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Best Black Wallets For Men 2018

Black is always the most popular choice for men when it comes to styles, fashions, clothes and accessories, especially wallet. Nobody can’t deny its mysterious, masculine and cool look of a black wallet, no matter which materials it is made from.

To that end, this article will round up 10 best black wallets for men to give you chances to pick up the right one. Read on!

1. Minimalist Wallet, Slim Wallet & RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet, Aluminum Wallet

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I will start this collection with an aluminum black wallet from SUNCARLE. It’s ultra slim and lightweight with only 3.35 inches long, 2.16 inches wide and 3.35 oz that I’m pretty sure that hardly can a traditional wallet defeat it.

Though the compact design, its flexible and elastic band can fit up to 12 cards without feeling bulk. In addition, there is a sturdy metal money clip on the backside to hold roughly 10-15 folded bills. No burden. No loosen.

As made of high-quality carbon fiber outside, this wallet is also able to anti corrosion, scratches or wears and tears. Besides, this material delivers very unique texture with interesting touch to surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry about the operation of this mens black leather wallet as it’s designed with V-shape to put in the cards very easily. On the other hand, the C-shape mouth on the other edge helps to take them out without difficulties.

2. Dango Dapper EDC Wallet – Made in USA – Genuine Leather, CNC Alum, RFID Blocking

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Featured as a tactical wallet, this is one of the most functional items in this collection. It has the same capacity as the SUNCARLE, fitting up to 12 cards, this Dango is a great combination between top-grain genuine leather and 6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum.

It features a compromise of longevity and luxe of high-quality leather as well as the hardness and tough of metal. Apart from 12-card storage, its superb elastic band also allows you to accommodate a couple of cash as well.

Another interesting feature about this Dango is its striking slimness, only 0.3-inch-thick and very lightweight, roughly 2 ounces. Thus, you can fit up this compact piece in any pocket, even the front pocket without any burden.

On top of that, this mens black wallet added RFID Shield to this wallet so, whether you travel or go to a crowded place, just keep peace in mind as your bank and identity information will safe all the time.

3. Classic Leather Squeeze Coin Purse change Holder For Men By Nabobb

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This Classic Leather Squeeze Wallet is arguably the smallest wallet in this collection for its incredible measurement – 3 x 1 x 2 inches. Wow! Its dimensions are suitable to put up some bills and coins for quick payment or small charges.

The attached keychain on the side makes it even more functional. You can connect it with your keys or hook into any places when in need. Like one stone kills two birds, you will easily figure out your keys while carry the wallet to everywhere.

Its high-quality genuine leather will surely serve you for years. The wallet is opened and closed by a snap for quick access.

If you are curious about where it is made from, this Nabob Leather is hand crafted in USA and guaranteed without risk within 30 days. I truly appreciate their customer service!

4. Crabby Wallet – The Ultimate Minimalist Men’s Wallet

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If you already love the Raw Threads in my previous article of the Best Minimalist Wallets, but still doubt at its closure ability, then here, this Crabby will definitely ease your mind. It is 100 percent elastic that can fit up 10 cards and some bills for tips and other small charges.

But the real fun is that even after fulfilled, the wallet still manages its slim silhouette without feeling bulk. Comfortably put it in your back pocket, front pocket and even your chest pocket. You even don’t notice that you are carrying it alongside, trust me!

Or, with the small ring on the side, you can hook this wallet to your keys and bring it conveniently to anywhere. It’s very compact to perfectly fit that function.

With the extra durable elastic band, just feel ease in mind to put up your cards and cash without fears of falling out or losing accidentally.

5. Mens Leather Wallet Slim Front Pocket Wallet Billfold ID Window By GintaXen

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At the first glance, might this Mens Leather Wallet look like other traditional bifold. But when making a comparison, you’ll realize the difference which is also the biggest advantage of GintaXen – slimness.

Yes, it’s freaking slim and compact with only 3 1/16 inches wide, 4 ¼ inches long and 0.5-inch-thick but, the capacity is still the same. Fit up 10 cards, 10+ bills and some ID cards or photos. Moreover, it delivers a streamlined construction to keep your belongings always neatly, consist of 1 ID window, 1 outer card slot with smart thumb strap for quick access, 2 inner slots, 1 hidden pocket and 1 long top compartment for cash.

Each compartment is measured cleverly to fit many kinds of cards and paper money, for examples, bank cards, ID cards, driver license, Euro, US dollar, etc.

Besides, its top-grain cowhide leather is truly what I appreciate. The texture is very smooth, soft and comfortable to touch. Particularly, the material only gets better with time. Not saying that, this wallet gives a distinct classic, vintage yet gentle look to lighten up your outfit and bold your style.

Last but not least, its 2-year warranty will surely calm your mind to give it a try!

6. Leopardd RFID Blocking Wallet for Men

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There are two most special features in this Leopardd Wallet. Its full-plain outer performance feat the subtle squared design to provide an entire minimal look. Secondly, its flip-up ID window which is closure enough to keep your identity card against leaking out accidentally whereas easy to show up for a check when in need without taking it out.

About the rest, it’s quite similar to other modern bifold wallet. For example, 6 card slots, 2 hidden pockets and 1 cash compartment to keep your bills straight. Measured by 4.4″×3.3″, this wallet can fit up any trousers and skinny jeans without ruining the line.

On top of that, whether traveling or going into a crowded place, free worry-free to those hi-tech thieves as this wallet is equipped with advantage RFID Shield to block any 13.56 MHz signals.

7. Men’s Wallet – RFID Blocking Cowhide Leather Vintage Trifold Wallet

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I don’t know about you, but I personally like this waxed leather wallet as its texture is very luxurious and soft touch. On top of that, the leather material even gets better from time to time to serve you for years.

Figured as a bifold wallet with trifold orientation, the wallet delivers extra storage with the flipside containing three card slots and one ID window. However, it still manages a slim silhouette with maximumly 0.41 inch thick.

Please take notice of the RFID Blocking Technology feature of these best black wallets for men, too. It’s able to prevent any 13.56 MHz and higher Frequencies to keep your vital information against being hacked or stolen.

Importantly, this black leather wallet is backed by a 100% money back guarantee so that I don’t think you should ignore such a wonderful piece.

8. Andar Slim RFID Minimalist Card Case Full Grain Leather Wrapped – The Pilot

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Who can say no to such a compact wallet like this Andar? Its slimness is no joke, only 4″ L x 2 7/8″ W x 1/2″ H which is perfect to stay in any pockets without burden or ruining the line. Featured as a cardholder, its two main compartments are exactly measured to fit up many sizes and types of cards, such as debit cards, credit cards, member cards, etc.

But here is where the real fun begins, the pilot. It allows you to quickly access your daily cards with just a click. Just push this button aside, your cards will pop up and present clearly one by one.

For those who are wondering, this functional wallet can fit up 6 cards and a couple of bills for quick charges based on preference.

Another inevitable feature is its RFID Shield that can block any RFID signals within 10-3000 MHz. Just feel ease in mind to keep the prying eyes at bay. If you intend to grab this wallet as a present for someone special, don’t worry, its elegant and catchy gift box will surely melt the heart of receiver.

9. Dickies Men’s Leather Slimfold Wallet With Chain

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Turn the cool mode up with this badass chain wallet from Dickies. You will love engine and speed; might you find this wallet style familiar as it’s one of the most favorite item of bikers.

You can feel its vibe from the strikingly soft texture of genuine leather, its sleek design as well as 100 percent manmade lining. Please understand that this is a real leather wallet, you should keep it stay away from moisture and only hand wash to keep it last as long as possible.

In terms of dimensions, it’s measurement is very moderate and clever to both fit your trouser pocket and your belongings. No excess details or area. It does make a good fit!

And now, the main character – heavy stainless-steel chain. I don’t know about you, but I truly like heavy hardware as it gives a powerful and strong feeling. Plus, the cool look and hand-feel as well.

Don’t worry, you can remove this chain if it’s not your taste. And on top of that, there is a cool gift box enclosed, which is perfect to gift it to someone.

10. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder

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Slim is in! Pick up this convenient wallet if you are finding a truly thin item to carry your vital belongings such as a couple of regular cards and some cash to comfortably bring to anywhere at any time.

Despite its strikingly thinness, only 4.4 ” x 3.15″ x 0.12″, this wallet still gives a great capacity and organization with 6 card slots, 1 ID window and a middle cash pocket which can fit up folded bills.

If you wonder about its material, this wallet is made entirely out of high-quality napa genuine leather with superb breathable, soft and glossy texture to surely give a luxury and subtle look. Also, please take notice that as this is real leather, after a while using, its texture will become softer than its original.

Besides, you can put up this wallet in any pocket without fears of feeling bulk or uncomforting. There’s more, RFID Blocking technology which is an inevitable feature in this modern time. Be aware of hi-tech thieves!

Black wallet world is really diverse as there are hundreds of styles and designs. To pick up the best black wallets for men, you should consider your demands and the number of belongings as two priorities. Hopefully, this article will help you grab the most suitable one.

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