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Best Taxi Wallet for Men and Women [Updated 2022]

Have you ever heard about the Taxi Wallet?

Actually, they are neither a wallet with a taxi silhouette nor just for taxi drivers, but a brand that has been established for 30 years. They are specialized in wallets focusing on slim and sleek silhouettes but still afford the most basic demands and needs of customers to accompany you every day.

Talking about Taxi Wallet, a prominent feature is that the corners of their wallets are curved. And besides, their designs are very convenient and practical, which I will talk more detail in every single product listed in this article. If you are finding for the best taxi wallet for men or women, your search is over! Look no further than this collection.

01. Taxi Wallet – Smooth Leather, Tangelo Orange – A Simple, Compact, Front Pocket

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If you are looking for the best Taxi wallet, I highly recommend this one. The leather material gives this wallet a shiny look and excellent durability. Furthermore, this piece is designed with the Tangelo orange color for a unique and gorgeous style. Because of its appealing appearance, this wallet suits both women and men.

The remarkable feature of this wallet is its minimalist design, as it measures only 4 x 3.5 x0.5 inches. This small, compact size allows you to put this wallet easily into your front pocket or your small bag. In addition, the minimalist silhouette also reduces clutter when you use this wallet to hold your coins.

Also, this slim minimalist wallet holds the basics such as a few bills, an ID, coins, and more than six cards because of its small size. But if you want to carry more, find other products. However, if your need is a tiny wallet with high quality, this one is a great choice. It has not only a fabulous look but also a great function. The high-quality cowhide leather and premium construction explain why the Taxi wallet for men remains its beauty for so long.

02. TAXI WALLET Starry Night Small Vegan Folding Minimalist Card Womens Wallet + Coin Purse

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If you want something more art and subtle, Starry Night will surely draw any attention around you. The image is printed nicely in whole wallet, using advanced technology to enable it to last for years without peeling out. Inside the coin compartment, when flipping out, you will see the word “Vincent” also printed nicely in the middle, which emphasizes for its art and uniqueness.

This one arrives in a more affordable price tag than the Black above, because it is made out of vegan manmade material, instead of real leather. This not only helps to decrease the cost but also is favorited by those who don’t prefer any animal to be killed for the accessories industry.

Besides, vegan material is high-quality and is very friendly to the skin, and the environment. Another thing I like about Taxi Wallet in general is its easy to maintainance. In reality, they don’t ask for any special care. Your Taxi Wallet get dirty? Just use a damp cloth and wipe it out. Done!

03. Vegan Material, Kiss from Gustav Klimt – A Simple, Compact

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I fall in love with this Taxi Wallet for women at first sight. Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ features the museum collection inspired by Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss,” painting between 1908 – 1909. The art looks vibrant and lively. It remains the vivid hues for years.

This wallet measures 3.5 x 4 x 0.5 inches; therefore, you can put it in your small handbag or a front pocket. This piece is designed with curved corners to prevent any harm or tear in your jeans. This wallet can hold a driver’s license, cards, receipts, bills, and coins in terms of capacity. The interior snap tab closure adds security and keeps everything in place.

Thanks to the slim, compact design and a roomy capacity for the basics, this one has become the best go-to wallet for users worldwide. Moreover, because of the unique and stunning design, this wallet draws the attention of men and women.

04. Big Skinny Women’s Taxicat Bi-Fold Slim Wallet, Holds Up to 25 Cards


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This Big Skinny Women’s Taxicat Bi-Fold Slim Wallet meets all the criteria that customers need. The wallet is made of high-quality material and premium construction to last for years. There are no cheap zippers or plastic cardholder booklets. The nylon microfiber material is thin, lightweight, durable, and water-resistant.

I love the rubbery coating lining of this wallet as it prevents your cards from sliding out. Additionally, this material is easy to clean and dry. You need to put this wallet in the machine washing and let it dry out in about 20 minutes.

Another good point is its slim size that allows us to put the wallet in a small pocket. Despite the minimalist silhouette, this piece still has the roomy capacity to hold up to 20-25 cards. Besides, there are three card pockets, one clear ID pocket, two extra-large hidden pockets, and one billfold area. It helps you organize your bills, cards, and receipts.

Furthermore, this Taxi wallet for women has a small zipper area to hold coins. You can also put a pair of earplugs or small stuff in this slot.

05. Taxi Wallet – Vegan Material, Shelter Pets – A Simple, Compact

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If you love dogs and care about them, this wallet is an ideal choice for you. The printed cute dog and text of “make your own luck in life – adopt a shelter pet” delivers a meaningful message and inspires pet lovers. Like other Taxi Wallet products, this one features premium construction and a minimalist design. The 4 x 3.5 x 0.5-inch measurement allows you to put this wallet in the jeans pockets and reduce clutter.

The cowhide leather material has a high quality to ensure that the wallet will last long. Also, thanks to the multiple pockets, this wallet can hold your bills, ID, cards, and coins. But keep in mind that it just carries the basics.
Because of the cute look, this Taxi Wallet for men can be considered the first wallet for kids. It helps you teach your kid how to use and spend his money.

06. Vegan Material, Irises from Van Gogh – A Simple

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My first impression is that the print and color on the Taxi wallet are gorgeous. If you love the Irises painting of the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, this wallet is for you. It is excellent to know that you will carry Van Gogh’s painting with you wherever you go.

Made of high-quality leather and premium construction, this wallet lasts and remains beautiful for years. The painting doesn’t fade away. Furthermore, this wallet fits perfectly in your jeans pocket thanks to the minimalist design. Also, the rounded corner of this piece prevents any damage occurred to your jeans.

This Taxi wallet still holds your coins, cards, bills, and ID despite the small size. So if you are looking for the primary wallet for daily needs, I highly recommend this one.

So, we have just gone through all seven amazing pieces in this Taxi Wallet collection. Have you picked up your favorite yet? Hopefully, this article will more or less help you to find out the most suitable wallet to be the next best item in your wardrobe. Remember to always live in style and stay fresh!!!

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