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Best Passport Cover For Men 2018

Talking about traveling abroad, one thing that you should always never ever forget or ruin or lose is your passport. It seems to be easy but you will be amazed that this kind of important document is often stolen or damaged. That’s the reason why you should consider to buy a good passport cover to protect it.

01. Lethnic Passport Holder, 100% Handmade and Hand-Painted on Genuine Leather with Multiple Functions for Travel

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This passport cover wallet is packed in a squared nice-looking box which is really cool to be a present box for somebody. There’s a name card enclosed on the package as well, which is so professional.

Truth to say, this product left a strong impression on me right from the very first-time touching. It’s even more beautiful and decent than on images. The soft and smooth hand-feel from its genuine leather surface is real. And the painting – wow, it’s amazing – very sophisticated, unique, and well-drawn.

Due to the manufacturer, it’s 100% hand-painted but when seeing it in real life, that’s hard to accept that fact because the colorway is so nice, balanced and smooth. It seems high-quality and can serve you for years because there is a special treatment layer on its surface.

About the rest, I think it’s similar to the previous version of Lethnic passport cover – tight stitching, strong seams, 5 card slots, 3 bill compartments, 1 passport pocket and 1 SIM card slot.

The only difference which is also an upgraded detail is its extra opened slot on the right where you can place a ticket, a boarding pass or other documents straightly.

On top of that, its built-in RFID Shield really eases my mind.

02. Lethnic Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

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If you are looking for a mens passport wallet made from genuine leather with high quality yet affordable price, this Lethnic’s is the one to go for. Not only does it deliver a specific softness and smoothness for comfortable touch, but this wallet also has beautiful image on it that is sophisticated cut by advanced laser technology.

There are four designs at all, each of which includes 4 colors. In terms of the capacity, apart from a large compartment for passport, this wallet has 3-4 card slots, 3 pockets for cash, local currency, flight ticket and 1 small compartment for SIM card or memory card. As you know, when traveling abroad, we have to buy a local SIM to use at that country meanwhile you have to take care of the old one to utilize once you come back to your country.

On the other hand, Lethnic passport cover also adds RFID Blocking material to prevent your ID information against hi-tech thieves, giving 100% security.

Despite its super convenience, comfort and luxury, the price tag is quite reasonable that it’s worth a try!

03. Leather Passport Holder Travel Wallet – Passport Cover Protector Case for Men & Women, Gift Box

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This Dapper Hide passport wallet is much the same as the Lethnic’s but it comes to more compartments with particular sizes to fit more stuff for those who would love to bring everything needed in just an item. In this wallet, there are 5 card slots (maximum 2 cards each), 1 passport slot and 1 huge inner pocket can accommodate 5 cards and lots of folded bills.

However, the overall dimensions of the wallet are just 4.35 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches, large enough to fit your passport and modern-day cards, but still compact enough to stay neatly in your pocket or even passport belt.

Talking about the design, this wallet is stylish and luxury because of 100 percent genuine cowhide leather, giving a comfortable hand-feel to touch and behold. Besides, there is a canvas patch for Dapper Logo making the wallet look unique and sleek.

Not only that, the manufacturer also attaches an elegant and beautiful gift box, perfect to be a present for your loved ones.

04. Villini – Leather US Passport ID Card Holder – Travel Wallet Case For Men Women

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The outstanding feature of this Villini mens passport holder is the snap button to keep everything in place and avoid it always opening in your bag. Combining with luxury and sturdy genuine leather, tight seam and RFID Blocking material, the wallet itself is now sturdy extremely and properly protective for your cards and flight documents against hi-tech thieves, dust and other outside effects.

The wallet is also beautiful, sleek and looks expensive, as well thanks to the high-quality material and nicely embossed image on the outer side. The manufacturer also offers a very good warranty which is up to three years so you can feel ease in mind when choosing it.

It has 1 money compartment and 4 cards slots to accommodate up to 8 cards, lots of money in addition to your passport. However, its measurements are only 5.5 x 4 x 0.35 Inches, a safe dimension to fit well with US passports but I must notice that it won’t small enough to stay neatly in your pocket, especially the front one.

05. JOYIR Leather Passport Holder – Travel Wallet Cover Case for Men & Women

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Though this mens passport wallet comes in floral patterns that wraparound its outer performance, it doesn’t cause too girly feeling but a stylish and luxurious look. Besides, there are various colorways to choose from, including blue, green and brown.

Another emphasis is its entirely genuine cowhide leather which delivers not only a luxe, soft feeling touch but also high durability. This is an essential feature as when you travel as under “abuse” treating, your passport cover will be very easy to get wears and tears.

Besides, from time to time, the leather texture even gets better. Not saying that only durable and secure cover can protect your passport and other stuff put inside. It’s truth to say that when traveling, our passport is the most important thing that even just a small tear can lead to any unnecessary headache.

In terms of construction, other than a separate compartment for passport, there are 2 card slots and 1 additional pocket for boarding pass, currencies or receipts. On top of that is a 1-year warranty to ensure you always feel happy with your purchase.

06. Premium leather passport cover “World Map 7 Wonders of the World 3D print” International

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This is a little pricier than other mens leather passport holder but it’s assured to worth every penny. First is its outlook, the wallet is made out of 100 percent premium Italian genuine leather that’s always the lead in leather industry for the quality and texture.

Not saying that, its surface is 3D printed with global map image to deliver a subtle, delicate, and luxurious look. Combine with brown, its vintage and classy vibe is even more emphasized.

Now, take a look more in depth at its construction, other than the separate compartment for passport, it has 4 more pockets for your regular cards, such as credit card, debit card, IDs or driver license. Measured by 5.2 x 0.2 x 7.6 inches, though it’s small, this cover still enables to accommodate many kinds of cards and even some folded loose change.

Another good thing is that when you choose to buy this wallet, the manufacturer will offer free shipping for you.

07. US Passport Holder Cover Wallet Case – Genuine Leather ID Organizer Card Slots

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Apart from masculine, men usually look for simple and elegant passport holder cover, which is why I also include Carlo Molizeri design in this collection to vary your choice. Other than utilizing 100 percent precious genuine leather, what makes it stand out from the crowd is the unique travel-inspired 3D embossed.

If taking a closer look from inside out, you will recognize that it’s quite well-made and sophisticated to the smallest detail such as the embossed image or strong thread on every single card slot. To be honest, that gets a lot good impressions from me as this piece seems sturdy, protective and I feel it’s worth my selection.

This passport cover comes in 5.3 inches long and 3.9 inches high that’s large enough to fit US passport standard. Along with that, it has 4 card slots for extra storage. With such construction, you can accommodate bank cards, IDs, driver license, travel cards or even currencies or boarding passes.

Choose from three colorways, including black, navy blue and chocolate brown.

08. Dynomighty Men’s Mighty Passport Cover Airmail

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If you are a busy gentleman that rarely has time to maintain or take care of your accessory, I sincerely advise you to avoid genuine leather, but other alternative materials that’s come in the similar durability and wear resistance.

For example, High Density Polyethylene.

This kind of material not only comes in thin, light texture, but also enables to prevent wears and tears as well as water. In fact, you needn’t care much about it, which is a great, great advantage.

Along with that, such lightweight carry will not strain your pocket down even it’s fulfilled with a passport and some other stuff like cards or cash. By the way, in terms of capacity, this wallet can maximumly fit up to 4 cards without bulk. Besides, it includes a separate clear ID window for quick access, very convenient!

09. Marvel Retro Passport Holder

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Now is a PVC passport cover from Marvel. If you are a die-hard fan of this, don’t miss out this piece!

For those who don’t know about what a PVC wallet can bring you, it’s a durable material, strong, easy maintenance and water resistance. Not saying that, this passport cover comes in a stylish retro outlook to easily point out from distance. You will quickly notice your passport from the crowd.

For those who are wondering about its print quality, don’t fret, it’s very well-made and durable, even under “abuse” treating, the image won’t peel out easily.

Another special feature is its separate inserts so you can freely put in tickets or other stuff needed for traveling. Besides, it arrives in 7 inches long and 6 inches wide, perfect to put smoothly any sizes of passport, not just the US’s.

10. RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet – Genuine Crazy Horse Leather

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Does anyone look for a crazy horse leather wallet?

This Habitoux is worth a try as not only it is made out entirely of high-quality crazy horse leather for strikingly soft and comfortable feeling touch, but also brings up a perfect compromise of design and function. Actually, when it comes to crazy horse leather, two terms that are commonly used to describe it are Saddleback and distressed. It’s truth to said that this wallet is freakily classy and uniquely vintage.

Do a little magic on the texture, you can try scratching on its surface and then rub gently for a few times, it will get faded.

In terms of a spacious and streamline interior passport cover, you can’t go wrong with this design. Apart from a large compartment for passport, it has 3 card slots and 1 additional pocket where you can fit up boarding pass, tickets, bills and receipts neatly. Another delicate detail is its slashed design for quick access. It’s cut perfectly to provide us convenience but not makes things fall out easily.

What I appreciate the most about this design is its built-in RFID Blocking Technology to prevent your private information or bank data against hi-tech thieves. Nowadays, criminals are even more shifty that they don’t prefer approaching your wallet or bag anymore but use a handheld radio frequency identification scanner to steal your data.

That’s why I always advice you to opt for a RFID wallet to protect your information better. Back to this design, it’s also a perfect present for that special someone thanks to the elegant gift box.

11. Passport Travelers Notebook Pocket Refillable Leather Journal AMAZING BUNDLE

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I know that contrast to those who love carry less, there are many men who prefer bring their whole world alongside. That’s said, you can consider this mens travel wallet. It offers larger interior with more streamline construction so that you can accommodate more stuff inside whereas manage them neatly for quick access.

More details, it comes in 1 separate compartment for passport, 3 quality paper packs, 1 pen loop and 1 PVC zipper pocket. However, don’t think that it will thicken up your bag or backpack because the wallet only comes in 5.4 inches long and 4.3 inches wide. That’s a perfect measurement for a handmade portfolio of both men and women in any trip.

Besides, when not in use, just keep the wallet shut by using the long strap and wrap it around. Actually, in my opinion, it takes a little bit more time when you open and close with this strap rather than the button strap. However, right because this design matches perfectly to its vintage vibe of the whole product, and I don’t find it’s a con at all. So just rock it!

Particularly, if you have the habit of taking notes while traveling, don’t miss out this mens passport wallet as well.

Not only a passport cover, but these 10 items are also ideal to be a travel wallet thanks to their great capacity to store many other valuable and documentary things like keys, cards, bills, local currency, flight tickets, boarding pass, etc. Hope that through this article, you can pick the right one meeting all your requirements.

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