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Best Velcro Wallets With Unbeatable Designs [Updated 2021]

So, you don’t like your wallet always open in your bags? Me, either. It’s annoying as our belongings will easily fall out, get wrinkles (especially paper money) or rub with the other stuff. However, I don’t like using those wallets with button straps as they are too hard to put in the back pocket as well as sit down.

If you have the same thought as me, let’s consider the men’s Velcro wallets. This is arguable as the best way to give you the ultimate protection without feeling bulky. If you still have no idea about this great item, then have a look at these 12 best Velcro wallets for Men.

Our suggestions for the best Mens Velcro Wallets: 

01. Dakine Men’s Vert Rail Wallet – Trifold Velcro Wallet

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If you are looking for a non-leather Velcro wallet with a slim trifold silhouette, look no further than this Darkine Vert Rail Wallet. It is made out of 100% polyester to deliver a strikingly lightweight to stay in your pocket without straining it down or feeling inconvenient.

As a trifold, this mens velcro wallet offers a large capacity for storage, including 8 card slots, 1 top long compartment, and 1 outer zippered pocket. Its horizontal slots make a good fit for my bank cards and ID cards whereas the right ones are a little bit bigger, which I think it’s ideal for folded changes or driver license.

I like its cash compartment as it is spacious enough to fit up US Dollars, roughly 10-15 bills without bulk. On top of that, the outer zipper features moderate size to match either folded paper money, receipts, or coins for quick access. If you are curious about Velcro, just worry not as it works quite well no matter how fat of the wallet.

02. Nike Basic Velcro Wallet


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This is one of the best men’s Velcro wallets for the price. It has two versions: The Game Royal with measurements of 9 x 13 cm and the black with one size fits all.

It features a simple outer performance with a highlighted Embroidered Nike swoosh on the front side, making it more unique. Like the Dakine, this Nike is a trifold velcro wallet, made out of polyester and nylon lining, bringing ultimate water resistance and lightweight. The inner zippered pocket gives it extra closure so that you can feel peace in mind to put up coins, keys, and things like that.

03. Rothco Nylon Commando Wallet


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When it comes to this Rothco Commando trifold velcro wallet, you will be amazed by its superb durability and flexibility. Made from 100% nylon that has been already tested for quality, the wallet is surely built to be the roughest and toughest that will serve you for years.

Features 4 x 4.8 inches (wide x long) when being closed, plus the reasonable-sized compartments, this is also a perfect travel wallet as it can fit up many kinds of currencies from various countries such as US Dollars, Euro, Yen, etc.

Also, thanks to the nylon material and compact design, this mens velcro wallet is quite lightweight and small to put in any pocket, even the cycling jersey back pocket, or carry alongside without notice. Besides, it can quickly moisture and sweat away to give extra protection to your essentials. A highly recommended wallet for bikers.

04. USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder

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I don’t know about you, but I myself usually split my essential stuff into various wallets of different sizes. I need a Mother wallet to keep my world neatly, safely include all cards, currency, and stuff like that. Meanwhile, I also need a minimalist wallet or a slim wallet to keep my vital cards for a quick go.

If you are the same like me, I highly recommend this RAPDOM mens velcro wallet which focuses more on functionality.

It has 18 pockets, including 1 non-stick ID window to keep your stuff well-organized and streamlined without a mess and help you easily find what you want in just a few seconds. However, the real fun is that despite such enormous capacity, the wallet still manages its slim silhouette with only 4.75″ x 3.5″ x .75″ when closing.

If you are wondering about the material, it’s 6.6 Cordura Nylon 1000D which is one of the most high-quality and durable material to minimize wear and tears as little as possible. A good thing is its closure, totally not a joke. The Velcro strap works quite well or the hidden zippered pocket inside the cash compartment is a perfect place for your important documents and coins.

05. NFL Nylon Trifold Velcro Wallet

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Show up some love to your American Football Team by this badass NFL Trifold Wallet. Don’t fret, they are all officially licensed. Come up with 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, including 1 inner plastic picture holder and 1 inner pocket, it fits nicely your daily essential stuff like some vital cards, a couple of bills for quick charges, and stuff like that.

Again, the Velcro strap does the thing quite well to keep your mind eased for possession storage. Despite its trifold silhouette, its maximum thickness is roughly 1 inch to fit any pocket without ruining the line.

06. Trifold Canvas Outdoor cartoon Wallet for Kids

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Because of the cartoon decoration and bright beautiful colors, this Al-DEE piece is the stunning and adorable trifold Velcro wallet for kids, teens, boys, and girls. No one can say no to this beautiful item. There is a wide range of designs for your choice including the unicorn cartoon with pink color, a cool skull with red color, a crocodile with yellow, owl, fox, lion, airship, etc.

Beyond the cuteness, this mens Velcro wallet is also practical and functional. First, we have to mention durable materials with nylon and polyester in combination. These materials make sure that the product doesn’t need replacement. So it is a great thing because the price is only less than $10. Furthermore, this feature also makes the wallet easy to keep clean.

Thanks to the good size of 4.5 x 3.0 inches, this wallet perfectly sits on your backpacks, bags, or purses. Although it is designed for kids, the manufacturer also concerns about its functionality. The capacity is large with multiple pockets for all your belongings and small items.

There are 3 credit card slots, 1 zippered coin purse, 1 ID window, 1 mini nylon mesh bag, and 1 roomy bill compartment. Furthermore, the RFID blocking function is a bonus as the electronic thief can not steal your personal and private information through scanning.

Find the best wallet for kids collection here.

07. Rough Enough Canvas Classic Casual Wallet Purse

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This Rough Velcro Wallet comes up with more color selections to meet different tastes. But in general, there are two styles: the single-color and the camo.

In terms of its security and durability, I have nothing to complain about. Closure Velcro Strap, double-stitched rims, and thick canvas material. Might it not look as luxurious as the leather, but it does the thing to help the maintenance easier. Whenever it gets dirty, just let it be washed by machine.

There are 6 card slots and 1 zippered pocket on the backside where you can put up some regular cards, coins, or a couple of charges for quick payment. It also highlights a simple fasten buckle which you can connect easily this mens velcro wallet with anything anywhere. But please understand that it’s not for climbing.

08. JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Velcro Wallet

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If you are looking for the best velcro wallet for your kids, just consider this Jeminal. Its young, stylish and simple design is going to make your son or grandson happy.

As kids tend to not have much experience to use and take care of their very first wallet in their life, it’s essential to opt for a durable with strong fabric. With Jeminal, you can totally feel ease in mind with its high-quality canvas. It’s super durable, comfortable to touch, and lightweight.

Featured as a bifold wallet and measured by 3.54 x 0.59 x 5.12 inches, the wallet can fit neatly your essential belongings such as cards, cash, documents, and receipts whereas keep its slim profile when closed to stay fitly in your pocket. Based on its multiuse outer performance, this mens velcro wallet is a high recommendation for teens, boys, kids, and men.

09. Rainbow of California Original Bifold Nylon Wallet. Made in the USA.

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Black is not a color, it’s a style! Besides, it’s pretty awesome to get a great bifold velcro wallet manufactured in the US, so, it’s worth a try!

Let just opt for this simple black nylon trifold wallet velcro closure from the USA-based Rainbow of California if you are seeking a bifold made out of nylon. Truth to say, it’s hard as hell to find for such wallets as mostly they come up with trifold style, which is too thick to fit my pocket.

Get it and you will be worry-free about it slipping out of your pocket as these Nylon products don’t come up with as slippery texture as the leather. Not saying that 500 Denier Cordura Nylon is considered as one of the most durable materials on the market that is built to last.

10. Timberland PRO Men’s Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet

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When it comes to a high-quality wallet, we should mention the Timberland – the well-known brand for the best services and satisfying products. With years of continuously improving and utilizing technology in manufacturing, Timberland has launched this truly outstanding pioneering nylon velcro wallet for the modern style and convenience.

Nothing can beat this item when we mention the RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Denoting function. Timberland trifold wallet has the best of the best RFID protection. It ensures the maximum safety and security for your vital information on your passport, credit cards, and other forms of ID. With this wallet, there is no chance of electronic pickpocketing and theft.

Also, thanks to the classic design, this piece looks attractive to both men and women. Furthermore, it is designed for men and women of all ages. The design stays trendy in today’s modern world. I love the embossed Timberland Pro logo on the front of the wallet.

A bonus of this wallet is Cordura material as it is classy, strong, and durable. The sturdy construction ensures that the wallet lasts for years with no disappointment.

In terms of capacity, this mens velcro wallet features 13 credit card slots, 1 clear ID window, and one roomy bill pocket. Thanks to the hook and loop closure, the wallet’s content stays in place. Therefore, you can store your small stuff with confidence knowing that it won’t fall out of the wallet.

11. KAVU Wally TriFold Velcro Wallet with Coin Pocket

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Another great velcro wallet in 2020 is KAVU Wally trifold. Because cotton material is a cellulosic fiber that breathes well and absorbs water, this 100% cotton product is highly resistant to detergents, heat, and bleach.

Also, because of these qualities, this mens velcro wallet can be hand washed with cold water, and the lining is easy to dry. Furthermore, featuring multiple compartments and slots, this piece from KAVU Wally is ideal to carry all your bills, coins, cash, and cards.

Besides the multiple pockets in the interior, the exterior is designed with a hook and loop coin pouch. Therefore, you can store your coins and other small items without worrying that they will fall out of the wallet.

Also, there is an internal zippered pocket with versatility for storing extra stuff. Last but not least, a keyring is a bonus as it keeps your keys with you. This bifold velcro wallet has a variety of patterns and colors; therefore, you can find the best one for your personality and preference.

12. PUMA Kids’ Rise Trifold Wallet


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Another Velcro wallet designed for kids, teens, girls, and boys are PUMA trifold. It is the best gift for your child. As an adult product, this wallet provides plenty of roomy space for their cash and other items. There are 3 inner slots, 1 zippered pocket and 1 bill compartment for your needs.

Thanks to the hook and loop fastener closure, you can carry the tiny coins inside the wallet and keep them stay in place. As you can see, the manufacturer understands how children love activities and want to play. So they create this product made of durable material and designed with the hook and loop fastener. Kids can play and enjoy their activities without worrying that the wallet’s content falls around.

This piece also takes advantage of dark colors such as black or red. These colors make this kid’s carrier look clean and still okay even when it has dirt.

Although it isn’t made of leather, the high-quality polyester is still as good as the leather. This material is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to harmful impact. After a long time using, you can hand wash this wallet. However, if you are looking for a small slim trifold wallet or bifold velcro wallet, it isn’t a great choice for you.

After checking out my collection of the best Velcro Wallets, which is your pick of the bunch? They are all stylish, fashionable and functional wallets coming from all well-known and reliable brands. Not saying that the quality and material has been through many tests as well as have some highlight customer testimonials. On top of that, this collection is based on my personal experience and from what I’ve researched for hours on my own. I honestly think that you should give them a try!

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