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Best Aluminum Wallets in 2019 – You Shouldn’t Miss Out

I. Introduction

If I got a chance to meet the person who invented aluminum wallets, I would give him a hug. Thank you! For bringing a whole new way of carrying cards to humans, making it lighter, more protective and professional that hardly other wallet types can do.

Choosing an aluminum wallet isn’t difficult! The important thing is you have to know what you need in it: A good looking wallet that reflects your professional and nature of work or a practical well-organized interior for cards. Or, both?

If you want to get my suggestions as reference, keep reading the round-up list below. It’s nothing special but just some high-quality aluminum wallets styled in different ways that I’ve tried through. But who know, might you pick a good one from here.

II. Here are my top choices of the best aluminum wallets

1. Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector Aluminum Wallet

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Shell-D is the most classic choice when it comes to aluminum wallets. The world is getting crazy for it while many customers worldwide don’t regret giving it tons of compliments. Why? – You might be wondering.

There are three appealing features about this little wallet. First, it plays a good role of a protector for your cards. I’m not talking about how it organizes or keeps your cards because clearly, Shell-D did too well. What I want to talk about is its built-in RFID Blocking Technology that as long as your cards are kept inside this card holder, they are surely safe against hi-tech thieves.

Second, is the money-back warranty. You’ve got 90 days to try it with no risk before deciding whether returning it without excuse for a full refund or not. But I bet you won’t. The wonderful combination of premium aluminum and plastic makes an ultra-lightweight wallet with incredible durability that when sitting on or dropping, there’s no breakage at all.

On top of that, its unbelievably affordable price is the biggest selling point to convince you to cop one. You see? A wallet with spacious capacity, durability, a good looking, built-in RFID Shield, a money-back guarantee and cheap price – what else can you ask for?

2. Aluma Hard Case Credit Cards Men’s Aluminum Wallet

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The Aluma Hard-Case Aluminum Wallet is shocking that offers assorted 6 packs of a set costs only 11 bucks. You didn’t read it wrong! For such that modest amount of money, you have got 6 different-colored wallets sizing 5x3x0.5 inches, each of which includes 7 card slots but the real capacity is up to 9 or 10 cards.

It’s a good choice for those want to create a synchronization of their clothes and accessories since those 6 colors are the most basic ones. Easy to style and versatile for different occasions.

However, for such that unbelievable price, I guess some people wonder about its true quality. Well, I would be a big liar if insistently said it was the most durable wallet out there. Not to mention that I’ve got no reason to be blindly biased to it.

But in the fairest words, its durability is worth every single penny. The aluminum shell protects cards against bumps, drops, and other kinds of impact efficiently even though at the end, there’s some little dent left on the outside of the card holder if it is a harsh fall. But for the price, I think this wallet is worth a compliment. Just a bit pity to know that there’s no RFID Shield at all.

3. UTRAX 12 Slots Metal Cards Large Aluminum Wallet to Protect Credit Cards

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Many people carry at least 10 cards along with them to go out, which a 5- or 6- or 7-slot aluminum wallet can’t be near enough. That’s why I find the Utrax metal card holder with 12 slots is so perfect. And from my experience, only this one I’ve seen with such that enormous capacity. As maximum, you can put in 14 cards while some extra receipts and cash won’t be a hard math for it.

The sad news is I won’t recommend it for clumsy people since after a few drops, it will break. However, in my opinion, if it did happen, I would still willingly order a new Utrax again because it’s so wonderful. With all the features this one has as well as the amount of stuff it can hold, I find no other options out there.

Particularly, when the wallet is almost full, it’s still much lighter than a traditional leather design and comes with only ½ of the size. Not to say that when it’s opened, all your cards are clearly and nicely displayed for quick access. With it, I can pleasantly say goodbye to those days of squeezing my fingers in between wallet slits just to take out a card. The new interesting game has been started!

And, did I tell you about its RFID Blocking Technology?

4. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder/Protector Aluminum Wallet Case

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The Protectif Aluminum Card Holder is the best bet for anyone who prefer a wallet giving solid hand-feel since the whole product is crafted from stainless steel, including the clasp. And if you’re like me – used to pitifully see a few favorite aluminum wallets became non-functional just because of the plastic clasp breaking, the decent performance of this product will convince you of its many-year lasting.

Under bumps, drops, and collisions, it doesn’t easily break like the Utrax or dent like the Aluma. And the most thankful thing is this wallet isn’t distorted when you sit on it in your back pocket.

In terms of outer performance, the Protectif Aluminum Wallet comes in both sides patterned with emphasis on exquisite engraving. It’s easily noticed from distance and also the best choice for those who love outstanding things.

I appreciate the high responsibility of this vendor. They did contact me after my purchase to ensure if I liked it. Besides, is a 100% money-back warranty from them even though I haven’t got a chance to use it yet.

5. Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards Holder Metal ID Case for Men Women

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Another option of patterned aluminum wallet that I’m so excited to recommend to you – the Elfish Mini Credit Card Holder. The biggest advantage of this product is a wide range of pattern selections that I believe you will pick one favorite from them.

And on top of that, is the printing quality. In comparison to other brands, the printing made by Elfish is much higher quality. Mine has been 10 months and honestly, there’s just really less wears on the corners while with other models, I can’t even figure out which image they are printed. That’s why when placing the Elfish Case side by side to the others, it outstandingly looks newer.

If you intend to purchase this wallet for the RFID Shield feature, congrats, you’re in the right address. The built-in RFID Blocking Technology of Elfish can protect your cards from not only 13.56 MHz, but also 125 KHz signals. So, hi-tech thieves will get no ways to approach and steal your private information at all.

However, I guess that you might get doubt at this wallet’s quality when looking at the price – only around 9 bucks. I did, too! But thanks to the money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer, I was convinced and up to now, got no remorse yet.

6. BOHONG Latest Aluminum RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder for Men Women

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The BOHONG women’s aluminum wallet is designed more for women with various feminine pattern printing options. But the more outstanding feature lies in its construction.

While other metal cases try to impress their customers with the trendy square silhouette which ends up with sharp edges causing injuries to their clothes and skin, this one doesn’t. You can see that its four corners are rounded but still fashionable. Besides, it’s much sturdier than you might think for a card holder.

Some people might feel this wallet a bit big if just seeing it on the images. However, the real dimensions are only 4-1/4“x 2-3/4”x 1/2“– pretty compact to fit a mini handbag. Or, fit nicely into your back pocket when you refuse to use a purse. On the other hand, its interior is still spacious for 7-9 cards and even some folded bills if you need to.

Indispensably, is the equipped RFID Blocking Technology. It’s nice to know that skimmers will not have any bad effect on your bank accounts as well as other private information.

7. ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip – No.2

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I believe that the ROCO aluminum wallet will make minimalist people go crazy because of its perfect combination of simplicity and functionality with no sacrifice of quality.

Its biggest superior feature in comparison to the original ROCO is the wider silicone band. It helps you with easier access to your receipts and money. Besides, is the tighter holding for extra protection.

This band also keeps the two aluminum pieces tightly together that whether it’s 1 or 20 cards put in, there’s no slippery happened. It might be a little bit tricky to get your credit cards in. However, I personally like to know that my cards won’t be as easy to slip out as other counterparts.

Tips: To access them more easily is putting your cards on the opposite side of each other.

With minimalist persons, I think the number of cards won’t be many, which slims down the wallet significantly. Even, it leaves no pocket evidence at all.

Those who love carrying might find no complaint on the ROCO, however, if you’re a person who love carrying the whole world along with, chances are that the silicone band is the biggest disadvantage. Why? Because it takes two roles: A card holder band and a money strap. That means if the wallet carries a big load of cards – like 15-20 units – its band will be too stretchy to leave much space for cash. As the results, it’s hard to access your papered money.

That’s why if you’re in the second group of users, try the next aluminum wallet.

8. Aluminum Metal Wallet, RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet, Slim Wallet, Money Clip

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This one is from Lookiss. It highlights a separate money clip from the rubber card holder. Hence, no matter you’re carrying 10+ cards, there’s no influences on the amount of cash. In comparison to the ROCO, this is a more versatile option that suits for not only a minimalist person but also ones who love carrying the whole world along with.

As maximum, it keeps 15 cards and 10 half-folded bills. Conversely, 1 card is the minimum! Secureness is something worriless in this wallet as its flexible elastic webbing band is very durable. Plus, the two aluminum pieces with built-in RFID Shield will double the protection.

Contrast to its robust outlook, the Lookiss aluminum wallet is very lightweight and slim. It can stay in your back pocket without bloating. You can sit on it comfortably even though I don’t highly recommend it. Besides, Lookiss’ packaging is very professional and exquisite that you can take advantage of as a present box. Pretty convenient, right?

9. ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder – Front Pocket Organizer, Easy Push Button Use

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Next is the ACM wallet, the construction of which is very fun to use. Instead of cramming all your cards in one place like the traditional wallets always do, this one re-organizes them one by one, following the colors and buttons provided to match in each track. When in need, just slide the corresponding button up and BOOM, the card will be popped up.

I personally find this new method is much easier and quicker to access my property. Not to mention that it’s a good conversation-starter. People around you will be strongly impressed by its unique operation and you – the owner of that cool thing – will immediately get attention.

Back to the functionality of this wallet, aside from the innovative card organizing, its extra money clip on the backside is very helpful if you’ve got some cash or receipts to carry along with.

The highlight of this money clip is an industrial rubberized coating. It smoothens the contact area, making it non-slip for paper currency paraphernalia. As maximum, this money clip allows you to carry 12 folded bills without slippery.

10. Aluminum GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet_ Durable ID Card Holder with Metal Clip and 4 Cards Slot (Black)

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The GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet is my little reward for those who keep reading to the last. It’s actually a 2-in-1 design that not only allows you to carry 1-4 cards, but also plays the role of a badge holder.

The big selling feature of this wallet lies in its built-in metal connector. It allows you to carry with a clip or a lanyard on your backpack, belt, pocket, or keychain. If you’re worrying about broken connector then don’t. It’s crafted from high-quality manganese steel to stay durable with time. Hence, there’s no way of losing your ID badge.

Another mentionable thing is its money clip. Differing from the plastic snaps, this steel one is guaranteed with its forever elasticity.

So, don’t you think that this aluminum wallet is too cool to ignore?

III. How to Maintain an Aluminum Wallet?

If this is your very first time getting to know about aluminum wallets, after picking the most suitable one for your demand, it’s also essential to equip yourself some helpful knowledge to maintain it.

Because shit always happens. Ensure you don’t miss out this piece of information!

Remove stain

Metal is always easier to remove stain than other materials, like fabric or leather. A nice warm bath in some mild detergent-water mixture will get rid all unpretty stains.

Don’t just plopping the wallet into some pure water, though.

If the stain is seriously built up, take it apart and clean one by one. A small, soft bristled brush might be the best assistant of yours to scrub out all stains.

Before soaking it to the mild detergent, don’t forget to undone its elastic band (if available).

To replace the money clip

90% of aluminum wallets will have an additional money clip in the form of either a rubber/silicone band or a separate metal clip. And it is the easiest part to wear off.

In comparison, the elastic band is always simpler to replace. So, here I’m going to teach you how to replace a metal money clip.

Step 1: Order a replacement.

Step 2: Use a T5 Torx screwdriver to undone all the screws.

Step 3: Replace the money clip

IV. Conclusion

You see? A slim wallet isn’t also necessarily made from leather or canvas or other soft materials, but metal also can make a magic. Your duty is just to find out the most suitable one that fits your demand.

And if you already find one from this list, I’m confident that you won’t regret it, at least for the quality, warranty and functionality. Because from the hard work I’ve put into it, I know and I’m proud what I’ve suggested to you.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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