Best Kid Wallets, Purses And Handbags

Kids always like to mimic adults us from the smallest details. They will observe every gesture of us and try doing the same thing. That’s said, other than toys, they are going to be very excited and enthusiast on those things that we usually use. So, why don’t we turn this into something good to teach our children? Like, gift them a small cute wallet and guide them how to take care or manage their “belongings”. That’s not a bad idea, parents!

In this article, I will round up 10 best kid wallets, kids purses and handbags so that you will have various options to prepare for your dear’s birthday. Let’s get started!

1. Stephen Joseph Wallet, Shark

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The key characteristics when it comes to choosing a kid’s wallet is the material. The more eco-friendly and durable, the better because your kids, whether they are boys or girls, still don’t know how to take care of their stuff as good as adults us yet, if not saying that it’s an “abusing” treating.

From that point, I honestly advise you to opt for those canvas or other similar materials with Velcro strap, like this Stephen Joseph toddler purse. Comes in 4.9 inches high, it’s suitable for small hands to hold or compact enough to put in your pocket, your handbag, or their handbag without bulk.

A plus is the Velcro strap to keep this wallet closure all the time whereas it’s also very easy to open. We all know that kids always get bored quickly with those inconvenient and ugly stuff. That’s said, this’s even the best choice for a kid’s wallet as not only they come in spacious interior, easily-opened strap, but also various designs to surely meet your children’ taste.

One last thing is its high-quality canvas material, which is superbly durable and longevity to serve your kids for long time. So, this is going to be a perfect present for your darlings on their upcoming birthday.

2. LEGO Brick Wallet

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My next option for you is this LEGO Brick Wallet which is made out of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex. These materials are very suitable for children as cotton brings a striking softness and comfort to touch while spandex offers high durability and flexibility to bear abusing treating.

On the other hand, they make this wallet very easy to clean and maintain as you just throw it into your washing machine. In terms of dimensions, LEGO wallet arrives in 4.5 inches high and 3.25 inches wide, not to large to cause bulk yet not too small to fit nothing. Combine with spacious and streamline interior, your kids will surely even like it more as they can put different stuff into this wallet freely and neatly, like the way we put up our belongings in our wallet.

Again, this LEGO uses Velcro strap to keep itself shut closely. Choose from two color options, including yellow and red.

3. Spiderman Wallets

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If your kids are a Spiderman die-hard fan, don’t miss out these children’s wallets, parents!

I swear to God that they will jump happily when receive this wallet. It’s bang for your buck when comparing its quality to the price. Made out of high-quality canvas material, it’s very, very durable and get less wears and tears even after a long time using, partly because it comes in black.

Besides, don’t worry about the Spiderman print, it uses eco-friendly ingredients and technology to avoid causing harm to children. Besides, the print is well-made to serve your kids for years or in the worst case, with such abusing treat, they just get a few wears and tears.

Figured as a trifold, your kids will have extra room to put up their stuff. Its interior includes a zippered pocket, 1 photo slot, 1 extra horizontal pocket and 1 full-length compartment. It will be more meaningful if you enclose a pretty picture or photo insides when gifting them this wallet.

This neat, spacious and cool wallet is an ideal thing to teach your kids how to take care their belongings better. Consider it!

4. Despicable Me Minions Authentic Licensed Trifold Wallet

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Trust me, parents, no matter your kids are boys or girls, you can’t go wrong with this funny Minion Character wallet. It is from Universal Studios and of course, officially licensed to be sold on the market. Thus, just feel ease in mind to invest for this lovely item to surprise your dears.

Again, this wallet is made out of canvas with quality zipper and Velcro strap. But in terms of capacity, it’s a bit more spacious than the others with tri-fold silhouette, 1 zippered pouch, 1 photo slot, 2 additional pockets and 1 full-length compartment. Besides, there is an extra zippered pocket on the frontside for quick access. From that point, if your kids like to carry their whole world alongside, don’t miss out this item.

5. New Disney Star Wars “The Force Awaken” Storm Tropper Tri Fold Wallet

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The same with this Star Wars wallet from Disney.

It will be a second-to-none present for any obsessive Star Wars disorders. If you are wondering about how durable the print is, then just feel ease in mind as it’s very well-made with 3D Popup Applique to not only deliver a vibrant, lively experience, but also a durable feature to serve for years.

Comes in 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, it’s perfect to be a handheld wallet or store in any pocket and bags without bulk. On the other hand, featured as a tri-fold wallet, it’s perfect to fit up a “sea” of stuff such as coins, cards, photos and a couple of paper money.

Its interior is truly neat with 1 zippered pouch, 1 photo slot, 2 additional pockets and 1 full-length compartment. On the outside, there is a quick-access zippered pocket to fit up their regular things as well. In other word, this kid wallet is a perfect compromise of design and functionality to satisfy any kids.

6. Ninja Turtles Green Trifold Wallet

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Only cost a few bucks, I was really surprised with its quality. Not only come up with thick material, but the zipper portion is very durable and well-made as well. My nephews were very excited with this present as he’s a loyal fan of Ninja Turtles Green.

Like most other trifold children’s purses in this collection, it contains 1 outer zippered pocket for some loose change, another zippered on the insides alongside with 1 photo slot, 2 additional pockets and 1 full-length compartment.

However, its dimension is a little more compact with 4.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Besides, two other good things are that it’s already officially licensed and comes in 30-day guarantee to protect customer right. I really appreciate this feature even though it’s just a kid wallet.

Sum up, I personally think this is a good piece to guide your kids understand the value of money and how to manage them better.

7. Superhero Tri-Fold Wallets- Pack of 12 by Oojami

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Every boy all dreams of being a superhero, so just let this attractive superman wallet give him a chance to protect his “world” safely and …neatly, parents!

Choose from three different colorways, consisting of black, white and blue. They are all basic tones that children commonly like so you just understand which color is their favorite then pick up one.

Though it’s not as large as other trifolds with just 2 card slots, 1 photo window and 1 bill compartment, the wallet comes in slim and compact silhouette to fit up any pockets, use as a handheld wallet or put in their backpack without bulk.

Besides, it’s price is very affordable for a surprising yet meaningful present for your kids. It’s worth a try!

8. Pokemon Mini Tri-Fold Wallet

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A plot twist with this snap button Pokemon Mini kid wallet.

It’s from Bioworld and I personally think this design comes in the best sophisticated and completed silhouette with well-finished outlook and streamline interior.

Featured as a trifold wallet, its construction is very spacious with up to 4 card slots, 1 photo window, 1 full-length compartment and especially, it has 1 extra zippered pocket on the backside so that your kids can quickly access their belongings when in need.

In terms of its outer performance, the wallet is allover Pikachu printed with a nicely shiny metal Poké Ball snap closure. Besides, it also has a ring and key chain holder on the side so that kids can easily hook it to anywhere or connect with their keys (if available). It’s a even more interesting way to have your children feel they are more mature and look like their parents as well.

9. DC Comics (Justice League) Flash Leather Bi-fold Men’s/Boys Wallet with Gift Box

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For any DC Superhero Fan, this will be a perfect present!

Been the only US-based company in form of Seller and family owned, DC Comics will satisfy your needs and demands with fast shipping as well as other benefits. This is also a rare bifold silhouette in this collection and the material, it’s eco-friendly leather to deliver cooler outlook.

However, I only recommend this piece if your kids are growing up a little bit and already know how to take care of their accessories, or, he’s a careful kid. Though its price tag isn’t much pricier compared to other canvas wallets, we don’t want our present become a trash within just a few days, right?

Another good thing about this product is its enclosed cool packaging so that you can make use of this as a beautiful gift for your children.

For those who are wondering about the print, it’s a allover DC Comics print with well-finished to serve for years.

10. Army Camouflage Wallet Nylon Velcro Trifold Kids Wallets for Boys Camo Hunting

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If your kids don’t particularly like any Disney Character or Cartoon Movie, but are interested in something cool and grungy, then this is a perfect companion for him.

It features a cool and well-finished camouflage print with black trim and double stitching for higher durability and longevity. Besides, its high-quality canvas material will even level up its age to serve your kids for years.

Not saying that, it will get even more character and grungier after a long time using with some wears and tears. Figured as a trifold wallet, it comes up with 4 card slots, 1 photo window and 1 full-length compartment, all are secured and closure by a solid Velcro strap.

Besides, with this design, it’s also suitable for adults who are fond of military look-alike design so that you can buy one for your son and one for yourself. For sure, he will be very enthusiast on this.

In summary, these 10 pieces are all best kid wallets for both boys and girls. They are versatile, eco-friendly material, spacious room and nice outlook to surely satisfy any little angels. Besides, I also particularly choose suitable materials to not only be comfortable for sensitive children’ skin, but also offer striking durability and easy maintenance. Hopefully, you can pick at least one nice item from this list to be a great present for your kids.

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