Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Love! It’s a beautiful thing! Finding that special someone who fits you like a glove. But there is a funny thing is that each and every day 365, we know, they know, how much they mean to us. But on Valentine’s Day, they still want something like outward expression of love. So, guys, if you still don’t know what to surprise your loved one, then don’t miss out these 5 awesome gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Based on my perspective, the most common consumable present on Valentine’s Day is flowers. Why? Because it has short longevity, maybe around 1-2 weeks, these little fragile guys will be withered and thrown away. It’s wasted!

To that end, I suggest giving her a flower pot or lovely plant instead if your lover like a floral present. The best idea is choosing indoor plants that meet these two basic requirements: easy to moderate caring and bring beneficial.

For example, orchids and jasmine are arguably the aphrodisiac, rosemary is rich in carnosic acid that helps to improve cholesterol levels and limit weight gain. Or at least, it is beautiful and harmless.

For instance, Hibiscus are very catchy and attractive because of their giant blooms, African Violet is versatile as it blooms in various color to surely match her house decoration.

By this way, your Valentine’s Day present will turn into a more useful stuff and can last longer, either it helps to decorate her house or improves her health.


This gift idea is particularly meaningful as 14th February is also counted as the begin period of new year when to refresh yourself inside out. In Fengshui, it’s more important to replace your wallet to welcome new positive energy as well as wish for luck and wealth.

Not saying that, a wallet is an inseparable stuff, we use it almost every day, even many times a day. Hence, gifting your lover a new wallet will clever remind him/her to think about you when he/she pull it out for payment.

To choose the best wallet as a present, I advise your to firstly know his/her paying habit, like whether he or she loves using cards or paper money and if your lover owns many cards. Also, you should consider which color suits him/her in Fengshui or at least, his/her favorite color.

To that end, you will enable to choose the most suitable wallet type, color tones as well as the best material.

A hint from me is to select a slim and compact wallet as simplicity is trendy now. People tend to like something concise in outer performance yet functional and spacious insides, like the slim wallets. If you are going to prepare a present for your lovely girlfriend, pay more attention to a luxury wallet as they usually like something to show up their status when appearing in crowded people.


A wristwatch is not a bad idea as a present when it comes to Valentine’s Day because it will help your lover manage their time better. Also, a watch is a wonderful accessory to show up an individual’s characteristics and fashion taste.

To pick a perfect wristwatch for your lover, knowing his/her style is the very first and foremost. Next, it is his/her wrist size. Usually, when it comes to a wristwatch, usually there are two sizes: 38mm and 42mm.

You can even make use of this chance to buy couple wristwatches for both of you, one for her/him and the other for you. Again, as this will be an inseparable stuff to a person, it will remind him/her cleverly to think about you when your lover needs to check time.


One of the most common presents on Valentine’s Day is chocolates. However, these guys aren’t easy to care. I mean they might be melted if not being kept in cool condition. Don’t worry, in such special famous day, many well-known chocolate brands will offer various chocolate types with different sweet level.

Hence, just head straight to there, pick the ones suits your lover’s taste, have them wrapped beautifully (don’t forget to ask for some small cool bags to keep your chocolates last longer) and make her surprised.

If you are a clever girl who love cooking or baking, it’s even easier. Just spend a few hours to make your own chocolates with customized shapes, tastes and colors for him. If chocolates aren’t his favorite, you can flexibly change into a simple dessert or even a meal so that both of you guys can enjoy a sweetest night than ever together.


If both of you have free time in such occasion, why don’t you guys go on a short vacation? Nothing is more wonderful and awesome than traveling together. Actually, people don’t find it interesting to discover small corners in their neighborhood so that I suggest you to prepare two tickets to ask your valentine out and head straight to a famous theater or local museum.

Bring those activities that meet both of your favorites in the frontline so that not only you can enjoy it entirely, but also find the similar music or art taste.

Above are all the best suggestions for Valentine’s Day presents. No matter which you will choose, don’t forget to prepare a small letter with your sweet message to him/her to make the atmosphere more romantic and meaningful. Besides, don’t forget to share me how is your Valentine’s Day as well. I am really glad and interested to know. Have a really sweet holiday!

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