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9 Best American-made Wallets in 2019

In 5-8 years recently, nobody can’t deny how vast of the wallet world and it isn’t going to stop that growth. We’re glad that now, looking for a specific type of wallet isn’t way too difficult like it used to be. However, a too big market always has its own matters. Detailly, are the unequal quality products.

That’s why people prefer to look for American-made leather wallets since they ensure the quality. If that’s also what you’re concerned, don’t overlook this article.

Here are 9 best American-made leather wallets out there:

1. Bifold Leather American-Made Men’s Wallet | Made in the USA | Mens Bifold Wallets | American Made | Main Street Forge

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This is a precious bifold leather wallet since it’s not only made in the USA but also 100% handmade. Just the finest full-grain leather is selected and sewn to offer a distinct appearance, which is why I feel it so reliable. At least, no mass production in China or no chemical bonded fake leather, either.

Though Main Street Forge is a small personal handmade business in the US with rare product lines, each of them is highly crafted and uniquely yours, which is the reason making them such well-known. Their pride is shown clearly through the lifetime warranty provided to guarantee their customers’ purchase is always no risk.

With this bifold, you’ve got 6 card slots, 2 slips, and 1 full-length bill compartment, which is enough for men’s casual use. Take note that since it’s genuine leather, you might need some time for breaking in, just like your favorite jeans. Afterward, it’s very wonderful!

Confidently beat it because scratches and other minor imperfections will soup up its character, leveraging its uniqueness.

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2. Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet – Made in USA – Genuine Leather, CNC Alum, RFID Blocking

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Thanks to Dango, tactical gear addicts at least have a trustful place to drop their money on. Like other EDC wallet lines, this D01 Dapper is crafted 100% in USA from genuine top-grain leather with mil-spec bolts.

The material combination-wise is really worth-mentioning since leather helps to warm up the cold vibe of metal to deliver a more luxurious and character overview, with superb sophistication.

Just worry free about its weigh because the hardware is made from 6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum. It assures you two things: Lightness and Strength. In fact, this wallet is only 2 ounces in weight and by the way, 0.3 inches thick. You absolutely can put it into whichever pockets your have while the capacity is still ample.

Compared to other slim wallets or even the bifold, there’s no sign of this wallet inferior than. It’s designed to hold nicely 6-12 cards without bulk. Meanwhile, the outer rubbery elastic band is good for some extra folded bills. Not to mention that this wallet is equipped with RFID Blocking Technology to keep your private information against hi-tech thieves. What else to ask?

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3. Hanks Bi-Fold Leather Wallet – Holds 8-13 Cards – USA Made, 100-Year Warranty

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Hank actually started their journey from belts and then wallets. Though I’ve known for their reputation of high-quality product so far, can’t stop my jaw from dropping down and down for the first-time hands on this wallet.

The leather material is really on point. It’s 100% ruggedly refined goatskin leather with emphasis on soft and smooth texture. Besides, sewn by heavy-duty nylon stitching for extra durability, no strange when it’s one of the timeless handmade US-made wallets preferred by worldwide leather addicts.

I think the clearest evidence for that is the provided 100-year warranty by Hanks. This offer will back for all splits and rips happened to your wallet, which means that amount of money is spent for once for a wallet used for entire life of yours.

Not to say that the more you beat it, the more character it looks. Is it exactly what you’re looking for? Character. Unique. Memory. Good conversation-starter.

Of course, Hanks didn’t forget about the functionality of this bifold wallet. It features 1 full-length bill compartment, 2 slips, and 4 card slots. But the special is these slots are curved, which is outstanding and easy access. It’s exact to say one small change delivers a huge benefit.

Out of that huge capacity, its compact dimensions are really surprising – only 4.5×3.5”. I believe with such small measurement of a wallet, you can easily place it in anywhere you want, whether it’s for travel or casual use.

4. FRAMED Minimalist Ultra-Slim Metal Wallet (American Made, Front Pocket)

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A plot twist to this FRAMED Minimalist wallet. It figures same concept as the Dango, but in this case, is constructed from Anodized Aluminum and heavy-duty elastic rubber band.

I feel the rubbery money strap band in this FRAMED wallet is not as stiff as the Dango, which is quite easier to use. However, for the quality, I can’t tell. Since it’s just been a member of my wallet home for 5 months. At least, there’s no loosing thing at the moment.

The most surprising feature of this wallet is its measurements. Rarely can I carry a bunch of 10 cards at the same time in a wallet that stays neatly in the palm of my hand, but this can. It even fits my chest pocket like a dream. If you’re wondering, it’s measured by 3 ⅜” x 2 ⅝” x .125″ in.

And that number of cards can be more. The best is you can also keep some more folded bills as well. If this is your very first try of Fine-Grain Wallet, I think their provided 100% quality guarantee will encourage you more.

As a present for someone you love, it’s good to go since the packaging box is really elegant and eco-friendly. I bet that person will like this!

Might this minimalist wallet collection also be your favorite, take a peek.

5. Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet – American Factory Direct Made in USA by Real Leather Creations

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Some people might feel insecure when carrying a too small wallet in their back pocket since it’s too unnoticeable. It’s hard to tell if your wallet is still there or not, except for checking it by ragging your hands down there, which is sometimes inconvenient.

So, here is another of my suggestion for you! The Real Leather Creations that’s measured by 3” x 4” and the leather material now is a bit thicker to give you more noticeable feel in your back pocket.

Made in USA, that’s why everything is made pretty sophisticatedly with fine seaming and hand-painted edging. In terms of material, it’s 100% Arizona genuine leather with nicely rough texture. The entire wallet is minimally constructed, but its contrasting stitching gives a nice bold to emphasis its own vibe.

A modern and cool design for minimalist persons. Thinking of its as a meaningful present for businessmen or office workers is an ideal choice since it’s featured a perfect compromise of functionality and silhouette.

5 pockets totally in a wallet with 2 on each side and 1 center to keep nicely 5-6 cards, 3-5 folded bills with no worries of thickening its total measurements. So, how can I hate it?

6. Hilltop Leather Company Mens Handcrafted Leather American-made Trifold Wallet American Flag USA

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The very first trifold wallet in this list. And despite the bulky look, its material is persuasive enough for me to drop my money on. It’s exactly the garment leather, highlighting with rich, soft texture and expensive look.

I’m personally also impressed by the elegantly embossed American flag on the frontside with beautifully ombre color. Have never seen any like that before, and the manufacturer also offers a warranty for their product so, I decided to pick it.

Glad to say that I haven’t had any remorse yet! It’s really well-made, durable, and functional. And from my case, I believe that when you bring this out, at least one people will ask for where you bought it from (in a friendly way). No strange, such a good conversation starter!

But the best thing about this kind of material is no filler at all. To keep such that solidity, the manufacturer has utilized a full thick piece of leather, which is why it’s thick. But in turns, at least there’s no toxin harmful for my health.

Also, you will receive a FREE keychain. It’s both functional and stylish. You can hook it to your belt loop for extra protection and style (like bikers usually do with their wallet).

Lastly, about the function, though there’s nothing new but it literally does a good job at storing and protecting my valuables. With 5 card slots (including 1 clear ID window) and 1 bill compartment, it’s good to keep and fit all your daily carries in a well-organized way.

7. American Bench Craft Men’s Hammer Riveted Leather Front Pocket American-made Leather Wallet

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Sleek and chic, are there any words else for this super cool wallet?

Look at that leather material, it’s so smooth and perfect, meaning it has been treated really well. I’ve searched a little bit about this wallet and known that it’s entirely handmade – chosen from the finest premium US Native, Steerhide Bridle leather and then vegetable-tanned.

But I think the coolest thing is the way it is assembled. Instead of stitched, they use gold-tone metal rivets to keep all corners of the cutting pieces in place, making it a complete wallet without need of a small piece of thread. Wonderful! And genius, by the way!

The hardware and the leather matches nicely together to deliver a classy look with emphasis on better durability, sturdiness, and longevity. Since it’s utilized 100% genuine leather, you might need 1 or 2 weeks to break it in. In turns, the performance afterward is really amazing.

Not only it develops a distinctive patina to your look, but also molds nicely around your carries. With time, it’s not even worn away, but improved and got better.

For more exquisite handmade wallets, this collection might be your interest.

8. Genuine Leather Slim Bifold American-Made Leather Wallet – American Factory Direct – RFID Blocking – Made in USA by Real Leather Creations

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I appreciate the choice-wise material to satisfy the need of many people about an alligator-like wallet made with sophistication. This USA-made design gives all alive feel about characteristics of a genuine calfskin leather wallet with alligator embossing. This way highlights at least two benefits:

First, it cuts down the total cost to be more budget-friendly and second, it’s low-maintenance. This option is particularly a good choice for those who are frequently busy or don’t know how to properly maintain their precious accessory.

If you’re worrying about its look, then don’t. No friends of mine can spot out it’s just calfskin leather wallet with alligator embossing. About the construction, I give this wallet an A+ because of its well-organized interior.

Thanks to the clever arrangement, you’ve got 6 card slots, 2 slips, and 1 full-length bill compartment. But the whole silhouette is amazingly slim – only 4.5” x 3.25” closed to stay neatly in any pockets.

What I love the most about this wallet is the built-in RFID Shield to keep my credit cards away from unauthorized scanning. If you usually travel to European countries, this is a must-have feature.

9. Mens American-Made Leather Wallet with Flap American Buffalo Brown USA Made

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I’ve saved this to last because of its too genius design. As you can see, it’s constructed with two major compartments: One outermost for changes and the other for cards, closed by a magnetic fold-over flap.

The best thing about innovative design is it allows me to quickly access to my valuables while the wallet is still closed, especially the money. It’s super helpful when I’m in a busy queue, waiting for payment or on a crowded street. It doesn’t make the others wait, which I appreciate like crazy!

But don’t fret that it would be easy to slip out. Due to the natural elastic characteristic of genuine leather, it will hug nicely to your stuff. Hence, as long as you take them out, either cards or cash won’t slip out by themselves.

Like 80% wallets in this list, it’s crafted from genuine leather with strong stitching. However, this is not handmade so you never worry of waiting too long for a new alternative (in case you’re a person who hates waiting).


Now that’s the end of this article, I hope that you will find these 9 American-made leather wallets useful for you. If there’s any question or inquiry about wallets and stuff, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or leaving comments down below. Thanks for reading!

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