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Best Small Wallets for Men To Slim Down Your Pockets [Updated 2021]

Forget the thick, big wallets. The time for slim, small wallets for men with functional properties has come and become a new trend over the world. When it comes to the choice for men, it would be excellent because of the comfort, style, and practical features.

However, due to many brands with various designs and styles being made, finding the best one isn’t as easy as we thought. We may have heard of money clips, slim bi-fold wallets, card wallets, front pocket wallets,s and a thousand different names for wallets.

As a consumer, we always want to seek the best small mens wallet with minimal, clean, and simple designs and great durability. To help you make a good decision, I have listed the top-rated products that come from trustworthy brands and fit your needs. Now let’s find out the great list of the best small wallets for men that make us go crazy.

Here are the best small wallets for men in 2021:

01. Lethnic Leather Bifold Wallets For Men Thin Slim Wallet – Free Engraving – Mini Bloss

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If you are interested in the small leather wallet for men, Lethnic is one of the famous brands for your choice.
Made of genuine cowhide leather, it offers a nicely rough and soft feeling. This high-quality material ensures great durability that withstands the testing of time and allows you to use this wallet as long as you can.

The design of this small mens wallet is minimalist but functional. It comprises several compartments for item arrangement. For example, the top full-length money compartment can be used for bills and receipts, others can be separated into 1 photo compartment, 5 card slots.

Furthermore, the 4.3 x 3.3 inches measurement and flat design reduce unnecessary bulk to make it ideal for daily adventures and traveling. Carrying this small mens wallet, you can totally believe that your financial and personal information is safe. This is because the designed RFID Shield provides highly valuable identity thief protection; so, no one can steal your wallet.

Compared with most wallets designed to keep a few things and leave a bulk, this product offers a slim profile and generous capacity at the same time. As you can see, Lethnic leather bifold wallets for men will be the best investment you have ever made.

02. Lethnic Small Leather Wallet Credit Card Holder

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If you want something that has a simple construction, minimalist design but the generous capacity of a bifold, ask the Lethnic brand. There are 1 half-open pocket, 2 card slots, 1 slip, and 1 functional slot for you to keep 5-7 folded bills and 7-9 cards inside.

The material of this small credit card wallet is rosewood leather with top-quality for not only visual aspects but also for extreme durability. It also brings its product a stylish and luxurious look for both men and women of any age.

Furthermore, with the size of only 2.95 x 4.33 inches, it is super comfortable and practical to be carried in your pockets. There is no need to worry about thief stealing because the advanced RIFD blocking technology keeps our valuable information in credit cards, debit cards, and driver’s licenses safe.

All in all, this best small wallet from Lethnic brand is a great product that comes with high quality and trendy style. If you are searching for a special gift for the upcoming event, this one must be your best option. If you are seeking for one meaningful gift, the brand is willing to support you with free engraving for some words, names, or a lovely quote to your loved one. So lovely, isn’t it?

03. Money Clip, Front Pocket Small Mens Wallet From kinzd

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Kinzd brand isn’t as famous and well-known as Lethnic but asking for the small wallet with a money clip that ensures the minimum thickness, you should consider it. Made of luxurious vintage leather, this small travel wallet not only looks fashionable and classical with natural retro beauty but also withstands tear and wear. Scratching the surface of the leather doesn’t leave any damage. Although time is the only thing to test the durability, I guess this one will last long.

The best thing is that well-built 4pcs magnets allow you to hold many cards and cashes tightly without adding any bulk. That makes it become a better choice than normal wallets designed with only 2pcs magnets. Keeping your money and vital cards in this wallet, you can be assured that all information is safe, and no one can use unauthorized scanning, thanks to the RFID blocking technology.

So, get rid of your Costanza-style back pocket wallet and go for the revolution. You should feel free to give this butt mini wallet a try. You won’t feel disappointed at all.

04. Front Pocket Small Wallets for Men From Protectif

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For those who have heard about the Protectif brand for men wallets, one criteria you should consider this product lies in awesome protection from scanning and pickpocketing. This one can protect your money and cards against unauthorized NFC, RFID, and BLE Scans.

Besides the protection, it is what I am looking for when it comes to a small wallet with a simple but practical design. Despite the small size of 3.25 x 4.675 x 0.2 inches, this one has enough slots and spaces for cards, money, driver’s license card, and coins. It fits both your back and front-back pocket perfectly, reducing the back pain.

Made of top-quality genuine leather and well-built strong construction with tight, neat stitching, this small credit card wallet shows no loose seams or damage. Moreover, the zipper is designed with an attached metal tag and it makes closing and opening smoother and easier than other normal wallets.

Thanks to these awesome and outstanding features, this front pocket small wallet for men from Protectif is highly recommended for all men.

05. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet From Lethnic – Free Engraving

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While most small wallets for men boast a simple and classic design that may be boring for some people, this one can combine simplicity and fashion at the same place. It is suitable for a business setting. I can tell you why now.

Made of 100% waxed genuine leather, this Lethnic small leather wallet for men can satisfy even the picky customers. It is great to feel the luxury style and trendy look in this product. Carrying this one in your pocket can complete your fashionable outfit.

Despite the small measurement of 4.33 x 2.95  inches, this slim wallet can hold everything you want in 1 photo slot, 7 slots for cards, and folded money. This size is small enough to be kept in your front pocket without feeling any extra bulk.

Furthermore, the RFID works perfectly, and you won’t have any problems with the RFID interfering with credit card strips. Therefore, if you are looking for something that has an aesthetically smooth and sleek style, roomy capacity, and proper fit in your front pocket, we highly recommend you take a closer look at this best small wallet.

06. Slim Money Clip Wallet for Men, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window – Free Engraving

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The next should have small mens wallet is the one from the Lethnic brand. This wallet is made from premium genuine leather, which has a luxury look and unique style. It will be your best accessory ever. The leather is top quality, so you can use for a long time without any scratches or problem.

To be honest, I like this wallet because of its dimensions, which is not too big or small. It is quite compact to carry in our pockets. Besides, it enables to hold a lot of stuff. With only one wallet, I can bring all the necessary things with me without looking bulky.

When using a wallet, most people are afraid of stealing the private information of ID cards. Therefore, apart from the fashion factor, we usually pay more attention to RFID protection capacity. Fortunately, this Lethnic wallet has that function, so we can feel free to bring our wallets to everywhere we want. At an affordable price, I believe that this small credit card wallet is ideal for every man.

07. Slim Wallet with Money Clip Minimalist Bifold Wallet From Kinzd

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Leather small wallets for men sometimes can be expensive and unaffordable for some people. Most cheap products come in poor quality and they show tear and wear after a couple of days or weeks. Don’t give up hope. If you said no wallet at a cheap price has a good quality, you might not hear about Kinzd small wallets for men.

Costing less than 9$, this product is the most durable and long-lasting. Made of the highest quality genuine leather, this one can last long without necessary replacement. The best thing about this material is that it is water-resistant. Therefore, even when you carry it on rainy days, there is no need to worry about water seeping into the wallet and damage your money and cards.

The manufactures of Kinzd care about the quality of their product not only in their material but also in the design since their items are made with clean and sturdy stitching and strong construction to prevent any tear and wear.
There are multiple slots for cash, cards and other contents including 8 hidden slots, 2 outside pockets, and 1 quick access front pocket. Furthermore, it also features a metal money clip that can hold a bit of money. These slots and pockets are placed in an orderly manner, which allows you to remember where you keep cards easily.

Kinzd small leather wallet for men is available in different colors, including black, dark brown, blue, and so on. Depending on your preference and style, you can easily find suitable ones.

For those who are looking for the best money clip wallets, just have a look at these options. Just click here!

08. Radix One Slim Wallet From Radix Products

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As you can see, Radix Products always creates and makes the items with a simple, functional and sleek design that is ideal not only for home carrying but also for the road. If you are looking for a bifold small travel wallet that could be significantly thinner than the traditional ones, go for Radix One Slim Wallet. With a small size that can stay inside your palm, this wallet is slim enough for you to keep in your front pocket.

This product weighs only one ounce and the width is super thin; therefore, there is no discomfort or unnecessary weight when you sit with this wallet in your pocket. When it comes to capacity, this one can hold 4-10 cards safely inside. If you need to carry a set number of cards at all times, you will search for a different wallet. It isn’t the one that goes over 16 cards.

I really think this wallet has done a great job of keeping your cash and cards safe. There are different colors such as black, red, cyan, blue, gray, and white for you to choose from. If you are interested in a slim wallet with a trendy style, you should take a closer look at Radix Products.

09. Infinity Wallet – Men’s Minimalist Wallet

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If you said nylon wallets are useless and less durable than leather-made products, you may not try Infinity Wallet – Men’s Minimalist Wallet. These small wallets for men can tell that you are wrong. The nylon and elastic material come with premium-grade quality; therefore, there is no doubt about their durable construction. In fact, the material can be considered as a good point since it is super compact and stretchy enough to fit up to about 10 credit cards, security cards, ID, and debit.

It combines the perfect function and form in the slip-through wallet; therefore, it is easy to slide this thin wallet into the front or back pocket of any clothes you wear. The construction is super slim and thick; so, you barely notice any weight in your pocket.

Since it embraces the minimalist design for all your basic items, it’s better to carry what you need daily, nothing more. After you use this one for a long time, I guarantee that you will change your thought on nylon products. You should count me in if you are a fan of Infinity Small Travel Wallet.

10. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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Made of top-quality genuine leather, this Lethnic Small Leather Wallet owns everything you need- water resistance, durability, and scratch resistance. The longer you use this wallet, the better experience it gives you in the long run.

By purchasing this wallet, you and a thousand customers will be completely attracted to the unique, interesting and silhouette beauty. It gives a luxury feel that fits perfectly to the business setting. With this wallet in your front or black pocket, you find yourself fashionable and trendy.

However, what truly persuades most customers is how amazingly spacious their capacity is. This product owns a large storage space that can fit up to 15 cards and a lot of cash in one place. The best thing is that a slim profile and great compact make it convenient to be carried around in any situation. When it is full of cards and money, the maximum thickness is only 0,06 inches.

There is no surprise when this one has a little bit more expensive cost than other wallets. But you will get what you pay. So, never mind giving this brand a chance.

11. Dickies Men’s Trifold Chain Wallet

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Have you thought of a unique small travel wallet that is created with the connector ring and clip to attach your keys or carry the wallet with your jeans loop? That is exactly what Dickies Men’s Trifold Chain Wallet does and is designed for.

Made of heavy-duty coated leather in the exterior and nylon fabric inside, this item keeps your cards and belongings secure and safe. No thief can steal your vital information even though they hold your card. This is because the RFID-blocking technology has done a perfect job.

Furthermore, in terms of capacity, there are 6 card pockets, 1 ID window and 1 cash pocket that have enough space to keep tons of your essentials. With the slim design, this trifold small credit card wallet is convenient and comfortable to be carried around all day long without feeling any bulk.

When it comes to durability and heavy-duty, nothing can beat the Dickies Small Wallets for Men. This gift is excellent for teenagers who skateboard with hands-free.

12. Travelambo Money Clip Front Pocket – Small Wallet For Men

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If you want to find small wallets for men with maximum thinness, this one from the Travelambo brand cannot be ignored. It has 1/8 inch in width – a super slim size that ensures your wallet fits in any pocket. Despite the small size, this product comes with 1 ID Window, 3 card slots and 1 magnetic clip that offer amazing storage space for up to 30 bills folded.

Thanks to the strong magnet, everything is kept in place without falling off or missing. Furthermore, you can keep your bills, cards, and cash in an orderly manner to find them easily when needed. Don’t worry about pickpocketing or stealing your vital information. Although the cards and bills are visible, RFID Blocking Technology will stop electronic pickpocketing thieves from scanning your personal information.

Do you know the best thing about Travelambo best small wallet? That is a unisex design. This best small wallet is appealing not only to men but also to many women who prefer the stylish, slim profile wallet as they can put it into their purse.

13. Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet From Dango Products

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Another small credit card wallet for men in my favorite list is Dango D01 Dapper EDC. Having a luxurious and fashionable look due to genuine grain leather and style, this one is suitable for the business setting. This material also ensures durability and resistance to tear and wear. You can use this wallet as long as you can without needed replacement.

When it comes to capacity, the storage space is large enough for up to 12 business and credit cards. Even if it has 6cards inside, the thickness is only 0.3 inches that would fit perfectly in any pocket. Furthermore, because of the aluminum, this product weighs only 2 ounces. It is better than the normal bulky wallets that may cause inconvenience or back pain.

The only problem here is the expensive price. Not many people can pay about 80$ for this one even though they know it comes with amazing quality. But if you can, you get what you pay for.

14. Adult Swim Rick and Morty PU Small Leather Wallet From Bioworld

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Looking for a special gift for your boyfriend, husband or father who prefers a bold and black style, don’t you? Bioworld Rick & Morty small wallets for men are absolutely a great choice. They feature the bold style in black color and bifold design. But it is still bright enough in order not to look boring. In fact, the great graphics on the front and the back of this wallet are very cool.

Furthermore, if you want to look for wallets that can be used longer than a couple of months, never miss the Bioworld Rick & Morty small wallets for men. This is because their material is PU leather – more durable than regular leather found in other wallets.

In terms of capacity, this wallet is designed with three horizontal pockets, a large pocket and a clear ID window. You can keep many cash, credit cards, bills, and receipts without feeling any bulk. Still interested? Just go on give it a try and share with us!

Whether you only have about 10 bucks to spend or your budget, these Best Cool Wallets for Teen Boys and Matured Men may give you more options to choose.

15. RFID Thin Small Wallet for Men – Unique Color-Mixed Genuine Leather – Free Engraving

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Each year, the Lethnic brand always launches a new version of men wallets to meet the needs of the market. And this one is also a Lethnic wallet for men. Actually, it is not the latest model of this brand, but one of the most impressive designs up to now. In my opinion, this best small wallet is quite fashionable and elegant.

It has three color options, including navy, black and brown. I chose the navy color. This design is not only unique, but also stylish. It is highlighted with L – shaped design and mixed colors between navy and dark brown to make an impression for the buyers. With the L shape like that, these men’s small wallets enable to keep all stuff well organized without wrinkles.

In terms of material, it is made from cowhide leather. This kind of material can offer the users not only the elegance but also beauty. You will always look as a gentleman with it. Besides, due to the good quality of this material, its appearance can remain from time to time.

16. Thread Wallets – Slim Minimalist Wallet – Front Pocket Credit Card Holder for Men

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I’m crazy about handmade products. Therefore, it is no wonder when I opted for this thread wallet. I selected the midnight color because it looks so different and outstanding. It is a perfect mixture of some colors, such as blue, yellow, white, red and black. This blend makes it become elegant.

This wallet is designed to serve those who love the slim design, instead of the functionality. Actually, if you are looking for a multifunctional wallet, this one is not an ideal choice for you because it can’t keep too many things. However, in terms of design, it is the best. This card holder is super durable and comfortable. It can keep up to 8 cards and cash. You should not carry extra stuff to avoid a bulky look.

The thread small credit card wallet is high quality, useful and sturdy. It is made from tight-knit elastic, which is extremely durable to provide the users with a safe and secured feeling. Moreover, when using it, my cards were never felt slid out. In my personal idea, this colorful wallet can bring men a new look that is more fun and playful. The bold patterns to go with bright colors to bring sharp lines and a clean look.

17. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder/Protector – Best Metal/Stainless Steel Travel Wallet

The last wallet I want to recommend to you is a Protiff wallet. It is the best solution for your headaches about being stolen private information. It is safe from unauthorized scanning or reading actions. In terms of quality, you can enjoy it a lot because this one is made from top-quality material, which is stainless steel for durability and fashion as well. The stainless material was polished to bring yours a shiny look. This Protiff wallet has a click button, which acts as protection for your belongings and easy for opening and closing.
When you intend to travel somewhere, a small travel wallet is an indispensable thing that you need to keep in mind. However, a thick wallet is not a smart choice. Therefore, such a thin wallet like this one is perfect for traveling. You can carry all the necessary cards with you and money. There are two options for you, including mirror finish, and fingerprint – free silver. Mine is a mirror finish and it looks great.

Here are many perfect wallet choices for men. But, to help you find it easier to choose from this list, I will give you some advice as follows:

1. For the cheapest small wallets for men

If you want cheap small wallets, you should take the Kinzd wallet, Bioworld wallet, and Infinity wallet into the account. These wallets will meet your requirement.

2. For the coolest small wallet for men

The coolest small wallets are Protectif wallets, thread wallets, and Lethnic wallets. These are extremely fashionable. They can turn you into a stylish gentleman and provide an elegant look.

3. For the most functional wallet for men

In case, you like functional wallets, you should not miss these options, such as: Radix wallet, Dango wallet, and ACM wallet. These choices will not disappoint you at all.

And for those who prefer the EDC wallet design, Let’s iscover strength with the lightest weight with these 10 Best Titanium Wallets in 2021.

Although we do not have so many requirements when choosing a wallet, it is not simple due to the variety of models, sizes and forms. If you need a reference source, here it is. I do hope that my recommendations can help you get the best idea for your next wallet. I also provided details for each wallet in the form of a table to bring you a closer look and easy to compare between different types of wallets.

Hope you enjoy them! Besides, to have a good decision, don’t forget to know exactly about your needs and preference. Absolutely, these small wallets for men are very helpful for all of you.

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