Best Zelda Wallets 2018

Hands up, The Legend of Zelda gamer fans!!!

I know that once you have already clicked on this article, you are one of those individuals who love this wonderful game a lot, right? Look no further than this collection if you are also wandering around, finding for some awesome best Zelda wallets because here, I’m going to show you the top designs with lovely, character and grunge outlook. Without further ado, let’s dive into it now!

1. Zelda – All Over Emboss With Gold Foil Bi-Fold Wallet 2 x 2in

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Start off this collection with a Zelda wallet from Bioworld.

What attracts me at the very first sight is its shiny gold-tone Zelda embossed on the frontside along with other nicely embossed logos. This wallet is trimmed with contrast double-stitching and is made out of high-quality genuine leather that other than its softness and comfort, not only me, but also other customers has confirmed for its durability and longevity.

After a couple of years, the gold starts to flake a little bit, but it’s okay with me because with such Zelda leather wallets, the more it shows wears and tears or takes a mean beating will add more soul to the wallet.

It’s even look more beautiful and better than on photos with truly well-made construction, which deserves a try.

2. Zelda Skyward Sword Logo Quilted Envelope Purse w/ Chain

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Who say a girl cannot be a fan of The Legend of Zelda?

Die-hard Zelda fan girls, you cannot miss out this shoulder handbag. Just look at its outer performance, sophisticated embroidered Zelda logo on the front, nicely logo printed on the body and the stitching, they are so breath-taking.

On the other hand, I have a good news about this Zelda wallet from Nintendo is that it’s already licensed so that just feel ease of mind when purchasing. If you are wondering about its material, this wonderful piece is made out of high-quality PU leather. And please don’t underestimate this synthetic material because you will be surprised of its superb durability and water resistance.

Not only that, this is not a Zelda Handbag just to show, other than durable, its interior is very spacious to fit up your daily carry, including 6 card slots, and 1 large compartment which is perfectly for wallet, cell phone and cosmetics. All are secured by a snap button.

Besides, the shoulder chain is very sturdy, solid and long enough to make you feel comfortable when carrying.

3. Nintendo Zelda Metal Badge Chain Wallet

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Another Zelda Wallet from Bioworld, but this one is a chain wallet.

Again, it’s already licensed to trade legally so that you can purchase them with ease in mind. Figured as tri-fold wallet, there are tons of space insides to accommodate your belongings such as cards, cash, receipts and things like that.

I like its sophisticated and subtle outlook with contrast stitching, nicely silver-tone hardware detail on the frontside to the solid chain. It is detachable so that you can remove this portion for a travel light or when in need, attach it to your belt loop for a grunge and character look.

Come in full-black colorway, it’s also easy to style with many outfits as well as an interesting emphasis of your look.

4. Legend of Zelda Triforce Logo Envelope Wallet

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My very first impression about this Legend of Zelda Purse is its striking softness to touch. Though it’s made out of 100 percent polyester, the texture is not itchy but very comfortable as this is high-quality material.

The biggest advantage of polyester is its fastness of quacking moisture away, I mean its ability of water resistance and easy maintenance. After using a couple of month, just use a damp cloth to wipe off all stains or dirt on its surface and Tada, it looks like new, again.

Another plus point is its spacious interior that you can easily accommodate and streamline your stuff. There is a big snap closure that when opening up, you will see two large separate compartments which are perfect for cell phone, lipstick or other big things. Take a look more in depth, there is a zippered pouch for coins or keys.

Measured by 7 x 4.6 x 0.2 inches, it’s ideal to fit up many kinds of currencies such as Pounds, Euros and Us dollars. Besides, don’t worry that it will open up suddenly in your bags because the snap button is very solid and firm.

In a word, this is a worthy wallet that I highly recommend to try.

5. Zelda Majora’s Mask Bi-Fold Wallet

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What makes me add this Zelda wallet to this collection is its 10/10 outlook, very beautiful, character and sophisticated. I mean look at its stitching, the hardware or its embossed logo on the inside, every single detail, even the smallest is very well-made, exquisite and careful.

I also like the patterns on its body, very unique and one of a kind. Its leather material is quick thick and sturdy. When opening the wallet up, there are 4 card slots (including 1 ID window), 2 flips and 1 full-length bill compartment. Its capacity is maximumly 15 bills and 6+ cards without bulk.

You can add more cards into its two slips, but kindly remember that as its material is real leather, the zelda purse might need a couple of weeks to break in.

6. BioWorld Men’s Nintendo Zelda Tri-Fold Chain Wallet

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Last but not least, the third Zelda Wallet from Bioworld, which is also my favorite.

I personally think this wallet is the most beautiful within three with well-finished and subtle outlook. From its hardware logo detail, the zig-zag stitching, the embossing, chain to the belt loop, every feature is made greatly and sophisticated.

Can’t deny that it even looks luxurious and expensive but in fact its material is synthetic, very light and well water resistant.

Figured as a trifold wallet, this Zelda wallet has 2 slips, 3 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 full-length currency compartment. There is also a high-quality and thick lining to reduce friction between our belongings and the material as well, very thoughtful.

I like the double buttons which keep my stuff in place better as well as hold the wallet shut when in need. If you are wondering about the chain’s length, it’s 16.5 inches and is removeable for travel light.

Now that I’ve just, together with you, gone through 6 best Zelda Wallets on the market. Whichever you choose to drop your money on, just feel ease in mind as they are all licensed officially. Besides, the quality as well as other features are guaranteed so that you needn’t worry about such things. Just focus on choosing the one fitting your style and preference.

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