Best Western Wallets 2018

New year, new things!

Are you ready to renew yourself? Let’s begin making some plot twists by maybe, changing your fashion style or habit of everyday carry, like start off with these best Western wallets, for example. This type will add some vintage, grunge and masculine to your outlook and surely you will receive a lot of compliments. Now, without further ado, I will get straight into it!

1. Nocona Belt Co. Mens Bi-Fold Metal Clip Wallet

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How convenient it would be if there’s a wallet combining between tactical functions and bi-fold silhouette! And when this Nocona comes to life, it’s not something just in dream anymore.

Attached with a solid bottle opener on the frontside, you can easily turn your ordinary wallet into a useful tool to have any glass bottles opened up. Flip around to the backside, there is clear ID window so you can quickly access your identity cards or even your driver license. Besides, there’s a built-in thumb strap, very functional.

Going inside, you will easily find 6 card slots splitting evenly to both sides, each of which has slash design for quick access. Though it’s just a small detail, but I like how thoughtful Nocona is.

Other than card slots, there are two slips in which you can accommodate some loose change or receipts based on preference. Besides, take notice that it doesn’t come up with bill compartment so that you just enable to put up folded cash.

2. Ariat Men’s Boot Embroidery Tri-Fold Tan

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Got a functionally designed secretary wallet features the contrast stitching Chicago skrew concho on a special fiber exterior. Also, the wallet has Ariat logo hardware detail on the frontside.

Have a look at its spine, the stitching makes it more masculine and grunge even though some people told me that it’s a deliberate action of the manufacturer to cut off the cost. However, I like it!

I’m also interested in its natural look-alike wrinkles on its surface, making a vintage, rustic and character to the wallet. Figured as a tri-fold, its interior is very spacious. Besides, measured by 5.5 x 5 x 0.9 inches, it easily fits up your daily carry such as bank cards, ID cards, driver license and cash.

In detail, there are 6 card slots, 1 ID window, 3 slips and 1 full-length bill compartment. The embroidered brand logo is really nice and impressive to complete a Western look for this item.

3. Ariat Men’s Tope Inlay Top Circle Rodeo Western Wallet

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Another mens western wallet from Ariat, however, this design is a little bit taller than the previous. Measured by 7 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches, I personally think you can make advantage of it as a character and grunge handheld wallet to attend any parties.

Made out of 100 percent leather, the biggest advantage of this material is its striking softness and comfort to touch. Besides, if you know how to maintain it properly, chances this wallet will serve you for decades. Genuine leather is well-known for its superb durability and longevity, right? However, in turns, take notice of just hand wash this wallet unless you want to say goodbye to it soon.

Feature with nicely contrast stitching, tooled leather and the silver-tone hardware detail, its outer performance is ideal to add some character and Western vibe to your outfit. On the backside, there is an extra pouch where you can accommodate some bills, change or regular cards for quick access.

Going inside, again, its embroidered logo is at the corner. There are 12 card slots (including 1 ID window) and 4 full-length compartments which are perfect to streamline your currencies, bills, and receipts.

4. 3D Natural Western Bifold Wallet

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Honestly, my eyes stuck to these western wallets right at the very first sight! Look at it, beautiful, right?

I like every single detail of its outer performance, from the weaving of the rim to the nicely embossed floral patterns on its surface. The whole wallet is made out of high-quality leather so, it’s surely to last decades.

Measured by 4 1/2″ x 3 3/4″, this bi-fold is compact enough to fit any pockets and besides, its picture holder is detachable to help you travel light. Apart from this portion, there are 6 card slots, 1 ID window and my favorite part – double bill compartments so that I can organize and streamline my currencies. One for US dollars and another for the rest. Besides, its length is perfect to fit up checks or receipts straightly.

5. 3D Men’s Leather American Flag Rodeo Wallet – W841

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This is, again, another perfect Western wallet to style with your outfit. Made out of Genuine Hand Tooled Leather, its texture is very uniquely one of a kind. There are a lot of manmade wrinkles on the outer performance along with the beautiful American flag. I also like the its tooled leather detail that is sewn by nicely contrast stitching, creating something unique, vintage, rustic and sophisticated.

It’s single stitching, though, the seams and threads are strong, solid and durable, especially in the corners. Thus, it will last for years!

On the interior, there are 5 card slots, 1 ID window and two currency compartments. Measured by 7 1/4″ x 3 1/2″, its dimensions are perfect to fit up many kinds of currencies, receipts and even checkbooks.

6. Nocona Men’s Diagnol Cross Embose Rodeo

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Nocona western wallets are always satisfied my taste by its nicely full-grain genuine leather. This wallet doesn’t have any brand logo or name, but just a big, character stylized cross on the frontside. It is rimmed with contrast stitching, which looks very sophisticated.

On the backside, there is a full-length pouch for loose change, regular cards and other stuff that you usually use. Take a look more in depth at its interior, its construction is similar to the Ariat Tope Inlay with 14 card slots, including 1 ID window, and 4 slips, which is perfect to keep your belongings well-organized and neatly.

7. Western men brown texas star concho bi-fold small hipster slim leather coin wallet

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What if you have so many essentials to carry?

Well, these Texas Start Concho Bifold western leather purses will do you a favor. Its interior is full of life with 5 card slots, 1 zippered pocket, 2 flip ID windows, and 2 full-length bill compartments. Other than that, there is one additional open pocket on the backside of this wallet for quick access your daily-used stuff.

I appreciate its zippered pocket as it’s closure enough to accommodate our coins securely whereas most of other bi-folds don’t have. Take notice that those two clear ID windows can’t removable.

I also like the small embossed logo on the left which is elegant and very subtle.

The outer performance of this piece is impressive, though. It is made out of genuine leather, decorated with a star concho accent as an interesting emphasis. If taking a closer look, you will see that there are some faded stains and scars of animals, which is cool and grunge. After a while using, its color will be toned down as well as your personal marks will appear, which is even more character and adds soul to your item.

8. Mens Western Bifold Wallet by Urban Cowboy – Genuine Leather

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This Urban Cowboy is a typical example for the breath-taking beauty of distressed cowhide leather, though I don’t like its giant embossed logo on the frontside. The product includes a nice gift box so that I personally think you can entirely use it as an elegant present.

Going inside, there are 8 card slots, 2 flip-up ID windows in which you can accommodate either your driver license or ID cards easily. Other than that, this wallet also has 1 flat bill compartments, the capacity of which is maximumly 15 bills without bulk.

With such vintage, classic and masculine outlook combining with its functionality, this design is perfect to be your daily companion to keep your belongings neat and well-organized. Not saying that, the manufacturer also provides 30-day trial without risks so that I personally think there’s no reason to not give it a try.

9. Western men ostrich print pu leather praying cross concho long tall slim wallet

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If you want something grungier, more character and more “Western”, you shouldn’t ignore this wallet. Made out of 100 high-quality PU leather, but the fun thing is that its surface is ostrich printed sophisticatedly and exquisitely to deliver an expensive and luxurious look but its price tag is much more affordable.

This is a perfect choice for those who have tight budget but still need a beautiful and impressive item to complete your outfits. It also provides two different colorways which are black and brown. They are easy to style with and very masculine.

On the top of its frontside, there are many small rivets with a cool silver-tone hardware logo. Also, the contrast stitching adds a subtle look as well.

For those who are wondering about its interior, this wallet is featured as a bi-fold silhouette with 6 card slots, and 2 full-length compartments. Besides, it’s also has a removeable checkbook cover so that you can detach it for a light travel.

10. RFID Wallet Leather Bifold Western with Bonus Mini – Industry Best Shielding – Top Quality Leather

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Western vibe on with this wonderful Bifold from ID Stronghold western fringe purse!

Though features a simple outer performance with just a small silver hardware logo at the bottom, it’s not boring at all thanks to the beautiful and character genuine leather material featuring a unique crinkling technique.

Other than its masculine ruggedly handsome outlook, the functions of this wallet are abundant with 5 card slots (including 1 ID window), 2 slips and 1 bill compartment. Measured by 4.25 x 3.625 x 1.0 inches, its length is perfect to match with different currencies, even the large-sized like US dollars.

In terms of RFID Blocking Technology, what makes this wallet different from other RFIDs is its complete shield to every single compartment and slot. This feature isn’t something that you can find in other ordinary RFID wallets.

Besides, they, ID stronghold also provides a 30-day risk-free trial so that during this time period, if you find any mistakes in the wallet, just return them for a new replacement or full refund.

I have just recommended to you top 10 best Western wallets in 2018, each of which does deliver a different Western flair that will surely meet your taste. Hopefully, this article has more or less helped you to pick up the right items to diversify your wardrobe.

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