Best Dosh Wallets 2018

In terms of Australia-based wallet companies, there are two famous ones that might most of us already know – Dosh and Bellroy. The biggest similarity of these two guys is that they focus a lot on modern needs and demands to release suitable products, most of which are followed minimalist and simplicity style.

However, in turns, their material is quite different. While Bellroy chooses to use precious genuine leather, Dosh makes their wallets stand out from the crowd by a new material – TPU or polyester. If you are interested in their products, let us dive into Dosh’s world now to know whether or not we should try it.

1. Aluminium 6 card money clip wallet

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You know what impresses me when I received my very first Dosh wallet? It’s the packaging!

Instead of using a squared heavy cardboard box, they utilize a clear container, which is cool. It’s definitely a character present box, I swear.

Take a look more in depth at the wallet, my first impression is its striking lightweight as well as the clean and pristine outer performance. Secondly, it’s the material. Based on Dosh, they said that this wallet is made out of 4 super premium precision machined aluminum. I personally like its grippy feeling touch, very smooth and this feature will keep the wallet in my pocket better.

Compared to the other wallets from Dosh, this one is quite hard and durable to keep everything inside secure and nice.

There are four colorways to choose: black, gold, rose gold and silver. Going inside, there are 6 card slots and a solid handcrafted metal money clip. It also has RFID Blocking Technology, as well.

So, this is awesome if you need something minimal but looks very nice and sleek.

2. Dosh Luxe 6 Card Wallet (DW3000-P)

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In terms of this Dosh Luxe Wallet, my very first impression is how interesting the material is. It’s like a rubberized TPU kind of material. On Dosh website, they said that it is made out of weather resistant polymer. Its outer performance is really cool. I like the coloway blending of orange and charcoal, looks quite modern and dynamic.

Dive into the interior of this Luxe, it figures 6 card slots and 1 metal clip for holding money. An interesting feature is that it doesn’t stay open so that for those who don’t like their wallets and belongings exposed outsides in backpack or bag, this is an ideal choice.

One thing I take notice is that the cards can end up sliding all the way down and being at the same level but they spread out very nicely. And if taking a closer look, you will see a silver material lining which also hides RFID Blocking Technology inside to avoid your personal information against hi-tech thieves.

Measured by 4.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches, it can fit US dollars quite well. I find the clip can hold cash securely and besides, with such striking slim profile, this is a perfect minimalist wallet that you should try.

3. Dosh Street Wallet

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As far as modern wallet goes, some key characteristics are economic, durable and the use of modern material is a bonus. Also, a wallet that meets the balance of design and functionality is a priority. Dosh knows that and it’s the reason why they release this Dosh street wallet.

Made in modern polymer with innovation design, the biggest advantage of this revolution is its water resistance and flexibility. Just use a wet cloth to wipe out dirt or stains, very easy maintenance, right?

Besides, taking a closer look, see how beautiful its finish is, very nice grain. This matted grippy texture actually helps to keep the wallet in your pocket more firmly. It won’t come out as easily as those plain polished leather and other materials.

Also, for those who don’t like money clip wallet which is a little bit unpleasant to stay in your back pocket, this is an ideal choice. Dive into its construction, there are 6 card slots and 1 full-length compartment to keep your straight bills in place.

Though figuring a traditional silhouette, its streamlined urban design plus modern material is a perfect compromise for an active lifestyle.

Another interesting thing I’ve just explored recently is its packaging. Other than the nice looking of its container, you can make use of this as an impressive present to someone or utilize it for coins storage.

4. Black Noir Aero Wallet by dosh

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This is actually the vertical version of those Dosh money clip wallet above. It comes up with a full-plain grain surface with one black line which actually I like more that the Luxe because this is harder to get dirty. Going inside, it can be said that its construction is similar to other Dosh wallets, 6 card slots and 1 handcrafted metal money clip. The only difference is this model arriving in vertical slots.

In these card slots, you can accommodate your bank cards, member cards or ID cards, it’s designed to feet most sizes.

For those who wonder about its material, this wallet is made out of Nylon and TPU while the clip uses nickel plated stainless steel. In a word, it’s great in water resistance and easy maintenance.

Besides, for those who intend to give this amazing wallet to someone as a present, Dosh also enclosed a nice container which looks really.

5. Tangerine Magic Wallet by dosh

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This Dosh magic wallet isn’t a convenient and functional item to put up your daily accessories but also a very interesting topic to start any conversations by its funny money storage mechanism.

Apart from two outer slots for your regular cards, this wallet also includes two elastic bands on the inside which ideally stores your cash, receipts and bills. I don’t recommend you to put up cards here as they will easily fall out.

There’s just one thing you should take notice is that this wallet is featured as a slim, minimalist item so, it’s suitable for those who carry less. If you own more than ten cards, I think you should go for something bigger and larger.

6. 3D textured 6 card money clip wallets

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Who can deny such character embossed range wallet?

This 3D textured money clip wallet is a special edition including three awesome versions named Grid, Cubic and Colony. Its luxury outer performance surely makes you stand out from the crowd and definitely get you countless compliments.

By using an advanced heat pressing technology, every single detail of the patterns is transferred sophisticatedly and nicely.

If you wonder about its capacity, it has three card slots on each side and a nicely handcrafted metal money clip in which you can accommodate up to 10-15 bills without bulk. The clip is very sturdy, solid and firm that is guaranteed not to let your bills fall out.

7. Artist collab 4 card flip wallets

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Do you like rain?

This wallet is actually a collaboration of Dosh and three graphic artists from The Art Park who are Beastman, We Buy Your Kids (WBYK) and Ben Brown. So, if you have an artist vibe in your heart as well as are interested in The Art Park masterpieces, then I honestly advise you not to miss out this item.

The image is printed nicely and high-quality on the surface that surely lasts for year without peeling out. Besides, made out of advanced polymer, it’s tough and solid enough to keep your cards and other belongings from bending, breaking but not too hard to cause discomfort in your back pocket.

Figured as a magic wallet, it’s also an ideal thing to start an interesting conversation, for sure.

8. Aluminium card Sleeve wallet

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Among Dosh wallets, this Scout might be the slimmest design which is made out of machined aluminum. This belongs to the exclusive wallet collection that is only sold on Dosh website.

The key characteristics of this bad boy is its integrated flexible pockets on two sides that helps to increase the capacity of the wallet to maximumly contain 6 cards without bulk.

Its luxury outer performance look plus the functional and modern design is a perfect combination to accompany with you to go anywhere.

9. Gold money clip wallet

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What makes this Gold stand out from the crowd is its additional clip on the outside. This handcrafted gold-tone metal clip isn’t solid enough to fit some more cash and bills, but also luxurious to be an impressive emphasis.

Inside this wallet, there is also another metal clip for straight bills, its capacity is up to 15 bills firmly and sturdily. Other than that, there is 6 card slots splitting evenly to both sides. A compliment for its colorway, I mean the combination of black and gold is truly luxurious and modern.

If you need something not only good in storage but also luxe on the outside to show up your class in the publicity or in specially occasions, look no further than this wonderful piece.

So, I’ve just shown you 9 best Dosh wallets that you should try at least once in your life. In a word, there is one main outstanding feature in their products: advanced polymer material. But this small difference has led to a lot of benefits for the wallets that the others can’t reach, such as waterproof, well-finished, tough surface and nicely grain. On top of that, all Dosh wallets are equipped with RFID Blocking Technology so that you can feel ease in mind to carry it to anywhere with no fears of hi-tech thieves.

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