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10 Awesome Ring Wallets You Should Try Now

Can’t deny that when a normal wallet is attached an extra ring or keychain will deliver a lot of more benefits to us. Aside from placing it in your back pocket or front pocket, which sometimes, it’s a little bit nervous if your precious EDCs is fallen into the eyes of a pick pocket. Or, oftentimes, it’s even more risky if your wallet is too small and too easy to slip out of your pocket without noticed.

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But, when it comes to a ring wallet, you will get more option to keep it along with you, you can attach it to your keys, your handbag, your backpack and your belt so that you can easily check if it’s still there or not. Besides, it’s even more convenient for women if they wear dress or skirt without pockets or cooler for men to hook it in their belt. Does it make sense?

If you are confused of which is the best ring wallets amongst an avalanche of models on the market, I’m here to help you out. This list below is analyzed from dozens of hours searching and months of testing to give you the best answer of what is the right model for you. Don’t miss out!

1. Lethnic Small Minimalist Keychain Wallet

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Truth to say, I’ve seen and tested many minimalist wallets before, most of them come in same-same outlook and construction, which sometimes gets me sick. However, this Lethnic Small Keychain Design isn’t the one. Really!

It’s outstanding due to the front stylized card slots. And the best thing is this stylization isn’t just a brand identity or something makes the wallet itself pop up off its crowd, this little change makes a huge difference on how quick and easy you draw cards out or put them in.

In other words, it’s more convenient and functional.

I also appreciate the way its card slots and bill compartment are organized – very streamline and neat to achieve a perfect compromise of huge capacity while keeping its slim silhouette. Apart from these two card slots on the front, there are two more on the backside, 2 functional slots and 1 bill compartment.

You can arrange your EDCs neat, safe and sound in this little bad boy. And also, worry free of hi-tech thieves because the whole wallet is equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Technology which can prevent all 13.56 MHz Frequency.

But that’s not all! This wallet also has a small D-shaped ring on its side where you can attach a lanyard and toss in your employee ID card to use as a badge, or connect it to your keys, your bags, your backpacks and so on. No doubt, it’s super versatile and deserves a slot in your must-try wallet list.

2. RFID Wallet Badge Holder Key Ring Mini – Protective Wallet for Credit Cards – RFID Blocking Leather Wallets

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How you name it, guys? A badge holder? Or a wallet? Whatever! Because this bad boy can take its role as both. Like the Lethnic wallet above, this product comes in a small silhouette with only 4.5 x 3.38 x 0.5 inches to fit any pockets or hang on your neck without bulk.

It’s lightweight as well that you hardly notice it’s always be your side. Featured as a slim wallet, but its construction is no joke. There are three card slots and 1 ID window (sound pretty similar to the previous model, right?) But this is the killing part – a zippered pouch in the middle of the wallet where you can lay your trust on to put in your most important stuff like keys, coins, receipt or stuff like that.

It’s also the feature that make itself stand out from the crowd, not only for the outlook or construction, but also for its capacity. Thanks to this revolution, its storage space is upended to extreme that can accommodate up to 20 cards and a couple of changes or receipts without a burden.

Plus, a sturdy keyring will keep your wallet more secure to stay in your neck or on your belt (if you worry that a back-pocket wallet isn’t protective enough against pick pocket).

This design is even more convenient and useful when your workplace or school ask you to display your credential. You either don’t have to be afraid of its durability because the manufacturer guarantees for their product by a good warranty.

But I bet you don’t need to use it because this product is truly well-made. It’s crafted from 100% premium genuine leather and stainless-steel keyring with tight seams, strong stitches to not only keep your property well secure but also make it last for years.

If you think of this wallet as a present for somebody, that’s a great idea. The packaging of this wallet is pretty nice and elegant for that, which will satisfy the receiver.

3. Thread Wallets – Slim Minimalist Wallet – Front Pocket Credit Card Holder for Men

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The best thing about this slim minimalist ring wallet is your various choice in designs and colors. There are a lot! And, each one is really outstanding, unique and stylish. If you love showing up your fashion taste and turning your fashionista on, you can’t go wrong with Thread. I always appreciate their creativity and hard working on making new and highlight products.

Meanwhile, it goes with functionality. Come in only 3” tall and 2.2” wide, you will hardly notice this little bad boy in your pocket at all. But don’t quickly judge a book by its cover. Despite its slim silhouette, the wallet delivers a streamline and reasonably huge storage space to fit perfectly 8 cards and a couple of change.

A compliment for its tight-knit elastic for keeping its inner stuff pretty firm and secure. And the keyring, it’s an O ring which is easy to attach to your backpack, pouch, clutch, belt and your badge lanyard.

4. Lethnic MLB Baseball Sport Wallet with ID Badge Holder & D-Ring for Men/Women

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Next up is a ring wallet which I’m 100% sure that any baseball die-hard fan will fall in love. Inspired by the baseball in MLB, its nicely stylized curve on the frontside is very unique and outstanding. But on top of that, it’s also a functional feature to help you easy access your regular cards.

What I really appreciate in this design is the limit of excess seams and stitches to maximize its flat silhouette. It’s truth that though this little bad boy can accommodate up to 10 cards and 12 bills, the wallet still keeps its slim profile roundly 0.5”-0.7”.

Besides, its structure is very sturdy and firm while the genuine cowhide leather is pretty smooth to give you a clear feeling of a long-lasting piece to serve you for years.

Like any other wallet made by Lethnic, this baseball model is equipped with advanced RFID Shield to prevent all 13.56 MHz Frequency. Just rest assured, my friend, this little guy will keep all hi-tech thieves at bay.

Not only invest on premium leather material, the D-ring attached on the right side of this wallet is very durable as well. It’s made out of high-grade stainless steel to ensure the best protection to your belongings.

Don’t underestimate this little detail because thanks to it, you can attach to your belt, your clutch, your backpack and even your neck badge lanyard to keep it more secure and convenient.

If this is your very first time acknowledging of Lethnic, chances are that you will get confused a little bit. That’s a normal feeling, but don’t let it disturb you from trying a potential great product. Lethnic offers a 30-day money-back warranty to ensure you will satisfy with your purchase. So, why not?

5. Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

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Speaking of good ring wallets for women, can’t ignore Vera Bradley!

They are like a staple in this field for floral-patterned wallets coupling with high functionality. They always know how to make their products become distinctive and outstanding. For example, this Vera Bradley Zip ID Case, take a look, not only we can easily identify the brand through its well-known floral pattern, but also through the engraved logo on its keyring. That’s awesome, don’t you think?

Besides, I like the attached zipper puller with printed logo. You can see that every single functional detail in this product is embedded its brand name to mark an impression and bold memory into their customers.

Speaking of functionality, I highly recommend this wallet for those who love going slim and minimal. There is literally one spacious zippered compartment and one clear ID window. It’s in generally able to accommodate your EDCs such as 4-7 cards, IDs and a couple of changes.

Measured by 5” x 3”, it’s pretty compact to stay in your front pocket, your handbag or clutch. Besides, there are tons of colorways to go to and each single one is very special and impressive. You should give it a try!

6. Chums Surfshort Wallet

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Chums is literally is good brand that you should add into your considering brand list for the best functional ring wallets. Their products always reach an ultimate sophistication from the rip-stop nylon material to take advantage of its strengths like lightweight, water repellent, durable and anti-tearing, to the high-quality zipper for smooth working and durability.

Besides, the wallet is featured as a slim model with only 4.5” x 3” to ensure it will stay comfortably in any pockets or narrow space. But that’s not ratio to the capacity or organization. In fact, the biggest benefit you will get from this wallet is it double zippered pockets where you can rest assured that your cash and cards will have extra protection and security.

Along with that, there is 1 ID window on the outside where you can put in your IDs, driver license or employee ID. With it, you can store more than the Vera Bradley’s above, roundly 7-10 cards and come folded cash. Thanks to its versatile keyring, you can attach it to your keys, backpack, bag, belt or hook to a lanyard and use it as your school/work identity.

About the design, I personally like its simple yet stylish outlook with the wise combination of two contrasting colors and a reasonable brand logo on the frontside. In other words, it’s easy to spot out your wallet from distance and sure that there will be somebody ask you where you buy it from.

7. Women’s Genuine Leather Coin Purse Mini Pouch Change Wallet with Key Ring

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Unlike men who love adventures, women tend to love something giving them a secure and safe feeling, which is the major reason they usually opt for a zippered wallet for extra protection to their belongings.

And when it comes a ring wallet for women, this Cynure model is another option that I right away think of (after Vera Bradley, of course). The greatest bonus about this silhouette is its three zippered pockets which not only can you organize your stuff better, like one for cash, one for cards and one for coins, but also you will keep them safety optimally.

The decision of utilizing only solid color for this design seems to be a good idea. It’s a great option for those who love something simple yet not boring to nail up their style as an elegant lady.

It’s small, by the way. Measured by 4.33” x 3.54” – it’s compacts enough to stay neatly in your palm, your back or front pocket and your handbag (which a full-size wallet can’t afford).

And, you don’t need to worry about its durability because the whole wallet is crafted from 100% high-quality genuine leather and stainless-steel zipper that I’m definitely it will last for years.

A ring wallet can’t lack of an attached ring. This model utilizes the O ring to easily attach to your belt, clutch, handbag, keys or anywhere needed. Apart from yellow color, there are a lot of different options like black, blue, brown and coffee. Just pick yours!

8. The Sak Iris Card Wallet

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The Sak provides versatile design selections but this Tobacco Floral Embossed is the one that I love most. Look at it! I’m quite sure this is the best bet for those women who are following basic and classic fashion style. It comes in a nice colorway with beautiful tobacco flower embossed on the frontside.

Along with that, its brand logo is attached carefully and delicately to not cause something feeling like heavy logo, but an interesting feature to make the wallet itself pop off the crowd.

Besides, its construction is perfect for those who love organizing their stuff orderly. There are 7 card slots, 2 slit pockets and 1 ID window. But the most amazing thing is its silhouette is just around 5.5” x 5.5”, pretty small and compact, right?

You don’t need to worry about your cards sticking to the leather material if long time you don’t use them frequently thanks to the high-quality polyester lining. Seem like a small detail, doesn’t it? But in fact, this lining is a must-consider feature when it comes to choosing a leather wallet in generally.

Now, in terms of capacity, this little girl can fit up to 10 cards, and 7-12 folded bills without a burden. As made out of genuine leather, the only thing you need to keep in mind is maintenance. Choose the water-based leather cleaner and moisturizer only for this model to keep it last as long as possible. Besides, you can use a protective spray for better protection.

9. Edmen Zipper Key Wallet Leather Credit Card Case Coins Purse with ID Window

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If compact silhouette and capacity are only your two priorities, I mean you don’t care much about slimness or flat design or stuff like that, then my recommendation is this Edmen Zipper Key Wallet.

Choosing it, you will take advantage of a super large yet streamline zip-around compartment to fit a variety of EDCs such as coins, cards, keys, lipstick, and so on. As inside this storage space, there are spacious open pockets and 2 card slots. Moreover, on the outside, there is one ID window.

Now, you might think that this wallet will be very bulky and giant, right? But in fact, it’s measured only around 4.33” x 3.14”.

Another great thing is its material. Not only crafted from a high-quality genuine cowhide leather, this wallet is able to resist scratch as well. Particularly, its surface delivers a wonderful touching as well. Along with that, its zipper is durable and the stitching is nylon to ensure there’s no break line.

Take note that this wallet is equipped with RFID Shield, but except for the outside clear ID window. So, I highly advise you to utilize this slot for your school identity or employee ID pass.

10. Recycled Leather Ziptop ID Wallet

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Last but not least is this recycled leather ziptop ID wallet from OWL Recycled. If you are an environmentalist, considering a wallet made out of 100% recycled material is deemed to be a good idea.

Speaking of the phrase “recycled leather”, it’s actually the post-industrial leather fibers which are munched down and bound to each other with 100 percent natural rubber from the rubber tree. In other words, it’s supper eco-friendly and save the environment.

If your friends or your loved ones are environmentalists as well, this will be a meaningful and beautiful present for them.

Besides, its design is really modern with minimal construction and nice colorway to simplify and lighten up your life. There is a clear ID window and a zippered pocket where you can store 8 regular cards, IDs or driver license and a couple of cash.

In brief, this is a perfect grab-and-go piece that help you avoid forgetting something essential at home. And, compared to the price, it’s so affordable that you can’t ignore.

Now, it’s your turn!

Due to my personal experience, to pick the best ring wallets that are the most suitable for you, the very first thing you need to consider is your belongings. How many cards and cash you usually carry alongside? Are you a minimalist person or the one who prefer to carry your whole world by your side? Do you need them organized neatly and orderly or not? Then, the next thing is considering your favorite colors, designs and material. I hope that through this collection, you can pick the right wallet to be your best companion day by day.

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