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Best RFID Wallets For Men [Updated 2021]

RFID skimming is another name of electronic pick-pocking as the thieves will steal money from your bank cards through an RFID reader without your knowledge. It is even more threatening than the traditional pick-pocking as such bad guys can steal a big amount of money from your bank account through your identity information, not just some pennies you bringing along.

I was once a victim of RFID pick-pocking when I traveled to Euro, I know how terrified it is, which is also the reason I have used RFID wallet for years. And I think you should, too. In this article, I will give you the best options for RFID wallets for men.

If you are new to RFID and don’t know what RFID Shield is, read for more information here:

Some Tips When Buying The Mens RFID Wallet:

1. Reputational and reliable brands

When it comes to the RFID wallet for men, the first and important thing to consider is how useful and effective its RFID function is. If you buy a low-quality product, the RFID blocking function seems useless in fighting against dangerous signals and protecting your private data. Therefore, only when you select a reputation and reliable brand for mens RFID wallet, you can feel assured that the RFID blocking technology works smoothly.

2. Material

Besides the brands, you should care about the wallet’s material when buying one piece. Wallets can be made of different materials such as metal, leather, synthetic, canvas, or others. Each material has its own pros and cons. However, it is recommended to pick the synthetic material or metal because these options withstand outer impacts well and deliver great durability.

3. Design

Mens RFID wallet comes with different stunning designs such as trifold, bifold, EDC tactical wallet, or metal case holder. You can choose a wallet with a unique design and appealing colors that suit your fashion taste.

4. Number Of Card Slots

Depending on your needs and requirements or your activities, the way you choose a wallet with a number of card slots will be different. For example, you work in a business setting that requires you to bring a lot of cards, a product with multiple card slots is highly recommended in this case.

However, if you don’t have to carry a lot of things around, just a few essentials for daily need, the one with slim and minimalist design is the best option for you. In addition to the number of card slots, the organization of the wallet also plays an important role. Some people love the classic simple wallet while others prefer the ones with better organization.

5. Lining

You have the outer material made of RFID blocking material. But how about the lining? It needs this function or not. The best thing about a wallet with an RFID blocking lining is its advanced protection in fighting the dangerous signals for your personal data.

But, after a successful Kickstarter campaign took place to create RIFD blocking jeans. When this scenario happens, you don’t need a wallet with RFID blocking lining anymore. However, the problem is your phone will be unable to get any signals when sitting in your jeans pocket.

6. Names

RFID blocking wallet has several different names to describe. You should know these names to find your own wallets outside my list below. Based on research, this type of wallet has common names such as RFID blocking wallet, magnetic protection, RFID blocking device, RFID blocking case, RFID busting, RFID blocking card, RFID scan blocker, RFID proof, RFID signal blocker, Tech wallet, RFID shielding, and chip protection wallet.

7. Price

Like the other products you buy, the price of the RFID wallet varies. In the market, you can find an affordable wallet or one coming from a high-end reputational fashion company. However, most quality RFID wallets cost around the $100 mark.

Of course, you can easily get the RFID proof piece for around just $20 or below. However, it is highly possible for you to get poor quality wallets with poor materials and loose stitching that make you replace your wallets frequently.

If you want an item that lasts for years, not months, it is a great idea to invest in the ones with finer quality materials and well-made construction. So, here are the best RFID blocking wallets you should consider for the purchase.

A list of our high-recommended RFID Wallets for Men:

01. Lethnic Leather Passport Holder Wallet Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

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It’s even more essential to equip yourself with a good RFID passport wallet when traveling abroad, especially the Europe as the rate of identity thieves in these countries is really alarming. This wallet can prevent the RFID Frequency Signals of almost all important cards like debit cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses, IDs, and so on, which is 13.54 MHz.

Actually, at the very first time, the smell of this wallet made me get doubt at its genuine leather because I have been using a lot of leather products and this one didn’t come in the same smell. I mailed the manufacturer and they responded that the weirdness of leather’s smell was due to the burnt leather made by their laser engraving technology.

It’s reasonable and up to now, after months of using, its leather texture is getting softer and softer as well as durable that I’m pretty sure that what they said is true.

Mention about functionality, I personally appreciate their way of organizing to take advantage of all space with no superabundance. It’s compact, which is a big bonus to hold conveniently or toss in your backpack or coach pocket, or back pocket. This wallet is just 3.8 x 0.2 x 5.3 inches, but its inner construction is super streamlined with 1 separate compartment for your passport, 5 card slots, 3 bill compartments, and 1 tiny slot for SIM or memory card.

Lethnic is really thoughtful to have that in this wallet travel wallet, which I can’t describe how much I love it because I am kind of an absent-minded person who usually has my SIM card lost during an abroad trip. And thanks to this little companion, it gets my back all the time.

And, if such enormous advantages don’t gain your trust yet, this is the killing part – a one-year warranty to cover any problems derived from the producing process. It’s perfect and I think you’ll regret if you don’t try it.

02. Leopardd RFID Blocking Wallet for Men – Credit Card Holder

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Leopardd wallets are one of the best RFID wallets that are always famous for their elegant design and high quality in material. This design is not an exception. Made from the finest genuine leather, you can “feel” its quality through the specific softness and striking flexibility.

Besides, the wallet is added RFID Blocking material that was already tested by an independent lab for the highest military grade scanning and blocking. It can protect your bank cards, ID cards and driver’s license from hi-tech thieves.

Besides, this Leopardd RFID blocking wallet has enormous space to store your valuables. There are many separated slots for your cards and a long top compartment to keep your bills straight. Thanks to the flip-up ID window, you will have more space for storage as well as easily show your ID card through a given distance without getting it out.

03. RFID Blocking Cowhide Leather Wallet for Men with 2 ID Windows

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Sometimes, you aren’t seeking a luxury and expensive wallet, but a simple and classic design to just store and protect your valuables. There it is – Dante RFID wallet. A masterpiece that gives you ultimate security from outside in.

What you will fall in love with this wallet is its precious Italian vegetable tanned cowhide leather for striking quality with a really smooth, soft, and nice texture to upgrade your look. Its design is very simple. There is a logo nicely embossed in the interior of the wallet, making its exterior completely clean.

This wallet is surely met your daily requirements thanks to its ability to fit up all of your essentials and assets like cards, bills, ID card, driver license and other documents whereas remains a slim profile to fit perfectly to your back pocket. The wallet is built-in advanced RFID Shield to block any unauthorized scans in 13.56 MHz and higher frequency. This wallet is also perfect to be used as a travel accessory as it helps a lot in storage and security.

04. Lethnic Long Waxed Leather RFID Wallet For Men – Smool-S

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When you want to store many cards in an organized and neat manner, go for the wallet with a long profile. In this case, I would like to highly recommend the waxed leather RFID wallet that offers not only a long profile but also an excellent RFID blocking security for your cards and personal information.

There are 16 card slots and they can be placed in an orderly manner with the top edge being visual. It helps you find and take out your needed cards quickly and easily. In addition to the card slots, this wallet also have 6 long compartments and one photo slot. So, you can keep all your essentials such as your receipts, cards, coins, checkbook, passport, bills, etc inside the product.

Smool S wallets use waxed leather – a type of material that clearly embraces your true colors and independent characters. The skin surface of waxed leather is also highly absorbent than other types, leaving traces of use. So, it is the best wallet for traveling as it makes your journey and your trip more convenient and more comfortable.

05. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist – Leather Slim Mens RFID Wallet

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If a simple, slim, and guaranteed high-quality wallet is all that you are looking for, then go for this design from Travelambo. Its silhouette is a front pocket wallet so that its slimness is no complaint. Besides, there is nothing like the ergonomic design or folding out pockets. By being constructed from premium genuine leather, it is built to last.

This Travelambo is designed with pockets on both sides. On one side, it has three vertical card slots for quick access to your regular cards in addition to a horizontal pocket for either cards or folded bills. On the other sides, there is, again, a horizontal functional pocket and an ID window with a smart thumb strap to quickly getting your identity card in or out.

There is also a large compartment in the center for money, as well. Once you break in this wallet, it can hold up to 6-7 cards with lots of money. Figuring a slim profile, just like a flat piece of leather, you can store it anywhere.

Last but not least, RFID Shield. Like the four wallets above, this one leverages up RFID Blocking material that can block 13.56 MHz Frequency.

06. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

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More that just a folded piece of leather, this Lethnic money clip wallet will serve you for years and is committed to not losing your cash.

It has one outer card slots with a clever thumb strap for quick access to your daily cards. The real fun is that once the wallet is broken in, you are able to store up to 3 cards in this slot. In addition, there are two more card slots in the interior, one ID window, and one stainless steel clip in the center.

By this sturdy and high-quality money clip, you can put up to 20 bills with no fears of falling out or losing. Besides, the manufacturer also asserts that if you aren’t happy with the wallet, Lethnic is always willing to fix that problem with you.

07. MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper, Genuine Leather

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Never underestimate a small zippered RFID card holder which is just measured roughly 4.4 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches. This piece comes up with 9 card slots, 2 cash compartments and 1 extra ID window on the outside so that you can manage your cards as well as bills neatly and securely.

The wallet is durable enough to bear such loads with the combination of the finest genuine leather, soft hardware and fabric lining. Soft texture leather, smooth zipper, and thick lining. Choose from 4 color options, consisting of black, blue, and purple. Another good thing is its 365-day warranty to cover any mistakes derived from manufacturing progress.

Seeking for one men’s zipper wallet? Check out this collection: Best Zipper Wallets For Men Collection

08. Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector – Save Thousands in losses and Headaches

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For the best RFID wallets for men with great function and protection, Shell-D is my next recommendation. Apart from the advanced built-in RFID Shield, it is made out of sturdy and solid material to protect your cards and other stuff in the best way. Besides, the whole wallet is shut closely by a solid and secure lock as well.

In terms of RFID Shield, it does a great job in blocking any 13.56 MHz Frequency Signals. But kind take notice that with that 125 KHz Frequency, this bad boy can’t. It means that with RFID badges or hotel room-access cards is impossible.

Talking about capacity, the wallet can fit up to 17 card slots as well as a couple of changes without bulk. What I truly appreciate about this wallet is its 100% money-back warranty that when you find any mistakes from manufacturing progress, just return it for no excuse.

09. SWZA Carbon Fiber Minimalist RFID Wallet for Men – Credit Card Holder

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If you are bored of bringing the bulging normal wallet in your pockets and worry about your identity being stolen, this carbon fiber minimalist wallet will resolve these problems immediately and give you a pleasant using experience.

Firstly, the product is slim and lightweight as it is made of high-quality carbon fibers. This material is lighter than aluminum and steel. Furthermore, it is much stronger than both materials. Carbon fibers are durable and resistant to wear and corrosion. It weighs only 0.5 oz; therefore, you don’t feel any weight or pressure at all.

The capacity of this wallet is large. The design of elastic webbing improves the coverage for card holding. It can fit up to 15 cards. In addition to the card case, this wallet is designed with a spring steel money clip for holding your cash. The wallet can hold your money and cards at the same time.

Because of the compact design and stylish look, this item is an amazing accessory for your traveling, daily life, and business situation. Also, the RFID blocking function helps to protect your credit card and private information from unwanted scanning.

10. Armour Supply Co Tactical EDC Wallet – RFID Blocking


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This tactical EDC wallet from Armour Supply Co is also included in my list of top-rated products. It is compact, lightweight, and convenient to carry around. The enhanced RFID blocking function can block any dangerous signals.

But it is more than a slim RFID wallet as a set you buy can consist of several tactical items and stuff you need such as a wallet, multitool card, money clip, elastic cash strap, key holder, stickers, mini screwdriver, replacement screws, and instructions. Also, the multitool card has a ruler, bottle opener and hex keys.

Furthermore, this product is made of the strongest materials in the world. For example, the inner construction and outer shell are made of high-quality aluminum while the money clip is constructed of stainless steel. So, it ensures the durability and beauty of this wallet for years.

Wanna get rid of the traditional wallets and choose one tactical design for a long camping trip? This collection is what your are searching for: Best EDC Wallets in 2021

11. Casmonal Genuine Leather Checkbook Cover For Men & Women

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If you don’t have enough money to afford a luxurious wallet, you should try a Casmonal product. Looking at the price of less than 10$, I hesitated at the purchase; however, after spending more time with it, its decent quality really makes me satisfied.

Because it is designed to serve the purpose of a checkbook cover, I didn’t expect too much. But the fact is that it has multiple compartments and enough space for holding your checks, bills, and registers for your daily use. Furthermore, because of the easy and simple design, this item completes your daily dressing and suits all occasions.

Despite the cheap price, durability isn’t a joke. Made of microfiber leather, well-finished edge and tight stitching, this one seems sturdy and long-lasting. The material also gives a soft and comfortable feeling.

12. Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket – RFID Wallet For Men

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Another RFID wallet for men at an affordable price is the Buffway product. Thanks to the thin and minimalist design, this slim RFID wallet sits nicely in your travel pack, purse, and pocket. The RFID blocking function works smoothly to keep your identity and personal information from being stolen while you shop, travel, and explore.

Moreover, real genuine leather offers a luxurious look, great functionality, and nice durability. It makes sure that you can use this wallet for years without replacement. The best thing is that this wallet has a unisex design, not a masculine look. Therefore, it attracts not only men but also women who love the sleek design and smooth leather construction.

13. Lethnic Small Leather Trifold Slim RFID Wallet For Men – Noble

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Lethnic is a well-known and reliable manufacturer of fashion leather goods. Therefore, when it comes to the leather RFID wallet, Lethnic can not be ignored. The first thing you love about this product is its timeless design with the eye-catching blend of two contrasting colors. The combination of timeless elegance and masculinity makes this product become the best choice for men.

Moreover, high-quality Nappa leather is a bonus as it offers exquisite shape and smooth touch. The material also comes with high durability that makes sure that you can use this wallet for years. In terms of capacity, this wallet features 1 hidden pocket, 7 card slots, and 1 bill compartment. Smart design is useful to hold your cash, ID, cards and even condom in the hidden pocket. Furthermore, it also has two extra slots for micro SD and Simcard.

The advanced RFID technology protects your private information well. So, if you are looking for a stylish and functional RFID blocking wallet with an eye-catching unique design, this one is highly recommended.

14. Fossil Elgin Traveler – RFID Wallet For Men

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If you love shopping for wallets, you may be familiar with the Fossil brand – a well-known manufacturer for inspiring products with vintage American style and stylish design. The products of the Fossil brand also withstand the test of time very well. This item isn’t exceptional.

Like other Fossil’s pieces, this one is made of the highest quality leather for softness, durability, and beauty. The material makes this wallet meet our daily needs and last over time.

Furthermore, because of the 3 slip pockets, 2 ID windows, 8 card slots, and 1 bill compartment, this item features a lot of room and space for your credit cards, cash, and ID. It keeps your stuff and belongings organized and accessible. Also, this wallet has a minimalist size of 4.5 x 5 x 3.5 inches, it fits perfectly into your pockets.

15. Custom Engraved Wallet, Personalized Photo RFID Wallets for Men

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This custom engraved wallet by the Amlion brand is the best gift for your friends and family member as it can be engraved with your photo or some meaningful works you want to say to your loved ones. The picture and text can be engraved in black or printed in colors.

Not only does it have a unique gift style but it also offers great values. For example, the PU leather material is durable and long-lasting enough to remain over time. The coverage offers a lot of space and room with 1 zippered bill sleeve, 2 bills pockets, a zippered coin pouch, ID sleeve, and 6 credit card slots. Therefore, it holds all your essentials and suits your daily need.

Furthermore, the compact design makes it comfortable and convenient to carry around. If you are interested in this product, pick your favorite in the collection of 4 colors and 7 styles. Overall, it is the most personalized item I have seen in the market. You just need to choose the color and the style and then finish it with the engraved photos or texts you like. I guarantee that when someone receives that gift, they can know your love and your care.

Amongst all wallets in the market, personalized wallets are found the most in different types, designs, and colors. Click here for more options!

16. RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets for Men – Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

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This carbon fiber RFID wallet for men by SHEVROV SV is priced at 25$ but it comes with high quality and great value. For example, the materials inside and outside are carefully picked with top-quality. The outer case is made of world-class carbon fiber with anti-scratch technology for a better look and more durability.

Despite the compact design and minimalist measurement, this wallet can hold up to 9 bills and 12 credit cards at the same time. Furthermore, the simple, modern, and slim style of this credit card holder makes it suit your fashion sense and go well with your different outfits. So, it is what you should look for. A great product at a nice price. Totally satisfied.

Above are my all favorite RFID wallets for men that are carefully chosen to create the best useful collection for your next wardrobe item. They’re all fair in quality and RFID Protection ability, just come up with different functions and simplicity that most men are all interested. Hope that one of these 10 wallets will be your final choice. Good luck!

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