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13 Best Belt Wallets [Updated 2021]

It’s cool to have a 2-in-1 best belt wallet to use as both a kind of accessory and carrier of your valuables. Since your wallet now is within your secure zone, it’s more protective than a back-pocket wallet which is prone to be stolen away.

On the market, there is a wide range of belt wallets for men designs to ensure you two things: function and fashion. And with a huge price range, you can easily find out the most suitable pick.

Why you need to use the travel money belt?

The best belt wallet can give you peace of mind as it hides your money away from the curious and wanted thieves. By stashing your money under your belt and zipping it closed, no one can think and look inside the belt to find your money. Therefore, it keeps the thieves and pickpockets at bay.

Furthermore, when you use a money belt for traveling or daily life, you have your hands free. So you can enjoy your favorite activities without the need to hold or worry about your wallet.

Also, it provides a smart traveling experience as you can stay safe while traveling. Wearing the hidden wallet belt, you don’t look like you are traveling or on vacation. It means that you can wear your T-shirt and jeans. It can give you a huge advantage by showing the locals the impression that you know what you are doing here and how the city is. You can look confident even when you are lost without becoming the target for pickpockets and scammers.

Don’t worry about the inconvenience when you go through the airport security checks with this belt on. Designed for traveling, the belt is made of high-quality material and a buckle that allows you to pass the security without taking it off.

Finally, you need to use the travel money belt because I think it is the best investment you can make with only $10 – $25.  Now, let’s find out the collection of the best belt wallet brands and products you should try and purchase.

If you’re in need of some best belt wallets, check out these designs:

01. AIKELIDA RFID Best Belt Wallet – Travel Money Belt & Passport Holder for Women Men – Black

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You won’t find another belt wallet that is quite like the one from AIKELIDA. For what reasons? – You might ask. Well, it’s because of the superior quality materials. Crafted from the finest nylon ripstop, the wallet highlights its decent durability, lightness, and water resistance. It keeps you worry-free of breaking or tearing during any trip. Or the YKK zippers which are sturdy, smooth, and protective.

What I love the most about this product is its low maintenance. It’s hard to get dirty because of the water and odor repelling material. Even when it’s needed cleaning, just toss in your washing machine, use the warm water and hang dry. Very simple! It’s quite breathable and soft thanks to the padded mesh on the backside.

If construction is your major concern then don’t. This belt wallet features a well-organized interior with 2 major zippered compartments and 3 personal pockets. Sizing 11 x 0.1 x 5.3 inches – compact enough to fit any cards and cash. Moreover, rest assured that all personal information is protected against illegal scanning. Many thanks for the equipped RFID Blocking Technology.

On top of that, AIKELIDA gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll receive a refund for any manufacturing detects happened to the wallet.

02. Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/RFID Blocker

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I carry this Shacke almost every day because of its superb convenience. Instead of being integrated into a belt like the AIKELIDA, this product is attached with a metal, sturdy clip. The wonderful thing is, it meets all kinds of versatility, from strapping to a belt loop to tuck in between your underwear and pants when you’re in a crowd, like a concert or public meeting.

The metal clip is 360-degree rotation to worry-free of clogging or twisting. On the other hand, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it’s solid, durable, and smooth to last for years without rust or wear-off. The Shacke also gives me three separate zippered pouches lined with RFID Shield and soft backing to ensure at least three important things: Ultimate Protection, Huge Capacity, and Breathability.

Though compact, the top zippered compartment still provides enough storage space to fit different sizes of paper currency, from US dollar, EURO, to AUS and Asia. Highly recommended!

Equipping an RFID Wallet to protect your data is a must. Pick one RFID wallet for yourself by taking a glance at our collection: Best RFID Wallet Under $35

03. Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket – Cashsafe Anti-Theft Wallet – Leather Money Belt

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This is my favorite pick when I go to the gym or running in the nearby park every morning. It’s designed to look no different from a normal non-hole belt but actually, there’s a hidden pocket on the inside. Take note that it gives a good fit to waist size from 26” to 42”.

This secret pocket is very small, it’s just enough for a key, 1-2 folded bills, and a card. But for me, that’s enough for me to have breakage outside or going to the grocery store after exercising. Since less stuff carried means less weight to avoid straining down the belt. Anyway, who needs to carry a fortune when going to the gym, right?

The fabric, on the other hand, is ripstop nylon with an emphasis on durability and water resistance. Plus, there’s a durable, smooth-working zipper to prevent my sweat from absorbing into my stuff. Besides, no unpleasant odor either.

I also like the user-friendly design of the belt itself. Since it’s no-hold type, you don’t need to worry about loosened belt holes or punch a new hole when getting chubbier or slimmer. Also, compared to the traditional belt, fasten this one is much quicker.

04. Travel Money Belt with RFID Block – Theft Protection and Global Recovery Tags (Beige REG – fits most)

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Another traditional belt wallet for men and women, but in this case, it features two different-size zippered compartments: One small, and one bigger. And this bigger is longer than the AIKELIDA for easier access.

It’s a good choice for those who love keeping their papered stuff, like currency, documents, and receipts straight. Despite its strikingly slim silhouette, the storage space provided by each compartment is rather spacious. You can put in 8-13 straight bills on the top while 2-4 cards, keys, coins, or earphones, on the bottom.

Take note that the wallet does bunch up based on the amount of stuff you’re going to toss in. Fabric is quite thin, but it’s amazingly durable. It stays intact against sharp edges of my keys or squared cards as well as other outer impacts. Plus, features slight waterproof and odor-resistance for lower maintenance. On the other hand, zippers are the Premium YKK, working smoothly and durable enough to stand the test of time.

The unique feature that I’ve found nowhere but in Peak Gear is the theft insurance and lifetime recovery service for lost items. They are really convenient and helpful that I think travelers and worldwide backpackers should try. For each money belt, you will receive 2 FREE Global Recovery Decals. Stick them on your valuable stuff and when lost, just contact their 24/7 call center for help. This is available anywhere in the world! Impressive, right?

05. Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Money Belt Travel Pouch + Credit Card, ID, Passport Holder for Women & Men, Black


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The Lewis N. Clark came to me randomly since I want to find some belt travel pouches that use fabric straps instead of metal clips for traveling. It’s because I feel that clip is prone to be unclipped and stolen than looping a fabric strap to my belt, near the buckle. No one can attack it, except me!

This leather money belt even gives me two straps for extra sturdiness and guarantee. Stitching around them is quite tight and fine to worry-free. Besides, the major pocket is zippered by the YKK zipper – working smoothly and durable. So, I feel really satisfied.

Actually, Lewis N. Clark best belt wallet is constructed with only 1 zippered compartment, measured 5 x7 inches to fit nicely 2-4 cards, some folded bills, and 1-2 keys (or coins). But its interior is very well-organized that includes 2 vertical card slots and 1 bill compartment. To me, it’s perfect to go out wandering around or have a meal during any trip. Small but convenient. And also, very protective thanks to the built-in RFID Blocking Technology. And the price, it can’t be cheaper!

06. Hidden Money Pocket Travel Money Belt

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This travel money belt from Yoder Leather Company is much more expensive than other products I have used. With the cost of about $65, someone may hesitate to make the purchase. However, if you can afford it, I suggest that you should buy it and this investment won’t make you disappointed at all.

This leather money belt with a sneaky secret pocket offers a classy and stylish look. Furthermore, I enjoy the luxurious style of this product and find it suitable for different occasions like traveling or business settings.

Nothing can beat this one in terms of long-lasting features and durability. This product is thicker than most normal belts; therefore, it can protect your belt from any harmful environmental impacts. But it still functions well as a standard belt as a long pocket with zipper closure can store 24 folded bills and small items in. Also, it will fit your copies of important documents like the trip itinerary and a passport.

Although it is the priciest option in this collection, you should consider its quality for your purchase. I guarantee that you will get the perfect leather money belt with a secret pocket.

07. Hengwin Leather Vertical Men Cellphone Belt Loop Holster Case – Belt Waist Leather Money Belt

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The Hengwin best belt wallet is my recommendation for those who love carrying the whole world along. Its capacity is leveraged significantly without sacrificing organizing and compact silhouette. Featured 2 major zippered compartments, 1 detachable cabinet, and 1 magnetic closure pocket. There’re also two other smaller pockets inside one major compartment. With the flap-up pocket outermost, it’s measured by 4 x 7 inches to fit almost nowadays smartphone, from iPhone XS Max to Samsung S9+, and Google Nexus 6.

And the rest, it’s perfect for 10-15 folded (or straight) bills, 5-9 cards, and other stuff like that, such as keys, coins, earphones, flight tickets, and boarding passes.

What I’m impressed with the most about this wallet is its versatility that is not only attachable to belt loops but also holster and case. Inside the package, you will also find a detachable crossbody strap to vary your carrying ways.

The wallet is also suitable for those who care about fashion since it’s crafted from 100% premium leather with smooth polyester fiber lining, it’s a whole different story from the touch to the feel. Giving a sleek and elegant look!

08. Running Belt, Fanny Pack for Women Men, Water Resistant Waist Pack


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Even though you haven’t used any products from Moolla brand, I guarantee that this running hidden wallet belt will make you say wow after trying it. The manufacturer focuses on the quality and function of their product as they use the high-quality spandex Lycra to make this belt. This material is water-resistant, quick-drying, breathable, comfortable, and soft. It is also so light that I don’t feel like I am wearing a belt.

The great feature of this product is its capacious storage so that it can store your workout necessities like keys, cellphones, wallets, and even your cell phone up to 6 inches. The material keeps your phone from scratches. Thanks to the zipper closure, your valuables are safe. The material and zipper protect your belongings from rain, sweat, and dirt.

The adjustable elastic band secures this piece around your waist comfortably and perfectly. Therefore, this item is ideal for power walking, running, hiking, dog walking, camping, cycling, traveling, and outdoor activities. This belt fits the waist sizes of 24’’ – 56’’.

What is more interesting about the best belt wallet? That is the impressive design of earphones holes so you can use your phone during the working out activities.

09. FlipBelt – USA Original Patent, USA Designed – Hidden Wallet Belt

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This FlipBelt USA Original Patent is one of the best belt wallet options when it comes to the belt wallet for men with the stunning harmony of the belt and the secret pouch for holding your keys, credit cards, money, gel packs, phone, and whatever you want for the daily need. This item from the FlipBelt brand features a gorgeous performance and unique design.

There are no clips or buckles; therefore, you can enjoy the greatest and the most enjoyable experience while jogging and running. After tucking your essentials in your belt, you just need to the belt inside out and feel assured that your belongings get locked securely in place. With no buttons and clasps, you can pull this wallet belt on like your pants and enjoy the great comfort with the belt on.

This leather money belt doesn’t jiggle, move, chafe, or bounce. It makes you forget that you are wearing a belt. Furthermore, although the design is simple, the fashionable and elegant style with a tubular look suits travelers, bikers, hikers, runners, and gym rats.

The FlipBelt piece can be worn under your clothes and have your hand free. This brand is available in several color and size options and it is made of machine-friendly, high quality, and durable Spandex-Lycra blend material. Overall, it is the best investment for the price of $25 – $40.

10. Nylon Hidden Wallet Belt – Holster for iPhone with Rugged Case

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If you are looking for a belt holster that holds your phone and some credit cards safely and securely, there is no reason to ignore the Perilogics brand. This heavy-duty belt wallet for men is made of durable high-quality nylon material; therefore, it is the best investment and a great choice to protect your expensive phone. The rugged/semi-rugged case protects your phone from scratches and it comes with a slim profile for an enjoyable experience.

Besides the phone case, this Perilogics piece is designed with extra zipper storage for your credit cards, ID cards, and other accessories such as your earphones, so on. So it is a must-try product if you want to keep everything in one place.

Even though this piece is worn under your clothing, the magnetic flap closure provides easy access to your content. The flap magnets are sturdy and strong to ensure your lifetime use The extra stitching and well-made construction of this belt ensure its durability. This piece looks long-lasting and sturdy; therefore, it is ideal for hiking, sports, and other outdoor activities.

11. PuPeiLife Military Tactical Travel Money Belt – Hidden Pocket


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This PuPeiLife wallet with the unisex style suits women and men and the cobra style is ideal for many occasions such as concerts, overseas, hiking, sports events, and camping. The length of this belt fits waist sizes from 28’’ – 42’’.

A bonus of this belt wallet is its spacious coverage as it can store your paper currency, travel papers, coins, keys, some cash, and other valuables. Thanks to the smooth zipper closure, everything stays secure in a place and your belongings are safe from even the most skilled pickpockets.

I love the rugged bubble that is made of zinc alloy. The best thing is that this material can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees and sudden force. Furthermore, the buckle is easy to open, press, and release.

Also, the best belt wallet is made of high-quality material that is breathable, comfortable, and resistant to odors. There are no belt holes but you can easily adjust the correct length of the belt for comfort. Paying only $15, you get a decent quality travel belt with hidden pockets and 5 handy tools including a whistle, scraper, screw wrench, keyring, and bottle opener. What a big bargain!

12. SPIbelt Running Belt Large Pocket, No-Bounce Waist Pack

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SPIbelt should be your consideration when it comes to the comfortable running hidden wallet belt. The first thing that makes this piece ideal for jogging and sports is the use of stretchable spandex. There is no bounce when you use this belt. Furthermore, this elastic and soft material prevents any skin irritation, excoriation, and chafing when you are doing physical activities.

In terms of storage capacity, this product features a large pocket and pack pouch that can hold most large phones. Besides the phone, it also holes bulky items like medical supplies, keys, passports, glucose gels, cards, etc.

This product is compatible with all accessories with a measurement of up to 6.5 inches. In the required situation, it can expand by 2 – 3 inches. This belt can fit the waist size of 25’’ – 47’’; therefore, people of all ages can wear this running fanny pack while they engage in outdoor or indoor activities.

13. Thomas Bates Hiker Travel Money Belt Made in the USA

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Do you want the travel money belt with more color options? This one from Thomas Bates is a great choice. The military-grade nylon webbing is durable and lightweight. The high-quality material ensures long-lasting product and lifetime use. Also, because of the skin-friendly fabric, this one doesn’t cause skin irritation.

Another good point of this wallet is its stunning well-built buckle design that is ideal and perfect for a short strip or hiking. It locks everything in place for comfortable security. Because of the material ad non-metallic buckle, you can wear this belt and go through the airport security checks. The zipper pocket is long enough to hold more money, up to $10000in cash. It also stores your travel documents, passport, survivor equipment, and keys.

This product is machine washable, which is the ease of maintenance. The only drawback is that the buckle is a little weak; so you need to handle it carefully to prevent the plastic cracking.

Some tips when using the best belt wallet:

You should tuck a waist hidden wallet belt inside your pants for the best safety. By hiding your belt below the waistband, you stop anyone from seeing what you are wearing or what is inside the belt. Of course, you can wear the wallet belt outside your pant if you find it more comfortable but make sure that your shirt is large and long enough to cover your belt wallet from view.

The second tip is to use an embedded steel cable for the waistband if you want to wear the belt wallet with an untucked shirt. It will prevent a professional pickpocket theft from bumping into you, cutting the rear strap, and fleeing your belt in seconds.

Choosing the best belt wallet might be a small decision, it can give a huge impact on your safety of daily stuff carrying. That’s why I’ve given much time on searching, testing, and analyzing which are the best for each specific occasion. It ensures to give the best match for your demand while keeping things in a stylish and fashionable way.

Anyway, thanks for reading. And if you’re looking for a good wallet to travel, here are some more options for you:

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