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Best Small Wallets for Men in 2019 – That Can Slim Down Your Pockets

For men, wallets are one of the most important accessories. Most men opt for a wallet instead of handbag because it is much more convenient and help them have a masculine look. To meet the needs of females, there are a large number of new versions for men wallet every year. In this day and time, small wallets for men have gained the popularity to become the bestselling products in all over the world. In this article, I will update some best wallets for men, which I love very much.

I. Here are the best small wallets for men in 2019

Product NameBrandDimensionsMaterialNumber of CompartmentCool Features
Lethnic leather bifold walletLethnic4.3 x 3.6 inchesCowhide1 top compartment for bill or receipt, 2 curved slots, and 2 hidden pocketsThin and slim profile.

RIFD blocking

Lethnic leather small walletLethnic2.95 x 4.33 inchesRosewood leather2 card slots, 1 functional slot, 1 half open pocket and 1 slipSimple construction.

Roomy capacity.

Lethnic slim wallet RFID front pocket minimalist walletLethnic4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inchesLeather5 card slots, 3 money pockets, and 1 ID windowRFID blocking technology.

Front pocket wallet

Lethnic slim money clip walletLethnic4.13 x 2.95 x 0.6 inchesLeatherUp to 10 cards and 15 bills.The front pocket with a pull strap for quick accessing.

Natural leather.

Lethnic RFID thin wallet for menLethnic4.55 x 2.95 inchesElite leather4 card slots, 1 bill compartment, 1 ID window, and 1 extra slot.Practical L – shape.

Unique appearance.

Money clip, front pocket wallet.Kinzd4.3 x 2.8 x 0.1 inchesCow leather5 credit cards.V – shaped ID card slot for easy taking in and out.

RFID blocking wallet.

Men’s bifold trifold wallet.Kinzd4 x 2.8 x 0.01 inchesMicrofiber & synthetic1 cash slot and 4 card slotsWaterproof


Travelambo money clip front pocket wallet.Travelambo4 1/8 x 2 ¾ x 1/8 inchesCow hide leather.2 magnets, 3 card slots, and 1 ID windowPractical

Top quality

Slim size

RFID blocking sleeves front pocket wallet.Protectif3.25 x 4.675 x 0.2 inchesGenuine leather3 card slotsSuper slim

Durable metal zipper

ACM walletACM wallet0.75 x 2.5 inchesPolycarbonateNo damaged cards

Zoom to checkouts.

Thread walletsThread wallets2.2 x 3 inchesThreadUp to 8 cardsAwesome design


Dango T01 tactical EDC walletDango Products4 x 1.5 x 6 inchesGenuine leatherUp to 4 cardsMore than 10 functions

Multi – tool

Bioworld adult swim rick and morty PU faux leather bifold wallet.Bioworld10 x 6 x 0.8 inchesPolyester5 card slots, 1 bill slot, and 1 ID slot.Cartoon pattern

Bi – fold wallet.

Radix one slim walletRadix products3.5 x 2 x 0.5 inchesPolycarbonate and siliconeUp to 10 cardsDurable

Sleek design

Infinity walletInfinity wallet3.8 x 0.2 x 2 inchesNylon – elasticUp to more than 10 cardsPerfect for both back or front pocket

Extremely thin

RFID stainless steel wallet credit cardProtectif3.8 x 2.7 x 0.8 inchesStainless steelSmart


1. Lethnic Leather Bifold Small Wallets for Men

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The first wallet in this list is surely a product from the Lethnic brand. I believe that this brand name is very familiar with all men because they have a lot of men products on the market. I heard about this brand a lot, but this is the first time I bought. I picked a brown wallet with a very reasonable price. Aside with this color, you can choose black or navy color. This is not a big size wallet, but mini size. Although it is small in size, it is perfect in storage capacity.

This wallet has enough compartments for keeping our money, cards, bills, and coin well organized. Furthermore, there are 2 hidden pockets that you can take the best use of them to protect your important essentials. I put lots of things inside my wallet, it is still slim and thin. If you opt for this wallet, you do not need to worry about a bulky wallet because it will never happen.

This product of the Lethnic brand is made from 100 percent of leather; therefore, it is long lasting and you do not need to worry about being out of date after using for a long time. Furthermore, it is soft for touching and durable for using.

2. Leather Small Wallet Credit Card Holder Rfid Blocking

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Another option from the Lethnic brand is the small wallet. To be honest, this brand is the first one coming up whenever I intend to buy a wallet. It came with three different color choices, including special brown, special green and special red. I chose the special brown color because it is suitable for my style and easy to mix with my outfits.

When going out, I do not need to bring so many things; therefore, I often choose a wallet which is not too thick. I prefer thin and slim wallet that is the reason why I chose it. This men wallet enables to keep up to 9 cards and 7 folded bills. I think it’s enough for a wallet.

Besides, it is well made with top quality rosewood leather material to provide an eye-catching outlook and emphasize its durability. In fact, this wallet can fit both men and women, with the regardless of the genders because its colors are neutral. When using this wallet, you do not need to worry about being lost the vital information, thanks to the RIFD blocking technology.

3. Money Clip, Front Pocket Small Wallet for Men, Leather RFID Blocking Strong Magnet thin Wallet

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The next men wallet in my recommended list is a wallet from the Kinzd brand. There are many color options for you. I prefer a Y style crazy horse khaki. After using this wallet for such a long time, I found it interesting and useful. In terms of design, for sure, this wallet is worthy to buy, which is very fashionable to keep up with the latest fashion trend.

Besides, its material is good to bring a comfortable feeling when touching. Furthermore, it will not make us feel uncomfortable when we put it in our pocket. In addition, the dimensions of this wallet are quite small, so it is very convenient for keeping. You do not need to take it out when you want to sit down. Although it has a small size, it does not mean that you can’t put all belongings inside because this wallet is a V shaped one, which enable to consist of 5 credit card slots. Besides, it also includes a magnet to help us keep cashes more safely.

Especially, this is one of the best small wallets for men, which has a RFID blocking system to protect our information from being unauthorized scanning. With this function, you can bring all vital things inside your wallet without worrying about their safety.

4. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet with ID Window – Genuine Leather

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The next one in my recommendation list is another product from the Lethnic brand. This slim wallet for men is totally different from the two above ones due to its ID window. I like this function because sometimes, we do not want to take out of the ID or cards to check in or do something. If there is an ID window, it means that we can show without taking it out. This wallet is a perfect choice for businessmen because it can keep all necessary things.

The next impressive thing is absolutely RFID blocking technology. Nowadays, the technology has developed rapidly; therefore, our private information may be stolen at any time easily. To protect yourself, it is essential to find out a wallet, which can prevent our information from scanning or reading. Fortunately, this wallet can meet this requirement well.

This version of the minimalist wallet for men came with various colors and all of those colors are elegant in look and on trend. If you like a strong look, the special brown is the best idea for you. Each color represents for a special meaning. For example, the black color is the symbol of the mystery. You can discover a lot when you own one.

5. Slim Money Clip Wallet for Men, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

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The next should have men wallet is the one from the Lethnic brand. This wallet is made from premium genuine leather, which has a luxury look and unique style. It will be your best accessory ever. The leather is top quality, so you can use for a long time without any scratches or problem.

To be honest, I like this wallet because of its dimensions, which is not too big or small. It is quite compact to carry in our pockets. Besides, it enables to hold a lot of stuff. With only one wallet, I can bring all necessary things with me without looking bulky.

When using a wallet, most people are afraid of stealing private information of ID cards. Therefore, apart from fashion factor, we usually pay more attention to RFID protection capacity. Fortunately, this Lethnic wallet has that function, so we can feel free to bring our wallet to everywhere we want. With an affordable price, I believe that this option is ideal for every man.

6. Men’s Bifold Trifold Small Wallet for Gentlemen RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Slim Travel Wallet

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There is another option from Kinzd. If you are preparing for a trip, you should not miss this wallet. This Kinzd wallet is very functional, which can be accessed quickly when you go travelling, or go to work. Although this wallet does not have so many compartments for storage, it has 4 slots for cards and 1 slot for cash. I believe that these compartments are enough for daily use.

In addition, the design of this wallet is quite minimal and sleek to allow you carry everything comfortably. You can keep it in your front pocket. The materials are synthetic and microfiber. These materials are good enough for being durable and extremely thin. Besides, it is waterproof for bringing to anywhere without considering about the weather condition or place where to go. I have been using this wallet for several months and it is pretty helpful. I put it under the water many times, but it did not have any problem. If you are looking for a well-designed and high-quality wallet, this one is for yourself.

7. RFID Thin Wallet for Men – Unique Color-Mixed Genuine Leather

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Each year, the Lethnic brand always launches new version of men wallet to meet the needs of the market. And this one is also a Lethnic wallet for men. Actually, it is not the latest model of this brand, but one of the most impressive designs up to now. In my opinion, this men wallet is quite fashionable and elegant.

It has three color options, including navy, black and brown. I chose the navy color. This design is not only unique, but also stylish. It is highlighted with L – shaped design and mixed colors between navy and dark brown to make an impression for the buyers. With the L shape like that, these men’s small wallets enable to keep all stuff well organized without wrinkles.

In terms of material, it is made from cowhide leather. This kind of material can offer the users not only the elegance, but also the beauty. You will always look as a gentleman with it. Besides, due to the good quality of this material, its appearance can remain from time to time.

8. Travelambo Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Slim Minimalist Wallet for Men RFID Blocking

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Many people advised me that I should not choose a red color wallet because it looks girly. However, this wallet can change your mind. I picked a red color one, but it is not girly at all and manly instead. From the outside, this wallet left a deep impression on me because of the careful sewn lining and shiny leather.

This wallet is made from cowhide leather, so it is obviously durable and very smooth. You will never feel uncomfortable when touching or using. It will not cause allergy for you, even you put it into your front or back pocket. With such a slim size, this Travelambo minimalist wallet can fit all kinds of pockets perfectly.

Besides, this wallet is quite practical when it has a capacity of keeping many cards. 2 magnets are used to hold your cash. It is very well constructed for using long. there is a detachable money clip, which you can remove to keep paper bills. By this way, your wallet will look thinner. In case, you want something, well-constructed, minimalist and stylish, this is a perfect choice.

9. Rfid Blocking Sleeves Front Pocket Wallet for Men with Zipper

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I have written reviews for Protectif products many times and this brand is also one of my favorite brand names. It is frankly to say that this money holder made everything easier and easier than ever. In the past, I often felt uncomfortable because I had to bring a chunky wallet all the time. It kept the same number of cards as this one, but it was thick and bulky.

To stop this nuisance, I decided to invest a new wallet, which is fashionable, slim and well-constructed. I found this one when I went shopping around with my best friends. He also liked this wallet and I bought one for myself and another to give my brother. If I have to compare between this Protectif wallet and my old one, of course, this one is better.

I can describe this wallet in 3 words, which are affordable, reasonable and quality. It is made from genuine leather for good smell and quality. The stitching is both tight and neat. This card holder has some colors for choosing, but I prefer the black.

10. ACM Cool Small Wallet Credit Card Holder – Front Pocket Organizer, Easy Push Button Use

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I have been searching for cool wallets all the time because I wanted something new. Due to this reason, I found this ACM cool small wallet. I discovered many wonderful things when using it. ACM stands for Auto card manager, which is a kind of mechanical card holder.

This card holder is very practical and simple to use. Additionally, it is safe for cards. You will never get any damaged card when using this one. As its advertisement on the official website, all the push buttons work perfectly. If you want, you can replace the plastic labels to put your cards.

This card holder has a lot of benefits for the users. Firstly, it is sturdy. Secondly, this wallet has a lot of labels, which are used for holding cards. Finally, this kind of wallet can protect our cards well. Aside with the benefits, there is a disadvantage of this card holder, which is the size of the card. It will not work well with small flimsy cards. With the regardless of this point, the cool small wallet for men is ideal for men.

11. Thread Wallets – Slim Minimalist Wallet – Front Pocket Credit Card Holder for Men

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I’m crazy about handmade product. Therefore, it is no wonder when I opted for this thread wallet. I selected the midnight color because it looks so different and outstanding. It is a perfect mixture of some colors, such as blue, yellow, white, red and black. This blend makes it become elegant.

This wallet is designed to serve those who love the slim design, instead of the functionality. Actually, if you are looking for multifunctional wallet, this one is not an ideal choice for you because it can’t keep too many things. However, in terms of design, it is the best. This card holder is super durable and comfortable. It can keep up to 8 cards and cash. You should not carry extra stuff to avoid a bulky look.

The thread wallet is high quality, useful and sturdy. It is made from tight knit elastic, which is extremely durable to provide the users a safe and secured feeling. Moreover, when using it, my cards were never felt slid out. In my personal idea, this colorful wallet can bring men a new look that is more fun and playful. The bold patterns to go with bright colors to bring sharp lines and clean look.

12. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Small Wallet – Made in USA – Genuine Leather, Multitool, RFID Block

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Among men wallet models, a wallet that you should not ignore is the Dango T01 tactical EDC small wallet. this wallet can hold many cards, about 12. With a strong look, this wallet has gained the popularity to become the most favorite model of men in the world.

This wallet is made from grain leather to provide the safety for the Dango wallet chassis with the support of the mil – spec bolts. If just looking at the photo on the website, many people will think that it’s heavy. However, actually, it is super light for carrying.

This Dango tactical EDC wallet is available with multi – too for lots of functions. This wallet is ideal for picnic or travelling. You can take the use of this wallet as a knife, smartphone stand, saw, ruler, paracord tensioner, or nail prier. In addition, these tools can be removed easily. You can install those tools or take them out when leaving at home. This wallet enables to keep about 4 cards on its front pocket and 4 card slots in the back plate.

13. bioWorld Adult Swim Rick and Morty PU Faux Leather Bifold Funny Small Wallet for Boys

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A very strange brand name for me here is the Bioworld. Although I was not familiar with this brand, I still chose their product because of the eye-catching look. Its outside part is decorated by funny patterns. Mine is a wallet with 2 children who are running. I found this pattern is very interesting and lively. My friends loved this wallet a lot when I showed them. This pattern is stuck, but it is super hard to take it out, so you can feel more confident when using it.

Both the upper and inner parts of this wallet are made from PU. Its lining material is polyester. I’m not very good at recognizing the materials, and I read the details on their website. I believe that this wallet was made from high quality materials. Time can illustrate that point. I have been using this wallet for 1 year and then, I did not have any trouble with it.

This wallet is a kind of bi – fold wallet, which is awesome for keeping cash and cards well organized and neat. Besides, the capacity of storage is quite big. It is possible to hold 1 clear ID slot, 1 bill slot and 5 card slots. With this number of compartments, you can feel free to bring all things in one.

14. Radix One Slim Wallet – Minimalist Ultralight Polycarbonate Money Clip

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With so many choices on the market, it is not easy for us to find out a good wallet for men. Therefore, when choosing a wallet, we need to take a lot of criteria into the consideration. For me, personally, I focus more on the thickness of the wallet. I do not want to bring a bulky and thick wallet when I go out. I don’t want to take the wallet out to sit down or do any activities. That is the reason why I always choose ultra slim wallet. Fortunately, this Radix one slim wallet matched my requirements. It is super slim, so you can put it in any pocket you want.

I put all my bulky and large wallets away to replace by this one. This cool wallet consists of two plates made from polycarbonate for credit cards and Ids. There is a brand outside, which is considered as a money clip to protect the cash.

This wallet can become your everyday accessory. It is well designed to bring the style and comfort for the users. This small wallets for boys are an ideal option for those who want to eliminate bulky wallets.

15. Infinity Wallet- Men’s Minimalist Wallet

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The next super thin design is of course the Infinity wallet. I surfed the internet a lot with the hope of finding thin wallets, which can meet my 3 criteria, including stylish, durable and thin. Finally, I got this one and I was so happy with my purchase. This wallet is made from nylon and elastic, which are very durable to keep the cash and cards safely.

In addition, you will never feel uncomfortable when you want to access your cards or cash. This one is large in capacity of storage, which allows to hold up to more than 10 cards. Besides, you can keep a little money with you at the same time in the thru pocket.

The plus point of this wallet belongs to its size. It is extremely small to help you bring important things. Moreover, it also reduces unnecessary features to make it more convenient. It means that you just can carry what you really need to use every day instead. This tiny wallet for men will fit the back and front pocket perfectly.

16. RFID Stainless Steel Small Wallet Credit Card Holder

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The last wallet I want to recommend you is a Protiff wallet. It is the best solutions for your headaches about being stolen private information. It is safe from unauthorized scanning or reading actions.

In terms of quality, you can enjoy it a lot because this one is made from top quality material, which is stainless steel for durability and fashion as well. The stainless material was polished to bring yours a shiny look. This Protiff wallet has a click button, which acts as protection for your belongings and easy for opening and closing.

When you intend to travel somewhere, wallet is an indispensable thing that you need to keep in mind. However, a thick wallet is not a smart choice. Therefore, such thin wallet like this one is perfect for travelling. You can carry all necessary cards with you and money. There are two options for you, including mirror finish, and fingerprint – free silver. Mine is mirror finish and it looks great.

Editor Choice

Here are many perfect wallet choices for men. But, to help you find easier to choose from this list, I will give you some advices as follows:

1. For the cheapest small wallets for men

If you want cheap small wallets, you should take the Kinzd wallet, Bioworld wallet, and Infinity wallet into the account. These wallets will meet your requirement.

2. For the coolest small wallet for men

The coolest small wallets are Protectif wallets, thread wallets, and Lethnic wallets. These are extremely fashionable. They can turn you into a stylish gentleman and provide an elegant look.

3. For the most functional wallet for men

In case, you like functional wallets, you should not miss these options, such as: Radix wallet, Dango wallet, and ACM wallet. These choices will not disappoint you at all.

II. Conclusion

Although we do not have so many requirements when choosing a wallet, it is not simple due to the variety of models, sizes and forms. If you need a reference source, here it is.

I do hope that my recommendations can help you get the best idea for your next wallet. I also provided details for each wallet in the form of a table to bring you a closer look and easy to compare between different types of wallet.

Hope you enjoy them! Besides, to have a good decision, don’t forget to know exactly about your needs and preference. Absolutely, these small wallets for men are very helpful for all of you.

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