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Best S10 Wallet Cases in 2019

Looking for a new S10 wallet case?

What a good idea! Unlike the traditional types of wallet cases that are too bulky and less trendy, the nowadays designs have gained more improvement in their material and silhouette to give a better compromise of function and fashion.

Compared to the phone cases, this choice is clearly superior since it helps to carry slimmer. That’s why I’ve rounded up to this 9 best S10 wallet case list, would you mind spending 2 minutes to have a look?

Here are the best S10 wallet cases out there

1. Maxboost Galaxy S10 Case mWallet Series Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10

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The Maxboost Galaxy S10 is a typical construction of a wallet case. You can see that it’s divided into two sides, one with an integrated rubber case for holding the smartphone and one with some built-in slots for your cash and cards.

With this mWallet design, it gives you three card slots and one bill compartment. It’s good for 2-3 cards, and 5-6 folded bills. “Folded” because despite its long shape, this compartment is still not enough to put in a bill straightly, especially the large-sized currencies, like US dollars and Euro.

In turns, I’m glad that it still keeps the whole silhouette flat and slim after fulfilled. I also love its classic look with minimal design and an emphasis on contrasting seams. Good choice for businessmen or office workers. Rest assured that when not in use, these two flaps will be closed securely thanks to the attached magnetic lock.

The wallet case itself is designed to be a mobility kickstand to offer a hands-free viewing experience. But what gives me lots of confidence to give this a try for the first time is the provided lifetime warranty. At least it ensures the maximum protection for my wallet case’s life.

And the price? It can’t be cheaper!

2. AMOVO Case for Galaxy S10 (6.1’’) [2 in 1] Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Case Detachable

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For a few more bucks, this AMOVO case will give you more convenient functionality, such as an extra clear ID window with a smart thumb strap, and more precise cutouts to let you answer phone calls while the case is still closed.

The case, in this product, is leveraged its protection level to keep your smartphone away from scratches or damages of bumps, drops, or collisions.

If you’re looking for a wallet case for Galaxy S10 that supports its wireless charger function, also, look no further than this. Just put off the wallet before charging and simple place down the inner case on your wireless charger pad. All done! After fully charged, install the wallet layer to its original position.

There is a detachable magnetic shock-absorption back cover for extra closure and protection but don’t fret, it gives no effect on the signal reception, credit cards, S pen, or NFC. On the other hand, keep your valuables in place and secure inside.

The convenient thing about this wallet case is you can detach the wallet layer to just use the case (since it’s slimmer to toss easily into your pocket). Or, attach the wallet layer for extra function. However, I would recommend using this product in a second way for complete protection to your gear.

The leather material, in this wallet case, is another mentionable feature. it’s crafted from premium vegan leather (on the outside) and quality TPU+PC (on the inside). I love its character look combined with small, elegant embossed logo on the backside and frontside. Plus, such this durable and protective material can absorb drops and bumps pretty well. It keeps everything away from much potential damage.

3. Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 +/S10e, Protective Phone Kickstand Flip Cover with Card Holder

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What draw me to this wallet case in the first place is its super eye-catchy colorway. Fly Hawk gives this wallet line 4 color options and it’s really hard for me to pick one since all four are really beautiful.

In terms of functionality, it features no differently than other counterparts in its field, constructed with 3 card slots, 1 bill compartment, precise cutouts to support the smartphone’s functional features, kickstand, and magnetic strap.

Though there are no reinvented things in its functionality, I’m glad all of them do their good job. No remorse! What I appreciate the most is its 100% handmade craftsmanship. Hence, the stitching seems tighter than usual and the felt inner lining is really durable.

The genuine leather is treated more professionally to deliver a soft, smooth, and addicting feel while prevents efficiently my smartphone from scratches. Like the AMOVO, it allows you to downsize to the basic daily necessities with worry-free of a bulky handbag or purse.

If you choose this wallet case, your product will be backed by a 100% satisfaction warranty. Fly Hawk is so well-known for their caring 24h customer service, so I think you don’t have anything to worry about.

4. FYY Galaxy S10+ Plus 6.4″ Lightweight Cowhide Genuine Leather Wallet Case

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For those who aren’t a fan of a flip-aside wallet case, this might be a good choice for you since the “wallet part” is moved to the backside. By this new design, it lets you quickly answer a phone call or message without opening anything. But don’t worry, it doesn’t disturb your phone’s back camera, light, and stuff.

Not to mention that you’ve also got 4 slots (more than the traditional construction) for extra cards. I love its cross design since it allows me to easier access. How thoughtful! To reduce bulk, they use a magnetic strap to keep everything neat and protective.

But compared to other counterparts in its field, I feel this strap is a bit more powerful. Never have I seen the card box layer flip down unwantedly, even being tossed in my pocket or stayed in my backpack, which is wonderful!

By the way, you don’t need to remove the wallet part for wireless charging at all. Now, just open the card box and there you go. It’s also ideal to be taken advantage as a kickstand for your cellphone to chat or watch videos more easily.

For the affordable price, what else to ask?

5. Ghostek Exec Flip Wireless Charging Wallet Case Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 – Red

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One of the most favorite features of Galaxy S10 is the time display on the screen. It’s always one to help you track the time like when wearing a watch. That’s why many people don’t like the flip-aside wallet case.

If you’re the same concern, this Ghostek might be what you’re looking for. The flip-side part now is downsized to half to fit nicely both demands: Allow the time display always on and keep cards. It works no different from the traditional design with a magnetic strap, precise cutouts, and a built-in rubber case.

By this new, innovative design, the product also lets you use the face recognition feature available in Galaxy S10. Plus, in comparison to other wallet cases, this one is much slimmer to stay nicely in your front or back pocket. Not to say that you don’t need to remove something or open something to use the wireless charger function. That’s the best!

If taking a closer look, you’ll see that its four corners of this wallet case are thickened up a little bit for extra protection against bumps, drops, and stuff like that. There’s just one thing to take note is the limited card slot. As maximum, it can accommodate 2 units, which is ideal for minimalist people.

6. Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Folio Case with Snap-on Cover Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus

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For a high-end wallet case, the Burkley Case is a well-worth investment. It highlights the elite full-grain Turkish leather that’s designed to patina beautifully with time. The texture is really, really addicting – very soft, smooth, and also rich, handsome look.

The capacity is also leveraged to 4 card slots and 1 bill compartment, making it the most spacious wallet case to carry cards and cash. One eliminated feature in this design is the magnetic strap, keeping a cleaner look for those who love minimal stuff.

Instead, the magnets are now integrated into the clasp, combining 2-in-1 in a single case – a detachable snap-on cover and a wallet. it’s way more convenient and functional. Importantly, such this new closure doesn’t affect on the smartphone’s or cards’ function at all.

As other wallet cases, you’ll also receive a built-in kickstand on this product. Also, it’s wireless charging-friendly as well as other NFC application.

7. Vofolen Cover for Galaxy S10 Plus Case S10+

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For traveling light, this wallet case from Vofolen featured a slide-able door to hide maximumly 2 cards is super secure and convenient to a choice. To open the door, my trick is using one thumb and pushing it on the top of the left corner. Very quick and easy to try!

It’s designed to fit nicely any cards, from credit/debit cards, IDs, driver license, to member cards, metro cards. Or you can remove one card for alternative folded bills. It’s a preference issue! But I find this design convenient if you’re just want to wander around or hang out. Since it’s good to carry as slimly as possible for comfort.

Though compact and thin, this wallet case is dual layered for extra protection. Thus, it prevents shocks and scratches with ease. Besides, thanks to the precise cutouts and 5mm-lit around the camera, it helps to protect the exposed lens from any potential injuries, which is what I appreciate the most.

About the wireless charger, this wallet case is still supportive, however, you need to remove all cards out for easier connection.

8. Samsung Galaxy S10 Case, Arae PU Leather Wallet case [Stand Feature]

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The same-same price as other affordable Galaxy S10 wallet cases but this one does provide you one extra removable wrist strap, which is a good way to carry it along with hands-free. Made by Arae, the product is also offered a 6-month free-return guarantee to keep you confidently give it a try.

However, I bet you’ll never return it because the functionality (both basic and advanced) is all good. The capacity is as huge as the Vofolen with 4 card slots (including 1 clear ID window) and 1 bill compartment. There’s a magnetic strap to keep everything in place as well.

Like other options in this list, the product is designed minimally without excess details from outside in. In turns, you’ve got many color options to choose from.

I love this product for its low-maintenance. Actually, I’m a fan of leather stuff, but seem like it’s not practical a lot to opt for a genuine leather wallet case because I don’t have enough free time to take care of it. hence, PU leather is a good alternative, especially this one. it’s crafted from top-quality kind of material to provide quality, strength and even character and like-real feel.

9. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Card Holder Case, S10 Plus Wallet Case

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If you usually make video calls, this card holder case is good to consider. Since it’s constructed with vertical stand, you now don’t need to make the other side bend their head just to see you anymore.

Besides, I also appreciate the skid-resistant design on its hem. It’s because I’m a sweaty guy who usually lives with two damped hands, especially when going out on sunny days. This extra design helps with a better touch to prevent unwanted slipping and dropping.

In the worst cases, at least you can rest assured thanks to the flexible TPU corner design. They dissolve the first shock effectively but don’t thicken-up the whole silhouette.

Constructed with 4 card slots and 1 bill compartment, the Spaysi is one of the wallets providing hugest capacity. However, the biggest difference from other same-field counterparts is the snap button.

Packed inside a luxurious box, you can take advantage of this as a nice present for your loved ones. I bet they surely love it.


When it comes to the list of best S10 wallet cases, I should have included the well-known Samsung LED View Wallet Case that is driving the world crazy now. But because there are so many contrary opinions, I will leave it for a separate article where I write down all thought and feel about it, after 3 months of use. If you’re also interested in it, I think you should take a peek here.

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