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12 Cool Baseball Wallets For Men That Make You Say “Wow”

Think about it, you are going to watch a baseball match, and when withdrawing your perfect wallet to pay for drinks, other people in the queue look at it and start giving compliments on it. How pride it is, isn’t it?

Some individuals prefer using the leather material that’s used in real baseball with exact 108 stitches, but I’m personally not a fan of that because it’s too thick to keep a slim silhouette for my desire wallet. That’s why I prefer the ones that take inspiration from baseball only. What I want is something with high sport spirit to show up my endless love for this game, not literally the exact material.

Imagine you go to the bar or bub to watch a baseball match and withdraw your stylish wallet to pay for your drinks. Everyone around will look at it and compliment how cool it is. That is awesome, isn’t it? Many well-known brands of the best baseball wallet take inspiration for baseball, show your love for this sport and make you melt. For example, they could be HOJ, Rawlings, Rico, Lethnic, and so on.

I have listed down 13 must-try baseball wallets for men with good taste for the big leagues: from the money clip, bifold to passport holders. Check it out!

Some Famous Baseball Teams You May Have Known:

You love baseball, right? You may know the famous baseball teams. The following list includes some top baseball teams of all time. Speak up if one of them is your favorite.

  • New York Yankees – based in the Bronx, New York City, New York.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – based in Los Angeles California.
  • San Francisco Giants – based in San Francisco, California.
  • Louis Cardinals – based in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Boston Red Sox – based in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Chicago Cubs – based in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Cincinnati Reds – based in Cincinnati.
  • Oakland Athletics – based in Oakland, California.
  • Seattle Mariners – based in Seattle, Washington.
  • New York Mets – based in New York City.

Now, let’s come to the list of the best baseball stitched wallets:

01. MLB Embossed Trifold Baseball Wallet for Men

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Rico is a well-known brand for officially licensed products of ruby, baseball, and basketball with high quality and values. If you are a sports fan, you will know the Rico Industries brand for sure.

The logo printing and high-quality cowhide leather offer smooth touching and a luxurious look. After seeing this wallet in real life, no one can stop loving it. The material and tight stitching ensure great durability, keeping the wallet beautiful and excellent for years. I love the nice embossed logo on the front as it looks bright and impressive under natural light or sunlight.

Furthermore, Rico’s baseball wallet for men comes with a nice package. Unlike other wallets in carton packs or plastic bags, Rico put its product in a luxurious metal squared box to make it different from other brands.

In terms of capacity, it features some card slots and two bill compartments for you to store your daily essentials. The only problem is that if you overfill this baseball leather wallet, it can thicken up. Therefore, if you prefer the minimalist style, it isn’t the best choice for you. But, if you love the traditional silhouette, you will satisfy with the purchase.

02. Best Baseball Wallet Sport with ID Badge Holder & D-Ring for Men/Women

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Lethnic – the well-known brand for fashion, clothes, and sport accessories proved its high-quality products as the latest baseball stitch wallet with ID badge holder and D-ring from Lethnic released in the market and received many compliments.

The genuine cowhide leather offers sturdiness and smoothness at the same time. It is a reason why the sophisticated design and beauty of this product remain over time. No matter whether you are woman or men, there is no doubt to love the outstanding design with the cool two-color combination.

Different from MLB embossed trifold wallet by Rico, the Lethnic’s baseball leather wallet is a great choice for someone who loves the minimalist and flat design. Its size is only 4.30 x 3.10 x 0.2 inches that fit perfectly in your front and back pocket. Despite the slim silhouette, the capacity is really large and roomy to hold up to more than 12 folded bills and 10 cards.

The D-ring is a bonus of Lethnic as it can be attached to your belt, backpack, handbag, or your keys for convenience. Don’t forget the RFID blocking function. If you love this brand, the good news is that there are three color options including brown, red, and green for your choice. Find your favorite color and enjoy your purchase.

03. NFL Embroidered Leather Billfold Wallet

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Another product of Rico Industries is included in the list of my favorite football wallets. On the leather surface is the embroidered full-colored eagle logo of NFL that makes this wallet distinctive and outstanding. The black color enhances the beauty of the product and brings masculinity. Choosing this baseball leather wallet, you will enjoy the convenience and comfort as the measurement of 3 x 4 inches is small and compact enough to fit in your pocket.

In terms of capacity, there are multiple card slots, bill pocket, and ID display slots for your daily needs. The bifold design keeps your belongings safe and secure. Don’t worry about the durability because due to the high-quality material and well-built construction, the wallet can win the test of time.

Overall, the great and well-made details make this best baseball wallet become a great gift for NFL fans.

For those who prefer the bifold wallet design, you may wanna check out our: Bifold Wallet for Men in 2021

04. Littlearth NFL Arizona Cardinals Shell Mesh Wallet

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Get stunning with different designs of team logos including Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, and Tennesee Titans.

Don’t limit your material options when you choose a wallet. This wallet is made of 100% polyester that is also a great material with many pros such as durability and resistance to wear. This material can hold up very well during repeated wearing and washing.

In terms of capacity, this one has five credit card slots, a zippered side pocket for change, and two large pockets for checks and cash. That meets your daily needs. With the wallet, feel worry-free because your belongings will stay safe and secure thanks to the clasp closure.

This baseball wallet for men is a great billfold with soft material, durability, and convenience for carrying. Love it or hate it, you choose!

05. Rawlings Two Strikes Trifold – Baseball Stitch Wallet

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Rawlings has launched many high-quality football wallets for men, but two strikes trifold is very outstanding and creative in design. The red striped lining and grey cowhide leather – the hot and neutral are new and outstanding. Furthermore, the embossed logo designed on the front of the wallet looks really good and nice.

This baseball leather wallet is a great product for daily use with capacious coverage. There are 6 credit card slots, 2 slip pockets, and a money holder when you take a closer look at the inside. The best thing is that the ID window is made of mesh. Therefore, unlike the plastic ID window, your card won’t get stuck into the wallet’s material if it wasn’t taken out for a long time.

Trifold Wallet design is commonly preferred by its huge capacity and excellent performance. For more suggestions, click here!

06. Snaptotes Baseball Stitch Wallet Design – Checkbook Cover

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If you prefer the long baseball stitch wallet, don’t hesitate to give the Snaptotes a try. This wallet is made in the USA with high-quality material that is durable and easy to clean with a clamp cloth.

Although it is designed in the long measurement, the size of 6.37 x 3.5 inches is still compact and neat for user convenience. You can put this wallet in your pocket or in your bag for carrying.

Thanks to the long size, this wallet is more capacious than the regular ones. Therefore, it can hold not only photos, cards, money but also your register and checkbook. Overall, it is the best baseball wallet that can serve you for years.

07. Team Sports America Leather New England Patriots Bi-fold Wallet

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We will love the Patriots team logo on the front and the outstanding design that enhances the masculine look of this baseball wallet for men. With this wallet, you will get a lot of compliments from the crowd and fans of baseball.

The black color and fine grain leather offer this wallet a luxurious and timeless look. That would be awesome and suitable for the business setting and daily use. Furthermore, measured by 4.33 x 3.54 x 0.5 inches, this wallet fits perfectly in any front and back pocket.

When it comes to capacity, this best baseball wallet is designed with multiple card slots and a bill compartment. Nothing to complain about this product especially when it has nice quality and outstanding design.

08. NFL Dallas Cowboys Steel Money Clip

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If you are a Cowboy fan, nothing to resist this purchase from Siskiyou Gifts Co, Inc. The team logo and the bright color of the wallet are outstanding and creative.

Because it comes at a cheap price, I expected nothing other than the design for Cowboy’s fans. However, in fact, it is the best baseball wallet with the quality exceeding my expectation. The capacity is roomy enough for you to store some cards and money for daily needs. The strongback, secure, and clip ensure no loss or slip of money. Everything stays secure inside the wallet.

The durability is better than other products at the same price. You can use it for years without replacement. So, for the Cowboy fans, it is worth a try.

09. Genuine Football Leather Mens Bifold Sports Wallet

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The baseball wallet for men is designed with white laces that give this piece distinctive and outstanding. The best thing is that this product is made of real genuine football leather; therefore, it smells feels and looks like an NFL football.

The material and well-made stitches are durable. So, paying about 45$, you can get what you pay for. The wallet holds up for years without needed replacement.

Looking inside the wallet, the capacity has 8 credit card pockets and ID holder. It is a great cardholder for your driver’s license and credit cards. Aa this baseball wallet for men features a small size, you can easily put this wallet in your pocket.

10. Rico Industries NHL Anaheim Ducks Leather Trifold Wallet

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It is another ideal baseball leather wallet from Rico Industries. With the brown leather and embossed team logo on the front, this piece looks very luxurious and outstanding. The material comes with high quality; therefore, it has smooth and soft. Furthermore, the durability is nice to withstand the tear and wear for years.

Measured by 3.25 x 4 inches, this wallet is small and compact – a great choice for someone who loves the minimalist design. Despite the small size, this one still holds plenty of cards and bills in the multiple card slots, bill pocket, and Id display slot.

Also, thanks to the secure closure, feel worry-free about belonging safety and security.

11. NCAA Bi-Fold Best Baseball Wallet

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Thanks to the nice and timeless style, not only men but also boys will love this Bi-Fold best baseball wallet by Little Earth. The decoration of bright color graphics with the team’s logo and word shows your football love. Furthermore, the combination of white and brown colors also makes this wallet fashionable and stylish.

Also, measured by 5 x 4 x 1 inch, this wallet fits in your back and front pocket and it is convenient for you to carry this wallet everywhere. In terms of capacity, there are six credit card slots.

The best thing is that made of vinyl, this piece is easy to care for. And that is useful if you don’t have time.

12. Georgia Bulldogs Light Brown Crazyhorse Leather Roper Concho Wallet

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Another long leather baseball wallet for men that should be included in my list is ZEP-PRO. The US-made product is made of genuine crazy horse leather that is durable and long-lasting.

The material and brown color offers this wallet a luxurious look while the sliver gun metal concho makes it new and outstanding. Besides the style and design, you will love the capacity because the long measurement will allow this wallet to hold more stuff than the regular ones.

As the product comes with attractive bagging, this can be the perfect gift for men and football fans.

Thanks to the long size, a long bifold wallet is an ideal choice for traveling and a business trip. So, check out our Long Wallet for Men collection and find your favorite one! Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts!

There are three best things about every single wallet in this collection is first – guaranteed high-quality product, secondly – a reliable warranty backed by the manufacturer to cover any detects from the manufacturing process and thirdly – nice design to emphasize your taste and style. These brands are all well-known and reliable that you can rest assured to drop your money on. It’s also my effort and time spending on researching and testing, which you can lay your trust on. Hope this collection inspires you to find out the best baseball wallet to be your companion on the next baseball match. Thank you.

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