel wallet is made of full-grain leather and designed with Italian design; therefore, it has luxurious beauty and lasts for over 15 years. This product comes with the highest quality as the Italian leather is supple, strong, and durable.

In terms of capacity, it features 1 money pocket, 3 passport slots, and 3 card slots. Because of the smooth bi-fold design, this wallet offers easy access to your belongings and stuff. Furthermore, adding the RFID blocking technology, your personal and private information is secure inside the wallet.

If you love the minimalist product, this one is highly recommended. As the size is only 3.94 x 5.7 inches, you can easily put it in your pocket or your bag without feeling bulky.

14. Travelon World Travel Essentials Set Of 2 Currency and Passport Organizers

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At the price range of less than 20$, Travelon also comes with decent quality and meets your needs. There are multiple pockets for storing your traveling essentials and stuff but 2 RFID blocking pouches are ideal to hold your cards, passport, and currency. This technology works smoothly to protect your private information from scanning.

In terms of measurement and capacity, this mens travel wallet features a slim design. However, the coverage is roomy enough to hold your cards, train tickets, money, receipts, and other traveling stuff.

The material also ensures great durability and withstands the test of time. It is water-resistant; therefore feel-worry-free when you want to bring this wallet in the rainy weather.

15. Victorinox Mens Passport Holder with RFID Protection

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Victorinox travel wallet features a slim and minimalist style with a measurement of 4 x 0.5 x 5.5 inches. Despite the small size, its coverage still has 3 card slots and 1 interior slip for holding your daily essentials. Therefore, you can store not only passports but also your business and credit cards.

Another bonus is RFID protection as it keeps your personal and private information from unwanted scanning. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the falling problem if you use this wallet to store your cards and passport. The elastic band design to keep your stuff secure and safe in the wallet.

Overall, it is the best travel wallet for holding passports and cards you can pick up. There are several color options for your choice and not only men but also women can fall in love with this item.

16. Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket Travel Wallet Organizer, Khaki

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Eagle Creek undercover hidden pocket is the best travel wallet for maximum security. Unlike a travel neck wallet, this pouch can be hidden under your pants slipping onto your belt. The best thing is that if the color of this pouch blends well with the belt loop in coffee and black. It camouflages the wallet from the pickpocket.

Because the nylon material is lightweight, durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, money, passport and other your belongings stay dry and safe in this wallet. In terms of capacity, this product features two inner pockets and one main pocket; so, you can store your money and important documents.

Due to the lightweight material and small design with a measurement of 6.5 x 4.5 inches, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience when carrying this wallet. There is no bulk at all. Highly recommended.

17. Ryaco Best Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking, Passport Holder

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Seeing the price tag of less than 10$, I hesitated at the purchase and expected nothing more than the RFID blocking function. However, if you give it a try, you can feel satisfied with your choice. Despite the cheap cost, this Ryaco travel wallet organizer comes with decent quality and outstanding features.

Because it has a design of a belt and a large pouch in combination, it offers great convenience and comfort when you go running, traveling, or doing sports.

The mesh panel can be wrapped around your waist while three zippered pockets are large enough to hold your debit cards, credit cards, ID cards, money, passports, boarding passes, and even your smartphone. It also has an earphone hole – a distinctive design for your enjoyable traveling experience.

Furthermore, the rip-stop nylon material is a bonus as it is water-resistant and RFID Shielding.

These 17 best travel wallets for men in my collection are all from trustful brands that I have already tested for a while so, you can feel ease in mind to give it a try. I believe that with such various designs, types and functions, you will find out at least one for your next wardrobe item. Goodluck!


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