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Best Pink Wallets and Purses You Will Love at First Sight [Updated 2021]

As a pink color fan, it is impossible for you to ignore and feel unemotional after seeing these beautiful and gorgeous pink wallets. Honestly, it takes a ton of time for us to find the best pick among the numerous pink wallets for women out there on the market.

However, I have rounded up the wonderful collection of this interesting piece and I would like to share it with you. This could be the hardest and toughest decision to make because all of the items here are amazing and never let you down. But your collection of hot pink purses and items will become more interesting if it has the following pieces. So, let’s find out right now.

Meaning of Pink Color in Fashion

Pink is not only a favorite color of many people, but it also expresses the fascinating and symbolic meaning in fashion. Boasting the romantic and tender leanings, pink has been considered as the color of children and femininity. In the 1940s, this color was a symbolic style for girls.

Pink can be made by mixing white and red for the lightly paler effect. Depending on how you add more or less red and white pigment, pink will come in darker or lighter shades.

Furthermore, you can mix pink with other colors such as orange, brown, violet, and yellow to create a variety of different pink shades and varieties. This color also boasts a wide range of hues that represent their own mood. For example, powder pink is tender and delicate. Cameo pink is sophisticated and fresh while camellia rose is the color of the vivacious Japanese flower. There are also carmine, cinnabar, ruby, and madder.

Pink conveys not only the innocent and purity of white but also the energy and passion of red. This is a reason why wearing pink makes us feel youthful, energetic, and tender energy. Pink is perceived as a color of positive emotion, harmony, gentleness, and openness.

In fashion, pink is associated with a variety of meanings, such as:

  • Pink represents compassion and friendship. Therefore, pink is used in the uniforms of many nursing, doctor, and care professionals worldwide.
  • As connected with care, kindness, love, girl, femininity, and romance, pink is a favorite color of girls, women, and females when it comes to their fashion.
  • In America, pink has a deep double association of hyper-masculinity and male sports. Therefore, in the early 20th century in America, many men in some sectors of society worn pink to show off their extravagant wealth.
  • Furthermore, when pink is combined with other colors, it has its own specific cultural meanings. For example, the pink and white combination is associated with innocence and children. Combined with black, pink can show off seduction, eroticism, and exoticism.

As you can see, pink is a symbolic color in fashion. People utilize it to achieve different special effects. For fans of pink colors, these beautiful wallets will be the best.

Check out our list of pink wallets for women in 2021:

01. Lethnic Leather Bifold Wallets For Men Thin Slim Wallet – Free Engraving – Mini Bloss

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If you are interested in the pink wallet for women, Lethnic is one of the famous brands for your choice.
Made of genuine cowhide leather, it offers a nicely rough and soft feeling. This high-quality material ensures great durability that withstands the testing of time and allows you to use this wallet as long as you can.

The design of this hot pink purse is minimalist but functional. It comprises several compartments for item arrangement. For example, the top full-length money compartment can be used for bills and receipts, others can be separated into 1 photo compartment, 5 card slots.

Furthermore, the 4.3 x 3.3 inches measurement and flat design reduce unnecessary bulk to make it ideal for daily adventures and traveling. Carrying this small mens wallet, you can totally believe that your financial and personal information is safe. This is because the designed RFID Shield provides highly valuable identity thief protection; so, no one can steal your wallet.

Compared with most wallets designed to keep a few things and leave a bulk, this product offers a slim profile and generous capacity at the same time. As you can see, Lethnic pink leather wallet for women will be the best investment you have ever made.

02. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Zip ID – Light Pink Purse

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No one can resist this beautiful floral pink wallet for women from the Vera Bradley brand. The pink color is combined nicely and amazingly with the floral patterns to create a feminine, girly, and elegant look. Its solid style will make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are a fan of Vera Bradley, you may know this brand is well-known for its unique products with floral prints and cotton material. It is a favorite brand for women and girl who loves flowers and girly stuff. The material reduces the cost of this wallet and makes it more affordable, but it doesn’t mean it is less durable than leather products. Very Bradley pieces come in high quality to serve you for years and last long. The cotton fabric is also lightweight for convenience and comfort especially when you put this item in your bag.

Furthermore, the interior compartment and ID window have enough space for your personal essentials. Thanks to the zipper closure, your small stuff stays in place without falling out of the wallet. The best thing is that this zip wallet for women is designed with a key ring. So, you can attach it with your keys.

If you are interested in zip wallet women, don’t hesitate to take a look here.

03. Women’s Wallets, Large Capacity with RFID Protection

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Looking for the pink wallet for women with a multifunctional design, you should not ignore the piece from Sendefn. This color looks girly, feminine, and adorable; so, it can suit women at any age and bring a fresh and young look to their appearance. There are many other colors for your choice, but I love pink most.

Besides the color and style, everything in this pink leather wallet is fine and it even exceeds my expectation when I look at the price of about 25$. For example, the material of 100% genuine leather ensures great resistance to outer impacts and amazing durability. You can use this wallet for years without needed replacement.

The long profile and roomy capacity allow us to store many stuff and items inside without an issue. Do you know that this pink leather wallet can hold up to 20 cards, and feature lots of room for your family’s photo, driver’s license, ID card, receipts, cash, and even your phone?

Because of not only the RFID blocking function and zipper lock, but I can also feel worry-free for my belongings in the wallet. The best thing is that this wallet is designed with a wrist strap for a convenient hand-free experience.

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04. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

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If you love the light pink purse color and don’t have to carry a lot of stuff with you, I highly recommend the Travelambo light pink purse. This wallet is measured by 3.3 x 4.1 inches and the thickness is just 0.12 inches; therefore, you can put this little beauty in your back or front pocket.

Despite the small size, this piece with 6 card slots can store up to 27 of your most-used cards and provide easy access at any time.

Made of high-quality genuine leather, this light pink purse features a smooth and soft feeling. Furthermore, it is amazingly durable and long-lasting to serve you for years. Because this hot pink purse is designed to hold your debit and credit cards, the RFID blocking function is especially important. And that doesn’t let me down as a silver embroidered lining can stop and prevent any RFID signals at 13.56MHz well.

As you can see the minimalist and chic design really appeals not only to women but also to men. For men, you can choose other different colors to match your outfits and style.

05. Vera Bradley Women’s Microfiber Turnlock Wallet – Light Pink Purse

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You have owned the Vera Bradley pink floral wallet, haven’t you? It is also another pink beauty from this brand but with a different unique design. This Vera Bradley pink wallet for women also gains a bonus because the RFID protection keeps your cards and identity safe from theft.

The appearance doesn’t have floral patterns or prints but the style looks simple and elegant because of the solid color. Featuring a sleek design with roomy capacity, this wallet can hold all of your cards, bills, receipts, IDs, coins, bills, and other small essentials.

Thanks to 12 card slips, slip pocket, bill pocket, and ID window, you can keep everything in an organized manner. Also, because of the sophisticated turn-lock closure, your belongings stay in place without falling off the wallet.

06. Checkbook Cover for Women & Men Christian Pink Wallet

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You have known several pink wallets for cash, cards, and even your smartphone, so it is time to find the best checkbook cover with a gorgeous pink design. When it comes to the checkbook cover with high quality, I have to mention the Christian Art’s Gifts pink wallet for women.

This Christian Art’s Gifts checkbook cover featuring the light pink color, gold-foiled accented designed with floral patterns and debossed text will draw the interest from fans of pink color and something adorable. This product is not only elegant but also functional. The coverage includes a slip pocket, an ID card holder, 3 credit card slots, a pen loop, and a plastic divider; so, it will meet your need for paying, banking, and record keeping.

Furthermore, made of high-quality leather, the wallet gives a soft feeling and great durability. The lightweight and slim silhouette make it ideal and comfortable for everyday travel. Because of these awesome good points and features, I really think this checkbook cover from the Christian Art’s Gifts is the best product you have found.

Know effective tips and techniques on how to choose a checkbook wallet on my blog.

07. COACH Boom 02 Pebbled Leather Double Corner Zip

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This pink wallet is made in the USA and it comes in high quality and great value. It is no doubt why this COACH pebbled leather double corner zip wallet costs more than 40$ – much more expensive than other products. The light color looks simple, classic, and elegant. With the stylish logo on the front, this piece also brings a unique and typical appearance. Only seeing the brand name, everyone will know its values and reputation.

The material ensures great durability; therefore, you can use it for a long time without needed replacement. Furthermore, the coverage includes multiple slots and pockets for cards, cash, and other items; therefore, you can keep everything organized in place.

08. Women’s Small Credit Card – Pink Wallet RFID Glitter Cute Credit Card Holder

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Do you love the glitter pink wallet? I would like to recommend the small credit card holder wallet from Coco Rossi. For sure, it is a great party item that makes you stand out from the crowd. The special thing is that this shiny wallet with golden-tone hardware comes at a very cheap price – just about 10$.

However, don’t look at the price and hesitate the purchase. Made of PU leather and designed with a contrasting color design, this wallet looks not only sparkly but also luxurious. The material gives this piece a durable and smooth touch feeling while ensuring great durability.

Furthermore, with this item, you can say goodbye to the bulky wallet. This is because the minimalist measurement of 4.3 x 3.34 x 0.98 inches can fit perfectly in your pocket and suit different occasions.
When it comes to coverage, this pink leather wallet is a multi-functional product with a 3 in 1 design. For example, it can be an ID card holder, a cash pink wallet, and a credit cardholder at the same time. Featuring 11 secure card slots, 2 cash slots, and 9 credit card slots, it can hold your essential stuff for daily needs.

The best thing is that this one is designed with a key ring and keychain. So, you never forget your keys.

09. Lavemi RFID Blocking Small Compact Mini Bifold Credit Card Holder

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With the cute and adorable beauty, this Lavemi RFID credit card holder wallet will become the top choice for girls and young women. The material of this wallet is a full-grain leather with a nice pebbled finish, which gives this piece a comfort and luxury feeling.

Furthermore, if you don’t have to carry too much around town, this one will be ideal. Measured by 3.54 x 4.13 x 0.59 inches, this wallet is small and compact enough to fit perfectly into your pant and coat’s pocket.

The coverage with 1 full-length bill section, 1 coin pocket, 1 photo slot, and 6 card slots can hold all of your needed stuff for daily needs. You should think about which items you want to carry because overweighting the wallet can deteriorate its quality. Don’t ignore the RFID protection as it can protect your credit cards and ID cards from unauthorized scanning and electronic pickpocketing.

Find useful information about the best minimalist wallet on my blog.

10. Heaye Unicorn Wallet Hollow Floral Wristlet Zip Around Pouch

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This gold accented Heave Unicorn pink leather wallet with a hollow floral design and cute kitty art on the front will make us fall in love immediately. If you want to carry a wallet that makes you outstanding and gorgeous, this one is the best choice.

Besides the style, quality, and capacity of this piece also exceed my expectation especially for the item at the price of 15$. For example, faux leather ensures it is built to last long. The material also gives a soft feeling without any strange or unpleasant smell.

This pink wallet for women comes with a smooth and durable double zipper that works well and keeps your belongings stay in place. Featuring 16 card slots, 1 internal zip pocket, 1 ID window, and 4 compartments, it can hold up everything you want and keep them organized. The size can fit your passports, mobile phones, and so on.

11. WALNEW RFID Passport Holder Cover – Pink Leather Wallet for Women

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If you are fed up with the boring passport holder cover, why don’t you try the WALNEW product? This brand offers 21 designs and colors available to fit any taste. And the pink looks really gorgeous and lovely.

Furthermore, the 3D embossing fun clear patterns on the front give this piece a fascinating look; so no one can resist love. In terms of capacity, this holder comes with enough space for holding all of your needed personal necessities such as a boarding pass, a passport, credit cards, and so on. There is also a pen slot for you to fill out the custom papers and two SIM card slots that make your traveling safe and convenient.

Best of all, the RFID blocking function and an elastic strap secure your information and items inside, providing a pleasant experience for your trip. Because of the compact and lightweight design, you can put this hot pink purse into your large pocket or bag.

12. Pink Wallets for Women with Multiple Card Slots

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This wallet has a beautiful 3 – color matching combination that makes your appearance look more stylish and fashionable. The clasp and zip closure is durable and smooth to ensure everything stays in place and the wallet closes well. I love combining this wallet with my different outfits on various occasions because it creates a good impression and effects.

Also, the premium faux leather is not only durable but also easy to clean. You just need to use a damp cloth to remove the dirt and impurities from the wallet’s surface. In terms of capacity, this piece features multiple card slots and a big compartment for holding your bills, credit cards, little stuff, and cellphone.

The only problem is that the long profile could be difficult to put in the pocket. However, the construction of this product is lightweight; therefore, you can keep it in your bag. I wished it could be designed with a wristlet. But anyway, it is still the best pink wallet for women for you, your friends, or your family members.

13. Yuhan Pretty Womens Credit Card Holder Hot Pink Purse Wallet

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You have many debit and credit cards to carry around, but you want something compact and minimalist for convenience, right? Go for the Yuhan pink wallet for women that meet all of your needs and requirements.

  • First, it comes in a compact measurement of 4.52 x 3.36 x 1 inch; therefore, you can put it in your handbags.
  • Secondly, there are 20 card slots for holding your credit cards, ID cards, and debit cards. Furthermore, it also has space for coins, cash, and other stuff for your daily use.

Thanks to the RFID blocking function, your information is safe and secure inside the wallet. You don’t need to worry about electronic pocketing or unwanted scanning. Although the material doesn’t have the highest quality, the genuine oil wax leather still works and looks fine with great comfort and soft feeling. Of course, we cannot expect too much on the wallet that costs only 10$.

14. SeptCity Womens Wallet Cute Floral – Soft Leather Clutch Gift for Her

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Charming girl mode on with this beautiful floral SeptCity Bifold light pink wallet. This will be a perfect choice for any girl or woman who’d love showing up some girly, feminine and elegant look to the publicity or just that’s your solid style.

It is made out of elite PU leather that’s famous for a durable, soft, and longevity material, just like genuine leather. However, it comes in a more affordable price. Besides, the wallet is well-made by the finest artisans so, just ease in mind that it will serve you for years.

In terms of capacity, this piece can hold a lot of cards, cash, and other stuff like that, managed in a slim silhouette that is measured roughly by 7.5 x 1 x 3.7 inches. Compact enough to be handheld or stay neatly in your handbag.

15. Vera Bradley Women’s Cotton Turnlock Wallet with RFID Protection

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If you have already followed my blog for a while, you will understand how obsessed I am with Vera’s products. This is a wow brand specialized in women’s accessories with one-of-a-kind floral patterns.

For those who want to own a stylized wallet to stand out from the crowd and receive countless of compliments, Vera won’t make you satisfied, like this pink trifold wallet for example. Other than its outstanding outlook, what makes this item stand out from most of the other women’s wallets is its 100% cotton material. That means you will get easier maintenance when it comes to this Vera.

Just throw it into your washing machine and it looks like new again without ruining the form. Besides, it’s very convenient and versatile with a spacious interior (including 11 card slots, 3 slips and 1 zippered pocket) and beautiful patterns to fit nicely with any occasion, from casual to formal.

16. Glitter Wallet for Women Shiny Handbag Long Purse Elegant Clutch, Ladies Card Holder

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Did I tell you how much I love this glitter pink leather wallet from Laimi Duo? For sure, this will be a perfect party item to make you outstanding right away. Shiny outlook, golden-tone hardware, but it comes at a very affordable price. hot pink purse(Under $20, surprised!)

This is also a brand-new product of Laimi Duo with Unique bling glitter elements printed feat premium quality PU leather. It’s soft, durable and comfortable to touch. But if taking a look more in-depth at its interior, you will be more surprised by its lively construction.

Inside a 7.7 x 4.1 x 1.2-inch wallet, there are 8 card slots, 3 large compartments, and 1 zippered pocket. The real fun is that apart from coins, cards, cash or keys, you can accommodate up to a 5.5-inch smartphone and other make-ups.

That’s said, if you want to have a little shinier look yet still simple and elegant, look no further than this. And for more long wallet designs, you may wanna take a look at this collection: Best Women’s Checkbook Wallets

17. Travelambo Pink Wallet For Women – RFID Blocking Bifold

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The bright and hot pink with high-quality PU vegan leather offers this piece a timeless style that stays trendy and fashionable at all times. The color of this pink leather wallet looks professional, luxurious, and gorgeous at the same time; therefore, it will suit women and females at any age.

Because of its high quality, this wallet looks really durable and long-lasting. The cover is dust-proof and resistant to many outer impacts. If you don’t ruin the wallet on purpose, it can serve you for years. In terms of capacity, this hot pink purse features 18 card slots and 2 pockets with a zipper closure for holding your coins, cash, cards, receipts, IDs, tickets, small things, and even your cellphone. Thanks to the functional design and measurement of 8 x 4 x 1 inch, it keeps your personal essentials organized and safe.

Don’t forget the RFID blocking as it can protect your private information from theft and scanning. Besides pink, this brand also has different color options for your choice.

Now that we have just gone through my collection of the best pink wallets and purses for women, have your heart been melted yet? I know that out there on the market, there are thousands of other pink wallets which I might have missed so, if you have any better options than these, kindly share with us to fulfill our pink collection. Hopefully, this collection has inspired you to pick up the best pinky wallets to add to your wardrobe.

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