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Best Men’s Designer Wallets That Are Never Out Of Date [ Updated 2021 ]

Not just women but men as well think a practical and functional men’s designer wallet is an important possession. This kind of stuff keeps your cash, credit cards, and ID secure in place. Furthermore, it also reflects your personality if you choose a stylish wallet.

If you have to pick a piece of mens designer wallet, which ones do you consider? Durability, high quality, and stylish design, aren’t they? That is isn’t all. A good wallet, in my opinion, needs to hold all your needed stuff and thing in a slim and compact package.

However, it is easy for you to buy the wrong ones. Fortunately, I have a list of the best mens designer wallet brand and products. Check it out, you will soon find your satisfied purchase!

Some Famous Brands Of Mens Designer Wallet

When it comes to shopping, we often go for branded products. The same with the wallet. There are tons of wallet brands in the market and some are awesome while others are just a waste of money. So, if you want to buy a high-quality men designer wallet, I suggest you should look for these following famous brands.

Montblanc: Talking about the Montblanc brand, we think of quality and luxury. Although this label is well-known for fashionable timepieces and excellent writing instruments, its wallets come with outstanding design with sharp and classic style, sophisticated construction, and the top grade.

Lethnic: Lethnic is a famous brand for leather products and it has produced many fashionable accessories, sports stuff, and equipment with high quality and fashionable style. Of course, when we look for the mens designer wallet, no one can reject Lethnic. The best thing is that 95% of Lethnic’s products are handmade; therefore, it offers unique and personalized items.

Tom Ford: Small leather wallets with roomy coverage and stylish, minimalist masculine design never make you disappointed. Coming to the Tom Ford brand, you can find the best cardholders and bi-fold wallets.

Tommy Hilfiger: This brand satisfies the good taste of every man with its stylish and sleek wallets. Tommy Hilfiger gives everyone more than a durable and stylish wallet. They are also comfortable.

Rogue Industries: If you prefer the practical and simple wallet that fits perfectly in your front pocket, Rogue Industries never goes wrong. This brand is well-known for billfold with a solid construction, quality, and simplicity.

Givenchy: It is a great combination of function and fashion. Givenchy knows how to create an excellent blend of bold and understated.

Louis Vuitton: When we talk about the list of the best mens designer wallet brands, it is impossible to exclude Louis Vuitton from this list. This brand is well-known for its leather goods including bags, luggage, and wallet.

Bioworld: The leading global manufacturer has produced a lot of high-quality accessories, leather stuff, and home goods. Bioworld brand knows how to reach diverse and broad customers.
You have known the famous brands for mens designer wallets, right? Let’s find out the best products in my following list. Even though some of them aren’t included in the famous brands I mentioned above, they are the must-try with nice quality and great price. So, make your choice.

Our suggestions for the best men’s designer wallet in this 2021:

01. Designer Slim Wallet With Money Clip – Lethnic Selfmark

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Yes, Lethnic is included in my list of the best mens designer leather wallet. Many things about this product are worth to be mentioned.

This designer money clip wallet is made of high-quality Napa leather that is durable and soft to touch. It is easy for you to distinguish the real Lethnic from the fake one as the real product has wrinkles and stains on the surface because of the natural materials. This feature also adds uniqueness and characteristics to the Lethnic wallet.

Furthermore, the design doesn’t end that. Thanks to the contrasting color in the inner flip and front corner, nothing can be more fashionable than this awesome gift. It draws everyone’s attention and interest, making you stand out from the crowd. Because of that awesome style, men can use it for daily use, traveling, or dating.

In terms of capacity, this one features 1 receipt slot, 1 ID window, 4 credit card slots, and 1 big compartment. It also has a strong metal clip for holding cash. The measurement of 4.33 x 3.35 inches is compact and small for you to put it in your pant pocket. An added bonus is an RFID blocking function that helps to save your private information from scanning.

02. Guess Men’s Genuine Leather Slim Card Holder Bifold Wallet

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Appearing with a slim silhouette, this Guess bifold mens designer slim wallet is my favorite accessory to keep my bills and cards safe and organized in place.

Designed to be a super awesome cardholder, this one features an ID window, multiple card pockets. However, Guess is more functional than other cardholders in the market as there are more roomy spaces for your cash and essentials.

Besides the coverage, I also feel satisfied with the quality and luxurious look brought by top-grade genuine leather. This material is also long-lasting and soft to touch. Because this one is designed to hold cards, the excellent RFID blocking function adds more protection for your private information.

Furthermore, the fashionable and classic style with an enamel or embossed logo on the front makes this piece iconic and outstanding.

03. bioWorld Adult Swim Rick and Morty PU Faux Leather Bifold Wallet

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I have bought and tried a lot of wallets in my life, but I have to say that this mens designer leather wallet looks the coolest. They have great graphics of Rick & Morty on both sides of the wallet. So, if you are a fan of Rick and Morty, this mens designer wallet is a great gift for you.

Of course, we bought this mens designer leather wallet because of not just the style and beautiful graphics but the quality as well. Despite the cost of about 15$, this piece comes with nice quality. The first thing that makes me satisfied is PU leather. In my experience, PU leather seems to last longer than the regular one.

Another good point is its roomy capacity with one ID window, three horizontal pockets, and a large cash pocket. The clear window can hold up to 3 credit cards and a license. For easy access to cards, the clear is designed with a finger hole slot, which is considered a bonus.

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04. Engraved Mens Wallet Personalized Leather Wallet for Men Husband Dad Son

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Because of its uniqueness, this custom design wallet is an excellent gift for the ones you love. The best thing is that with this wallet from the fun idea brand, you can engrave any text on 3 sides of the wallet. Thanks to the engraved laser technology, the text lasts long without falling or fading off.

Moreover, the scratches, scars, and wrinkles on the surface give this product the personalized style of wildness and retro. That will meet the men’s taste and make them stand out from the crowd. Find the product with these wrinkles and scars because it is the real fun-idea wallet that is made of superior cowhide leather.

In terms of capacity, this men’s designer wallet features 6 card slots, 2 ID windows, and a large cash slot; therefore, you can carry all your important stuff for daily needs. Also, don’t ignore the RFID blocking function as an added bonus of this product.

05. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Trifold Wallet – Sleek and Slim

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If you love the Tommy Hilfiger brand and are interested in products with sleek and stylish designs, this versatile and timeless wallet is worth a purchase. This brand has a logo of red and dark blue color that presents in the wallet’s design or at the small corner or product. You can choose the style you want. All of them are fashionable and stylish.

Despite the size of 3.25 x 4 inches, the capacity of this piece is roomy for your notes, bills, and cards. There are 1 ID window, 2 slip pockets, and 6 card slots. The best thing is that the ID window is removable to provide extra capacity. Thanks to the slim silhouette, you can put it in your pant pocket.

Furthermore, the RFID blocking function really keeps your cards and important stuff from unwanted scanning. Talking about durability, you don’t need to worry at all. This one is made of real genuine leather and well-made construction that lasts quite a long.

06. Secrid Men Mini Wallet – Genuine Leather RFID Safe Card Case

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This mens designer wallet is the best choice for holding cards especially when it comes to safety. At first, I was impressed with how luxurious and compact this wallet is. However, what makes me want the purchase is its revolutionized protection for your cards, money, and privacy.

Not only does it have an excellent RFID blocking function, but it also keeps cards from breaking or bending. This piece holds 4 embossed cards or 6 flat cards secure and organized in one place. Because the card slots are designed with a simple swipe and slide mechanism, it is easy for you to remove and retrieve the card you want.

With the small size, it fits perfectly in your pocket and saves space in your bag. If you are interested in this wallet, don’t hesitate the make the purchase. There are several color options for your choice: black, green, brown, navy, and red. Each one has a luxurious look.

The only drawback is that this wallet is a little more expensive than other products. But believe me. You get what you pay for.

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07. Lethnic Small Leather Trifold Wallet – NOBLE

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Once again, Lethnic’s new product is included in my list of the best mens designer wallet. There are many good points and outstanding features.

  • First, made of Nappa leather, this wallet offers an exquisite shape and smooth touch. Also because of the high-quality material, the beauty of the wallet remains over time.
  • Second, the style of the nice combination of two contrasting colors is very eye-catching and fashionable. And with the small and compact size, you can easily carry this wallet for traveling, dating, and daily use.

Another good point of Lethnic is its innovative design for roomy capacity. Thanks to 1 hidden pocket, 7 card slots, and 1 big bill compartment, you can hold cash, ID, cards, and even a condom. There are two extra slots where you can put your sim card and micro SD.

To protect your private information from scanning, this one is designed with RFID blocking technology.

08. OT ONETOP iPhone 8 Wallet Case with Card Holder, iPhone 7 Case iPhone SE(2020) Wallet

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Find the wallet that has a roomy capacity for your iPhone, right? You should go for OT ONETOP – the custom design wallet and iPhone case at the same time.

This piece fits an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 perfectly. But the best thing is that with the innovative design, you can still read, watch videos, facetime, and use your phone exactly without taking your iPhone out of the wallet. Therefore, it can be used as an excellent iPhone case.

However, it is more functional than other traditional cases as with the 3 card slots, you can keep your ID cards, credit cards and some cash in this case without the need for another purse.

Furthermore, you should feel worry-free from durability and iPhone protection. This is because this one is made of high-quality PU material. Also, with the all-around covering design and anti-fall system, your iPhone has maximum protection with this case.

09. Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries – Genuine American Leather with RFID Block

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Rogue Industries thinks that back pocket wallets tend to be bulky and end up with damage if you sit on them. Therefore, they make this front pocket wallet with a special front pocket shape to eliminate the bulk and provide comfort.

The Rogue Industries’ wallet fits perfectly in your front pocket, stays securely in place, and offers a comfortable experience for the wearers. Even when you fill the wallet with your notes, receipts, and cards in its ID pocket, card slots, and full-length banknote divider, you will feel no weight at all.

Furthermore, the brown color and grade top-grain leather offer a luxurious look and great durability. Paying about 40$, you can use it for such a long time without needed replacement. It is quite a great bargain.

10. Baseball Sport Wallet with ID Badge Holder & D-Ring for Men/Women

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Another mens designer leather wallet of Lethnic I would like to highly recommend is the Baseball Sport wallet with ID badge holder and D-ring. Because of the unisex and stylish design, this one attracts not only men but also women who love something cool and awesome with sporty style.

The genuine cowhide leather with a nice two-color combination offers a soft feeling and a cool look. The material comes with high quality; therefore, it lasts for years.

The next awesome thing is the combination of compact measurement with roomy capacity in clever construction. It can hold up to more than 12 folded bills and 10 cards without feeling bulky. Feel worry-free from the information-stealing because of the RFID blocking function.

Never miss the D-ring feature that helps you connect the wallet to your handbag, keys, belt, or ID card lanyard.

11. I-CLIP – AdvantageR Leather – Slim Wallet – Minimalist, Thin Design

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This designer money clip wallet from the I-CLIP brand looks more sturdy and stronger than other products in the market. It may be due to the highest quality Germany materials and Robutense frames for extra protection. Feel worry-free when using this wallet for holding money and cards.

However, despite the sturdy look, this wallet really provides comfort when we put it in your pocket. The plastic frames weigh only over half an ounce, so it doesn’t put the pressure or extra bulk. This wallet is the lightest among other products on the market.

I love the sleek and simple beauty of this wallet but the thing that makes me impressed is its large capacity. With a patented design, this piece can keep up to 12 cards and there is also a money clip for your receipts and bills.

12. Lethnic Passport Holder, 100% Handmade and Hand-Painted on Genuine Leather

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The mens designer wallet is the best choice for someone who loves traveling and adventures. The outstanding feature of this product is the hand-painted world map image on the surface. It not only gives this one a unique beauty but also gives us an inspiring message for our journey.

Besides the design with the world map, you will also love the genuine leather material with a soft feeling and distinctive real leather smell.

Furthermore, designed to be a passport case and travel wallet, this piece has multi-function and multiple slots for your items. Not only does it have 3 bill compartments, card slots, and a functional compartment but there are also 1 passport holder and 1 slot for the sim card and memory card. So, despite the small size, it can hold everything you need for traveling, including cash, sim cards, boarding tickets, flight tickets, documents, cards, and so on.

Also because of the RFID blocking function that keeps your information safe, you can enjoy your business trip and travel.

You have known the top-rated and must-try mens designer wallet brands and products. Which ones do you like most? Finding the best choice takes time; so don’t hurry for the decision if you don’t know for sure. But this list here will give you great help and save you a ton of time. It is up to you now. Hope that you can enjoy your purchase.

Thanks a lot for reading! Hope this article is helpful for you. For other cool men’s wallets, take a look at these articles:

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