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10 Best Vegan Wallets in 2019

The trend of using eco-friendly products isn’t unfamiliar now, but when it comes to leather wallets, it’s hard to keep a perfect compromise of eco-friendliness and animal-free material. The searching is even harder when added the budget element into the list. But don’t worry! This article will help you out!

In this collection, I’ve rounded up to 10 best pieces out there, featuring different styles and designs to meet various demands, carrying preferences, and budgets. So, don’t overlook!

Here are 10 best vegan wallets for you

1. Matt and Nat Central Vegan Wallet

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Well, I guess this collection couldn’t complete if not mentioning Matt and Nat’s products. They are considered the best high-end brand for vegan leather wallets, with emphasis on the 100% eco-friendly material. Giving no impact on animals and environment!

Besides, its functionality won’t be a disappointment. Contrast to its minimal appearance, the interior is super well-organized and generous. There are 14 card slots, 2 bill compartments, and particularly, 1 zippered pouch. It’s also good to know that there’s no need of breaking-in time, material is soft, smooth, and elastic right out of the box.

Hence, it’s comfortable enough to accommodate 14-15 cards, arranged cleverly to reduce bulk, and also easy access. And the zippered full-length pocket is great for keys, important cards, coins, and stuff like that.

Compared to my old long bifold zippered wallet, this is more spacious in capacity, but smaller in dimensions, which can’t be better. Featured 8” x 3.25”, it’s compact enough for my hand to carry around. Plus, look like a wealthy lady. Nobody up to now has recognized that it is vegan leather.

2. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder

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So surprised that Kinzd also produces vegan leather wallets for this minimal line. The best thing is, red wine cork leather is exactly the material kind they chose for their products. Due to my research, this material is costlier than other vegan leather types due to their higher eco-friendliness. But when it comes to Kinzd, I feel appreciate when they keep a perfect compromise of affordable price and quality.

Not to mention to the 1-year replacement warranty as well as the various color options provided.

Compared to other slim wallets out there, I find this one delivers more capacity with smart arrangement to keep an incredibly thin silhouette (.4 ” x 3.15″ x 0.12″). Hence, it’s much easier to slide into any of your pockets.

There are 6 card slots, 1 money compartment, and 1 ID window. I’m impressed that they hold my valuable stuff tightly like a dream, with no difficulty whenever I want to pick out any cards or bills.

I highly recommend this minimalist wallet for travelers because of its built-in RFID Blocking technology -The best protector ever to keep you against hi-tech thieves. Perfect to block any 13.56 MHz frequency signals (which is the major frequency used in critical cards, like bank cards, IDs, driver license, and passport).

3. Corkor Minimalist Vegan ID Case for Men | RFID Safe | Slim ID Sleeve Cork Wallet

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Another slim wallet that’s crafted from vegan leather. This is a bit costlier than the Kinzd because of the premium GENUINE cork eco-friendly material with 2-year manufacturer warranty. That’s the reason I feel every single buck is well-worth the price.

Its appearance is very outstanding, stylish, and trendy. Look no different from real animal skin, but way thinner, softer, and semi waterproof. Plus, very low-maintenance that you just need a damp soft cloth to wipe off all dirty spots.

The dimensions of this Corkor wallet, in comparison to the Kindz, is a little bit bigger – 4.3 x 3.2 x 0.4 in. Still, fit nicely any pocket of mine and full of functions. There are 3 card slots, 2 folded bills, and 1 ID window. More suitable for any minimalist who prefers to use bills in their daily life.

Regardless, there’s still built-in RFID Blocking material on every single card slot for ultimate protection. Hence, whether you intend to carry it during a trip abroad, just worry-free of skimming or data thieves.

4. MUNDI Jacqui Vegan Leather RFID Womens Crossbody Cell Phone Purse Holder Wallet

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The Mundi Jacqui is my recommendation for ladies who are looking for a 2-in-1 crossbody wallet that fits their smartphone. This little girl is measured by 4.5 x 1.5 x 7.5, holding vertically a 6.5” tall cellphone, like iPhone X, 8, 8 plus or Samsung galaxy note 8, note 5, S9, S8 and Google Pixel XL.

Other than that, are some extra storage for your valuable stuff, like cards, bills, receipts, keys, coins, and more. It’s constructed with 6 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 slip, 1 huge bill compartment, and 1 zippered pocket. Due to the wallet purse dimensions, it’s also nice to hold a passport as well.

You’ll also receive a crossbody strap and a wristlet strap to help you carry the wallet bag with hands-free. The best part is, both of them are removable to vary your carrying styles. If you’re wondering about the length of crossbody drop strap, it’s exactly 26”. The only pity is it can’t be adjustable to custom your body height.

In turns, it works best on protecting your valuable stuff. I mean the RFID Shield which is equipped on every single card slot to keep hi-tech thieves at bay. Along with that, is the high user friendliness, with clear ID window featuring 1 smart thumb strap.

Compared to other wallet purse, this is too smart to be beatable!

5. Mens Slim Front Pocket Wallet ID Window Card Case with RFID Blocking

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For casual use, a typical classic bifold wallet is an unbeatable choice. That’s why I suggest the Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet from HISSIMO. The brand sounds a bit unfamiliar to you, right? Me, too! But since this is considered the best sellers and there is also an 18-month warranty offered, I’ve got more confidence to give it a try.

Thankfully, no remorse yet up to now!

I love their various but unique colorways with super minimal outlook. Nice packaging, by the way. But the best thing is their superbly small dimensions (4” x 3”) compared to other bifold wallets. While the functionality doesn’t seem inferior.

There are 3 card slots, 1 full-length bill compartment, and 1 clear ID window. Importantly, the entire wallet is covered with RFID Blocking material that protect me from data crimes efficiently.

Actually, this is the second version of vegan leather slim wallet line from HISSIMO. And I’m pleased with all improvement applied into it. Feel premium with eco-friend feature and besides, it lasts longer than the original while the price can’t be cheaper.

A bang-for-bucks model for real!

6. Corkor Slim Wallet for Men RFID | Vegan Non Leather | Bifold for Cards Cash

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Like the previous Corkor minimalist wallet, this vegan non-leather model is crafted from 100% genuine cork that’s vegan approved to provide stylishness and trendiness without harms to any animals. Also, it’s got 2-year manufacturer warranty to rest assured of any manufacturing detects.

What I impress the most about this slim wallet is their freakily small silhouette – 3.9” x 3”, which is considered as the smallest in this collection. But at the same time, still carry what I need daily, including 3-5 cards and 5-7 folded bills.

I also find that it’s the lightest out of a bunch, featuring 1.1oz but giving really protective and durable feel. Stitching and seams are tight as well. Not to mention that all card slots are equipped with RFID Shield to keep your against from private data thieves.

7. Premium Mens Slim Wallet By DASH – Vegan Card Wallet, Small, Compact Front Pocket Design

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One of the most successful start-up brands that are first launched on Kickstarter. Up to now, it’s been 6 years since this Premium Men’s Slim Wallet by DASH was sold and it’s been spreading over 100 countries with 90,000 units sold. What an amazing report!

But what draw me to the wallet right in the first place is its special eco-synthetic canvas leather. It’s utilized in most luxurious vegan wallets, but this is much cheaper in the price.

If you’ve never got a chance to experience this costly material, now it’s time! Whether you’re going to use it for casual, travel, or business, keep ease in mind this is the one.

It highlights with 3-compartment system that can accommodate nicely 8 cards and bills with safety and good organizing. Not to mention to 4 of their fashionable color options. A true eye-catcher for anyone who also concern about fashion and trend.

The dimensions are really impressive – 2 3/4″ x 3 1/2 x 1/4″ with weight under an ounce, with emphasis on unisex design to be a good choice of both men and women. As long as you are in need of slimming down your daily carries, this surely meets that demand, and even gives you more.

It’s the 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. I believe that thanks to it, you will be encouraged more to give this a try.

8. TAXI WALLET Orange Small Folding VEGAN Minimalist Card Coin Front Pocket Wallet for Men & Women

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Right because this is the one and only Taxi wallet since 1987 by Alicia Klein, this orange small folding vegan minimalist model turns out to be more precious than ever.

Its specialty is the 100% vegan manmade material that’s worn beautifully and got better with age. Importantly, no special care required.

Fans of the Taxi Wallet also gives compliments for its versatility to fit not only their casual carries, but also a good partner for travel by separating US dollars from Hong Kong dollars, Euros or other kinds of papered money. While the coin purse keeps securely coins, keys, and other easy-to-lost stuff.

Other than that, you’ve also got some card slots, arranged neatly and nicely to prevent the whole wallet dimensions from bulk. In fact, it’s only measured by 4″ x 3.5″ x .5″ – great for a weekend getaway or an evening out with your hands free.

9. Boshiho RFID Blocking Cork Wallet, Slim Bifold Vegan Coin Purse Eco Friendly Gift for Men and Women

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Like the Corkor, the Boshiho RFID Blocking Slim Wallet is crafted entirely from genuine cork to highlight with twice lighter weight than other competitors. Constructed with a coin pocket, this wallet is considered as the very first choice for anyone who love light and compact travel.

Inside the 4.5 x 3.7 silhouette, its 6 card slots, 2 bill compartments, and 1 coin pocket are arranged neatly and cleverly to keep up to 10 cards and 12 folded bills like a breeze. Rest assured that all card slots give a nice fit to almost card types, like business cards, driver license, IDs, and bank cards.

The built-in RFID Shield provides a complete protection to your private information, especially when travelling to abroad countries or states with high data thief crimes.

It’s also an ideal present for both men and women due to the elegant gift box. And the 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee surely keeps you ease in mind of a well-made product.

10. FRiLuk Vegan Purse Wallet RFID Blocking for Women Made of Cork

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I appreciate the sophistication of this HANDMADE long vegan-leather wallet from FRiLuk. Differ from other previous siblings, this design is more for women with careful making and elegant look. As usual, it’s crafted from genuine cork leather – a well-known material for its extraordinary stain resistance and waterproof ability.

On top of that, is the low maintenance to suit nicely your daily life and withstand harsh abuse use. Lightweight and slim are two other mentionable features when it comes to this trendy wallet, the biggest benefit is it ensures your zip around product doesn’t weigh your pocket down whenever you want to carry it with your hands free.

Regardless, it’s fashionable with distinctive beige color with unique texture to easily spot you out of a crowd. What’s worth mentioning is the soft hand-feel with amazing sophistication, making it an incredible alternative to genuine animal leather.


Now, that’s all for this article. I hope that my sharing helped you find out the most suitable one for your demand, preference, and budget. Thanks for reading!

If you’re interested in other vegan products, don’t overlook this collection.

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