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14 Best Long Wallets For Men With Good Taste In 2021

As long wallet for men is also important stuff among all the accessories, the men’s wallet industry grows rapidly today with tons of new products launching in the market day by day. Like women, men also prefer different sizes and styles of wallets. The long wallet is considered to be more practical, functional, and trendy than the small ones.

Thanks to the long size, this piece can hold more stuff and essentials in its coverage such as a checkbook, cellphone, passport, credit cards, and a boarding pass, so on. Therefore, a long bifold wallet is an ideal choice for traveling and a business trip.

But some people choose this kind of wallet because of its stylish and trendy style. Manufacturers of different brands also know how to make their products become outstanding and unique by adding leather touch, special patterns, or personalized features.

However, there are many brands and options in the market, which makes searching for the best long wallet for men more difficult and challenging. Don’t worry. I have concluded the list of must-try products. So, check it out and find your favorite.

Some Criteria To Consider When Buying The Mens Long Wallet:

Choosing a long wallet for men, which factors do you often consider? It is the common and necessary question we need to ask ourselves before heading to the wallet market. In my opinion, think of the following criteria that help you become the wallet expert and find your great purchase.

Tip 1: Choose a suitable size

The mens long wallet doesn’t need to be bulky or oversized. Furthermore, flee away from the big wallet because it looks very ugly and causes a lot of discomfort or inconvenience for carrying. With a fat wallet, sliding it into your pocket or your bag could be challenging. Also, no one expects a bulge when it comes to a wallet.

So, it is important for you to consider the right size of your wallet depending on how much stuff you want to carry. If you need to carry many credit cards, go for cardholders with multiple card slots. Otherwise, for carrying cash, a long money clip holder will be a perfect choice.

Tip 2: Broaden your material choice

Although leather is the common material of wallet you may think of, don’t limit your options. You should experiment with other material choices such as canvas, polyester, and cotton. Like leather, these material have their own cons and pros. The best advice for picking the best material is to depend on your requirements and needs.

Tip 3: Consider how much you want to spend

A wallet is your long-term investment since you can use it for years without replacement. The price range of long wallet varies; therefore, you can find the cheap 5wallets at about less than 10$ or the expensive ones at around 250 – 300$.

So if you want to use your wallet for a long time, don’t hesitate to invest a decent amount of money in a high-quality wallet from a famous and reputational brand. Furthermore, owning a luxurious high-quality mens long wallet with zippers is also a way you show off your social status and fashion sense.

Tip 4: Consider the right color

The color of the wallet should be suitable for the occasion you want to carry your wallet as well. Moreover, if you want to bring your wallet to your workplace, you should choose the right color for your job profile. For example, If you work in a bank, long bifold wallets with dark colors like white or black are the best choice. Working for a creative agent, opt for the wallet with more colorful patterns. For traveling, feel free to choose the wallet’s style and mix the wallet with your outfit to enhance your look.

Tip 5: Consider the compartments 

Think about the stuff you want to carry inside your long leather wallets such as bills, credit cards, and banknotes. If you want to bring different things, choose the one with multiple slots to keep everything organized.

Furthermore, some wallets are designed with a small slot with a secure closure to keep memory cards and sim cards. Consider the product with a transparent pocket for driver’s licenses and IDs because it will save you time when you want to show your cards or IDs.

Tip 6: How about the RFID blocking technology?

Do you know that high-tech thieves always try to steal your information on your cards? Therefore, this feature of the wallet is really useful especially when you put your card wallet in your back pockets. Thanks to the RFID blocking technology, your private data is secure and safe during traveling.

Some designs of long wallets for men you should not miss out:

01. Kattee Vintage Leather Long Wallet for Men Checkbook

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As you can see, Kattee is a well-known brand for functional and vintage bags and wallets that give you a pleasant experience. This mens long wallet will meet your needs and requirements no matter where you go – school, office, or traveling. Made of high-quality genuine cow leather, this piece offers a luxurious look. The material also gives a smooth and soft feeling.

Furthermore, there are two different styles for your choice – the brown style or the brown with crocodile style. The brown solid style looks simple and vintage; so it is suitable for all your occasions. The crocodile style looks stylish and fashionable, making you stand out from the crowd.

In terms of capacity, there are 4 bill pockets, 1 ID window, 1 zipper pocket, and 11 card slots; therefore, you can carry all your essentials for daily needs.

02. Leather Small Bifold Long Wallet For Men – Crown L

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If you are a fan of the Lethnic brand, never miss this wallet. The Crown L long bifold wallet has a distinctive and unique look with a mix of outstanding color schemes that bring a nice blend of modernity and tradition. You can choose black or brown with red – white color for the fashion or classic style.

When it comes to capacity, there are 4 long compartments and 9 card slots for paper bills, coins, checkbooks, passports, receipts, cards, and so on. To keep cards safe and secure, this wallet is designed with an RFID blocking function that protects your private information from unauthorized scanning.

The best thing is that this long wallet doesn’t look bulky or budging. In fact, the minimalist silhouette, which saves space in your bag and provides convenience for carrying.

03. Checkbook Cover for Duplicate Checks – Standard Register Wallet

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Do you want to find a long leather wallet for holding your checkbook? For the price of about 10$, this Standard Register wallet from ESTALON is the best you can find.

Because of the size of 6.75 x 3.5 inches and the checkbook holder, it works perfectly as a practical checkbook cover for your duplicate checks. But this product is more functional than other traditional checkbook covers as it features one note compartment, a freeholder, 1 ID compartment, and card slots for storing cards, cash, cheque registers and other stuff.

This mens long wallet costs only 10$ that made me expect nothing other than a checkbook holding function or RFID blocking technology. However, its quality exceeds my expectation. The material of high-quality genuine leather and nice stitching are excellent for durability or tear and wear resistance.

The classic style with different color options meets both your business and personal needs.

If you are interested in a checkbook wallet for women, don’t hesitate to take a look here.

04. HOJ Co. DEER Long Bifold Wallet | Full Grain Leather With Hand Burnished Finish

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The HOJ Co. DEER long bifold wallet is functional and eye-catching at the same time. For example, the embossed graphic of whitetail deer is unique and hand-burnished; therefore, it offers a vintage appearance.

Another good point of this product is premium grade leather that has its own grain variance and color shading. Therefore, even when you buy two wallets from this brand, they are different. The best thing is that the leather can develop a patina over time. The more you use this wallet, the more beautiful it becomes.

In terms of capacity, this long wallet for men features 4 full-length pockets for cash and receipts, 9 card slots, and an ID window. Furthermore, for easy access, the ID window is designed with a thumbhole cut-out. With all these features, this piece is a high-recommended product for someone who loves the wallet with a vintage and distinctive look.

05. Ariat Men’s Oak Embossed Rodeo Wallet


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Ariat is a reputational brand for high-quality clothing and footwear that has an emphasis on innovation and technology. When it comes to the long wallet for men, Ariat also knows how to make their products outstanding and unique.

The embossed Chicago screw concho and rectangular design offer this wallet a distinctive look that is never out of date. Made with sturdy and well-made construction, this Ariat piece holds up very well. I have used this one for years without seeing any tear or wear.

Furthermore, thanks to the multiple slots, you can keep everything organized. The size of 3.75 x 3.75 inches is neat and compact enough to save spaces in your bag. Highly recommended!

06. Lethnic Long Leather Wallet With Snap Button

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You are looking for a long leather wallet for a business setting without a boring look, right? That is what this Lethnic piece can do. With the touching of Saffiano genuine cowhide leather, this one has a luxurious look while its design is stylish. The high-quality material also offers great sturdiness, superb durability, and decent resistance to water, scratches, and stains.

The outstanding feature of Lethnic is the roomy capacity that features up to 17 card slots, 1 full-length compartment, and 5 big compartments. In this wallet, you can hold your receipts, cards, coins, checkbook, paper bill, so on. It even fits the 5.5 inches smartphone.

This may be the reason why this long leather wallet has a longer size than other products. However, it doesn’t feel bulky at all even when you fill the wallet with your essentials. Also, with this long wallet, you will feel worry-free. Not only does the snap closure keeps everything in place but the RFID blocking function protects your personal information from unwanted scanning.

07. Bikers RFID safe Cow Leather Crazy Horse Brown Long Checkbook Trifold Chain Wallet


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If you are trucker, biker, or motorcycle drivers who feel difficult to carry your wallet without losing, this chain mens long wallet will satisfy your needs and requirement and be a great choice for convenience. This piece has a sturdy and strong 20-inch long chain that can clip into your belt; therefore, you never lose your wallet during driving.

Thanks to the minimalist design and roomy capacity, you can carry a lot of items without feeling bulky. There are coin pockets, bill compartments, and up to 16 card slots. Keep everything you need in place and put the wallet in your back pocket. Now you can enjoy your safe driving.

Because it is made to be the back pocket wallet, the RFID blocking function is an excellent feature that protects your personal information from hi-tech thieves. Overall, it is a good buy for the trucker, biker, or motorcycle drivers. Highly recommended.

Find the best trucker wallets collection on my blog for more purchase considerations.

08. Mens RFID Blocking Wallet Vintage Long Leather Wallets


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If you love the long wallet for men with a crocodile-embossed style, nothing to ignore the Admetus brand. The crocodile embossing looks really nice and luxurious, which makes you stand out from the crowd with the wallet in your hand.

Even if you don’t prefer the crocodile, you can choose the classic simple ones with the black or vintage style. Since this long bifold wallet comes with a beautiful box, it can be considered as an ideal gift for the ones you love. No matter which style you choose, you will feel the smooth and soft feeling because of the top-grade cow leather.

Besides the style, you can choose the size of the wallet: the bifold with 7.28 x 3.54 x 0.45 inches and the trifold with 7.48 x 4.13 x 0.78 inches. Depending on the stuff you want to carry with this wallet, you can choose the right size of capacity. But overall, the coverage is roomy enough to hold your phone, coins, cash, ID cards, receipts, and credit cards.

09. Buxton Hudson Pik-Me-Up Thin Card Holder For Men


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The Buxton mens long wallet with zipper is very compact and neat with the size of only 6.25 x 3 inches. The zipper closure works smoothly as it keeps everything safe in place.

The leather comes with high quality, showing great durability and resistance to wear and tear. In terms of capacity, there are multiple pockets including the interior and exterior; therefore, you can hold your cards, bill, receipts, and other your stuff.

Although the price is quite affordable at more than $10, the Buxton product holds up very well for years without needed replacement. I think it is due to the high-quality material and well-made stitching. Furthermore, with the unisex design, this one is a great choice for both women and men.

10. Leather Long Wallet for Men | Brown Bifold Rodeo Wallet & Checkbook Cover

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The long wallet for men by RAW HYD features the roomy capacity for not only your checkbook but also many cards, receipts, and cash. Even when you fill the wallet with your stuff, its maximum thickness is only ½ inches. So, it is easy for you to put this piece in your back pocket.

Besides the slim and functional design for holding your essentials, this wallet’s material with high quality is a bonus. With the touching of full grain leather, you add its rustic look. The wallets are slightly different from each other in shade and color. Therefore, nothing can win its uniqueness.

A practical construction, stylish design, and durability – what do you expect more? With patina developing over time, the wallet gets shiner with use.

11. Le’aokuu Mens Leather Zipper Pocket Id Business Card Case Holder Organizer

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Need a checkbook cover and cardholder at the same time? Just need to go for mens long wallets with the zipper! Thanks to the checkbook organizer and a few cardholders, it is a functional product at the price of more than 20$. You can store your license, ATM cards, health insurance, and some credit cards in this wallet.

Furthermore, it holds your money and the money papers fit in the wallet’s sides nicely. It saves time when you want to take the money from the wallet. The size of 7.28 x 3.54 x 0.39 inches is nice too as you can put it comfortably in your back pocket.

The only drawback is that the genuine leather may get scratches with use. But if you are careful to place the order, it will be fine.

If you love the card holder design for men, take a look at this collection at my blog.

12. Mens Long Wallet with Checkbook Holder – RFID Blocking

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The IDENTITY STRONGHOLD long wallet for men is designed to be a checkbook holder, but it functions more than that. The capacity comes with an ID window slot, 11 card slots, a large checkbook pocket, and 2 full-length pockets for your receipts, cash, and additional cards.

Although it holds everything in place, the profile is slim and thin enough to give comfort and convenience when you carry this wallet around your business stuff or casual purposes.

Furthermore, we should mention the best RFID blocking function as a bonus. Not only is it made of the best material with maximum RFID protection, but the material is sewn throughout every slot and compartment. So, no RFID wallets can beat this shielding level. So, buying this wallet, your cards, and your personal information will thank you.

13. Casmonal Genuine Leather Checkbook Cover For Men & Women


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If you wonder whether there is a cheap long wallet for men with decent quality, maybe you haven’t heard about the Casmonal checkbook cover. At the price of less than 10$, the Casmonal’s quality really exceeds my expectation.

This piece is not only slim but also functional. There are enough slots and compartments for your checkbook, registers, checks, and bills. Furthermore, because of the easy and simple design, you can carry it with you everywhere you go and it meets all occasions

Also, thanks to the refine vegan leather and well-built stitching, the wallet looks durable. If you love this product, there are several color options for your choice.

14. Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet For Men


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Once again, Lethnic’s new product is included in the list of my favorite long wallets. The high-quality Saffiano genuine cow leather and red color give this piece a luxurious and feminine look. The material and well-built of this wallet will last for years without replacement.

One outstanding feature of this wallet is its roomy capacity as 1 zippered pocket, 6 big compartments and 18 card slots can help you to store up to 15 cards, a lot of cash, receipts, checks, coupons, bills, passports, and even your smartphone.

Besides the great capacity, the design is slim and thin with a size of only 7.6 x 4 inches. It fits in your jacket and coat pockets perfectly. Even when you fill the wallet with your stuff, the maximum thickness is only 0.4 inches. Don’t forget the RFID blocking function as one legend bonus of Lethnic brand.

I would like to emphasize that these 14 designs are guaranteed high quality, great durability, and neat organization. Besides, the customer service of them is good to ensure you’re always backed by the manufacturer if there would be any mistakes happened to them.

There’s just one thing you should take note whether you intend to utilize it as your checkbook wallet or travel wallet, its built-in RFID Blocking Technology. Some of these wallets are equipped with advanced RFID Shield that can prevent the 13.56 MHz Frequency that almost all bank cards, IDs, and driver licenses are used. This feature plays an important role to keep hi-tech thieves at bay. Particularly, if you’re living in or going to travel to European countries, this is a must-have feature when choosing any kind of wallet.

I hope that through this collection based on my experience and others’ advice, you can easily find out the best long wallet for men without losing much time.

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