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Best Chain Wallets For Men [Updated 2021]

Whichever style you choose, having a keychain wallet will add up more security to your possession and keys. That’s why those who are active persons or who travel regularly, especially bikers, usually opt for a chain wallet. Save your time by reading this article as here, I’ve listed out the 10 best chain wallets for men to cover you up and give more chances to pick up the right piece. Let’s dive into it now!

How to wear the chain wallet

As you can see the chain wallet has become a stunning fashion accessory that fits different occasions and offers great comfort during activities. Furthermore, wearing a wallet chain properly, you will look so cool and stylish. The jiggling sound doesn’t bother you much.

But how can you rock a biker wallet chain properly? Follow these following steps and enjoy your awesome appearance.

  • Connect one end of a chain to the grommet of your wallet. Make sure that your wallet is designed with a metal ring for the chain to prevent damage.
  • Fasten your chain wallet by using one spring hook of the product.
  • Accommodate your wallet with the back pocket for your jeans. In this step, make sure that your back pocket and a loop for a chain are on the same side for perfect accommodating. It will provide convenient access to your wallet and prevent chain tension or chain tangling issue. It is recommended to choose the size to hang your wallet based on your dominant hand for easy access.
  • Secure your chain wallet by attaching a chain clasp to your belt loop. If you don’t wear a belt, you can use one front loop of the trousers. However, if you want to look stylish and fashionable, invest in a special belt with chain loops.

Let’s find out the list of the best chain wallets in the world:

01. Dickies Men’s Bifold Wallet-High Security with ID Window

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The very first guy in this collection is the Dickies Men’s Slimfold Wallet which is in either black or brown in color and delivers some decent looks. It is made out of 100% genuine leather and totally manmade lining to give a thick, sturdy, and durable hand-feel. Figured as a slim bifold, its interior construction is cut off all excessive details, but just the clever arrangement and organization to give an ultimate slim silhouette.

Dive into its interior, there are 4 card slots, 2 hidden pockets, 1 ID window with a middle thumb strap for quick access, and 1 long top compartment where you can fit up 10-15 straight bills.

In the middle of the wallet, it has a removable chain with a lobster-claw clasp so that you can attach it to the wallet and hook it to your pocket or belt when in need. I particularly like the heaviness of this chain as it gives a well-made and durable feel. But, worry not, it’s not that heavy to strain you down, but just a moderate weight.

02. Lethnic Mini Keychain Wallet – Mini Wallet With ID Card Slot – Slim D

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If you are tired of wearing a bulky chain wallet that puts tension or weight in your pocket or on your hips, try the minimalist one. Also, if you are a fan of Lethnic, you cannot ignore this awesome product. The Lethnic Mini Keychain wallet features a letter D keychain that allows you to hang various stuff like ID, car keys, chain, backpack, or clutch from the wallet. It can become a 2-in-1 cardholder for employees to keep their ID and enjoy hands-free during mealtime.

Like I said before, an advantage of this item is its ultra-slim and small size. Measured by 4.33 x 2.95 inches, it can sit nicely in your back or front pocket. Furthermore, not only the size but also the material satisfies our needs and expectations. The cowhide leather comes in top quality and it is smooth, soft, durable, and water-resistant.

Thanks to the nice stitching and polyester lining, you can use this item for years without needed replacement. In addition, the outstanding customized design and elegant color bring a fashionable and unique look. In terms of quality, there is 1 large compartment, 1 ID window, 2 functional pockets, and 3 card slots for holding your IDs, cards, employee cards, driver licenses, and cash. The RFID blocking function is a bonus if you care.

03. Men’s Black Biker’s Wallet Kabana with 18 Inch Long Metal Chain to Hang

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If you like your wallet more closed, let’s consider this dual button strap chain wallet from Kabana. These two snaps are sturdy enough to keep the bifold wallet always shut yet still easy to open.

Not saying that, its interior is designed to be more closure and convenient than the others. There is a magnetic snap pocket to give extra security for small stuff such as coins and keys, two flips with many card slots and ID window to satisfy a wide range of cards, one zippered pocket in the middle with narrow space so I think it’s perfect for important documents or some more coins, maybe. And finally, it’s the full-length compartment with spacious room to accommodate roughly 10-15 bills without bulk.

A small detail of this wallet that I find it’s so convenient is the magnetic strap to keep those flips stay in place when folding the wallet. They are just opened if you unlock the strap, very close and neat. I really appreciate that.

In terms of the chain, it’s like the Dickies, there is a small keychain in the middle of the wallet where you attach a removable heavy, shiny and durable 17.5-inch chain when in need. It comes up with moderate length, which is another good feature.

04. Minimalist – Baseball Leather Wallet with ID Badge Holder & D-Ring

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If you are a fan of baseball sport and want to buy a collection of sporty products, there is no reason to ignore this Lethnic baseball sport wallet with ID badge holder and D-ring. Its stylish appearance nails up your style.
Baseball players and fans will praise the baseball accent curve and two contrasting color designs. This item is not only cool but also functional.

The genuine cowhide leather offers sturdiness and smoothness that can remain its beauty and quality over time. Also, The compact, flat design allows this wallet to sit perfectly inside your pocket. Despite the small size, the Lethnic baseball wallet features large coverage with 1 functional compartment, 1 ID window and 1 card slot to fit up to 12 folded bills and 10 cards.

This product secures your personal and private information thanks to the excellent RFID shielding technology that can stop 13.56 MHz signals. It doesn’t end here. The D-rings can be attached to a handbag, belt, backpack, or keys. There are 3 different colors such as green, brown and red. So, feel free to pick your biker chain wallet.

05. BioWorld Men’s Nintendo Zelda Tri-Fold Chain Wallet

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Did I tell you how much I love this Nitendo BioWorld Zelda Trifold Wallet? It’s pretty cool and stylish that will nail your style and get jealous eyes from the surroundings. Featured as a trifold wallet, but it comes up with a strikingly slim profile, measured only by 4 x 3 x .75 inches when closed. Neat and compact, right?

I personally like its outer performance with the perfect compromise of nicely embossed Nintendo patterned leather on the backside, the zigzag green stitching, the contrast brown seams, and the rustic metal Zelda on the front side. It’s so perfect!

Another special thing about this BioWorld wallet is apart from the 16.5-inch removable chain, there is also one three-inch loop which you can connect it easily and conveniently to a belt, pocket, or anywhere based on preference. Besides, this combo makes you look more masculine and cool. I like it!

To keep this tri-bold wallet closure, Bioworld has added a dual button on the insides.

06. Batman Metal Badge Chain Wallet

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Rise up your hands, Batman fans!!! This naughty, badass, and cool Batman leather chain wallet is going to show up your special characteristics as well as love to your favorite superhero.

The wallet is quite lightweight and compact though it is figured as a trifold wallet. Measured by only 8 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches to nicely fit your front or back pocket with extra security from the removable silver-toned chain plus a small loop.

It’s also waterproof thanks to the high-quality faux leather. If you are wondering about its interior, don’t worry, there are a lot of rooms to fit much stuff such as photos, cards, and cash. I personally think that grandmothers or mothers can pick this fantastic item as the first wallet present for their grandchild or son, as well.

07. OURBAG Men Wallets Casual Canvas Wallet Vertical Male Purse Wallets

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Next up on my collection is the OURBAG Men Wallets that are made out of thick, durable, and high-quality canvas to give striking longevity and a perfect casual outlook.

Another reason making it perfect to be your next best casual wallet is the roomy interior to carry your world alongside any time. There are 5-7 card slots, including 1 clear-viewed ID window and a net slot to quickly show up your identity card when in need. Besides, it also has one zippered full-length compartment to nicely fit US Dollars.

Though made from canvas material, this wallet is quite lightweight and longevity, even you can wash it by machine without fear of ruining its texture or form like the leather. Very easy maintenance! Another good thing is its outer zippered pocket where you can put up some folded bills and coins for fast changes or keys based on preference.

08. Mens Quality Leather High Fashion Snap Chain Button Zipper Best Organizer Clutch Pocket Wallet Bags

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Look at its breath-taking design, guys! Should I call it a masterpiece? A Light Brown Wallet with a nicely embossed dragon image on the front that is sophisticated to the smallest detail, matching perfectly with the rustic, heavy, gold-toned hardware is surely the next best accessory to any man’s wardrobe, particularly for those who are looking for a badass biker wallet.

If taking a closer look, you will see how well-made of its stitching is, so do the loop and the thick chain, all of which create a sturdy, firm, and durable hand-feel.

The wallet is not only perfect from its outer performance, but also to its interior with a rustic and vintage vibe. But more importantly, its functionality. There are 14 card slots, 1 full-length zippered pocket, and 2 compartments for straight bills, receipts, documents, and even an iPhone 6s Plus.

Also, worry not about its security as the wallet is closed by a sturdy snap button.

09. Harley-Davidson Men’s Burnished Bi-Fold Skull Biker Chain Wallet

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This product from Harley-Davidson is the best leather bikers wallet with a chain at the price of more than 70$. Enjoy your traveling, biking, and dating by clipping the chain on and sliding the wallet in the back pocket.

I am impressed by how cool it looks. Instead of the links, this chain features a skull that looks more eye-catching and extravagant. The Willie G Skull logo is unique in its own ways, making you stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the measurement of 7 x 3.75 inches, you can put this item in your back pants pocket.

Furthermore, the chain is measured by 19-inches long that is long enough to suit any person. Also, designed with the lobster claw clip and antique nickel finish, the wallet stays in place when it is attached. Therefore, this Harley-Davidson Men’s Burnished chain wallet is a must-have item for every motorcycle rider as it looks cool and pretty functional.

10. BLACK GENUINE LEATHER Trifold Biker’s Wallet ID Card Holder

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Don’t think that a good quality chain wallet needs to be expensive and unaffordable. This one from Marshal brand has a low affordable price for everybody but it comes in a decent quality that meets your daily need.
Marshal never makes you down with their amazing products. Even the smallest details are designed carefully. This biker wallet chain really satisfies my need and taste. For example, genuine leather and nice stitching are built to last for years.

It is heavy, thick, and powerful to nail up your style and keep your wallet securely. There are multiple bills and slots for holding bills, cards, and IDs. Also, two snap buttons not only show off their sturdiness but also prevent your item in the wallet from falling out. The design of the right card slot provides easy and quick access.

Despite the trifold design, its dimensions are compact and slim to fit your pocket. Because of the moderate weight, it doesn’t leave any bulk in your pocket as well. Overall, it is the best biker wallet in the mid-price range that is highly recommended.

11. tomtoc Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

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In the mid-price range, you can also find the tomtoc slim minimalist wallet with fine quality. Like other chain wallets, this one provides convenience and comfort during activities. The removable strap designed with the Duraflex snap hook can be attached to your jeans’ loop, backpack, or bag.

Measured by 3.11 x 4.14 x 0.13 inches, this one can hold up to 7 cards, bills, receipts, and a bit of cash. I love the finger groove design because it allows you to access your money quickly and easily.

You can feel worry-free when keeping your cards in your wallet because the RFID blocking technology keeps your private information safe. Despite the low price, this product is still durable and long-lasting as because of the polyester and PU leather, the wallet is scratch-resistant.

Furthermore, because of the unisex design, it suits both men and women.

12. Contacts RFID Mens Genuine Leather Bifold Coin – Best Biker Wallet

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Another piece of leather bikers wallet with the chain I would like to recommend here is the Contacts RFID mens wallet. Designed with a sturdy chain with a compact size of 3.5 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches, this product provides convenience and safety for traveling, shopping, flights, holiday, city strolling, dog walking, hiking, cycling, everyday use.

However, different from most chain wallets, this item offers roomy space for your money, coins, and cards. For example, there are 1 large bill compartment, 2 pockets for coins, 2 additional slots, and 10 card slots. With a double zipper, everything is secure inside the wallet.

Made of genuine leather, the product delivers excellent characteristics and the best durability. Furthermore, because of the high-quality material, your belongings are safe from directed heat, water and other outer impacts. For convenience on your long trip, you can hook the chain into your backpack strap or your belt loop.

13. Grey Metal Zip-around (zipper around) Large Genuine Leather Wallet

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The zip-around wallets are always praised widely because of their security and safety for our belongings. This one from the Always Wild brand is a combination of zip-around design and a biker chain wallet. Furthermore, I love the grey color and brand logo on the front that gives this wallet a wild and unique look. It completes many outfits and suits different occasions, making you stand out from the crowd.

The quality of this product is nice, too. Not only is the piece made of high-quality genuine leather but also the chain and metal are made of sturdy metal material for excellent durability. Its beauty lasts for years without disappointment.

What I also like about this piece is the long 12-inch chain. It is long enough no matter how tall and big you are.

14. RFID Biker’s Brown Leather Trifold Chain Wallet

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The best wallet for trucker and motorcycles – the Juzar Tapal Collection piece never makes us disappointed at all. This one features a stainless bronze chain with a size of 18 inches long that can be attached to your belt loop for convenience and comfort during your cycling and working.

The genuine cow leather with Western Tan color delivers great durability and stylish look. You will look so cool with this wallet. This wallet has a nice, stitched finishing lining that makes sure you can use this item for years. When it comes to the capacity, there are 1 outside slot, 1 ID window, and 10 card slots. It is enough for your basic needs without putting weighs into your pocket. It is important for you to determine which stuff is important to carry around.

The best thing is that the ID window is designed with the thumb pull design for easy access. Furthermore, thanks to the RFID blocking technology, your valuables cards and items are secure and safe.

So if you want to pick the best trunker wallet, don’t waste your time and immediately go for Juzar Tapal Collection.

15. RFID Blocking Men’s Tri-fold Vintage Long Style Cow Leather With Chain

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Want to find another piece for the best trunker wallet, right? There is no reason to refuse the F&L RFID blocking men’s trifold vintage wallet. Because of its excellent design and quality, it is highly recommended to truckers, bikers, and motorcycle drivers.

The chain of this brand is larger than the Juzar Tapal Collection as it is 21 inches long. Therefore, it fits tall men. Furthermore, the chain is made of heavy material for enhancing durability and safety for your belongings. Furthermore, while the product from Juzar Tapal Collection is compact and minimalist, this one features a long profile with the measurement of 7 x 3,5 x 0,5 inches. But it seems to be a great bonus of this brand as it has a roomy space for your items.

There are 3 large compartments, zippered pocket, 1 ID window, and 12 card slots; so you can store your checkbooks, plenty of cards, and even your cellphone inside this wallet. The wallet keeps everything organized and safe.

So, if you want a wallet of a minimalist size, try Juzar Tapal Collects. But if you prefer the one with spacious coverage and space for your cellphone and checkbook, go for F&L product. Both of them are great. Your choice depends on your taste.

16. Boshiho Real Leather RFID Blocking Bifold – Best Trunker Wallet

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Boshiho is the best manufacturer that can compete with many brands. Does this manufacturer has the chain wallet? Yes, it does. And this Boshiho mens wallet with chain is the best choice for fans of chain products.
The anti-theft chain is long enough to keep your wallet safe and avoid losing it when you go cycling, shopping, or hiking. The style of this piece looks very cool and fashionable.

Furthermore, despite the compact size of 4.9 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches, there are multiple pockets and slots – 2 cash compartments, 2 coin pockets, 2 photo windows, and 13 card slots for you to hold your things, plenty of cards and daily essentials.

You can put hook the chain to your belt loop and slide the wallet into your back pocket. And then you are ready for your trip or shopping. Also, the materials are no joke at all. Genuine leather is durable, long-lasting, and well-resistant to outer impacts.

So, what do you think about my collection of the best chain wallets for men? What is your pick of the bunch? Let me know in the section below and wish you have a great time with this new companion.

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