Top Next Accessories In Your Wardrobe

You know, one of my favorite saying is from Yves Saint Laurent – “Fashion fades; style is eternal.” During a tide of cyclical trends, there obviously are countless desirable items. They jump into a trend, get hotter and then out. However, some are not!

And these things are usually the essentials of a man, which explains why the images of Paul Newman or Steve McQueen in a few decades ago still don’t look out of fashion today. Timeless, see?

So here, in this article, I will round-up those accessories every man should know to form the foundation of his successful wardrobe.


Nothing is cooler, more elegant and masculine than checking the time on your wristwatch, not sticking eyes at your smart phone. Meanwhile, it is a safe choice to make your that-day outfit not too boring in case you don’t have any idea of which accessories to mix with it.

From street style to business, from school to travel, wristwatch can fit any occasions, in anytime, and anywhere. It is not basically only a timepiece for checking time, but also a great stuff to bold your style as well as your characteristics.

To choose a perfect wristwatch, (let contemporarily forget the quality consideration here as I am giving you advice for your style) you should bear on mind your certain fashion style, which cases it will be mostly used in and your preference.

But, in most case, my selection is leather wristwatch. Why? Because a genuine leather wristwatch offers high longevity in addition to its unique beauty, vibe and look. Not saying that, if that material is high quality, it will get better with ages.

Lace-up boots/shoes

Another timeless piece is a pair of lace-up boots or shoes. You can check its permanence through many tides of cyclical trends, clothes, hair styles, they were all changed, but the lace-up shoe/boot, it is still there. Attractive, Masculine, Wild, and Characteristic.

Not only giving better protection for your ankles and feet, but lace-up shoes/boots are also multiuse. You can dress them in almost occasions like going to work, to school, traveling, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. In each particular case, it does create a unique taste, but mostly leverages your class and bolds your personality, make you stand out from the crowd.

Not saying that, just small change in the way to tie laces of your shoes or the lace colors, it will create a different taste and look.

Everyday bag

When it comes to men’s everyday bag, it is a sea of styles, designs, materials and colors. There are laptop messenger bags, laptop bags, shoulder backpacks, shoulder cross bags, etc. Generally, to pick the most suitable everyday bag, you need to consider your demands, your career requirements and your preference.

For example, your bolding style is vintage and you love carry less, a brown leather shoulder cross bag is an ideal choice. Students and officers should consider a laptop messenger bag. Meanwhile, for those who usually attend outdoor activities like camping and hiking, consider a backpack with reasonable capacity.

Don’t think that backpacks won’t express your fashion style. In the past, might they be too functional to not make a compromise in the outer performance. But today, there are many advances and backpacks are officially revival, more attractive, more application that surely you will like to have it.


Nobody can deny the giant benefit of a pair of sunglasses. It helps to protect our eyes from the glare and UV rays of sunlight and improve our vision under the strong light.

Nonetheless, it does speak our fashion taste. Always the same, wearing a pair of sunglasses fitting our face shape will make us look cooler and more masculine. If you are a connoisseur in fashion, opt for a pair which suits your face shape the best. On the contrary, for newbies, consider those multifunctional sunglasses is a safe choice.

My recommendation is choosing a pair of Wayfarer because its frame fits almost face shape. It does make sense for your fashion taste. Classic black Wayfarer should be the foundation in your success eyewear collection.


Last but not least, a wallet. Apart from choosing a carrier for your valuables and essentials, bear on mind its design and material to mix and match perfectly to your fashion style.

Nowadays, there comes more and more wallet styles for men. For instances, minimalist wallet, slim front pocket wallet, tactical wallet, cardholder wallet, etc. But the general feature is slim and compact silhouette.

These days, those super thick wallets with brick-likely look aren’t the symbol of wealth or class, but just a thing out of fashion. Convenience gets more attention now, people are more favorite in those concise and compact designs with clever arrangement.

If you are a man who mostly depends on cards to make different payments, from big to small, then a cardholder or a slim wallet is ideal. On the contrary, if you still use cash or paper money mostly, and love carrying more, go for a classic bifold or a checkbook.

Now, that’s the end of this article. These five pieces are the best timeless accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe to master the fashion world. Hope that this article is helpful for you. Good luck!

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