Best Hello Kitty Wallets and Bags For Kids [Updated 2022]

Your daughter’s birthday is upcoming?

If you still have no idea of which is the best present to surprise her, then I sincerely advise you not to miss out this collection as nothing won’t smell a little girl’s heart as quickly as a cute Hello Kitty wallet, especially when you dear is a die-hard fan of this. Here, in this article, I will show you the best Hello Kitty Wallets and bags that together with you, we will find out the right item to match your daughter or granddaughter’s style.

Why are girls obsessed with Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty or Kitty White is a cute, adorable fictional character created by the Japanese company Sanrio. Thanks to their creativeness and talented hands, Yuko Yamaguchi made a Japanese Bobtail cat with a beautiful red bow on her head and mouthless feature.

Since Sanrio’s explosive revelation, nowadays, this cute cat has remained its appeal, becoming the most iconic character in the world. The ubiquitous Sanrio superstar captures the imaginations and love of uncountable children and girls.

Over the years, Hello Kitty has evolved from a children’s lovable character to a worldwide fashion icon. You can find Hello Kitty on clothing, bags, wallets, and other accessories. There are many reasons why girls are obsessed with Hello Kitty. Here are they:

  • Hello Kitty has an adorable look that no one can resist looking at.
  • Hello Kitty spreads the meaning of Japan’s “kawaii” (cute) culture to the world.
  • Hello Kitty represents the non-offensive, non-aggressive, exotic, non-threatening figure.
  • Hello Kitty’s design reminds us of friendship, love, sweetness, etc., which appeals to a girl’s soft side.
  • This iconic character makes everyone smile thanks to the cute, whimsical appearance.
  • The design of Hello Kitty always changes to meet the needs of customers. It allows fans of this iconic character to seek the collection.
  • Girls love this character because of the story behind why Hello Kitty has no mouth. People believe that they can tell this cute cat everything and she will keep it secret.

If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, these awesome Hello Kitty wallets are the best choices.

01. Kerr’s Choice Pink Kitty Purse Kitty Cat Wallet

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This pink Hello Kitty wallet has a cute look and adorable design that fits girls’ dresses perfectly. The Hello Kitty and strawberry printed details will make everyone smile when they look at it. This wallet is not only a beautiful accessory but also a functional product.

Made of faux leather, this wallet is durable and long-lasting. This high-quality material is also smooth to touch and easy to clean. You need a wet cloth to wipe the dirt off the wallet. The wallet is designed with 9cm x 18cm x 3cm measurement; therefore, you can put this wallet in the jeans pocket.

The capacity is divided into three-bill sections, one clear plastic photo slot, and one zippered coin pocket. This wallet can hold cards, bills, and coins.

02. Kerr’s Choice Card Holder Wallet Kitty Purse PU Cat Kitty Clutch

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The Kerr’s Choice Card Holder Wallet has a bright red color, and beautiful Hello Kitty printed details, which is outstanding and distinguishable from other wallets. Because of the cute look, this wallet is the best gift for girls, women, and fans of Hello Kitty.

This product has three-bill sections, one clear plastic photo slot, and one zippered coin pocket in terms of capacity. They are roomy enough to hold your ID cards, credit cards, bills, and coins for daily needs. The measurement is 9cm x 18cm x 3cm, which is slim enough for convenience and comfort.

Furthermore, the Kerr’s Choice Hello Kitty wallets are made of synthetic leather with polyurethane lining, ensuring long-lasting use. Plus, the zipper closure is a bonus as it keeps your belongings in place.

03. Loungefly Sanrio Hello Kitty Kawaii Convertible Double Strap Shoulder Bag

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What do you think if Sanrio Hello Kitty is combined with a kawaii shoulder bag? It would be an awesome purchase. This Hello Kitty bag has a cute look with pink color, and Hello Kitty printed details. Besides Hello Kitty, you can find other adorable Sanrio characters such as Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Pompompurin. They never fail to make you smile.

Because of this look, this product is a fashionable bag for children over 12 years old and women. The manufacturer claimed that it isn’t for the use of children under 12 years. I mean, the double strap is too long for them. However, if you are 12 years old and older, it would be a perfect Hello Kitty school bag with the roomy capacity to hold your items.

The shoulder straps are adjustable to fit the meets of different uses and provide comfort. This bag is made of faux leather with a fully lined interior. You can use this bag for years without seeing it fade or tear as the construction is durable, sturdy, and beautifully stitched

04. Kerr’s Choice Pink Kitty Bag for Girls | Pink Kitty Crossbody Purse

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Paying only more than $20, you can get a beautiful Kerr’s Choice Pink Kitty Bag. The design of Hello Kitty wearing a pink dress with a pink bow on her head is unique and outstanding, which makes fans of Sanrio go crazy.

If you have a little girl, it would be an awesome gift for a girl. You can mix this bag with different outfits to create a huge impression. This bag goes well with a beautiful dress. The best thing is that a detachable strap can be transformed into a backpack or a cross-body. It allows you to change the way you wear this bag. So feel free to create your wanted style.

The measurement of this bag is 20cm x 17cm x 7cm with roomy capacity that fits small and basic essentials. Furthermore, made of PU leather, the bag is durable and comfortable. Thanks to this soft material, your child can carry this bag all day long.

05. Hello Kitty Plastic Wallet

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This Hello Kitty Plastic Wallet is designed with the cute Hello Kitty wearing a jumpsuit and holding a balloon ball. The red color is bright and shiny to give this wallet an outstanding look. Because of that design, you can combine this wallet with different outfits.

Besides the gorgeous look, this wallet has a small and minimalist silhouette with only 9.5cm x 1cm x 9cm. If you don’t have too much stuff to carry, these Hello Kitty wallets for kids are fine for you. The card sleeves are not too big to hold many cards but a few ones. Neither is a change pocket. Made of plastic material with vinyl lining, the wallet is durable and long-lasting. This wallet is also easy to clean and wipe off the dirt.

06. Hello Kitty Bag, Hello Kitty Purse for Girls-Pink

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This Hello Kitty bag with pink color and beautiful printed details is a perfect gift for girls who fancy Hello Kitty cats. The color of this bag is a little different when you see it with the light. The shoulder strap is adjustable to create different lengths for your girls to enjoy comfort and convenience. This Kitty cross-body bag is perfect for traveling. There are 3 pockets, so you can let your girl carry her snacks, toys, and other stuff.

Furthermore, thanks to the zipper closure, your girl’s stuff is safe in place no matter how playful she is. Also, the material of this handbag is high-quality Oxford cloth; therefore, we do not doubt the durability of this product. Moreover, with the neat stitching with no fraying, the bag lasts for years without needed replacement.

07. Loungefly Sanrio Hello Kitty 60th Anniversary Bifold Wallet

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This Loungefly Sanrio Hello Kitty 60th Anniversary Bifold Wallet is made of faux leather for durability. The material is easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt from the wallet. On the surface of this wallet is a beautiful Hello Kitty wearing the kimono. Because of the outstanding design, this red wallet is a fashionable accessory that meets different outfits. This little wallet will make fans of Hello Kitty go crazy.

The product is designed with one interior zippered pocket and two side pockets. It can keep your essentials for daily needs. If you don’t have too much stuff to carry, this wallet is a perfect choice. Otherwise, you need to find a different wallet.

However, thanks to the outstanding features and pros, I think the Hello Kitty wallets from Loungefly brand are an excellent purchase for your basic needs. For holding cards and cash, it does its job efficiently.
If you are interested in a bifold wallet for women, don’t hesitate to look here.

08. Sanrio Hello Kitty Pink Denim Tote with Hello Kitty Plush Cat for Girls

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This FAB Starpoint Sanrio Hello Kitty tote bag is small with only the dimensions of 8.4 x 2 x 6 inches. But it is roomy enough to store your wallet and a few items. Therefore, this tote bag is suitable for all ages. Your girl can use it as a Hello Kitty school bag.

There is the classic Hello Kitty printed graphics on the front of this pink denim tote bag. The Hello Kitty mini plush is removable. So you can remove it for easy cleaning or change your style. Furthermore, this wallet is made of high-quality materials for softness and durability.

If your girl loves Hello Kitty, this bag will be an ideal gift for them. You can give this gift on your Christmas, birthday, or special occasion.

09. WINGHOUSE X Hello Kitty Tri-Fold Novelty Wallet

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The WINGHOUSE X Hello Kitty Tri-fold Novelty Wallet is very affordable. You have to pay less than $20 to own this functional and beautiful wallet. I love the design of the pink wallet with a cute Hello Kitty embroidery. Your girls will love the simple pink color and a gorgeous Hello Kitty face on the front of the wallet.

Made of polyester material, the wallet is durable and long-lasting. The material also makes this wallet look luxurious. It goes well with different outfits and will upgrade your appearance. The polyester material also provides softness.

The WINGHOUSE X Hello Kitty wallets for kids are designed with one bill compartment, one photo slot, two card slots, and one separated coin pocket in terms of capacity. Therefore, you can keep everything organized. If your kids love Hello Kitty, you can give this gift for special occasions such as Christmas, Children’s Day, and Birthdays.

Find more information about a trifold wallet for women on my blog.

10. Loungefly x Hello Kitty Strawberry Mini Backpack

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How do you think of the combination of a Hello Kitty and strawberry in the backpack’s design? I guarantee that when your girl sees this bag with Hello Kitty and strawberry embroidered details, she will love it. The approximate measurement is only 9 x 10.5 x 5 inches, which suits girls of all ages. The bag is suitable for back to school. The faux leather ensures that this wallet lasts for years. This material is soft enough to provide comfort. Furthermore, the faux leather is easy to clean and wipe.

This wallet has one zippered pocket and two side exterior pockets with enough room for your girl’s stuff and items. The shoulder straps are adjustable and dual padded for comfort.

11. Hello Kitty Collector Exclusive Rectangular Cosmetic Bag/Pouch Style

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This LeSportsac Hello Kitty bag possesses the Hello Kitty Commemorative pattern and pink interior lining, which is stylish and adorable at the same time. You can use this wallet to keep your cosmetic and makeup items. If your child is a fan of Hello Kitty, you can give this gift to her on her Birthday, Christmas, Children’s Day, or other special days.

There are three inner pockets, so you can keep everything organized. You can separate your items to store in different pockets. It helps you find your needed items easily and quickly. These pockets are designed with zippered closure for safety.

This bag is measured by 3.5 x 6.75 x 2 inches. Because of that small size, you can put this bag in your backpack for traveling. I only wish that this product could come in different colors and designs for our choice. However, I think the LeSportsac Hello Kitty wallets are a good investment because of their outstanding features.

Now, that’s 11 best pieces of Hello Kitty wallets out there on the market, have you picked up any lovely product yet? Whether how old your daughter or granddaughter is, when it comes to choosing a kid’s wallet, keep in mind three basic elements, eco-friendly material, durable material and easy maintenance. Hopefully, this article helped you find out the best present for your little angels.

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