How To Slim Down Your Wallet

Sometimes our wallets can get a little bit crazy. I’ve been known to stuff notes in there, keep receipts in there for ages and coupons and who else knows what goes in there. It’s time to slim it down, every one!

In this article, I will show you how to achieve minimalism with your wallet. Hence, you just need to go in there empty out your wallet and get rid of the stuff that you really do not need.

Credit cards

Now, this is a good advice in general – less credit cards. I’m quite sure a bunch of us have a bunch of plastic cards in our wallet, which is a no-no because it creates a lot of bulk. I don’t mean you need to put all your cards back at home, but just bring the most regular ones that you use often. For those cards that just need for rare cases, just leave them at home, somewhere with good condition and easy to memorize.

Actually, there is no specific number of card you should bring along because it depends on your personal habit of payments and using cards. You don’t need to follow other people to bring X number of plastic cards, but only how many are enough when you go out.

If you often use at the same time many types of cards, obviously, you need to bring them in your wallet. On the contrary, if you are a person who love carrying less and using less with just two or three regular cards, just bring those.

How about other cards that you don’t use regularly?

In case, you really need to access to other credit cards then maybe you should look into an app for your phone. It will allow you to pay with those credit cards at the checkout for instance, Apple pay, Samsung pay or the wallet app on the phone.

Coins and change

If you do like having change and need it for parking and stuff like that then maybe you might want to opt into buying a little point bag and keeping that in your glove compartment or having a little box at your office that has coins in it.

But, if you are able to, then please just grab the coins and turn that into paper money. That will take up a whole lot less space and it won’t be as heavy.



There are ID card, driver license and passport what are the most common identity document we usually bring along. Driver license is the most important when you go around with a vehicle like cars or motorbikes, bring the most suitable driver license along.

In terms of ID card, this one is based on the rules of your country and areas that whether or not the government forces you to bring it along to present when in need.

And passport, I advise you to only bring it in your wallet when you travel, especially for abroad trips. Otherwise, just leave it at home to avoid losing, damaging or being stolen.

Other stuff


I know this is weird for those who already have the habit of bring their family, lover or even their photos in the wallet, but it’s not highly recommended. Particularly if you do trust in fengshui, because photos will prevent good energy, luck and wealth floating into your wallet.

Besides, don’t utilize those clear ID window for storing photos anymore. Instead, let’s keep them in your desk or working table or set it as your phone screen, laptop background, etc.

Receipts/bills and coupons

Like photos, this kind of stuff is not advised to store in your wallet because in fengshui, it’s not good at all. Bills or receipts is represented for something you need to spend money and lose money, which will interrupt luck and positive energy.

It’s not saying that such receipts and bills usually come up with thin type of paper, which is easily torn. Hence, for the best caring, you should put it in a file and leave in your office or at home.

Besides, keeping such out of date receipts or bills is useless. Just thrown them away to minimize bulk for your wallet.

With coupons, just keep what are still usable and you often need it. Otherwise, again, just kiss it goodbye.

Business cards/card visit

There are surely many of us are businessmen, aren’t there? Hence, apart from credit cards, debit cards, member cards, business cards or card visit are essential.

Actually, you should put your card visit in separate wallet for the best caring because if you put them altogether with plastic card and other stuff in your daily wallet, they will be decreased quality, get torn or damages, especially their corners.

However, to prepare for the worst case that you forget to bring your card visit wallet, let’s put 2-3 card visits or business cards in a separate compartment in your wallet in which other stuff can’t rub on them.


I know that condom is usually what a man carries in his wallet, but this is an absolutely no-no. As in such tight and poor condition, the condom might down its quality. And trust me, when you really need to use it, it is absolutely ruined.

Instead of storing in your wallet to even make it bulkier unnecessarily, you should place it your car storage compartment.

How is your wallet now, after following my guide? Does it slim down and get better? Actually, you should repeat these steps to filter all stuff in your wallet to keep it slim all the time. Maybe once a month. Hope that this article is helpful for you.

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