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Best Canvas Wallets For Men and Women [Updated 2021]

Talking about wallets, leather and metal are the two best options for a stylish and expensive look. However, they are just perfect for some special occasions which you need to show up your characteristics and personal taste to the publicity. When it comes to casual use, durable, comfortable, and easy maintenance are three priorities to choose a wallet.

From that point, a canvas wallet for women and men is an ideal option. Don’t think that they are as out of fashion as they were in the past. Nowadays, many brands have overcome this drawback to release various sleek and functional designs. Here, I’ve rounded up 10 best canvas wallets. Let’s have a look!

Check out this list with canvas wallet womens and men’s in the market:

01. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Roy – Canvas Card Wallet

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We will start with this Herschel canvas purse!

This is a wallet made out of 100% polyester, which significantly cuts down its weight a lot to carry around without burden like the leather. If you prefer to choose a lightweight wallet for comfort, I highly recommend this. Its material is also very durable and on top of that, waterproof. You can carry it along on rainy days with no fears of your belongings will get wet and damaged.

Besides, its inner material is polyurethane foam. For those who don’t know, it is usually used in mattresses and car seats because of its striking comfort. I personally don’t like its brand logo on the front as it’s too big. However, because of its superb quality, I highly recommend you to rock it at least once.

In terms of capacity, this Herschel canvas card wallet comes up with moderate storage and organization with 6 card slots and 3 slips to keep your vital possession neat and secure. But, something I really like about this wallet is its slim and compact silhouette. Measured by 4.25 x 3.5 inches, it can fit any pockets without bulk. Good!

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02. JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet Teens Boys Wallets for Kids

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I know that some of you may look down on this Jeminal canvas wallet mens because of its Velcro style. However, look at this, it doesn’t look out of fashion at all. There are 4 trendy and easy-to-mix color options: army green, black, blue, and grey. Not saying that this Jeminal also follows the hottest trend in the fashion world – minimalist and simplicity.

Yes, it’s this bifold Jeminal! Measured by 3.54 x 0.59 x 5.12 inches plus the modern, stylish, and trendy camo printed, this is a must-try wallet of the year, guys. Nobody can’t deny its compact and striking slim silhouette. Despite its slim profile, don’t quickly judge a book by its cover. This wallet includes 6 card slots, 1 cash compartment, 1 ID window, and 1 zippered pocket to keep up your every carry neatly and safely.

Moreover, its canvas material is very durable, lightweight, and comfortable hand-feel. Besides, if taking a closer look, you will identify how well-made it is. Double stitching, strong seams, great threads, and subtle buttons straps with the beautifully embossed brand name.

On the other hand, its storage is spacious and neat enough to fit up any loads of possessions as well as manage them in place. Moreover, you can quickly access the card or anything you need in just a few seconds. Plus, the canvas material is thick, durable, and longevity. For me, this is a great choice to beat it up.

03. Hempmania Hemp Eight Compartment Tri-fold Canvas Wallet

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Next up is a canvas trifold wallet from Hempmania.

Truth to say, this is one of the top-quality products at a mid-range price on the canvas world. Utilized entirely eco-friendly hemp canvas which is arguably the softest material with striking durability that is often used in upholstery. Plus, its measurements are only 14.9 x 5.2 x 1 inches, it can fit anywhere. Back to a front pocket, chest pocket, your bag, and your handbag.

On the other hand, its color is nice. There are various options to meet any tastes, ages, and genders, from men, women to boys and girls. Its inner construction is also very streamlined and large with 1 vertical zippered pocket, some card slots, 1 ID window, and 1 full-length compartment. It’s a good piece to try!

04. Crabby Gear – Front Pocket Wallet – Minimalist Canvas Wallet

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The world is rocking minimalist and best wallets like crazy, so why don’t we? Made of 100% elastic, the Crabby Gear front pocket canvas wallet is stretchable enough to hold up to 10 cards, cash, and other items like keys and your phone. It can store everything you need without feeling bulky.

Furthermore, thanks to the small size, you can put it into your pocket or keep it in your handbag. The lightweight construction with a slim profile is extremely comfortable and convenient for you to carry this wallet with you everywhere. The best thing is that it is designed with a lobster claw keychain to attach your apartment or car key for extra security and convenience.

The only downside is that the crisp color of this best canvas wallet tends to get tarnished due to constant use. However, the good news is that it shows no tear or wear. Overall, this Crabby Gear canvas wallet with a minimalist design and slim profile is worth a try.  If you aren’t sure about the robustness or longevity of this item, time will prove.

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05. Sakroots Large Smartphone Crossbody – Best Canvas Wallet

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Who can say no to this breath-taking Sakroots coated canvas handbags? Figure as a trifold wallet, with beautiful art printed on the front side, plus a nice brand logo, this product is made out of coated canvas with thick, sturdy yet soft and comfortable texture to surely serve you for years.

Besides, the wallet is lined with a polyester layer, which makes this wallet really lightweight and convenient. Come up with 7 x 3.5 inches (wide x high), it can fit any jacket pocket or back pocket nicely.

If you are curious about its interior, there are 11 card slots, 4 hidden slips, 1 ID window and 1 zippered pocket. It’s large and streamlines enough to keep your stuff neat and secure. Not saying that there is another compartment on the outsides where you can fit up your regular cards or small changes for quick access.

In a word, this is a worth-trying wallet. You won’t regret it, for sure!

06. Spec.-Ops. Brand T.H.E. – Best Canvas Wallet J.R.

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This USA-made canvas wallet from Spec.-Ops. The brand has material pros.  To design and build this wallet to last and be long-living, the manufacturer used 1000d Cordura. We believe you will experience numerous benefits like durability, long-lasting, and great resistance to scuffs, tears, and abrasions.

Besides the material, this canvas wallet womens also feature a large capacity with 4 credit card slots for 8 cards, a full-length compartment for receipts and cash, and non-glare ID windows inside and outside. Therefore, you can put all the cards you need daily in this wallet and get easy access.

Furthermore, thanks to the shark bite closure, cards stay securely in the wallet while it is still easy for you to open and get the content. The only drawback is that its size is a little bit bulky when you put it to your front pocket. But if you don’t like to switch it to your pocket, you can wear it around your neck.

07. Timberland Men’s Trifold Nylon Wallet

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Timberland men’s canvas card wallet is made of nylon – the good material that is not only durable but also easy to clean. Furthermore, this material is also resistant to a number of outer elements like abrasion, heat, mildew, etc.

For people who haven’t known, nylon material is well-known for bringing excellent elasticity. No matter how many cards you keep inside, it can stretch out to give more space for them. This canvas wallet is hand washable. One precise element if that Timberland’s best canvas wallet can regain the original shape after drying out.

Take a closer look, there are 1 large cash pocket, 1 clear ID window, and 13 credit card pockets. Thanks to secure trifold closure, your personal items stay safely in the wallet without messing up. Overall, the Timberland men’s trifold nylon wallet is a great product especially if you love the classic style. Besides black, there are different colors that match your personal fashion taste.

08. KAVU Big Spender Wallet Tri-Fold Clutch – Canvas Wallet Womens

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Kavu is the best canvas wallet when we consider all criteria including quality, protection, and style. Feature the trifold design and impressive logo on the corner, this product looks adorable and fabulous.

Made of cotton with high quality, this best canvas wallet is strong and soft. In case you wonder about the size, its dimension measures 7.5 x 4 (when being folded); while the unfolded ones are 7.5 x 11 inches. Therefore, you can keep everything secure and safe in this wallet without adding extra bulk.

In terms of pockets, there are card slots, 1 ID window, 1 exterior, and 3 slip pockets; therefore, you can keep all essential cards and cash organized in this wallet. Another reason why I made the purchase is great protection. This canvas card wallet is designed with not only strong snap closure but also a zipper to store your receipts and notes safely.

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09. Bohemian Purse Canvas Wallet Elephant Pattern Handbag

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LATH.PIN canvas wallet womens is a perfect choice for girls and women who love unique, beautiful Bohemian elephant patterns. There are different colors for your choice.

Besides the impressive style, this canvas wallet has other pros and outstanding features like stunning construction, large capacity, and function. For example, with 3 zipper pockets, 8 card slots and 2 note slots, you can put anything in this wallet. Its size is big enough to store a 6 inches cell phone. Don’t forget the coin pocket that is designed to keep small items like coins and prevent them from falling out.

Furthermore, featuring a removable strap, this wallet allows you to easily carry it around with free hands. Nothing to complain about the quality and design of this product. It is an amazing gift for your wife, girlfriend, and mother on any occasion.

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10. Carhartt Men’s Trifold Canvas Wallet

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The Carhartt men’s canvas wallet with simple but practical design definitely attracts the interest of customers. The logo patch at the front adds extra beauty to this product. If you don’t like the classic color, you can choose the one with impressive tree patterns that look fashionable and stylish.

Making this purchase, I never feel disappointed at all. Carhartt is a well-known and trustworthy brand and its products come of high quality. Paying about 40$, you will get what you pay for.

The fiber material looks tough but in fact, it gives a soft worn feel. Furthermore, the trifold closure is a bonus as it comes with an extra bit of length for holding longer things without having to fold them up. In terms of capacity, there are 6 credit card pockets and one ID window. So, this purchase is highly recommended.

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11. RFID Trifold Canvas Outdoor Sports Wallet for Kids

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This canvas wallet is designed for kids; therefore, it comes with a collection of uniquely cute and adorable designs for girls and boys.

Seeing the price tag of less than 10$, I expected nothing more than a cute design and style. However, in fact, it shows great quality and value during use. For example, despite the cheap cost, this wallet with durable fabric, nice stitching, and well-made nylon edging looks and seems long-lasting.

Talking about the capacity, I was also pleased with the roomy space offered. You will have 1 mini nylon mesh bag, 1 large bill compartment, 3 credit card slots, and 1 ID window offers great storage for holding all your belongings like student IDs, cash, credit cards, family photo and coins. If you have the habit of using coins, kindly keep them in the coin pocket secured with a zipper. Did I mention the RFID blocking function that protects your credit cards from electronic pickpocketing?

12. Columbia Tactical RFID Men’s Wallet- Sport Fabric Trifold

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It doesn’t have special colorful styles like other products. But if you are looking for an affordable wallet with decent quality, this one is an ideal suggestion. The material is 100% polyester – strong fibers that can not wear down easily. Furthermore, this fabric is resistant to fading, wrinkles, and shrinking; therefore, it lasts well during repeated use and washing.

Another good point is its large storage capacity as it can hold your photos, cards and more belongings in 6 card slots, cash pockets, and 1 ID window. These items are kept organized and safe without falling out, thanks to the hook and loop closure. This closure still provides easy access to the content.

Because of the slim size, you can put this wallet in your pocket while still enjoy your activities without discomfort.
Due to the simple style with an iconic Columbia logo, it is an ideal choice for both men’s wardrobes.

13. Timberland Men’s Canvas & Leather Trifold Wallet

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Because of leather material, dark color like blue, charcoal, dark earth, khaki, and iconic embossed Timberland logo on the corner, this canvas wallet has a luxurious look despite the cheap price of about 15$. Although it is made of leather and other fibers, cleaning isn’t as difficult as other leather products. The material is resistant to different harmful and unwanted elements, which shows its durability and strength.

Furthermore, with trifold closure and slim measurement of 4 x 3.5 inches, this one can easily slide into any pocket of dress slacks, jeans, and shorts. That is convenient when you have to carry this best canvas wallet around. Despite the small size, this one features 6 card pockets, 2 slip pockets, 1 clear ID window, and 1 big cash bill pocket that can store everything you need.

So, if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated canvas wallet for men with an affordable price and high quality, this canvas wallet womens from the Timberland brand is highly recommended. It’s worth trying, guys!

How To Wash A Canvas Wallet

Canvas is a great fabric material when it comes to a durable and fashionable wallet. However, how to care and wash a canvas wallet to make it long-lasting is important. Following these few steps, you will get a fresh and clean canvas wallet for daily use.

  • Fill up the tissue paper into the main pocket and compartment of the wallet, which helps the wallet regain the shape after cleaning the outside.
  • Put a soft clean cloth into a bowl of cold water and wring it out completely. Make sure that the cloth is damp, not saturated.
  • Holding the wallet at a 45-degree angle, you dab the wallet gently with this cloth to remove dirt.
  • Add a sufficient drop of baby shampoo to the damp cloth and rub it together to create foam. Then, dab the canvas wallet gently with the foam.
  • Rinse the wallet under the running water to get rid of the remaining soap completely from the cloth.
  • Let the washed canvas wallet dry overnight or for 5-6 hours. After washing and drying, remove all the tissue paper inside.

Keep in mind that never putting a canvas wallet womens into a washing machine for cleaning because it can damage your product. Furthermore, never submerge or soak the entire wallet in water. Instead, dab and blot the wallet gently with a damp cloth.

In other words, the best canvas wallet womens and mens is a must-have item for the next best accessories in any wardrobe. However, you need to consider many elements such as your requirements, purpose, needs and demands to pick the best canvas wallets. Understand that, this article lists out various styles, colors, and designs to meet many tastes. Hopefully, you will pick at least one from this collection.

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