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Best Chain Wallets For Men 2018

Whichever style you choose, having a keychain wallet will add up more secure to your possession and keys. That’s why those who are active persons or who travel regularly, especially bikers, usually opt for a chain wallet.

Save your time by reading this article as here, I’ve listed out the 10 best chain wallets for men to cover you up and give more chances to pick up the right piece. Let’s dive into it now!

1. Dickies Men’s Leather Slimfold Wallet With Chain

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The very first guy in this collection is the Dickies Men’s Slimfold Wallet which is in either black or brown in color and delivers some decent looks. It is made out of 100 percent genuine leather and totally manmade lining to give a thick, sturdy and durable hand-feel. Figured as a slim bifold, its interior construction is cut off all excessive details, but just the clever arrangement and organization to give an ultimate slim silhouette.

Dive into its interior, there are 4 card slots, 2 hidden pockets, 1 ID window with middle thumb strap for quick access and 1 long top compartment where you can fit up 10-15 straight bills.

In the middle of the wallet, it has a removable chain with lobster-claw clasp so that you can attach it to the wallet and hook it to your pocket or belt when in need. I particularly like the heaviness of this chain as it gives a well-made and durable feel. But, worry not, it’s not that heavy to strain you down, but just a moderate weight.

2. Men’s Black Biker’s Wallet Kabana with 18 Inch Long Metal Chain to Hang

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If you like your wallet more closure, let’s consider this dual button strap chain wallet from Kabana. These two snaps are sturdy enough to keep the bifold wallet always shut yet still easy to open.

Not saying that, its interior is designed to be more closure and convenient than the others. There is a magnetic snap pocket to give extra security for small stuff such as coins and keys, two flips with many card slots and ID window to satisfy a wide range of cards, one zippered pocket in the middle with narrow space so I think it’s perfect for important documents or some more coins, maybe. And finally, it’s the full-length compartment with spacious room to accommodate roughly 10-15 bills without bulk.

A small detail of this wallet that I find it’s so convenient is the magnetic strap to keep those flips stay in place when folding the wallet. They are just opened if you unlock the strap, very closure and neat. I really appreciate that.

In terms of the chain, it’s like the Dickies, there is a small keychain in the middle of the wallet where you attach a removable heavy, shiny and durable 17.5-inch chain when in need. It comes up with moderate length, which is another good feature.

3. BioWorld Men’s Nintendo Zelda Tri-Fold Chain Wallet

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Did I tell you how much I love this Nitendo BioWorld Zelda Trifold Wallet? It’s pretty cool and stylish that will nail you style and get jealousy eyes from the surroundings. Featured as trifold wallet, but it comes up with strikingly slim profile, measured only by 4 x 3 x .75 inches when closed. Neat and compact, right?

I personally like its outer performance with the perfect compromise of nicely embossed Nintendo patterned leather on the backside, the zigzag green stitching, the contrast brown seams and the rustic metal Zelda on the frontside. It’s so perfect!

Another special thing about this BioWorld wallet is apart from the 16.5-inch removable chain, there is also one three-inch loop which you can connect it easily and conveniently to belt, pocket or anywhere based on preference. Besides, this combo makes you look more masculine and cool. I like it!

To keep this tri-bold wallet closure, Bioworld has added dual button on the insides.

4. Mens Cowhide Leather Trucker Biker Trifold Steel Chain Wallet with Gift Box

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First of all, I must say that this will be a perfect trucker wallet to give as a present because of its excellent outer performance and the cool, luxurious packaging. It’s a little bit pricier than others as the wallet is made from the finest genuine leather, plus the high-quality silver-toned hardware.

It’s a trifold wallet, but don’t worry, it’s not as bulky as the traditional trifold. Thanks to the clever organization, it delivers a spacious interior to fit up many possessions whereas manages its slim silhouette quite well.

Measured by 4.5″L x 3″W x 1″D, it can fit up any pockets, even the front one without feeling inconvenient, for sure. Besides, its dual snap button and the 15″ long heavy-duty steel chain enhance security for the wallet. On top of that, the swivel lobster claw hook also helps to quick attach, or remove the chain when in need.

5. Fantastic Zone RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men Excellent Travel Bifold Credit Card Protector

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If you are into vintage and classic style, give this Fantastic Zone Long Bifold Wallet a try. Its outer performance is truly one of a kind and indescribable that I think the vibe mostly comes from its premium natural aged look cowhide genuine leather and the handmade leather woven rope with Hook.

Besides, I appreciate their creation on the stylized button strap. This feature and the contrast stitching do make an accent for the whole simple look of wallet, making it less boring.

Though figured as a bigger-sized wallet than the others, you won’t find it bulky at all. With the measurement of 7.1-inch x 3.5-inch x 1 inch, it fits many pockets, from your back pockets to the jacket ones. But the biggest benefit is its roomy interior with well-organized compartments to enable to fit up your world.

Inside it, there are two open full-length compartments, one zippered pocket, 5 card slots and one hidden compartment. If you have many kinds of currency and want them to be streamlined for quick access, this wallet is an ideal choice.

Not saying that, it can accommodate your smart phone, as well.

Another great feature is the RFID Shield integrated into this wallet to keep your vital information stay safe against hi-tech thieves.

6. Batman Metal Badge Chain Wallet

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Rise up your hands, Batman fans!!!

This naughty, badass and cool Batman leather chain wallet is going to show up your special characteristics as well as love to your favorite superhero.

The wallet is quite lightweight and compact though it is figured as a trifold wallet. Measured by only 8 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches to nicely fit your front or back pocket with extra security from the removable silver-toned chain plus a small loop.

It’s also waterproof thanks to the high-quality faux leather. If you are wondering about its interior, don’t worry, there are a lot of rooms to fit many stuff such as photos, cards, and cash.

I personally think that grandmothers or mothers can pick this fantastic item as the first wallet present for their grandchild or son, as well.

7. OURBAG Men Wallets Casual Canvas Wallet Vertical Male Purse Wallets

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Next up on my collection is the OURBAG Men Wallets that is made out of thick, durable and high-quality canvas to give a striking longevity and a perfect casual outlook.

Another reason making it perfect to be your next best casual wallet is the roomy interior to carry your world alongside anytime. There are 5-7 card slot, including 1 clear-viewed ID window and a net slot to quickly show up your identity card when in need. Besides, it also has one zippered full-length compartment to nicely fit US Dollars.

Though made from canvas material, this wallet is quite lightweight and longevity, even you can wash it by machine without fear of ruining its texture or form like the leather. Very easy maintenance!

Another good thing is its outer zippered pocket where you can put up some folded bills and coins for fast changes or keys based on preference.

8. Mens Quality Leather High Fashion Snap Chain Button Zipper Best Organizer Clutch Pocket Wallet Bags

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Look at its breath-taking design, guys! Should I call it a masterpiece? A Light Brown Wallet with nicely embossed dragon image on the front that is sophisticated to the smallest detail, matching perfectly with the rustic, heavy, gold-toned hardware is surely the next best accessory to any man’s wardrobe, particularly for those who are looking for a badass biker wallet.

If taking a closer look, you will see how well-made of its stitching, so do the loop and the thick chain, all of which creates a sturdy, firm and durable hand-feel.

The wallet is not only perfect from its outer performance, but also to its interior with a rustic and vintage vibe. But more importantly, its functionality. There are 14 card slots, 1 full-length zippered pocket and 2 compartments for straight bills, receipts, documents and even an iPhone 6s Plus.

Also, worry not about its security as the wallet is closed by a sturdy snap button.

9. Zip-around (metal zipper-around) Genuine Leather Wallet with Shark with Chain

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A well made with nice leather wallet coming up with wild hunter style rust brown natural will surely satisfy any man. Its zipper makes you more secure to keep up many valuable stuff like cards, coins, cash and even keys. Say goodbyes to the old bifold that never kept itself shut in your bag.

The leather is hard and the hardware is strong enough to keep connecting to your wallet, even if you swing it around. Going inside, there are plenty of compartments where you can put up to 6 cards, many coins, documents, receipts, and 10-15 straight bills. Enough for the go and also fit up your pockets.

For those who are curious, it’s chain is 12 inches long.

10. Sakroots Artist Circle Flap Id Keychain

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Sakroots will be my last choice for this collection.

It’s art print on the outer performance is what I was hooked up at the very first sight. Very unique and beautiful! The wallet comes up with 3.5″ high and 4.5″ wide, including 3 slips, 1 zippered pocket and 1 ID window to manage your stuff streamlined all the time.

As the whole wallet is made out of synthetic, from the material to the lining, it’s quite lightweight to put in any pocket without being noticed or strain your trouser down.

I do like the outer ID Window. It has a smart thumb strap in the middle to quickly access or slide out my cards when in need.

So, what do you think about my collection of the best chain wallets for men? What is your pick of the bunch? Let me know in the section below and wish you have a great time with this new companion.

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