Best Kid Wallets, Purses And Handbags [Updated 2022]

Kids always like to mimic adults us from the smallest details. They will observe every gesture of us and try doing the same thing. That’s said, other than toys, they are going to be very excited and enthusiastic about those things that we usually use. So, why don’t we turn this into something good to teach our children? Like, gift them a small cute wallet and guide them on how to take care or manage their “belongings”. That’s not a bad idea, parents!

In this article, I will round up 14 best kid wallets, kids purses, and handbags so that you will have various options to prepare for your dear’s birthday. Let’s get started!

01. Stephen Joseph Cute Kid Wallet, Shark

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The key characteristic when it comes to choosing a kid’s wallet is the material. The more eco-friendly and durable, the better because your kids, whether they are boys or girls, still don’t know how to take care of their stuff as good as adults us yet, if not saying that it’s an “abusing” treating.

From that point, I honestly advise you to opt for those canvas or other similar materials with Velcro strap, like this Stephen Joseph toddler purse. Comes in 4.9 inches high, it’s suitable for small hands to hold or compact enough to put in your pocket, your handbag, or their handbag without bulk.

A plus is the Velcro strap to keep this wallet closure all the time whereas it’s also very easy to open. We all know that kids always get bored quickly with that inconvenient and ugly stuff. That’s said, this’s even the best choice for a kid’s wallet as not only do they come in the spacious interior, easily-opened strap, but also various designs to surely meet your children’s taste.

One last thing is its high-quality canvas material, which is superbly durable and longevity to serve your kids for a long time. So, this is going to be a perfect present for your darlings on their upcoming birthday.

02. LEGO Brick Wallet

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My next option for you is this LEGO Brick Wallet which is made out of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex. These materials are very suitable for children as cotton brings a striking softness and comfort to touch while spandex offers high durability and flexibility to bear abusing treating.

On the other hand, they make this wallet very easy to clean and maintain as you just throw it into your washing machine. In terms of dimensions, the LEGO wallet arrives in 4.5 inches high and 3.25 inches wide, not to large to cause bulk yet not too small to fit anything. Combine with a spacious and streamlined interior, your kids will surely even like it more as they can put different stuff into this wallet freely and neatly, like the way we put up our belongings in our wallet.

Again, this LEGO uses a Velcro strap to keep itself shut closely. Choose from two color options, including yellow and red.

03. Disney Car Lightning Strikes Authentic Licensed Children Trifold Wallet

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If your little child loves cars and watches Disney cartoon of the Lightning McQueen from time to time, this piece could become his awesome first wallet. The bright red color and the Lightning McQueen details give this wallet an outstanding and lovable design, which brightens your child’s mood.

The size of this product is 4.5 x 3.0 inches when the wallet is closed. When it opens, the size is 9.0 x 4.5 inches. This size is small enough for your kids to carry comfortably, but it still has enough capacity for them to store their needed items. Furthermore, the zipper closure adds safety to this wallet, keeping everything in place. You also feel assured when letting your kid keep some bills and coins.

The only drawback is that the “iron-on” detailing may rub off a little bit over time. However, Buying this product as your kid’s first wallet is a fine choice. It is a great idea to give this cars wallet for kids as the best gift for Birthdays, Christmas, or Children’s Day.

04. Despicable Me Minions Authentic Licensed Trifold Wallet

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Trust me, parents, no matter your kids are boys or girls, you can’t go wrong with this funny Minion Character wallet. It is from Universal Studios and of course, officially licensed to be sold on the market. Thus, just feel ease in mind to invest for this lovely item to surprise your dears.

Again, this wallet is made out of canvas with quality zipper and Velcro strap. But in terms of capacity, it’s a bit more spacious than the others with a tri-fold silhouette, 1 zippered pouch, 1 photo slot, 2 additional pockets and 1 full-length compartment. Besides, there is an extra zippered pocket on the front side for quick access. From that point, if your kids like to carry their whole world alongside, don’t miss out on this item.

05. RobIox Bi-Fold Wallet For Kids – Cute Wallet for Children

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This LONEA Roblox Bi-Fold Cute Kid Wallet has a unique design with colorful colors and a lot of printed images or characters. Let your child explore the world and the story of each wallet, and feel free to have creativeness and imagination.

I guarantee that the funny patterns on the surface of this wallet will draw your child’s attention and interest. He will love this piece without a doubt. Furthermore, this wallet is functional as it is designed with multiply slots for cards, bills, and coins. Therefore, it provides convenience for use. Because of this practical construction, kids and adults can use this wallet if they want.

Made of PU leather, this wallet is durable and long-lasting. The product is sturdy but still flexible so that you can use this wallet easily to put your cards, bus pass, and money in.

06. PUMA Kids’ Rise Trifold Wallet

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This PUMA stylish wallet for children owns an excellent combination of style and functionality. Therefore, this wallet is suitable for kids, teens, and adults. The interior is divided into two extra pockets, one main bill pocket, and one zippered coin pocket.

The exterior is designed with a stylish pattern in multiple colors. The best thing is that this wallet comes in different colors and styles. Therefore, you can choose the best one or let your child pick his favorite. The material is 100% polyester that boasts waterproof ability, resilience, and toughness. But guess how much it costs. An affordable price comes in a good product. This purchase won’t let you down.

If you are interested in a small wallet for men, don’t hesitate to look here.

07. Kids Wallet for Boys Girls Ages 6-18 Trifold, Toddler Wallet for Boys

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If you are looking for the best kid wallet, consider the TATAANTY brand. This product has an appealing design with squares of different colors that create a unique look. But what makes this wallet become an ideal purchase is its function.

Made of canvas fabric, it is lightweight and durable. Furthermore, the size is 5 x 3 inches, which is small and minimalist enough to put in your jeans pocket. Despite the small size, this wallet meets our needs as its capacity includes eight credit card slots, one ID window, one zipper coin purse, and one cash pocket. These slots keep everything organized.

Also, the construction of this wallet comes with one metal key ring; therefore, you can attach your keys to keep them close to you. The zippers work efficiently and smoothly to protect the wallet’s items. This piece is suitable for kids and teenagers at the age of 5-18.

When you buy this product for your kids, they will get 3D puffy dinosaur stickers. You kids can use these stickers to decorate their wallets and make them more beautiful.

08. Mibasies Unicorns Gifts Kids Purse for Little Girls

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On searching for the best kid wallet with a cute look, the Mibasies is on my list. The products made by Mibasies always look gorgeous and attractive at the same time. Because of the adorable look and design, it isn’t surprising when Mibasies become popular and gain girls’ love from all over the world.

In this blog, I would like to introduce the glitter unicorn purse for fantasy lovers aged 3-10. The rose gold horn and beautifully embroidered eyelashes look cute, attractive, and loveable. Let your little fashionista carry this wallet with a beautiful dress to make her become a little princess. I guarantee that everyone will love how cute she is.

This wallet is designed with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Therefore, she can use this wallet as a shoulder bag or a clutch. The zipper closure keeps your girl’s stuff in place. Consequently, she can use it with confidence.

09. Customized Children’s Wallet, Sports Balls Design, 5″ x 8 ½” Open

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This customized wallet for children from the Miles Kimball brand has a whimsical design with purple butterfly patterns on the surface of the wallet. It is an ideal first children’s wallet as you want to teach your kid about money and how to keep her valuables.

Thanks to the measurement of 5 x 8 ½ inches (open), you can let your child put this wallet in her backpack, a sleepover bag, or a big purse. It also fits perfectly in the children’s jeans pocket. Like other wallets, this one features multiple pockets. Therefore, your child can learn to organize her stuff in the wallet without messing with them.

The wallet is designed with zipper closure, hook, and loop. Therefore, your children can keep everything secured in their wallets with confidence. Even when she falls, the items still stay in place. How about the material? This piece is made of polyester material for an affordable price. But this material still ensures that the wallet lasts for years.

The best thing is that you can add your child’s name to the design of this wallet for the personality. Therefore, it is an excellent gift for your children, toddlers, girls, and pre-teens.

10. Army Camouflage Wallet Nylon Velcro Trifold Kids Wallets for Boys Camo Hunting

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If your kids don’t particularly like any Disney Character or Cartoon Movie, but are interested in something cool and grungy, then this is a perfect companion for them. It features a cool and well-finished camouflage print with black trim and double stitching for higher durability and longevity. Besides, its high-quality canvas material will even level up its age to serve your kids for years.

Not saying that, it will get even more character and grungier after a long time using with some wear and tears. Figured as a trifold wallet, it comes up with 4 card slots, 1 photo window, and 1 full-length compartment, all are secured and closed by a solid Velcro strap.

Besides, with this design, it’s also suitable for adults who are fond of military look-alike design so that you can buy one for your son and one for yourself. For sure, he will be very enthusiastic about this.

11. Boys Wallet Bi-Fold Wallet With Coin Purse Card Wallet

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The Narpult bifold cute kid wallet has a stunning design for anyone who loves video games. It is fantastic to explore our favorite characters printed on the surface of this wallet. This latest pattern design with a high-quality printing effect will make everyone smile.
There are different colors and styles for your choice.
The wallet is made of PU leather with solid quality to ensure long-lasting use. This material also offers a unique texture and smooth surface. It boasts outstanding wear resistance, a good feel, durability, and a beautiful look.
This wallet has zippered coin slots, a photo slot, a double money clip, and a card slot in terms of internal capacity. Therefore, it can hold cards, photos, banknotes, and money. So, you can use this wallet for your own or give it as a special gift for your friends who love video games.

12. Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Vertical Bi-Fold Wallet

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If your little boy is a fan of Rick and Morty characters, this cute kid wallet is an excellent gift for him. Bioworld is one of the most well-known brands for beautiful and authentic accessories and apparel. This manufacturer understands their customers; therefore, this Rick and Morty wallet meets customers’ needs.

When looking at the wallet, no one can resist smiling. The green wallet with the funny Rick’s face will brighten your mood efficiently. The durable PU leather and reinforced stitching ensure long-lasting use and sturdy construction. It keeps the good shape even when you sit on the wallet.

The capacity of this wallet includes one ID pocket and slots for cash and cards. It helps you keep your belongings organized. The PU leather makes this wallet look luxurious and outstanding from the crowd.

Find more information about wallet for teen boy on my blog.

13. Baby Goats On Green Women’s Leather Coin Purse, Small Change Pouch

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This MSGUIDE baby goats on green women’s leather coin purse has a stunning, unique design with printed dinosaurs and trees on the surface. The shape and design of this product are suitable for girls and women.
Measured by 4.52 x 4.13 inches, the cute kid wallet fits perfectly in your handbag, pocket, and backpack.

Therefore, this wallet is ideal for everyday use. The wallet can hold your keys, some coins, small cosmetics, lipstick, cards, and other small items despite the small size. The clasp kiss-lock closure keeps everything secured in the wallet. However, it is still easy to open and close for easy access. The material is high-quality PU leather that provides durability and softness. This material also makes this piece lightweight and luxurious.

If your little girls love dinosaurs, this purse is the best gift for them. They will love it. The excellent quality allows your girls to use it over the years.

14. RFID Trifold Canvas Outdoor Cartoon Wallet for Kids

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The AI-DEE outdoor cartoon cute kid wallet is functional and stylish at the same time. The screen cartoon printing, appliques, and glitter details with many loveable characters will make everyone go crazy and fall in love. There are different colors and styles for your choice. Therefore, it is suitable for both girls and boys of all ages.

If you are looking for the best first wallet for kids, I guarantee that this piece will do the job efficiently. The storage includes one bill compartment, three credit card slots, one zippered coin purse, one ID window, and one mini nylon mesh bag. You kid can learn about money and how to keep it organized.

The approximate size is 4.5 x 3.0 inches; therefore, you can put this kid’s wallet in her backpacks or bags. The material of this wallet is high-quality nylon and polyester for a sturdy construction. The best thing is that the wallet features an RFID blocking function. Therefore, this wallet is also the perfect choice for teens who want to keep their payment information safe.

The only drawback is that the chain slot is a little bit tight. But the cute designs and decent quality make this wallet become an excellent investment.

In summary, these 14 pieces are all best kid wallets for both boys and girls. They are versatile, eco-friendly material, spacious room and nice outlook to surely satisfy any little angels. Besides, I also particularly choose suitable materials to not only be comfortable for sensitive children’ skin, but also offer striking durability and easy maintenance. Hopefully, you can pick at least one nice item from this list to be a great present for your kids.

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