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Best Hidden Wallets in 2019

Back in the days when I realized that my wallet was lost during a trip to Jakarta, I frightenedly realized that abroad pickpocket thieves were alive. Sound ridiculous, right? I’d known of many cases like this happened to the others, but everything I kept thinking “Nah, it’s not me after all. Just worry free!”.

The story afterward was ended happily that I requested all the banks to block my ATM cards and debit cards. So, no more money lost! The point is, potential thieves are everywhere that you should keep eyes on your valuable stuff all the time. And a hidden wallet, in this case, seems to be the best choice.

Here are 10 best hidden wallets I suggest to you

1. Shacke Hidden Travel Belt RFID hidden wallet

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Made from lightweight, durable nylon with soft backing, featuring 3 separate zipper pouches that fit nicely any kinds of currency, the Shacke Hidden Travel Belt is exactly what I want to recommend to travelers.

It’s good at waterproof, wear resistance and also lined with RFID Blocking Technology to help you prevent both pickpockets and hi-tech thieves. Just connect it to a belt loop of yours and tuck it into your pants, the wallet will completely be out of sight.

It’s measured by 0.1 x 5.1 x 7.8 inches to hold any sizes of passport, smartphone, or bills without fears of damaging them. And the price can’t even be better than what it brings to you. Very well-worth!

For more RFID Wallets, take a look here.

2. Travel Money Belt: Safe, Well Designed & Comfortable Money Carrier For Travelling & More

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If you’re a sweaty guy, this travel money belt will be more comfortable for you to secure all your valuable stuff.

Out of two zippered full-length compartments on the frontside attached with YKK zippers, you’ve got one extra hidden on the backside and it’s made from mesh. The reason for that is under hot weathers, if you sweat, it’s breathable for both of you and your hidden stuff (even though the nylon material itself is very good at water resistance)

This hidden pocket is long and spacious enough for cash and credit cards. Since it will stay close to you, there’s no chance of them falling off or pickpocket thieves approaching them. With RFID Shield for complete protection, the Raytix’s belt wallet now protects your private information against 21st-century thieves, eliminating efficiently the chances of being scammed.

Another good thing about wallet is its lightweight, thin but durable material, as well as the stitching and seams. That makes your carrying unnoticeably with convenience. Just ensure to tighten the belt to fit your waist the most!

3. Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket – Cashsafe Anti-Theft Security Wallet

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This design is even more decent because of its too belt-like outlook that hardly anyone can spot out there’s a built-in wallet on the other side. This helps to rise up the protection level to your valuables, making every journey worry-free.

Not to mention that this belt looks really fashion and trendy and functional. There are actually no belt holes, but just an adjustable clip. It turns out to take you less time to fasten and go. Take note that it gives the best fit to waist sizing from 26” to 42”.

In terms of the hidden storage, it gives enough space for a passport copy, currency, or other critical travel documents. And, everything will be closed securely by a YKK zipper. If material is your major concern, it’s reinforced buckle and strong nylon fabric that I believe they can withstand daily abuse use, year to year, like a breeze.

Regardless of the superb protection, I find three minor consequences of this hidden wallet type. First off, the storage space is much smaller and less organized than others, only enough for cash or document, but a no-no for cards.

Second, it’s a bit harder to take out your needed stuff, not a good choice in hurry cases. Regardless, it’s my favorite pick whenever hitting the gym, or running.

4. Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Hidden Undercover Travel Pouch for Women (Washable)

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If you found other suggested options above are way too small or too big for you to use easily, this Pacsafe Coversafe S25 might fit your preference. Since it’s designed mostly for cards, the whole size is just barely bigger than a credit card – 4.3″H x 3.5″W inches. Due to its moderate silhouette, when taking out from beneath your pants or bra, it gives a little more flexibility.

Though featured one and only compartment to hold stuff, closed by a button snap, its capacity is nice. Aside from 2-3 cards, it allows me to stash quite a few things more, which is amazing!

The biggest advantage is the turn-and-snap connector clasp design which is different from others. It exactly prevents the pouch from unsnapping accidentally. Also, I find that this loop can be undone so, you don’t need to take off your belt to remove or attach it. Very convenient!

Since it will be tucked into pants or bra, I focus a lot on the fabric. And this one isn’t a disappointment! Crafted from breathable, soft-to-the-touch, non-itchy lingerie fabric, it doesn’t cause cold feeling or skin irritations while wearing. Besides, it’s machine washable at 86°F as well.

5. Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Clip Stash Travel Belt Wallet, Black, One Size

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A modern travel wallet, using anti-theft clip stash to keep your valuables safely, the Lewis N. Clark is highly rated for its strong rip-top nylon fabric paring with self-repairing zipper.

I like the self-repairing feature the most because most of hidden wallets are closed by zippers and when they break down, it’s over. There’s no way than throwing it away and buying a new one. But with this, it’s not a worry at all.

As other good secret wallets for travel, this is equipped with RFID Shield. Might I not need to talk more about its functionality, right? So, my attention now is to how lightweight and durable it is. This wallet weighs roughly 1.44 ounces, easily staying underneath my pants without straining down or feeling heavy.

Besides, its ultra-slim design keeps an amazingly low profile. And the material is good at wicking moisture away as well. It helps to prevent odor, shrinking, mildew and itchiness to your skin or wetness to your valuables. Perfect on the move!

6. EAGLE CREEK TRAVEL GEAR Undercover Hidden Pocket, Khaki

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This hidden wallet works by slipping onto your belt and tucking into your pants’ waistband. Dual band for double protection. And there’re two belt loop colorways (coffee and black) to blend with your belt’s color the most.

I appreciate its interior organizing with 2 vertical pockets and 1 full-length compartment. Importantly, everything is closed securely by a zipper. The whole dimensions of this wallet are large enough (6.5 x 4.5 in) to accommodate a passport with some cards and folded bills.

Combined with moisture-wicking, durable, lightweight nylon fabric, there’s no chance for itchiness or discomfort or wears and tears happened to either your skin or your stuff. It’s also durable and long-lasting that even with repeated use, it stays the time of the time.

7. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

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Next up, is a neck RFID wallet by Venture 4th. It highlights with easier access in comparison to other types of hidden wallets.

Though much bigger in dimensions (5.5″ high and 8″ wide), which seems to be uncomfortable and inconvenient, it isn’t! Since your wallet can tuck into your coat, jacket, or t-shirt, it’s much easier to take out when in need.

And that “bigness” turns out to be more convenient to keep more of your stuff along with you. besides, is better organizing with 1 clear ID window, 2 interior zippered pockets, and one major compartment closed by a Velcro strap.

With it, you can put in a smartphone, a passport, earphones, cards, cash, keys, and stuff like that. No matter how much heft is added, the durable ripstop nylon material is surely perfect for repeated use with minimal wears and tears.

On top of that, is the risk-free money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer with 24 instant connect to keep your satisfaction with the purchase the best.

For more, this collection of the best neck wallets is worth a look.

8. RFID Money Belt For Travel With RFID Blocking Sleeves Set For Daily Use

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This Alpha Keeper belt wallet might seem similar to the Raytix’s above but in fact, it’s crafted with more advance features. The lifetime warranty to back for any manufacturing detects is the biggest bonus out of a bunch. It keeps your satisfaction of the purchase is always on.

Next up is the superbly large capacity that can accommodate 2-3 passports nicely in a slim silhouette – 10.1” x 5.6” x 0.2”, secured by MATCHING COLOR YKK zippers and 210S ripstop nylon. And with the mesh back pocket, it gives some extra storage for your cash, cards and other valuable stuff.

Another distinctive feature that I’ve found in this wonderful belt wallet is the adjustable and stretchable belt that fits nicely 25” to 55” waist sizes. And lastly, the most difficult feature to figure out, is the RFID Protection. Instead of using single layer or dual layer, this one is triple-layer 360-degree protected. So, for a few extra bucks spent on it, I feel really worthy.

9. Anti-Theft Hidden Underarm Strap Wallet Pocket Holster Phone Shoulder Holster Bag Leisure Double Shoulder Pouch

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The SHELY Hidden Wallet comes in a new design that allows you to place two separate pockets underarm and all closed by snap buttons. This way reminds me of 1970s cowboys who usually position their two handguns at this place for quicker access. And look cool, by the way.

But to talk about the biggest benefit of this carrying style, it gives double protection since all valuables are now hidden under your jacket, hand-free, zero stress, and feeling comfortable.

This is also the very first wallet crafted from artificial leather for superbly longer durability. The two separate pockets provide enough storage for your belongings, from cellphone, keys, smartphone, passport, to earphones.

And just by adjusting two telescopic fasteners, it will fit nicely to your height to work, travel, or walk easily. The best thing is, you’ve got 30-day free exchange warranty provided by the manufacturer to back for your purchase.

10. RIMIX Multi-Purpose Anti-Thief Hidden Security Bag Underarm Shoulder Armpit Messenger Bag

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Last but not least, is the RIMIX hidden wallet that’s constructed like a crossbody bag. I love its unique and stylish design even though the whole dimensions seem a bit bulkier than others in this list. In turns, it’s easily hidden underneath your jacket.

I appreciate the adjustable telescopic fastener that helps to suit my personal height pretty well. And with it, I can carry a 7.9” tablet PC, passport, earphones, smartphone, keys, crash, and pens. With a big pocket in the center, I can put in my small notebook or an iPad mini.

The best thing is its back zippered pocket where you can toss in other more valuable stuff. Thieves wont ever approach to such that storage space. The whole wallet is crafted from waterproof, anti-scratch, soft polyester fabric which also highlights for its ultra-durability and lightness.

Lastly, are 7 colorways to choose from. Very awesome!


Whichever of your pick, there are two things that I can assure you: Warranty and Quality. Though they come in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs, which is a bit overwhelming, this ensures to fit your demand, preference and budget the most. Not to mention that it’s much better to confuse among 10 options, rather than tons of product out there that you even don’t know about its quality and stuff.

I do hope that my sharing was helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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