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Best Passport Cover For Men [Updated 2022]

Talking about traveling abroad, one thing that you should always never ever forget or ruin or lose is your passport. It seems to be easy but you will be amazed that this kind of important document is often stolen or damaged. That’s the reason why you should consider buying a good passport cover to protect it.

Benefits of using a travel passport wallet

People choose a travel passport wallet when they go on vacation or business because it is convenient, stylish, and practical. There are many benefits of a travel passport wallet.

  • Organization: Most passport holders are designed with multiple slots that allow you to keep your money, passport, and other essentials. Because of the better organization, you can navigate your passport easily. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of forgetting or misplacing your essential travel documents.
  • Protection: You can not travel without your passport. So, if you put it in your pocket or into your bag, the possibility of slipping or dropping your passport is high. In this case, we wish that we have a mens passport wallet to protect our vital documents.
  • Security: It is fantastic if your mens passport wallet is designed with extra security features such as RFID blocking technology, slash-resistant materials, and wrist straps. Furthermore, there are some hidden belts, so it keeps the thieves away from your belongings.

Because of exciting points, a good RFID passport wallet is a small investment that protects your passport and keeps everything organized.

What criteria to look for when buying the best passport wallet?

Not everyone has the same needs, but there are some criteria for you to consider when making the travel passport wallet purchasing.

  • Size: Depending on your needs and the kind of your trip, you can choose a suitable wallet. For example, if you are flying solo, pick a compact model with a cash pocket, a handful of card slots, and a single passport holder. Consider a large passport wallet with multiple passport slots and extra compartments if you go with your family.
  • Style: There are many excellent style options out there. So, you can buy the best one with a combination of function and style. Mens passport wallets come in different designs and colors. You can choose a wallet made of luxurious leather or ones with lively leopard prints. Even the basic models are available in a variety of colors, which complements your outfits.
  • Security: Find the RFID passport wallet designed with zippered closures and anti-theft features to keep your belongings secure and safe. This kind of wallet will give you peace of mind when you enjoy traveling.

Our suggestions for the Best Mens Passport Wallet: 

01. Leather Passport Cover – Engraved Global Map – Depall with Multiple Functions for Travel

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Since established in 2016, the Lethnic brand has built its reputation and reached one of the top manufacturers of fashion leather goods. So, when we talk about the mens passport wallet, it is impossible to exclude the Lethnic. My first impression of this product is its exquisite hand-drawn drawings of the global map. It reminds us of our country wherever we go. The wallet comes in two different colors, including brown and navy for your choice.

The best thing is that this cute passport cover is personalized. So, you can engrave your names, initials, or a meaningful message on the surface of the wallet. Furthermore, the wallet comes in a beautiful box, you can consider it as a lovely gift.

Besides the look, this wallet has high quality and functionality. Made of 100% cowhide leather that has gone through leather treatments, this product has durability, color stability, water resistance, and a smooth feeling. In terms of capacity, this wallet has three compartments for cash, six card slots, one compartment for passport, one ticket compartment, and one extra slot for the sim card. Also, the integrated RFID blocking system is a bonus.

02. Passport Holder Cover Wallet RFID Blocking Leather Card Case

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This PASCACOO’s leather passport wallet features gorgeous, smooth, earthy leather texture; furthermore, I think this product is the best choice. Everyone will love the unique style of this wallet as it boasts beautiful 3D embossing on the cover and the hidden magnetic clasp.

Thanks to the 5.8 x 4.2 inches in measurement, the wallet is spacious enough to hold your belongings. There are two SIM slots, four card slots, a passport sleeve, and two wide slots for money and tickets. Also, the RFID blocking system gives you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your trip with confidence.

Made high quality, eco-friendly synthetic leather, this wallet is durable, soft, and long-lasting. Another good point is the wide selection of colors and designs. There are thirty color choices and four gorgeously embroidered designs. Letts just pick your favorite one!

Find more information about the card holder wallet on my blog.

03. Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet RFID Blocking

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The travel passport wallet from the Fintie brand is made of premium synthetic leather; therefore, it has a sleek and modern look. There are multiple slots and compartments to hold business cards, passports, boarding passes, credit cards, money, etc. Thanks to the lightweight, slim design, it is comfortable to carry this wallet.

The RFID blocking system protects your private information from unwanted scanning. Because of this extra security feature, you can carry this mens passport wallet to travel with confidence. In addition, this product comes in fun and bright colors. This product is worth a purchase. I am satisfied with the quality and style of this leather passport wallet. I want to recommend it.

04. Villini – Leather US Passport ID Card Holder – Travel Wallet Case For Men Women

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The outstanding feature of this Villini mens passport holder is the snap button to keep everything in place and avoid it always opening in your bag. Combining with luxury and sturdy genuine leather, tight seam and RFID Blocking material, the wallet itself is now sturdy extremely, and properly protective for your cards and flight documents against hi-tech thieves, dust, and other outside effects.

The wallet is also beautiful, sleek and looks expensive, as well thanks to the high-quality material and nicely embossed image on the outer side. The manufacturer also offers a very good warranty which is up to three years so you can feel ease in mind when choosing it.

It has 1 money compartment and 4 cards slots to accommodate up to 8 cards, lots of money in addition to your passport. However, its measurements are only 5.5 x 4 x 0.35 Inches, a safe dimension to fit well with US passports but I must notice that it won’t small enough to stay neatly in your pocket, especially the front one.

05. Personalized Passport Holder w Name and Quote – Custom Engraved

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Nothing can beat the United Craft Supplies when it comes to the beautiful array of designs. This passport holder attracts our eyes and wins our hearts immediately. I guarantee that when you take out this piece, everyone will say wow.

There are various great designs for our choice. The best thing is that you can add a quote or name to make this product customized and personalized. It is a great idea to give this gift with a meaningful message to your friend. The art and text on the surface of the passport holder are laser engraved; therefore, it has a smooth cut as a bonus.

Made of scratch-resistant smooth faux leather, the product is durable, long-lasting, and soft to touch. So even you can open this passport holder during torrential rain without worrying. There are two inside slots to hold some cash and cards. Because of these features, this functional and gorgeous passport holder is worth a purchase.

06. TIGARI Passport and Vaccine Card Holder, Passport Wallets Passport Covers

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If you are planning a safe trip, you may need a piece that keeps your passport and vaccine card in place. This TIGARI passport and vaccine cardholder is what you need to keep your vaccine card and passport safe and organized during travel.

Made of PU leather and designed with sturdy construction, this product protects our documents from bending, folding, or crumping. Furthermore, the material is waterproof so that we can use this piece in the rain with confidence.

Thanks to the lightweight design and slim profile, this passport holder fits perfectly in your front pockets and is suitable for people of all ages. If you love this one, you can pick your favorite color from the variety of options.

07. Personalized Vaccination Passport Holder

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If you are looking for the best passport holder, I would like to recommend this one. The personalized vaccination passport holder from With Love From Julie features high quality and gorgeous design, which never fails to make you satisfied.

This one has an excellent combination of functionality, quality, and style. The faux leather and artisanal design give this piece an elegant and sophisticated look. There are many colors and designs for your choice.

The faux leather material is a premium quality, eco-friendly, long-lasting, and water-resistant. All of these things are enough to make this personalized passport cover become the best choice for travelers. But the best thing is that the RFID block technology protects your private information from unwanted scanning.

Furthermore, you can add your favorite image or name to make this passport holder customized and personalized.

08. Sotania – Swiss Leather Passport and Credit Cainterd Holder Case

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Another RFID passport wallet comes from the Sotania brand. This one is spacious enough to hold your passport, air tickets, cash, and credit cards but still ensures minimalist design. You can carry it on your hands or slip it into your pocket, thanks to the small profile.

RFID-blocking technology of this product keeps your account information safe by blocking the 13.66 MHz frequency. No one can steal or read your debit cards or credit cards if you put them in this mens passport wallet.

This travel accessory is made of genuine leather; therefore, it offers a luxury look. Furthermore, when you buy this product, you get the product with both function and style and receive 90 days refund and a 3-year replacement warranty.

09. mr and mrs passport covers and luggage tags gift set

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The Mr & Mrs Passport Covers can be used as a gorgeous portable wallet that can keep your passport and essential travel documents secure. The dimension of this wallet is 4.5 x 2.7 inches; therefore, it fits any standard business card.

Made of synthetic leather, this product is durable, long-lasting, and smooth to touch. Thanks to the lightweight construction and thin profile, you can put this mens passport wallet in your pocket without feeling heavy or bulky.

When you buy the Mr and Mrs Passport Covers, you will get a beautiful honeymoon luggage tag. This tag features a sturdy buckle strap for better security. With the chic-looking style and minimalist design, this product is the best travel accessory for couples.

10. Personalized Passport Holder with Name and Charm, Customized Passport Case

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Imagine that you have a unique personalized passport cover without the same product in the market. The Junket model is what I am talking about. When you buy this product, you can add your name and favorite charms to make your passport holder unique and outstanding. There are over 15 colors and over 100 beautiful charms for your choice. So you pick your favorite and make a cute passport cover.

Because of the personalized design and high-quality leather material, this product is stylish and shiny. Furthermore, this travel accessory is not only beautiful but also functional. It keeps your passport and essential travel documents safe during your trip.

The synthetic leather material is richly textured, durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Do you know how much this product is? It costs only $15 – $20 for a high-quality, cute passport cover.

11. Passport Travelers Notebook Pocket Refillable Leather Journal AMAZING BUNDLE

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I know that in contrast to those who love carry less, there are many men who prefer to bring their whole world alongside. That’s said, you can consider this mens travel wallet. It offers a larger interior with more streamlined construction so that you can accommodate more stuff inside whereas managing them neatly for quick access.

More details, it comes in 1 separate compartment for passport, 3 quality paper packs, 1 pen loop, and 1 PVC zipper pocket. However, don’t think that it will thicken up your bag or backpack because the wallet only comes in 5.4 inches long and 4.3 inches wide. That’s a perfect measurement for a handmade portfolio of both men and women in any trip.

Besides, when not in use, just keep the wallet shut by using the long strap and wrapping it around. Actually, in my opinion, it takes a little bit more time when you open and close with this strap rather than the button strap. However, right because this design matches perfectly with the vintage vibe of the whole product, and I don’t find it’s a con at all. So just rock it!

Particularly, if you have the habit of taking notes while traveling, don’t miss out on this mens passport wallet as well.

12. Family Travel Document Organizer Capacious RFID Passport Holder Wallet

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If you are looking for a travel passport wallet with multiple slots and pockets, go for the Valante brand. In terms of capacity, this wallet is designed with six passport pouches, two zippered pockets for cash, two pockets for boarding passes, two latter size stash pockets, an external zippered pocket for your phone, etc. In addition, this wallet has a total of 21 slots and pockets, so it keeps everything organized.

Because of this high capacity, this mens passport wallet is a perfect choice for family travel. You can store any essential travel documents and essential things of your family in this wallet. Also, because of the RFID technology, your private information is safe.

Another great thing is that this passport wallet features cross-body straps and a removable wristlet. So, you can choose the desired type of usage and wearing.

If you are interested in an RFID wallet for men, don’t hesitate to look here.

Not only a passport cover, but these 12 mens passport wallets are also ideal to be a travel wallet thanks to their great capacity to store many other valuable and documentary things like keys, cards, bills, local currency, flight tickets, boarding passes … Wherever you plan on traveling, make sure that you buy a stylish and safe traveling wallet that complements your appearance perfectly.

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