Best Buxton Wallets 2018

Your list of the best mens wallets these days can’t be completed without Buxton wallets. Why? Other than they are one of the most long-standing leather wallet brands up to now, Buxton impresses and get our love by its superb quality as well as beautiful, stunning appearance.

At first, they were known as a brand specialized in women accessories, but then, after several times of updating, now countless of mens wallets come out with the compromise of functionality and aesthetics. If you are finding a new carry in your wardrobe, don’t miss out this article.


1. Buxton Men’s Sandokan Deluxe Twofold Wallet

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The simpler, the more masculine.

And I personally Buxton has the same thought as me, most of their mens wallets come up with subtle and simple outer performance. Like this Sandokan Deluxe Twofold Wallet, you can see that apart from its small brand name in the front, there are some stitching around with contrast seams as an interesting emphasis. Though I’ve heard that this is for cutting off the cost and material, however, I personally like this design, look simple yet masculine.

However, this is where the real fun begins, it includes a separate 2-sided card case with ID window which is perfect to carry your vitals for a go.

Due to Buxton, this wallet is made out of 80 percent genuine leather and 20 percent polyester. In terms of its leather, the texture is medium soft to deliver a comfortable hand-feel yet hold up greatly. Taking a closer look, its stitching, seams and threads are well-made, strong, neat and durable, especially the corners.

There is a nicely embossed “Genuine Leather” on the right, small and elegant. I like it!

If you are wondering about its capacity, the wallet has 9 card slots and 1 full-length bill compartment. Measured by 1.8 x 5.5 x 4.9 inches, this dimension is perfect for many currencies, even US dollars. Besides, its bill compartment is large enough to accommodate up to 10-15 bills without bulk.

In a word, this is an ideal choice for those men who love a basic, vintage and simple wallet for their everyday carry.

2. Buxton Men’s Expedition RFID Blocking Leather Front Pocket Slimfold

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This is my favorite Buxton wallet!

Its outer performance is much more well-finished than the others with small metal logo that is nicely engraved brand name, soft high-quality cow leather and contrast seams. Look at the stitching, though it’s single, the threads are thick, strong and stitching is well-made to create a durable feeling and beautiful look.

However, what impresses me more is its cotton lining. Rarely I see a leather wallet using 100 percent high-quality cotton as the inner lining. However, this is a great innovation as fabric will decrease the friction of our belongings, especially cards with leather quite well. Thus, chances they don’t stick to the wallet if you leave inside it for a long time.

Inside this wallet, there is another nicely embossed logo on the right and “Genuine leather” on the left. I personally aren’t a fan for such detail, but as they are small so I’m okay with that. About the construction, there are 3 card slots, 1 ID window with smart thumb strap, and 1 full-length bill compartment.

There are two color options: saddle and walnut which are all elegant and easy tones to style with.

3. Buxton Men’s Expedition RFID Blocking Leather Three-Fold Wallet

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If you like such elegant and well-finished outlook but with more spacious interior, don’t fret, Buxton also provides another option here – the Expedition Three-fold. Also, 90 percent high-quality cow leather and 10 percent cotton, this model features 6 card slots, 3 slips, 1 ID window and 1 bill compartment.

In comparison, of course, these Three-fold buxton wallets are more well-organized and spacious than the Two-fold, which is suitable for those who have so many essentials to carry.

Through figuring as a three-fold wallet, don’t worry that it would get bulky or uncomfortable in your pocket as its measurements are still roughly 0.6 x 4.2 x 3.2 inches. Its rounded corner design is also a big advantage to easily slide in and out of your pocket.

4. Buxton Men’s Emblem Zip-around Billfold Wallet

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This Emblem Wallet is one of the best sellers from Buxton.

Right from its material, we can see that there is a little more investment. Instead of using cow leather like other products, this model utilizes butter soft Nappa lambskin for striking softness and comfort to touch. Please take notice that as this is genuine lambskin leather, remember to only dry clean for an ultimate maintenance.

In terms of simplicity, this wallet is even simpler than the Sandokan or Expedition as it doesn’t have brand logo or name on the frontside. Truly just a plain surface with on-set stitching, which creates a striking masculine and cool look.

Though measured by 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches, when opening it, you’ll see how spacious and well-organized it is. There are two snap pockets in which you can put up either coins, keys, cards and stuff like that, more securely and closely.

Other than that, there are 4 slips and 1 full-length bill compartment. It’s roomy enough to fit up to 15 bills without bulk. And in those slips, you can store your regular cards or business cards very conveniently.

5. Buxton Men’s Hunt Convertible Billfold Wallet

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Full-plain outer performance with the contrast double stitching as a subtle emphasis, measured by 1 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches, made out of 80 percent Genuine oil tanned crunch leather and 20 percent polyester.

These buxton mens wallets are like a combination of Emblem Zip-around and the Expedition Two-fold.

You will understand what I’m saying when going inside. Look at its construction, there is a snap pocket, 3 card slots, 2 slips and 1 bill compartment. Also, there is a small embossed name and logo at the corner. With this design, the wallet helps to keep your belongings neat, well-organized and streamlined better.

Rarely a bifold wallet has such closure coin pocket like this. So, if you are a person who can’t leave without coins, look no further than this wallet. It’s closure and secured enough that even you shake it, the coins won’t fall out.


1. Buxton Heiress Organizer Clutch

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Feature as a womens wallet, however, this Heiress buxton wallets women’s is clutch look-alike so that you can utilize it for many occasions, from casual to formal, such as parties, wedding, birthday, and engagement. Made out of 100 percent high-quality genuine leather and inner lining, you needn’t worry about its durability.

For those who don’t know, the floral image embossed on the frontside of this wallet is Buxton’s logo, very beautiful and feminine, right. That’s also the reason why they mostly use logo on women’s items and brand name embossing on men’s wallets.

In terms of dimensions and construction, this wallet is measured by 4×7 inches with 4 card slots, 2 slips, 1 ID window and 1 bill compartment. A great thing about this ID window is that it’s large enough to fit either your identity card or driver license.

I appreciate its snap closure to protect all compartments and slots, as well.

2. Buxton Pik-Me-Up Wizard Wallet – Exclusive Colors

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If those long wallets aren’t your taste, why don’t go with these mini size buxton wallets? There are two biggest advantage of this wallet type. Firstly, it sizes down to fit your smaller purse or handbags, and second is that its round silhouette will give more space than other types.

Again, made out of 100 percent high-quality genuine leather so that other than its striking softness and comfort to touch, kindly keep in mind that it might need a couple of weeks to break in. Don’t worry, once its compartments and slots are stretchable enough, it’s much more comfortable to put your belongings in and take them out.

Another benefit of real leather is its durability and longevity. It just wears in and get better with time.

With this model, its capacity is maximumly 6+ cards, and lots of paper money. In details, it has 6 card slots, 1 ID window, 2 slips and 1 spacious compartment where you can fit up folded money, coins, keys or stuff like that.

Another good thing about this wallet is its RFID Blocking Technology to avoid your personal information against hi-tech thieves.

3. Buxton Heiress French Purse Wallet

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Going to join a prom? Don’t worry, let this perfect French Buxton purse from Buxton be your companion.

There are 9 colorways to go for but if you want to impress the surrounding by your elegant look, I higly recommend you to opt for ginger snap or taupe.

As usually, made out of genuine leather, fabric lining, simple outlook and nicely embossed logo on the frontside. But what makes this purse stand out from the crowd is its convenient and functional. The wallet is divided into two main parts. The first is secured by a snap and the second uses a kiss strap.

I will dive into the snap interior, it’s very streamline with 4 card slots and 1 ID window. It’s perfect to fit up your regular cards such as driver license, identity card, bank cards, etc. Besides, it also has a full-length bill compartment on the side that is spacious enough to fit up large-sized currencies like US dollars.

Behind this part is a large compartment secured by a kiss strap which is closure enough for coins, keys or stuff like that.

4. Buxton Faux Leather RFID Identity Safe Double Zippered Accordion Wallet

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Measured by 4 x 3 x 1 inches, these Buxton wallets focus on delivering space for your belongings as a cute zip-around womens wallet. If you don’t like any animal killed to produce your wallet, or, on the other hand, want to give one hand on animal conservation, go for this design as it’s made out of 100 percent eco-friendly faux leather. Don’t worry about its quality, Buxton is always famous for their careful investment on material. Besides, I personally used it for nearly one year, there’s hardly any wears and tears but it’s even easier in maintenance.

Another great thing about this compact wallet is it can fit up smaller backpack, purse and handbag while other long wallets can’t. Besides, its slim and concise silhouette allows you to hold it firmly and easily.

Talking about its capacity, how many cards do you guess it can hold up?

Actually, due to Buxton and based on my experience, this small piece can fit nearly 20 cards without bulk. Other than that, it can accommodate a couple of cash, too. Very impressive, right?

Besides, it also has RFID protection so that you don’t need to worry about hi-tech thieves any longer.

5. Buxton Croco Super Wallet

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Girls and women usually love to carry a catchy accessory to lighten up their outfit and draw surrounding attention. If you are in this team, don’t hesitate to opt for this beautiful Croco Super Wallet.

Differ from my expectation, it’s not made out of leather, but vinyl. But trust me, its sophisticated crocodile embossed surface will fool you to think that it’s a luxurious and expensive item. Besides, don’t underestimate Buxton’s vinyl material. It’s high-quality and durable. Even after a couple of years, there is hardly any wears and tears on the wallet, which is also confirmed by many other customers.

Besides, another biggest advantage of this bad girl is its easy maintenance. You just need to use a damp cloth and wipe out all stains or dirt. In a word, if you are a busy woman who don’t have time to take much care for your wallet, I honestly advise you to choose this instead of those leather wallets.

In terms of capacity, this wallet is measured by 2.4 x 8.2 x 4.8 inches, with lots of compartments and slots for cards, cash and other stuff like that. Besides, it also comes up with a beautiful gift box so that you can make use of it as a perfect present to someone.

We have just gone through my collection of 10 best Buxton wallets for either men or women, have you picked up the right one yet? Actually, in my point of view, though Buxton’s products come up with modern and minimalist design like Dosh or Bellroy wallets, they earn our love by its sophistication and high quality. In a word, still a must-try leather brand.

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