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Best Front Pocket Wallet For Men 2018

When it comes to choosing the best front pocket wallet for men, there are two priorities that you should bear on mind: capacity and measurements. We all know that a wallet that enables to fit the front pockets should stay slim and compact. However, it doesn’t mean that these guys go too small to impossibly store any stuff.

Usually, front pocket wallets are chosen by minimalist persons or those who love carrying less. They help you to carry around your everyday essentials without ruining your trouser line.

In this article, I will share you my collection of the top front pocket wallet for men that not only will you fall in love with their striking slim outer performance, but also their function. Check it out!

1. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

While flattening your front pocket is one of the perks of changing to a slimmer wallet, another reason goes beyond cutting off many side effects of a thick bulky model bringing up to your back and spine.

However, when it comes to this Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, you will receive more than that. One of them is striking durability – what you get isn’t just a genuine leather wallet, but a precious Italian genuine cowhide leather one that’s nicely zigzag embossed and tight stitched by the best artisans.

It’s truth to say that this design can serve you for years. Not only the leather, but also the metal button strap is well-invested to deliver high quality and firm hand-feel.

Another good thing is its small dimensions – 4.4”x3” – but huge storage – maximum capacity up to 15 bills and 10 cards without burden. The secret for this magic lies in its clever arrangement and construction to take advantage of all free space become more useful.

In fact, there’s no excess detail. Other than these three compartments, it just has one more button strap to upend security.

Other than that, advanced RFID Blocking Technology is a big bonus, too. In this rat-race life, just speaking of going out shopping, it’s synonymous to the fact that you are walking in a sea of latent high-tech thieves with their handheld scanner to readily steal your important data any time, at anywhere.

Equip your wallet this technology is a should. It helps to prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequency Signals to keep your data and asset safe ultimately.

In general, if you are a camo person looking for a good front pocket wallet, look no further than this model.

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2. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Start with an RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet from Hammer. At the very first sight, you can see how slim its silhouette is. 4″ x 3 1/4″ x 1/8″, very impressive! With such amazing measurement, you can put it anywhere, your front pocket, back pocket or even your jacket pocket as well.

Another good thing is its nice storage. There are totally 6 compartments for slot and 1 larger on the top for folded cash/receipts or bills.

The product is designed simply with full plain genuine leather, highlights a nice embossed logo in the front. Every stitching and lining is well-made, giving more comfortable and sturdy feeling touch. Not saying that every single card compartment is measured exactly to deliver moderate coverage to your cards, but also still easy to take them in and out.

In combination to the built-in RFID Blocking Technology, you can ease in mind to bring your valuables along without fears of hi-tech thieves will steal your personal information. When it comes to this Hammer wallet, you will have totally 7 color options. They all come in basic tone but easy to mix and match.

In a word, if you are a simple man who doesn’t ask too much for outlook of a wallet, but its function and durability, I highly recommend this product. It is built to last!

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3. Lethnic Thin Wallet – Unique Color-Mixed Front Pocket Genuine Leather Slim Credit Card Holder with ID Window & RFID Blocking Technology for Men, Women

Next up is an interesting front pocket wallet from Lethnic. It hooks my attention right away by its unique stylized L-shaped flap on the frontside, which I guess it’s something brand-identity. See? L of the first letter of Lethnic.

However, unlike the brand-identity details that we usually catch on other wallets, it comes in functionality as well. The space of this flap can be utilized as a slot for receipts, bills or documents. And on top of that, it keeps the whole silhouette slim and flat wonderfully.

I love it when the construction of this wallet is streamline enough to keep my belongings neatly. There are totally 4 card slots, 1 bill compartment and 1 clear ID window (but if you don’t prefer to put your IDs in there, it can take a good job as a slot for driver license or employee ID card)

In generally, it fits nicely 9 cards and 12 folded bills without a bulge.

Now, speaking of measurements, this wallet is 4.55” long and 2.95” wide, which is quite small and perfect to put in your front or back pocket. If you are afraid of RFID thieves, then don’t! This wallet is equipped with RFID Shield to save your bank identity information against 13.56 MHz Frequency Scanners.

Besides, there’s a 30-day warranty to cover any problems derived from manufacturing process. So, I find that there’s no reason to deny trying such wonderful wallet.

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4. ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip – No.2

Next is a minimalist wallet from ROCO. This design is very multifunctional since you can make use of it for many occasions, storing in many places. For instances, your back and front pocket or your jacket one. I love this ROCO product because of its sturdier and firmer material. Made 100 percent from high grade aluminum crafted with a flexible, patented silicone band, it is quite hard to offer better protection to your cards.

Because of its simple and minimal design, the whole measurements are roughly 4.6 x 3 x 0.6 inches, very slim and compact to stay in your pocket without being noticed in addition to its reasonable dimensions can fit up many types of cards like bank cards, ID cards, member cards, etc. But here is the real fun begin: guess how many cards can this wallet hold. It’s up to 20. Not saying that the product also enables to accommodate some more cash for some quick payments as well.

As this is a cardholder wallet, the manufacturer consciously adds up the latest RFID Blocking Material to possibly prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequency from unknown scans, giving ultimate security to your individual information.

This is arguably one of the best card holders but just one thing you should keep in mind, as it is hard, I advise you not to sit on it.

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5. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection by Vaultskin

Come up with only three compartments with total dimensions are 4 x 0.2 x 2.7 inches, might this Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet won’t be as good organization as the Hammer above, but it does provide more convenience.

Typically, that is the clever pull tab in the front. This compartment can fit up 2-3 cards at the same time so that it’s ideal to store your daily cards. Moving onto the rest, the inner pocket provides largest capacity, holding up to 5 cards and the last one is 3 cards. Totally, this wallet can accommodate around 10+ cards with some cash.

I strongly advise it for those who mostly depend on using cards for daily payment more than paper money. Besides, based on its compact measurements, you can take advantage of this to place it in many places, like your trouser or jacket pockets.

Besides, if you would like to be outstanding, there are many color options for you like red and cognac apart from those basic tones such as black, brown, grey and blue.

Last but not least, it is RFID Blocking Technology. Just feel safe when you travel as this wallet enables to block 13.56 MHz Frequency which is mostly used in your bank cards, ID cards and other important documents. A great slim wallet!

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6. Lethnic MLB Baseball Sport Wallet with ID Badge Holder & D-Ring for Men/Women

The special thing about this wallet is its sporty vibe from the clean and slim design, the sturdy silhouette and particularly, the baseball curve on the front side. This is not only a stylized detail to add baseball soul to this wallet, but also a functional curve to help quick access your regular cards.

As the design of its front card slot is deep enough to offer a full protection to your cards, you want a clever strap to help you push them up when in need. And yeah, that baseball inspirational detail takes this job pretty well. I’m also in love with its outer colorway which is outstanding, eye-catchy and beautiful.

And the way they name each color really impresses me. I particularly highly recommend this model for those who love going slim and flat because it’s designed minimally with only three compartments. Each of them fits perfectly any kind of cards coming in different sizes.

And take note that its small silhouette doesn’t ratio with its capacity. In fact, this little bad boy can accommodate up to 10 cards and 12 bills without a burden. Particularly, there’s a D-shaped ring on the side which you can hook to your keys, belts, bags or even a lanyard to be your employee ID card holder.

You don’t need to worry about its information security or durability because these two features are always guaranteed by the manufacturer for all of their products. Besides, there’s a 30-day warranty as well. Feel ease in mind to try it!

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7. Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking Strong Magnet thin Wallet

Actually, no matter in developed or developing countries, you still need to bring a small amount of cash to pay for small things like tips and charging station.

If you want to break the rules, try this money clip front wallet from Kinzd because instead of using a separate compartment for cash, it’s a magnet strap. More importantly, the difference between Kinzd’s money clip and the others is its leverage to 4 pieces strong magnet rather than most other with only 2.

With this advance, the strap can accommodate up to 30 folded bills sturdily and firmly without falling out.

One more thing is its color selections. There are up to 25 tones from the bright to the dark that I can surely you will find your favorite one there.

Besides, its clever design is worth mentioning, too. It gives not only good organization but also customization. There are 3 card slots, 1 clear ID window with smart pulling strap, 1 middle large compartment and 1 sturdy clip. In a word, there are place for anything, from your credit cards, debit cards to ID cards and paper money. Better organization, better life.

If you are curious about its protection ability, this wallet is added RFID Blocking material. More details, it secures your bank cards and ID cards against being stolen, especially when you travel abroad, like to Europe where the number of data thieves is alarming.

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8. Secure, Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet, RFID EDC Card Holder by Urban Tribe

Another money clip front pocket wallet is added to vary your selection. So, what are the difference between this Urban Tribe and the Kinzd above? Firstly, it’s the material. This biggest advantage of Urban Tribe wallet is its high-quality carbon fiber to deliver both sturdy feeling and lightweight.

I mean your essentials are received better protection whereas the wallet doesn’t cause bulk or heaviness in your pocket. It’s a really good choice of the manufacturer!

Besides, Urban Tribe front wallet offers an elegant and luxury packaging that even you can make use of it for a beautiful present box as well.

The product itself looks study, firm and attractive. Actually, it does make vibe, from the distinct carbon fiber to the leather rim with durable lining, from the magnet strap to the nicely embossed logo on it. Briefly, it’s worth to be the next best item in your wardrobe.

Another strength is its 6-month warranty to cover any problems happened to the wallet, which is reliable enough to give it a try.

Wondering about its capacity? Well, in this field, this Urban Tribe wallet is a little bit weaker than its competition. It only has one pocket with the capacity of holding 5 cards as maximum. But in turns, it does have a clever slash and thumb strap for quick access. About the money clip, it can fit up 15 bills folded without letting them falling out or damaging the chips located on your cards.

Again, it has RFID Shield.

In my personal thoughts, this wallet is really an ideal choice as a present for someone. See, it has great outlook, moderate functions, durability, sturdy feeling touch, good protection and lightweight.

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9. SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets

Honestly, I was attracted to this Serman by its awesome classic outer performance. From the full grain leather to the color, it’s perfect. If you like a compact, concise wallet with slim silhouette to conveniently put in your front pocket or jacket pockets with unique aesthetic taste, don’t miss out this design.

It’s only 4.25″ in. x 3″ in. 0.6″ in size whereas can store your everyday essentials neatly. There is a front pocket aiming for your regular cards, 1 premium cash slot to hold your cash and 2 pockets on the inside, with a photo ID slot. To fortify its application, the wallet is integrated a smart pulling-strap to help you access more quickly to your daily cards.

Take a closer look, you will find out its sophistication through the slashes of two inner card slots, the finger-glide on ID window and the thumb strap on the outer pocket. These features are small though, they bring up a huge benefit to our daily use.

In terms of capacity, maximumly, it can accommodate up to 10 bills and 8 cards without bulk. If you don’t like those leather wallets with too thick texture yet too thin to weakly protect your stuff, this wallet is even the best choice than ever. Thanks to its high-grade material, though the leather is cut thinly, it remains an amazing durability, softness and flexibility to last for years. Not saying to the well-made stitching and lining.

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10. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

This product is like a combination between the Serman thin wallet and a money clip wallet. It also has an outer card slot with clever thumb strap, two inner card pockets and 1 ID window with finger-glide. However, the cash compartment is replaced with a stainless-steel clip in the middle.

I must say that it is a smart design. On one side, it helps to slim down your wallet profile but still keeps the same amount of cash. On the other hand, the position of the clip is moved insides for better protection to your cash. As paper money is weak to be easily torn or bent, this small change has saved them a lot.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to fold your money before inserting to the clip, which keeps them beautifully straight. Thanks to its high quality, the clip can fit up 20 bills easily. About the wallet, it enables to hold maximumly 10 cards.

About its outer performance, right from the very first sight, you will love it. The entire wallet is made from the finest cow genuine leather embossed crocodile to not only release a distinct softness and durability, but also a catchy attractive surface.

It’s also okay for you to choose it as a present. The manufacturer has enclosed a nice elegant gift box as well. On top of that, there is a 30-day warranty with free-risk trial, so why don’t?

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9. DASH Co. Premium Slim Wallet For Men

Dash wallet is like a pocket for cards. It is measured exactly to fit most kinds of cards from debit cards, credit cards, ID cards to member cards. With no excess features and areas, it stays neatly in the palm of your hand.

Its structure is really minimal, only three compartments: two for cards and one smaller for folded cash. Each card slot has slashes for quick access and can accommodate up to 2-3 cards. Hence, totally, this wallet can hold about 6 cards and some paper money.

Because of its minimalist design, the product is really compact and small, roughly 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2 x 1/4″ and weigh under 1 ounce, readily stay in your pocket without being noticed at all.

On top of that, it’s a big thank you to the high-quality thin canvas for super durability and lightweight, which surely serves you for years.

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10. Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet with Crossed Design

If you are a person who loves garish colors, why not adding them to your daily look? This slim wallet product line comes in a lot of colors for you to choose. Particularly, most of them are light, if not saying that they are really garish to rock this summer.

But here is where the real fun begins, this wallet arrives in only 3.1 x 4.5 x 0.3 inch which is strikingly slim and flat to conquer the thinness limit of a wallet. You don’t even notice that this bad boy in your back or front pocket at all.

However, don’t think that it’s kind of too small to fit nothing. In fact, it can accommodate 7 cards and a couple of changes without bulk. Moreover, its construction is quite streamline and well-organized with 4 card slots, 2 slips, 1 ID window and 1 bill compartment. Every single storage space is embedded with RFID Blocking Technology to upend its ability of protection to many times.

And the material, it’s genuine cowhide leather to ensure you the softest and smoothest texture. You also rest assured of its durability as well. With some maintenance, it can serve you for years.

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11. Ebax Minimalist Slim Wallet-New Idea Front Pocket Card Holder with Cash & Key

If you are looking for “more from less”, the functionality and style of this Ebax Front Pocket Wallet will definitely satisfy your desire. It is built to be the simplest and slimmest silhouette to fit anywhere.

Your pockets will fall in love with this wallet because of its really compact dimensions: 3.9*0.2*2.7 inches. However, never quickly judge a book by its cover! Despite its striking slimness, this wallet can accommodate 7 cards and some money, which is ready for a go with you.

Not saying that its material is 100 percent Italian eco-friendly leather which means it’s non-toxic to cause any harm to both your health and environment. Besides, the fine texture releases a soft and comfortable hand-feel. The color combinations are great and unique, too.

The wallet also highlights its clever pull tab for quick access. The most common problem when it comes to these tabs is the quality of the material. Some go with poor quality will only last for a couple of months, which is wasted. But with this one, its really durable and firm. The tab itself won’t be deforms after a long time using that obviously last for years.

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12. Andar Slim RFID Minimalist Card Case Full Grain Leather Wrapped – The Pilot

If Serman has my heart because of its superb outlook then this Andar wallet impresses me by its functionality and application. A future slim wallet that every man should try at least once in his life.

This actually is a card case wrapped by the finest full grain leather, giving not only soft feeling touch, but also the luxury and classic outer performance. This card case can hold up to 6 cards in addition to a cash strap in the back for holding currency. Besides, there is another slot in the front for 1-2 more cards.

By this construction, your important cards will get better security from the outsides. But not just stop at that, the manufacturer also adds RFID Shield to this wallet to optimize its protection ability. This technology can block up Frequency within 10 MHz to 3000 MHz to save your ID cards and bank cards against hi-tech thieves.

Just take notice that when putting cards on the front slot, you should hide their RFID chips, not exposing them out so that RFID Shield can work its best.

And now, the main character today, it’s the special strap on the bottom that when you pull it aside, your cards will be presented clearly in front of your eyes to quickly pick your wanted one.

In a word, this wallet is well-made, offering great functionality and convenience. On top of that, there is also a small gift box enclosed so that you can make use of it as a present.

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Talking about wallets for front pocket, it’s a sea of styles, designs and colors with various price and quality ranges. I would like to highlight again that every single product in this collection always sits on top quality with reliable warranty. I also include many different styles to vary your options: the money clip, the slim, the card case, the minimalist wallets, etc. So, which is your pick of the bunch?

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