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17 Best Bifold Wallets For Men [Updated 2021]

Like the Mr. Giant of wallet world, especially when talking about men’s wallets, 90% of mens bifold wallets will be reminded firstly. Nowadays, bifold wallets not only play the basic role of carrying our everyday essentials like they were in the past but also have an influence on displaying to the world our personal taste of style and fashion. You can see women use a lot of purses and wallets to show off their style and personality. However, nowadays, not only women but also men care about the premium quality and uniqueness when it comes to the wallet.

For men who always look for convenient and excellent performance, a mens bifold wallet is the best choice. It not only holds your essential stuff but also creates good first impressions.

Imagine when you take out your wallet to pay for a drink, many people will look at your wallet and say how awesome it is. Recognizing the trends and demands of customers, most wallet brands are on the way to release numerous sophisticated products with unique designs and fascinating quality. It can match your fashion taste and help you become a gentleman in front of women,

Your job is to find the best bifold wallet for men. Be careful, be smart when you pick one mens bifold wallet that comes with high quality, well-made construction, durability, and stylish design.

Check out these awesome bifold wallets for men in this 2021: 

01. Lethnic Classic Bifold Wallet For Men – Cosy

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Take a look at this wallet and tell me what kind of material it is made out of?  It’s 100% genuine cowhide leather. Surprised! Long gone are the day that I first saw this wallet, I was like “OMG, it must cost a fortune for that amazing luxe”, but after a while searching, I found out that it was cowhide leather with nicely logo embossing. I bet you feel the same way as me, right? Particularly, the leather texture is freakily smooth and durable.

However, this wallet isn’t just getting by on its look alone, its interior is absolutely no joke. Though the construction might be a little bit different depending on the type of wallet you go for, its inner organization is extremely neat with 5 card slots, some functional pockets, and 2 bill compartments.

If you are a currency collector, double full-length bill compartments seem to be a better idea. Let’s go for a horizontal design like this one. On the contrary, if you need more functional slots that can accommodate a variety of stuff, a vertical wallet is great.

And like any other Lethnic’s wallet, this product line comes in an advanced built-in RFID Blocking Technology, which I really appreciate because you know it, the risk of identity thieves is getting more and more which is synonymous with the more danger of losing your property. That’s why choosing the best RFID wallet isn’t a nonsense thing in this modern time.

02. COACH Compact ID Sport Calf – Slim Bifold Wallet

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While bifold is the Mr. Giant in the wallet world, Coach is like the king in the men’s wallet field. They always earn the trust of their customers by offering really quality products with catchy and sophisticated designs. In Coach wallets, there are two things: practical and luxury.

Like this Coach Bifold mens bifold leather wallet, it is made from the finest leather on the market – sport calf leather – with distinct luxury and softness. This kind of leather might ask you a bit of time to take care of every month but trust us, if you do know to maintain the texture, it will last you decades.

Apart from their expensive material, Coach bifold wallet is also attractive by its rare color shade – a deep brown called Mahogany. It’s quite dark, creating a masculine, calm and gentle feeling. A great combination between leather texture and color to display the personal characteristics of user, very subtle.

Do you wonder about its construction? This wallet consists of 8 card slots, 2 additional slip pockets and 1 bifold pocket. Moreover, there is a detachable pass case with an ID window for your identity card. Its design is clear so that you can get it scanned conveniently without getting out.

Back to its outer performance, the wallet has the tendency of simplicity with a full plain design, except for a nice logo embossed on the front. Talking about its dimensions: 4.25 x 3.75 x 0.5 inches (L – H – D), very concise and intuitive, which is suitable for putting in your back or front pocket with minimum bulk.

03. Lethnic Long Wallet for Men Credit Card Bifold Style

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With the elegant design, high quality, affordable price, Lethnic’s wallets always win the heart of customers. Costing more than 30$, this USA-made product comes with great durability and roomy coverage. For example, the Saffiano genuine leather is top-grade and decent-resistant to water, scratch, and stains. The material not only has an elegant appearance but also ensures you can use the item for years.

The best thing about this piece is its large capacity with excellent organization. You have a lot of cards to carry along and want to keep them organized for easy access. This one won’t let you down. Thanks to 17 card slots that are made in a neat manner with the visual top-edge design, you will never experience embarrassing situations when you can not find your cards.

Furthermore, this mens bifold wallet holds not only your cards but also other stuff like a checkbook, passport, bills, receipts, coins, and so on. Even though it isn’t a slim wallet with a small size, it is still worth a purchase if you like something holding your smartphone. It can fit a 5.5-inch smartphone or a smaller one.

Also, with snap closure, small items like coins won’t fall out of the wallet. Feel worry-free.

04. Bullcaptain Large Capacity Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet

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As you can see and know Bullcaptain is well-known for its excellent quality and the best service in the world. If you are looking for the best mens bifold leather wallet, this one is highly recommended.

The piece from Bullcaptain suits both casual style and formal outfits for hanging out or business settings. Thanks to the different colors such as brown, black, blue, and light brown, you should feel free to pick your favorite for your fashion taste. Made of cowhide leather, this slim bifold wallet ensures intense durability. The longer time you use it, the more beautiful and long-lasting it becomes.

The Bullcaptain wallet isn’t a slim product due to the measurement of 4.72 x 3.74 x 0.98 inches. So, if you prefer a piece with a minimalist design, this one isn’t for you. However, it comes with a large capacity with two currency compartments, one ID window, and 15 card slots. Furthermore, one extra window is designed with an easy and quick access feature for you to keep your driver’s license or lovely photo.

The best thing is that the widening design of this product can help you store more cash without changing the wallet’s original shape.

05. SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men

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A bifold money clip wallet from Serman. Though this brand isn’t as big as Fossil or Coach, it does have a rather high position in the men’s wallet world. There are countless compliments from customers about their stylish design and beautiful leather texture. In addition, they also offer a 12-month warranty covering any detects derived from the manufacturing process so that you can feel free in mind to give it a try.

More detail about this wallet, it is measured 4 x 3 x3 inches; and made from the Finest Full Grain genuine leather which is a premium and high-quality material. This kind of leather is famous for its unique softness and beautiful texture. In addition, it is the high durability that surely lasts for years.

Moving onto the construction, this bifold has 1 outer card slot with a pull tab for quick access, 2 more card slots on the interior, 1 clear ID window, and 1 stainless steel money clip. It can maximumly fit with 6-8 cards at the same time while the clip is also strong and powerful enough to keep roughly 15 bills. The biggest benefits of using a clip instead of the traditional compartment are its clear view, quick getting out and in as well as better capacity.

On the other hand, this is one of the best bifold wallets for men that are equipped with RFID Shield to prevent your private information disclosure. This technology is tested for 13.56 MHz Frequency to make sure your bank cards, ID card, and driver’s license be safe.

06. Dickies Men’s Bifold Chain Wallet – High Security With ID Window


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Have you ever seen the bifold leather wallet with an attached chain? The Dickies mens bifold leather wallet is the best choice for people especially teenagers who want to hang out with hands-free. It is useful when you go skateboarding.

The keychain is long and strong enough to keep your wallet safe for hours of drifts, falls, and high jumps.
Measured by 3.5 x 4.5 inches, this one features 1 clear ID window, 2 slip pockets, and 4 credit card slots. Furthermore, Dickies mens bifold wallet is designed with a thumb slider for easy access; therefore, you can take stuff in and out for seconds.

This product can be hand washable. Washing and maintenance are easy. You just need to wipe out the dirt from the product with one piece of soft and clean cloth.

07. Engraved Mens Wallet Personalized Leather Wallet for Men

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This best bifold wallet for men by Fundykee is a meaningful and amazing gift for your friends and family members on different occasions such as Christmas, graduation day, birthday, anniversary, etc. The significantly adorable thing is that you can engrave any meaningful text you want to say to anybody on three sides of this wallet.

Because the text is laser engraved professionally; therefore, it won’t fall or fade off. The beauty of this piece can last for years. Made of cowhide leather that is sewed durably with polyester fabric, this slim bifold wallet enhances its durability. Furthermore, the material shows off its style of wildness and retro due to disorderly scars, wrinkles, and scratches.

Despite the thin design, this wallet has a large coverage with a large cash slot, 6 card slots, and 2 ID windows. Although it doesn’t have slots and pockets like other products, it meets your daily needs and requirements.

If you are interested in a chain wallet, don’t hesitate to take a look here.

08. Lethnic Horizontal Best Bifold Wallet For Men – Meron-H

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Some people love the slim bifold wallet with minimal design and large capacity due to their actual needs and individual taste. In terms of a mens bifold wallet, this Lethnic mini wallet for men is a must-have piece in your daily life or for a long vacation. Measured by 3.15 x 4.13 x 0.5 inches, this wallet can sit nicely in your front or back pockets without causing any discomfort.

Despite the compact bi-fold feature, this Meron-H wallet still provides roomy space for holding your stuff and belongings. There are 1 ID window, 5 card slots, and 2 full-length compartments for your cash. With the classic design and high-quality Nappa cowhide leather with a beautifully embossed logo on the front, this mens bifold wallet suits both causal style and formal occasions.

So, if you are looking for the best gift for special occasions like a reunion event, birthday, or wedding day, this one is a great suggestion. The product comes in an elegant box set, ready to send as a gift. Sound interesting, isn’t it?

09. YBONNE Mens New Slim Bifold Wallet with Money Clip Front Pocket

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YBONNE is a favorite wallet brand of many people because its product has not only a minimalist, sleek design but also durable and functional performance. Therefore, if you love the slim bifold wallet with a simple and elegant look, this one should not be ignored.

Because the size is small, thin, and lightweight, this product brings comfort and convenience when you carry it along. The measurement of 4.3 x 2.9 x 0.35 inches fits perfectly in your pant and shirt pockets. YBONNE mens bifold wallet is made of the highest quality Saffiano leather; so it is not only durable but also resistant to scratches, stains, and water. The longer you use the more functional it remains.

The best thing is that this mens bifold leather wallet is designed with a metal money clip. The money clip holds your money safe and secure in your wallet. You can your money in and out easily and quickly when needed. Besides the money clip, there are 8 slots for cards and other belongings such as 2 inner pockets, 4 inside pockets, 1 outside ID pocket, and 1 easy-access front pocket.

Furthermore, the RFID blocking technology is a bonus of this bifold wallet with money clip as it protects your personal and private information from electronic pickpocketing.

10. Fossil Men’s Neel Leather Sliding 2 in 1 Wallet

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The Fossil Men’s Neel leather wallet is much more expensive than other products in the market. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. This brand never fails to create high-quality creative and premium products with values exceeding the retail price. This one isn’t an exception. It is elegant, durable, and designed with comfort and convenience.

This best bifold wallet for men not only has rich leather but also boasts a slimmed-down design. Therefore, it has a luxurious and elegant look that suits both casual and formal occasions. The material comes with high quality for great durability. It is well-known for its softness and looks perfect over time.

The roomy coverage is also a bonus of this brand as it features 8 card slots, 1 bill compartment, and 2 slip pockets. So, you can store everything for daily needs inside the wallet.

Furthermore, because of the RFID blocking technology, your identification chips in cards are safe and secure.

11. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Genuine Leather

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If you are looking for a wallet that could be your lifesaver on the long trip holiday, go for SERMAN BRANDS. This RFID blocking mens bifold wallet will satisfy your needs and demands for safety and style.

Yes, safety and style are the two best features of this brand. The genuine leather with premium quality, bifold design, and compact size give this one a luxurious and stylish look. Furthermore, the material and construction offer sturdiness that can last for years and withstand many external impacts.

Measured by 3.9 x 2.85 x 0.5 inches, the compact size is easy to carry along and fit inside your pocket. Despite the small size, this product still has a large coverage when we take a closer look. There are 2 inside pockets, a photo ID slot, a front pocket for most used cards, and a money clip for cash.

Furthermore, it is designed with a smart pull-strap that allows you to take out your everyday cards easily and quickly. Don’t forget the RFID blocking technology that attaches to the wallet to protect your information. Overall, this SERMAN BRANDS RFID-blocking slim bifold genuine leather piece is the perfect option for someone who loves the compact function and minimalist design.

Find more information about slim wallets for men. We have one article on my blog: Slim Wallet for Men in 2021.

12. Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet


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Some people prefer a long wallet for men and women. In this case, I think Itslife men’s RFID blocking leather long bifold wallet is the best option for them. Costing only more than 20$, I didn’t expect too much more than its RFID blocking function. However, after using for a long time, its quality really exceeds my expectation.

The graphic on the front looks unique and eye-catching. The brown color is combined perfectly with the eagle decorations, offering this wallet a luxurious look and a nice blend of modern style and traditional appearance. If you don’t like the eagle, you can choose the ones with classic black color, gator style, or the ones with dragon decoration.

In terms of coverage, there are 2 bill slots, 1 zippered coin pocket, 1 money holder, 1 ID window, and 11 card slots. Therefore, we believe you can keep your stuff well-organized. Furthermore, the material of this slim bifold wallet is top-rated genuine cow leather that is durable and long-lasting.

13. Folded Leather Bifold Wallet For Men – VICTORY

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At the price of 40$, you can consider the Lethnic mens bifold wallet – VICTORY. This wallet offers a unique nature as the Saffiano leather is receptive to scratches. The material also delivers great durability and exquisite appearance. Its excellent quality can last for years.

A bonus of this piece is its innovative design with multiple slots and pockets. It brings convenience when you carry this wallet for traveling. No matter which stuff you want to bring, it can still handle them perfectly.

For information and card safety, this one is designed with the advanced RFID blocking function. By buying this wallet, you can receive a 12-month free warranty. Therefore, you can feel worry-free about its quality.

14. Mens Wallet RFID Genuine Mens Bifold Leather Wallet

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If you are looking for a wallet with a minimalist design and roomy coverage, this one from Swallowmall won’t let you down. Despite the slim and small size, the wallet features 10 card slots, 1 ID window, 2 cash pockets, 2 zipper bags, 1 back card slot, and 4 hidden slots. So, you can keep everything organized and take it out quickly when needed.

The material is also a bonus as the cowhide leather offers a smooth texture and softness. It is comfortable to touch and feel with your hands. Furthermore, because the fabric is oil waxed and molded-in water. With more than 33 processing steps, the material is resistant to wear and tear without deformation.

The RFID blocking function can block at least 13.56 MHz signals to protect your personal information from unwanted scanning. Do you love the RFID wallet for men? Find more information about this product here.

15. Lethnic Mini Small Mens Bifold Wallet – FREEDOM

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The best thing about this Lethnic mini wallet is its ability to match different outfits and accessories. Thanks to the nice blend of two-color design with brown, black, and navy, it features the timeless style that is a fashionable statement.

Furthermore, the premium Nappa leather ensures that the beauty and function of this piece can last and remain for years. Not only does it offer great durability, but it also has a large capacity that can keep all your stuff and essentials. There are 1 hidden pocket, 3 card slots, and 1 bill compartment.

Also, it is the best option for someone who loves traveling because it is designed with one extra slot for holding your SD card and Simcard. Some people make the purchase because of convenience and comfort. Due to the slim construction, you can keep it inside your back or front pocket.

16. Leather Long Wallet for Men – Brown Bifold Rodeo Wallet

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For those who are looking for more affordable selections, this vintage long bifold wallet from RAW HYD will surely satisfy your need, especially if you’d prefer to carry your whole world alongside as it comes in a very spacious and streamlined interior.

Measured by 6.75 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches, there are 12 card slots, 3 full-length compartments, and 1 ID window. That’s enough to hold up your whole life in the neatest way. I personally like the triple bill compartments as you not only enable to manage your currencies straightly, but also organize them such as one compartment for US dollars, one for the others, and one for receipts/bills/documents.

Besides, made out of high-quality real leather, it comes in very durable, longevity, and wear-resistant to serve you for years. For most frequent travelers, we highly recommend this one as there is space for your checkbook and some important papers.

Manage a slim silhouette, you can put up this wallet in any space, such as pockets, bags, or backpacks. Though Yeeasy recommends this wallet for men, I personally think women can try it, too if they are a character and strong individual.

17. Mens Wallet with Chain Leather Long Bifold Trucker Wallet

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Come in rustic and nicely vintage look enclosed with a handmade leather woven rope, this bifold is one of the most favorite biker wallets nowadays.

Though featured as a long bifold, it comes in roughly 7.17 x 3.74 x 0.79 Inches, compact enough to fit in any pockets of biker trousers whereas roomy enough to fit up your daily carries such as cards, cash, coins, smart phone and other stuff like that.

The wallet includes 6 card slots, 2 full-length compartments and 1 zippered pocket. I personally like its handmade rope with a hook so that you can easily connect this piece with your belt for more protection. Made out of premium cowhide leather, its outer performance is naturally aged look and something vintage. Not saying that its texture is quite soft, durable and comfortable to touch. In other words, you can’t go wrong with this.

After having a quick view of these 17 products of the best bifold wallets for men, which is your pick of the bunch? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share us yours as we know there are still many great designs out there. Anyway, hope that through this article, you can grab the most suitable for yourself.

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