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10 Awesome Baseball Wallets 2018

Think about it, you are going to watch a baseball match, and when withdrawing your perfect wallet to pay for drinks, other people in the queue look at it and start giving compliments on it. How pride it is, isn’t it?

Some individuals prefer use the leather material that’s used in real baseball with exact 108 stitches, but I’m personally not a fan of that because it’s too thick to keep a slim silhouette for my desire wallet. That’s why I prefer the ones that take inspiration of baseball only. What I want is something with high sport spirit to show up my endless love to this game, not literally the exact material.

When it comes to a perfect baseball wallet, there are 3 solid favorite brands I will think of right away. They are Rico, Rawlings and HOJ. But recently, I’ve found another brand whose products pop up of the crowd in both quality and design – It’s Lethnic! And now, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Rico Industries MLB Embossed Trifold Wallet

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First up is the brand that I’ve been followed so far – Rico. For those who don’t know, Rico Industries is a well-known wallet brand for sport fans. They made hundreds of products with logo printing of many famous teams in ruby, basketball and baseball that have been officially licensed.

Besides, their products are invested carefully from the packaging to the material that right from the very first time touching and seeing in real life, you can’t stop loving it.

I personally appreciate its package. Instead of using plastic bag or carton pack, Rico invests on a metal squared box to pop up its product off the crowd. Take a look at it, you can feel a clear difference between Rico’s and other wallets. This Rico Wallet is obviously more luxurious.

Moreover, the wallet itself is really nice as well. From the material, it’s 100% high-quality pecan cowhide leather with tight stitching to ensure good durability. Particularly, the embossed logo on the front is the highlight of the whole wallet. It comes in nice embossing, especially if it’s looked under sunlight or natural light.

However, its construction is on the opposite which means there’s no outstanding feature. Going inside, you can see that it’s like other normal trifold wallet with two bill compartments and some card slots that are easily thickened up when you toss in your EDCs.

This seems to be a drawback of this wallet if you are a minimalism person who love going slim. But, if you are a loyal fan of traditional silhouette, this is the best bet for you to go to.

2. Rico Industries MLB Embroidered Billfold Wallet

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Now, if you prefer the combination of leather and embroidery, this is my recommendation for you – Rico Industries MLB Bifold Wallet. Like the Embossed Design, the embroidered logo on the front is made carefully with exact colorway, right size and durable.

And again, the product is packed in a nice metal present box with thick lining for ultimate protection. The biggest strength of this Rico product line is their full embroidered logo of all MLB team, from San Francisco Giant, New York Mets to Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. You don’t have to be afraid that your favorite team doesn’t have in this list.

Besides, material texture is another great bonus with super smooth and soft feeling touch. Along with that, tight seams and strong stitching upends its durability to the extreme.

Its inner construction is a little bit different from the above one with 4 card slots, 1 bill compartment (not divided), and 1 flipped ID window. But, just one you that you should bear in mind is the thin material, which helps to keep a great slim silhouette. However, at the same time, the protection ability is less.

This is a tradeoff thing so, you need to accept it if you want a flat bifold wallet.

3. Lethnic MLB Baseball Sport Wallet with ID Badge Holder & D-Ring for Men/Women

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Next up is a baseball wallet model that I’m really satisfied for its creativity in design as well as functionality. Though its outlook doesn’t have as much baseball spirit as other wallets in this collection, it strikes back with truly well-made design (both interior and exterior) and versatile benefits.

First up is the material, really smooth, reasonably soft and durable. Even its hardware is pretty good as well, which you can feel that it definitely lasts for years. I appreciate how Lethnic plays with colors on this model. See, the combination between green and black is awesome, very outstanding and stylish.

But what makes me really admire this brand and their creativity is the stylized baseball curve on the frontside. It’s not just a decorative detail like other wallets, but also helps you to quick access your regular cards when you’re in a hurry.

Use your finger, slide it up, and there you go. Aside from this convenient front card slot, there is 1 ID window and 1 functional compartment where you can put in some more cards or a couple of folded bills as you want. In brief, this small piece can accommodate up to 10 cards and 12 bills without a burden.

The most amazing thing is despite such huge load, it still keeps it flat and slim silhouette, which mostly thanks to the elimination of excess seams and stitching on the whole construction. It’s an on-point feature.

Another interesting function that I’ve just discovered recently is taking advantage of this wallet as an employee ID pass. You just need to attach a lanyard on the stainless-steel D ring, toss your employee card into the ID window, and your property on the other slots. There, it’s even more convenient than a normal badge.

Last but not least, RFID Shield. This might be the feature that make Lethnic’s brand identity. Every single wallet made by this manufacturer is embedded with advanced RFID Blocking material to prevent efficiently 13.56 MHz frequencies, keeping your cards and personal information safe against hi-tech thieves.

On the other hand, I know this type of baseball wallet sounds strange to you and it might need some braveness to give this a try, so here is the killing part – Lethnic’s 30-day money-back warrantee to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Yeah, just go for it!

4. HOJ Co. BASEBALL Front Pocket Wallet-Strong Magnetic Closure-Slim Money Clip Wallet

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When we go to a baseball match, this might be a great chance for us to consume a huge amount of cash there, maybe for drinks and food while watching the game. If you are a minimalist, your ordinary slim wallet can’t stand such huge of load of bills, which is the reason I highly recommend this model for a great alternation.

It’s attached an outer money clip for extra space for your cash. Huray! With this sturdy, magnetic clip, you can put in 10+ more bills without bulk. You don’t need to worry that the magnet will get side effect on your cards’ RFID function because it’s been tested carefully and up to now, there’s still no persuasive evidence for this.

Along with that, there are 5 card slots to store around 8-12 cards, perfect for a go. Its handcrafted full-grain cowhide leather is elastic enough to bear such huge load without difficulties, but kindly take notice that the more stuff you toss in this wallet, the thicker it will be.

Besides, this little leather wallet still needs some time to break in. And, there’s no built-in RFID Shield for this model.

5. Rawlings Baseball Stitch Front Pocket Money Clip

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If your EDCs aren’t such that much, try this slim money clip wallet instead. Its construction is minimized down to only 2 card slots and a magnetic money clip to ensure its slim silhouette to stay neatly and nicely in your back or front pocket.

Compared to other tan leather baseball wallets, such as the “Rawlings Men’s Baseball Stitch Bifold, Tan”, or “Rawlings Heart of the Hide Slim Wallet (Tan)”, there is a clear difference amongst their design and thickness.

This wallet is perfect for a go, like going to a baseball match, hang out or go to work/school when you don’t need to carry a bunch of stuff along.

Besides, I like the stitching of this wallet, it’s thick, tight and pretty sturdy to keep you rest assured of the best protection and safety. On the other hand, the baseball stylized stitching with red seams is an elegant yet unique design to show up some love of any baseball fans.

You should try it, really!

6. Genuine Sports Leather Mens Bifold Wallet in Gift Box

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If you are still loyal to the traditional bifold but also want to keep your wallet slim, how about this “Genuine Sports Leather Mens Bifold Wallet”? It’s a perfect compromise of a flat design to stay beautifully in your pocket without budging it up, and a functional construction where you can put in your whole world inside.

I understand that there are many people can’t even go out without carrying their whole cards and cash along. Maximumly, they just can put back a few irregular cards home, which a normal minimalist wallet can’t afford this.

If you are in such situation, this slim bifold wallet will be your hero without capes. It comes up with 8 card slots (2 horizontal and 6 vertical) and 1 full-length bill compartment. Another particular feature of this model that I bet any baseball fans will love is the 108 waxed red stitches – the same as any Major League Baseball.

Carrying this alongside, it’s more than just a wallet, but also a pride. Besides, with nice packaging, you can totally gift this to any baseball couches, players or fans. I’m sure that they will fall in love with it.

7. Rawlings Men’s Baseball Stitch Trifold, Black

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If you are looking for a baseball wallet with more than just one ID window, this is the best bet for you to go to. It figures a traditional trifold wallet with 6 card slots, 2 slips, 1 bill compartment and especially, 2 ID windows where you can put in your IDs, and driver license conveniently.

In terms of the quality, not only the outer performance, but also its interior is very well-made and good invested on material and afford. Take a look at it! The cowhide material which is claimed 100% genuine is freakily smooth, even, soft and durable to definitely serve you for years.

On the frontside, there is a double waxed red stitching plus, a nicely embossed logo at the corner of Rawlings. It’s somehow looking good and harmonized to bring a perfect whole look that any die-hard fan of baseball can’t deny.

8. Rawlings Mens Tanned-leather Baseball Stitch Embroidered Wallet – (Dark Brown)

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You only identify and “feel” the uniqueness and quality of every single Rawlings’ wallet until touching and experiencing it. The image can’t describe it completely! What Rawlings nails up their wallets is the material, design and lining.

Right from the very first time handing it on, you can feel a reasonable heft of quality leather. The whole wallet is made out of premium cowhide leather with soft and smooth feeling touch. The stitching is tight, strong and sturdy to ensure that it can last for years.

A small distinction in this design is apart from its single waxed red embroidery on the front as well as its embossed logo, all seams are in red as well. The combination between tan brown of genuine leather and the red seams is outstanding of sure to pop up your taste off the crowd.

Going inside, the soft lining will melt your heart right then, it’s thick and protective to keep your EDCs preserved in the best condition and on the other hand, keep them from sticking to the leather material.

With popular construction of a tradition bifold wallet, this product arrives in 8 card slots, 2 slips and 1 bill compartment where you can fit up to 10 cards and 12 bills without a burden.

So far, Rawlings is a good brand for high-quality products that you don’t need to get doubt at. If you also want a meaningful and good present for your loved one who is also a baseball fan, don’t miss out this accessory.

9. HOJ Co. BASEBALL Wallet-Double ID Bifold-Full Grain Mens Leather Wallet-Multi Card Capacity-Coach Gift

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Speaking of a quality handmade baseball wallet, House of Jack Co. deserves the No.1. From the handpicked full-grain leather, the hand burnished finish to the nicely embossed baseball stitches on the frontside.

If you pay a closer attention to this wallet, you will see that it’s really well-made. The stitching is uniform and tight. The embossing is even and reasonably deep to reflect light perfectly.

Not only the outer performance, the interior of this wallet is invested carefully with functional construction and clean look. There are 8 card slots, 1 flip-aside ID window and 1 bill compartment – perfect to carry and protect your daily belongings such as bank cards, ID, driver license and cash.

But what make me go crazy the most is the printed line on the inside of the bill compartment. It says “shut up and pitch”. Wow, that’s impressive and addictive!

Measured by 4.25″ L x 3.5″ H, fitting nicely to any back pockets without a problem. I think this is the best gift for any coach or MVP dad, don’t you think?

10. Rawlings Two Strikes Bi-Fold Wallet

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Last up in this list is a super beautiful baseball wallet (again, from Rawlings). Can’t deny that designs made by this brand is really creative and outstanding. I particularly like the color combination between the grey burnished cowhide leather and read striped lining – between the neutral and the hot – very outstanding and new.

And the embossed logo on the front, it’s nice and looks good. If taking a closer look on the inside, you will find out 4 streamline card slots, 2 slips, 1 bill compartment and 1 ID window. But the best thing about this ID slot is it’s made out of mesh, not a plastic piece of material so it prevents a common issue that’s usually happened in plastic ID window is your card won’t be stuck into the material if long time you don’t take it out.

This is a small change, though, it’s really functional and useful. I appreciate that!

There are three best things about every single wallet in this collection is firstly – guaranteed high-quality product, secondly – a reliable warranty backed by the manufacturer to cover any detects from the manufacturing process and thirdly – nice design to emphasize your taste and style. These brands are all well-known and reliable that you can rest assured to drop your money on. It’s also my effort and time spending on researching and testing, which you can lay your trust on. Hope this collection inspire you to find out the best baseball wallet to be your companion on the next baseball match. Thank you.

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